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Chapter 962
Chapter 962: Seeking Thread

Rhode was relieved that Lilian didn’t pester him about Erin since she heard that Erin was also heading to the Void Territory . Lilian asked Rhode who Erin was and warned him to be careful of her . But the so-called ‘be careful’ was from a different angle .

“That Ion is annoying and always so scary . Big Brother Rhode, you must be careful because his younger sister may be equally scary . But I believe that you won’t be bullied by her! If she dares to bully you, show her how strong you are! I’m sure that you will be fine, Big Brother Rhode!”

In response to Lilian’s suggestion… Rhode simply smiled in response .

Rhode and Lilian had a casual conversation without discussing important affairs . After all, even if there were any, Lilian couldn’t make the decision . Besides, she was also aware that the relationship between the Country of Light and Rhode wasn’t great . At this moment, she felt somewhat glad that she was just an ornament of the country and not a true ruler because she didn’t need to be involved with the important affairs and this gave her more time to quietly chat with Rhode . Just like in the past, Lilian was always the one speaking while Rhode lent her a listening ear . Even though Sonia was also a close friend to Lilian, there were some things that she could only talk about in front of Rhode .

It could also be said that this time, Lilian had a lot more load on her mind this time .

In the past, Lilian was always unknowingly controlled by the Light Parliament . Even though she felt dubious of their decisions, she only grumbled . But it was different now . As she slowly searched for her rightful authority, she faced even more obstacles . But as Sonia came to her side, she wasn’t fighting alone any longer and finally had the joy of having a comrade in the trench with her to wash away her annoyance and uncertainty . Along with the positive emotions and the fact that Rhode was also a dragon soul heir now, she couldn’t care less about formal etiquette . She also seemed oddly excited as she described everything that she had done after the last time they parted . Although she attained little success, she was slowly growing with every step she took .

“… Mmm… Mmm…”

The exhausted Lilian fell asleep, curled up in Rhode’s embrace . Rhode stroked her hair gently and looked at her adorable face . Everything was going as planned and Sonia also seemed to be doing great . The riots in the Country of Light also gradually stopped and there were no signs of rioters except by the borders . Besides, the next chairman of the Light Parliament was about to be elected .

It’s about time to strike .

“You seem to have some dangerous things going on in your mind, Your Majesty Rhode . ”

Suddenly, Rhode heard a really familiar voice . He turned around and to his surprise, he saw the smiley Lydia who shifted her gaze from Lilian to him . Rhode nodded slightly before carrying Lilian to the comfy sofa .

“Her Majesty seems to have fallen asleep . Can I use some of your time?”

“Of course . ”

Rhode gazed at the archangel .

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It was dusk . Gentle rays of the setting sun glowed from the other side of the mountain, dyeing the entire forest in scarlet and enveloping the land with motley radiance . In the near distance, worshipers could be seen bending over devoutly, slowly making their way up the white path to the sacred palace . Lydia narrowed her eyes and admired them .

“Faith is so fascinating… Don’t you think so, Your Majesty Rhode? What exactly supported their decision to come from a distant hometown despite the dangers and just for the sake of paying tribute to this sacred palace? Or perhaps I should say that they treat this as their origin to prove their resolute will?”

“You can call me by my name, Your Royal Highness Lydia . I don’t feel like the so-called ‘Your Majesty’ is a respectable title . Honestly, I’m not used to hearing you call me that . ”

“That won’t do . No matter what, you’re one of the dragon soul heirs and formal greetings are indispensable . ”

Even though Lydia sounded humble and respectful, she seemed to be amusing herself judging from her look . However, Rhode wasn’t mindful . After all, he couldn’t be more familiar with her character .

“I have something to ask you, Your Royal Highness Lydia . ”

“Is it about Her Majesty Lilian?”

Lydia smiled .

“In fact, I don’t know too much about her . After all, I’ve only become an archangel for a short while . Or perhaps I should say that before I became an archangel, Her Majesty Lilian was already the dragon soul heir… But, Your Majesty, you do know how dragon soul heirs came about, right?”

