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Chapter 935: 935

Chapter 935: Royal Magic Association

Standing before Canary and Mini Bubble Gum were a dozen spell casters clad in magical robes and holding staffs . Most of them were middle-aged men . There was a symbol of three keys embedded on their black robes with red floral edges, representing the three doors of wisdom . They held identical brass staffs with a ruby on the tips . They also wore sharp black magic hats and seemed powerful .

If Canary and Mini Bubble Gum were others, they would have frozen to the spot because in the entire Light Mainland, only the Mage Guards of the Royal Magic Association had this symbol . The Mage Guards were in charge of dealing with spell casters who violated the creed and commandment . Unlike Mages who stayed home and researched about magic spells, Mage Guards were true experts . Besides, they were cruel and ruthless . In the entire Light Mainland, almost no spell casters would remain indifferent when facing them .

Yes, almost… Because Canary and Mini Bubble Gum were the exceptions .

Royal Magic Association, huh…

Canary held down Mini Bubble Gum’s shoulder (which was the main reason why Mini Bubble Gum didn’t launch her attack immediately), at the same time knitting her brows and scanned the spell casters from head to toe . Rhode, as a Spirit Swordsman, didn’t understand a whole lot about the Mage factions . On the other hand, Mini Bubble Gum was focused on the churches, so it was Canary’s responsibility to interact with the various spell caster organizations . Frankly speaking, Canary was astonished to meet the spell casters from the Royal Magic Association here . Even though there was a ‘Royal’ in their name, they had nothing to do with the Light Parliament and Light Dragon . According to the rumors, it seemed like it was because the founder of the association was a certain royal of a perished country and in order to commemorate his country, he added the word ‘Royal’ to the association’s name . Of course, the Royal Magic Association couldn’t be compared to the Mage Tower, but they were still a great force in the Country of Light . However, Canary recalled that they shouldn’t have any relations with the Light Parliament, so why would they come here and intervene with the conflict between the Void Territory and Country of Light?

“Mage Guards from the Royal Magic Association? May I know why you are here?”

Canary asked . Although the uninvited visitors were only level 60 on average, they were considered incredibly powerful among humans . However, in the eyes of the level 85 Canary and Mini Bubble Gum, they weren’t even worthy of a mention . Moreover, in the Void Territory, their levels were forcefully downgraded by 10 . They might not feel the difference now, but they would understand how much their strengths were suppressed when they got into battle .

Judging from a certain aspect, the dragon soul protection was as scheming as its owner .

“Are you two the spell casters who fought the Country of Light’s army?”

The leader didn’t answer . Instead, he lifted his chin and scanned them proudly from head to toe . Although he had heard rumors about them, he realized that Canary and Mini Bubble Gum weren’t as powerful as they seemed after meeting them . Even though he witnessed the magical aura surrounding them, he judged that they had only stepped into the Inner Circle .

Hmm… It is indeed impressive for two young ladies to possess such powerful strength . But even so, they went too far . As spell casters, how dare they brazenly cast their powers . That was too dangerous!

“That’s right . You got a problem with that?”

Mini Bubble Gum twitched her brow and swept a look of disdain at them . However, no one realized that she was trying her best to keep the corners of her lips down and stifle a chuckle . Although she had a troublesome personality, she sharply sensed that they didn’t regard her highly at all . She would have blown her top if this were to happen any other day . But now, she uncharacteristically kept her cool and displayed rare, unprecedented obedience .

Although this was only from her perspective .

“Hmph . ”

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The leader disregarded her entirely . He scoffed and looked at Canary .

“As a spell caster, don’t you know anything about the ‘Forbidden Rules of Spell Casting’? You recklessly cast your spells before ordinary humans and violated the laws of spell casting! Do you know how much panic you’ve caused? You have no pride as a spell caster!”

“Forbidden Rules of Spell Casting? What kind of rubbish is that?”

