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Chapter 944: 944
Chapter 944: We Still Don’t Know What Happened That Night (4)

“Finally… This moment has arrived . ”

Gillian lowered her head and pressed her lips against Rhode’s . Shortly after, her delicate tongue pried open his mouth and slithered deeply . They hugged tightly, sensing each other’s presence .

“Mmm… Mmm…”

The young lady exuded a mesmerizing scent like a mix between a breath of softness and natural floral fragrance . But Rhode instantly realized that the image in his head became clearer—the prairie, forest, and dazzling sunlight spilling through the leaves and onto the soil, forming a soft, mottled carpet in the shade—apart from him, there was also another person…

Rhode opened his eyes wide and saw a young lady above him, smiling . In an instant, some shattered, indistinct clues slowly merged to form a complete picture .

“Gillian, you…”

“Stop . ”

Gillian extended her finger and held it on his lips .

“Now isn’t the time for meaningless stuff . Besides… it’s bad to spoil the atmosphere, Master . This is a crucial time, so don’t think about those unromantic things . Some things… You will know it when the time is right . All we should do now is enjoy the moment, and as for other matters, let’s leave them for afterwards . ”

Gillian grabbed his ‘holy sword’, lifted herself up, and smiled at the man .

“Alright, I shall start now, Master . ”

Gillian pushed herself down and Rhode instantly broke her final defense, penetrating deep inside her . He quickly found himself enveloped in a warm sensation .

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Gillian couldn’t tolerate the sudden and intense pain . Her alluring smile instantly turned stiff and even slightly twisted . But even so, she didn’t stop . She slowly moved her hips in a circular motion while Rhode stopped thinking about the indistinct image that appeared in his head and indulged in the moment . Gillian’s clothes gradually fell off, revealing her fair, smooth body before him entirely . Rhode seized the opportunity and launched another wave of attack .

“As expected… Master… you’re… the best… Woah… Ah… Haa… Mmm…”

Gillian held her hands on his chest and started moaning loudly . Rhode picked up his pace and shortly after, the entire room was filled with the loud, smacking sounds of clashing bodies . Along with her alluring response, he realized that he was quickly at his limit . He firmly clasped his hands around her slim waist like two iron tongs and erupted like a powerful volcano .


Gillian screamed in pleasure before laying on him weakly while Rhode wrapped his arms around her waist tightly and let out a satisfied moan after pouring his burning desires into her . He looked up and saw the young lady with her eyes half-opened . She was unlike the cunning fox from before . At this moment, she was just like an ordinary young lady . He didn’t expect to see this side of her .

Rhode smiled, caressing her hair and fluffy ears . Upon sensing his touches, she narrowed her eyes and lifted her head .

“Really . I knew that you wouldn’t be satisfied so easily, Master . But that’s fine…”

Gillian swept a glance to the side . Rhode followed her gaze and discovered that the other young ladies had surrounded him once again, looking at him with selfish desires .

“It seems like the night is still young . ”

Gillian chuckled .

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The party continued . Everyone was still lustful and greedy for more happiness and pleasure . Of course, Rhode wouldn’t let the night end just yet .

“Y-Your Majesty… No, I can’t… It’s so huge… So hot . I can’t… I can’t…!”

“Mm… Mm…”

“How cunning… Sir Rhode… It’s my turn next…!”

“Harder, Mr . Rhode . Yes, right there… Ah… Ahh… . !”

Angelina enjoyed the thrusts from behind as her beautiful golden hair scattered all around . Pain was never an enemy to the vampires . This unique advantage gave her an edge over others to feel pleasure . Rhode continued to thrust his hips forward while turning around and giving French kisses to Anne . His hands were busy too . He massaged Lapis’s chest while rubbing between Lize’s legs . Canary pushed her chest on his back and Marlene watched in admiration while touching herself to satisfy her fantasy . Gillian stood beside Marlene and teased her with her hands .

To all of them, this was a crazy and endless night .

However, the night would eventually come to an end .

It was noon when Rhode opened his eyes . After a night of insanity, even he reached his limit . After all, Gillian, Lize, Anne, and Angelina weren’t humans . If they were, they would have fallen asleep after one round . But Gillian and Anne were half-beasts, Marlene was a Deity Warden, Lize was a half-angel, and Angelina was a royal vampire . Their tolerance was incomparable, not to mention Canary and Mini Bubble Gum . The licentious party of the night only ended at the break of dawn .

When Rhode woke up, he couldn’t help but feel surprised .

Angelina and Bubble laid beside him while his left and right arms were wrapped in Canary’s and Marlene’s embraces . Lize curled up around his legs while Anne laid above him, snoring away and sandwiching the pitiful Lapis . On the other hand, Gillian seemed to know her place as she slept on one side alone, swaying her fluffy tail from time to time as though she wasn’t sleeping well .

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What a fantastic view .

Rhode swallowed his saliva and suppressed the burning desires inside him . He could occasionally do this but definitely not everyday as his body couldn’t take it . Moreover, he couldn’t find the time to do it . If he were to grope anyone now, he could forget about leaving the bed before evening .


Rhode shifted his gaze to Mini Bubble Gum and Lapis, who had the same blissful expressions . Rhode stroked Mini Bubble Gum’s hair gently . He totally didn’t expect that he would do it with her . Although he had more or less suspected Lapis’s feelings for him and knew of Gillian’s desire for a long time, as for Bubble… He was surprised that she was even interested in this . But come to think of it, Bubble didn’t live in this world like Christie, so it wasn’t strange that she was knowledgeable in this topic with the fact that she chatted with him naked over the webcam when they hadn’t even met in real life . Fortunately for Rhode, this wasn’t the real world . If not, he would be spending the prime of his life in jail .

Rhode carefully sneaked his way out of bed and placed a blanket over the young ladies . After ensuring that everything was fine, he tidied his clothes and left the room . He was clear that what happened last night wasn’t a normal occurrence . He also expected the awkward atmosphere that would arise as soon as they woke up, so he quickly made his way out . Besides, considering the possibility that Anne would want to get into another battle with him as soon as she saw him, he was better off making his escape now .

In fact, he quickly realized that this was a wise decision .

“Christie was looking for me last night?”

Rhode widened his eyes in surprise at Agatha . The latter hunched over for a bow .

“Yes, Master . I told her that you were busy, so I refused her request to meet you . Did I do anything wrong?”

“You did great . ”

Rhode heaved an inward sigh of relief . He considered Mini Bubble Gum as being contaminated by the Internet, but Christie was completely an innocent child . He couldn’t imagine how it would be if she saw what happened or joined them . No matter what, he had no intention of treating Christie like Marlene and the others . Even though he often slept with Christie, that was purely sleeping without any ‘exercises’ .

“Is there anything else?”

Rhode asked curiously as Agatha didn’t leave immediately . The latter nodded slightly .

“Yes, Master . We received a report that two emissaries from the Country of Law have arrived at Grandia and requested to meet you . ”

“Emissaries from the Country of Law?”

Rhode puckered his brows .

“Got it,” he said .

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