Rhode twitched his brows . Of course, he knew how the dragon soul heirs came about . Unlike normal situations, dragon soul heirs weren’t selected heirs by blood . Instead, an heir was randomly selected within the dragon soul protection . Of course, the selection wasn’t truly random . The new dragon soul heirs were basically the materialization of the dragon soul powers and only they could handle the massive dragon soul powers . Before the current dragon soul heir passed away, the new heir would be born and the current heir would know where the new heir was located . The steps of inheritance included having the new dragon soul heir being brought to the sacred palace by the predecessor’s most trustworthy subjects to learn and receive all their experiences, knowledge, and authority . Then, the predecessor would peacefully pass away and the new cycle would begin .

But now, Lydia suddenly asked him this question…

“I can only tell you one thing . ”

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Lydia chuckled softly and extended her hand .

“The current Light Dragon, Her Majesty Lilian, was brought back by the Light Parliament . This is all that I know . ”

Brought back by the Light Parliament?

Rhode’s eyes glinted with interest . Then, he nodded to Lydia before turning around and leaving the forest . Lydia gazed at his back meaningfully . Then, she placed her finger on her lips .

“Alright then . I wonder how far you can take it, Your Majesty Rhode . ”

“This is too much, Lydia . ”

At this moment, a deep, stern voice blared and blazing, golden flames erupted all out a sudden, enveloping Lydia completely . Then, a six-winged archangel walked out of the woods, his bright eyes burning in wrath .

“I have tolerated your unscrupulous behavior, but now you’ve gone too far! Lydia, who gave you the right to disclose our secrets to outsiders?!”

“Oh, no . I don’t think it’s a top secret, Your Highness Boulder . ”

Lydia retorted, seemingly unaffected by the menacing, burning flames encircling her . She displayed her usual smile and laid her arms by her side when suddenly, two glorious, flashy swords appeared in her hands .

“Concealing the disease will only worsen it and rotten soil will not be purified if it isn’t radiated by the sun… As an archangel, you should understand this logic and yet, you decide to cover up everything caused by your mistakes? What makes you different from a pest hidden underneath the flowers and nibbling away at the leaves?”

“You… How dare you!”

Boulder clutched his sword . He was so furious that flames almost erupted from his eyes .

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“You know nothing because you’ve just become an archangel . How dare you object to our approach . ”

“Time doesn’t make a difference . I’m also an archangel, isn’t it, Your Highness Boulder?”

Lydia ambled along the scorching flames and looked with a sharp gaze .

“A noble reason isn’t an excuse . As long as I can break out of this predicament, I will search for all the help I can get . I can’t understand the feelings you have for the former dragon soul heir, but this isn’t a reason for you to hurt Her Majesty Lilian . I, as the current Light Dragon’s subject, will do whatever it takes to get Her Majesty Lilian out of the predicament . Don’t forget our duties and identities, Your Highness Boulder . ”

“You don’t understand at all…!”

“I don’t need to understand . ”

Lydia slashed her swords and the outburst of blade winds split the wall of golden flames in half . She walked out of the encirclement of flames, staring at her companion .

“Spring makes way for autumn . Ripe fruits will fall one day while new sprouts will grow on withered branches . Ignoring the beautiful view and simply immersing oneself in past dreams is acceptable . But it is a behavior of foolish arrogance if one harms the delicate, fragile sprout due to the illusory dreams . ”


Boulder’s shaky voice couldn’t conceal his wrath any longer . He raised his sword and pointed it at Lydia who held two swords before her in a criss-cross stance .

“It’s unbearable to look at one in pain from the wound that can’t be healed… Your Highness Boulder… Are you sure that you want to start a battle with me…?”

As Lydia spoke, the scarlet sunset glow suddenly turned into a shapeless, tremendous pressure, diffusing to the surroundings .

“At dusk?”

“This will all end now . ”

All of a sudden, someone strode out of the woods and stood between them like a strong, invisible wall .

“This is the Country of Law so please watch yourself, Lydia . We don’t suspect your devotion to Her Majesty . But…”

“The past is not a burden, but a motivation to move forward . Based on this point, I really can’t understand what both of you are thinking . ”

Lydia interrupted Serene and withdrew her swords . Then, she looked at Boulder who remained silent .

“Could it be that there is something more important than cherishing the present?”

Lydia shook her head helplessly . She turned around and left, leaving Serene and Boulder gazing at her back in silence .

At the same time, the final ray of sunlight vanished underneath the horizon .

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