Although the leader sounded righteous in every word, Mini Bubble Gum was totally disinterested . She curled her lips and shifted her gaze to Canary . Canary showed a bitter smile and explained .

“It’s simple . Spell casters often cast some AOE spells and this will frighten the people if the spells are overly powerful . In order to prevent public concerns, formidable spell casters are normally forbidden from casting AOE spells, just like the ban on the use of nuclear weapons in our world . ”

“Hahaha . In other words, Big Sister and I are Leader’s nuclear weapons? That sounds awesome . I like it!”


Canary turned around and gazed at the group in silence .

“If I recall correctly, the forbidden rules only apply to spell casters in the Country of Light and neither did Mages like me or the ones in the Mage Tower accepted nor signed the agreement . Besides, please understand that you’re standing in a place and under a sky that doesn’t belong to the Light Mainland or Light Dragon . ”

Although Canary sounded calm, her attitude was determined . They were in the Void Territory and not the Light Mainland, so all attempts to interfere with matters in the Void Territory were useless . As a matter of fact, the so-called ‘Forbidden Rules of Spell Casting’ wasn’t too effective among all spell casters . For instance, the most powerful Mage Association disdained this matter . They believed that the strength of spell casters should be revered and not used to please mortals . Come to think of it, perhaps such rules only existed in a country like the Country of Light, where they hated non-humans . In the eyes of the people in the Country of Light, powerful spell casters were no different from monsters .

“I’m not a Mage associated with any organization, so my apologies; your forbidden rules are meaningless to me . If you’re only here to remind me of that, this is the end of our conversation . ”

Canary loosened her grip on Mini Bubble Gum’s shoulder and said with a smile . However, the group of spell casters didn’t seem to notice the excited glint in Mini Bubble Gum’s eyes .

“Hmph . If you didn’t release your spells recklessly and destroy the Country of Light’s army, we wouldn’t have to come here . For our honor and in order to prove to our people that we aren’t dangerous murderers, in the name of the Royal Mage Guards, I declare…”

“Who cares about whatever bullsh*t you want to declare!”


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Mini Bubble Gum yelled . In the blink of an eye, a dazzling light beam streaked across the sky and crashed into the ground in a loud, rumbling explosion, striking and blasting the arrogant, middle-aged man away . He flew into the sky in a beautiful and elegant trajectory before smashing into the ground .

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

The other spell casters stepped back hurriedly, at the same time pointing their staff at the young girl . Not only that, but they also discovered that the two dazzling magical radiances emanating from the two young ladies became as glaring as the sun . This was a sign that they had exceeded the limits of the Inner Circle and reached the peak that all spell casters sought after!

That was the highest realm that belonged only to players—Supreme Privilege!

“I’m annoyed by your crap . Since your idiotic people are so afraid of powerful spell casters, just let them be! And it’s best if they’re scared to death! Useless, brainless trash should accept being dominated like obedient dogs . I’ll kill anyone who stirs trouble and show you the true definition of fear!”

In an instant, countless golden runes appeared, centered around Mini Bubble Gum, forming an enormous, rectangular enchanted field . Canary stood on the spot and watched the group of panicky spell casters at their wits’ end . In fact, the most terrifying part of Mini Bubble Gum wasn’t her powerful strength . Instead, it was the special skills that she could cast any time . Of course, her mean and nasty personality had made her countless enemies . In the past, even though she had been ganged up and clobbered by her enemies, her tenacity made her stand on her feet and survive the tortures . There was even once when she was surrounded by hundreds of players who sought revenge on her for an entire day, but she didn’t give up . The instant she ‘respawned’, she gnashed her teeth and unleashed her powers to kill as many enemies as possible . She continued her massacre and the enemies gradually became frightened by her stubbornness and insanity .

From a certain perspective, it was scarier to offend Mini Bubble Gum than a BOSS .

“Heyahhh! Come on! Let’s have a good one!”

