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Chapter 94

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Darian slowly opened his eyes .

Dark skies and white fog surrounded him . The Death Knight silently scanned the area as he caressed his horse's mane below him . Nightmare, his horse, felt his touch and neighed softly in response .

It was said that an undead's world was colorless . When they chose to abandon their fleshy husk and enter eternal life, they also forsook their ability to witness the beautiful world . No matter how brilliant or extravagant the color was, it was only black and white in the eyes of an undead . Also, this was the reason why the undead were always so bloodthirsty and aggressive . In their eyes, nothing was worth remembering or cherishing anymore — only death and destruction could give them the feeling of superiority .

Darian was once a knight belonging to the border army of the Country of Darkness . He had violated the military rules and was forced to flee the country before settling down in this desolate valley .

For two hundred years he had been wandering around this valley . To most humans, this was a very long time, but Darian knew that with regards to other 'immortal' undead, two centuries was nothing but a fleeting moment .

It was still too early for him to go back to the Country of Darkness . If he went back now, he would've probably gotten himself a death sentence .

Must I stay in this desolate place forever?

In the beginning, Darian asked himself this question repeatedly . But after a while, he found himself no longer caring about these trivial matters anymore . Ever since becoming an undead, his human desires slowly faded away, and so did his flesh . His concept of time, loneliness, and needs completely disappeared . From a certain point of view, the undead were like puppets with consciousness .

Darian was an exception though; he still retained some of his human emotions which was why he was able to violate the order from his superiors .

Darian trembled slightly .

He could sense the aura of his subordinates, the Giant Skeletons, weaken . It was an unusual situation that had never happened before ever since he stepped into the Silent Plateau . These Giant Skeletons didn't originate from the Country of Darkness, instead, Darian tamed the 'native species' of undead after arriving here . Although their strength wasn't even one-tenth of the Skeleton Guards in the Country of Darkness, he was confident that no one would be able to rival them in this desolate place .

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But now, something was wrong .

A surge of magical energy spread in the air .

Darian turned around and saw thunderbolts falling from the sky .

Someone is attacking!!

Darian immediately turned vigilant . He picked up his lance and a giant shield by the side before shutting the visor over his face . Then, he pulled Nightmare's reins and steered it towards the battlefield .

As a high-level undead with consciousness, he could easily detect the chaotic magical surges in the air . Just like a raging tidal wave in the ocean, it smashed into his dormant heart that had been dead since a long time ago .

Huh, a Mage? A middle-circle Mage? Were they people sent by the Country of Darkness to kill me?

An alarm rang in his mind, but it soon disappeared . He was just a minor figure in the army who didn't know any military secret . The Country of Darkness wouldn't send an assassin just to kill someone like him .

Then there are the undead mages, but they wouldn't have this kind of power . . .

It's the aura of the living . . .

Is it an adventurer?

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Darian felt somewhat nervous, but at the same time, he was feeling eager . As an undead, he derived satisfaction from slaying the living — watching their flame of life gradually fade away brought him joy and happiness comparable to living beings giving birth to a new life .

Darian was no exception .

Nightmare began to gallop towards the direction of the disturbance .

It's coming!!

Anne stood in the middle of the valley with a focused expression . The little figure's eyes met the gaze of the monster in the darkness . For someone who even smiled in the face of danger, Anne sported a serious expression .
It wasn't because she was afraid; rather, the aura of the dead always brought an uncomfortable sensation to the living .

She knew that she could no longer escape .

With her shield in her hand, she stood upright and steadfast .

As Marlene had guessed; Anne wasn't uninterested in relationships, but the way she determined friend or foe was solely based on her instinct . After the death of her old leader, her mercenary group made her very unhappy . What people didn't know was that Anne actually didn't mind a change in leadership, she just wanted a place to stay that made her feel happy . When the old leader was there, everyone in Mark White seemed to like her and cared for her . They were able to tolerate her behavior and problems, so Anne was also willing to work hard to guard her happy life . In every single battle, she would put in her 100% and stand bravely at the front . This way, she would receive praises at the end of the mission, and for Anne, that was more than enough .

But after the passing of her old leader, the entire mercenary group seemed to change . The happy days from before gradually disappeared as the people who used to smile at her distanced themselves . The older mercenaries who had nurtured her told her to grant the old leader's unfulfilled wish .

But Anne didn't understand! The old leader left peacefully, how could there be any unfulfilled wish?

What did these people actually want? Anne was clueless .

What she knew was the previous lively and warm home had now turned into a cold and broken place that she didn't like .

She also didn't think that the old leader wanted her to do anything, so she decided to leave . And in the end, she arrived at Rhode's Starlight mercenary group .

Starlight had the same atmosphere as her old Mark White mercenary group . While Rhode's face was always one-toned, the way he talked still made her feel some warmth . It was the same as the old Mark White — she would always get scolded by the old leader, but she knew that he didn't hate her at all .

Being with Marlene and Lize also put her at ease . The two sisters were older than her but they didn't have the 'fake' aura that she felt from the many female mercenaries in Mark White . It was something that Anne couldn't understand at all .

In all, she was glad that everyone was genuine and didn't exclude her from anything . No one distanced themselves from her, and nothing was complicated . Everything would be fine as long as long as she does well in her mission . Anne cherished this kind of life .

So, it was natural that she didn't want to lose it once again .

When Rhode called her out and asked her to take on this heavy responsibility, she didn't hesitate at all and quickly agreed .

Not only did she want to preserve her current lifestyle, she also wanted to protect everyone — and Anne was confident that she could do so .

Even after attending Rhode's earlier briefing, she still didn't understand what a Commander level monster or non-Commander level monster was . But when she heard the ground tremble and the sound of the incoming hooves, Anne knew that it was a dangerous foe .

But she didn't feel afraid at all . She only felt her blood pump rapidly like a raging inferno .

She lifted the shield up and formed a fist with her left hand . Then she hammered her shield multiple times .

Boom . . . boom . . . boom . . .

War drum?

Darian was surprised for a moment when he heard the sound, but at the same time, he also saw a flame of life burning before him .

The Death Knight felt that this light was a little too dazzling, and he discovered that the drum sound was also being emitted from there!

You want to challenge me? Interesting!

The Death Knight couldn't help but sneer . He pointed his lance forward and shouted .

Nightmare recognized its Master's command and immediately accelerated . In a fraction of a second, only four burning hoove marks were left on the ground; the rider and the horse were nowhere to be seen!

Darian leaned over and aimed his lance at the flame of life which was still at the same location . At this point, he couldn't help but imagine how it would look like after being pierced by his attack . . . the expression of despair and suffering would be extremely tasty . . .

Anne also noticed that the enemy suddenly accelerated and immediately reacted by extending her shield . The long metal drill flew forward while countless sharp spikes appeared on the surface of her shield . This time, she didn't bury the shield in the ground like before, instead, she actively dashed forward to attack!

Darian saw what she did, and he couldn't help but feel excited . His lance aimed directly at Anne's shield as he rushed forward .


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