She flitted across the field and in the blink of an eye, she arrived by the side of one of the spell casters . He didn’t expect a delicate young girl like her to be this explosive in her movements . He stepped back hurriedly, at the same time casting magic runes in a fluster . Shortly after, magic runes glowed and formed a solid magical barrier around him . If he were an ordinary Mage, he would’ve been at his wits’ end in close-combat battle . But he had much more experience than most Mages .

But… It was useless against Mini Bubble Gum .

“Idiotic fool!”

Mini Bubble Gum had no intention of stopping at the sight of the magical barrier . She clenched her right hand and three vibrant colors burst from her fist . Then, she hurled her punch forward .


The magical barrier that was strong enough to resist a magic cannon shattered instantly like fragile glass . Mini Bubble Gum’s punch landed on the brass staff and exploded a white, dazzling light . Before the unfortunate man retaliated, he was blasted into bits immediately .

Mini Bubble Gum seldom saw blood in battles because it was too violent for her . So… Wouldn’t it resolve all problems if she blasted the enemy into bits instead?

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“Tsk . Is this all you’ve got? You’re afraid that others will fear you? What’s there to be afraid about from a bunch of noobs like you?!”

Mini Bubble Gum narrowed her eyes and gazed at the group of spell casters who had flown into the air using their flying spells . But this wasn’t an obstacle for her at all . She swung her arm quickly and a dark radiance flashed in the sky when suddenly, the spell casters lost control of their speed and crashed into one another clumsily . If it weren’t for their flying skills, they would have crashed to the ground already .

But they weren’t in a better state now .


Mini Bubble Gum sprung into the air like a rocket and landed a punch on one of the unlucky fellas, crushing him into half . At the next moment, a bright light beam burst into the sky and burned the corpse into ashes .


The spell casters were absolutely terrified . Apart from Mini Bubble Gum’s powerful strength, that was stronger than magic cannons, what frightened them was her strange and peculiar personality . She was obviously slaughtering and yet she was so thrilled like she was playing a game . Most importantly, they couldn’t escape at all!

But they soon realized that there wasn’t only one enemy .

“Come on, Bubble . Leave some for me . ”

Canary grumbled like a young lady in a tea party whose cake was snatched away . Then, a whirlwind blazing in scorching flames rose from the ground and instantly engulfed the entire night sky . The dazzling, scarlet whirlwind expanded like an enormous, scary monster stretching its arms and tearing the tiny bugs into bits .

Canary stood silently on the spot . She narrowed her eyes, revealed a gentle smile, and extended her index finger, where a combination of green and red magical radiances coalesced and spiraled on her fingertips . As one with the highest authority of wind and fire, almost no spell caster could stand firmly before her . If they were to release wind or fire spells on her, the spells would be manipulated by her—just like what was happening right now .

The fire and wind enveloping the night sky merged and transformed into a waterfall of flames that crashed to the ground . Along with this final hit, the powerless, desperate bugs flying in midair disappeared entirely .

“Ah! Big Sister, you’re kill stealing!”

Mini Bubble Gum swung her tiny fist in resentment . Although she was powerful, in terms of AOE attacks, she still couldn’t be compared to Canary, who was a Mage and an expert in the wind and fire attributes . However, Canary wasn’t mindful of her grumbles .

“Alright, remove your enchanted field, Bubble . We have some visitors . ”

“Hmph… I rarely get the chance to show my powers . That bunch of old farts isn’t willing to leave yet?”

Mini Bubble Gum curled her lips, but removed her enchanted field swiftly . Then, she gazed resentfully at the hill in the distance .

“Come out, you peeping toms!”


A kind, gentle, and old laughter sounded . Then, the air vibrated and an old man clad in a white, long robe walked out of the darkness .

“I didn’t expect to be discovered by you . It seems like I’ve miscalculated…”

“I didn’t expect to see you here . ”

Unlike earlier on, Canary sounded much gentler now .

“So, what brings you here to the Void Territory, Sir Bireno, Chairman of the Mage Tower?”

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