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Chapter 93

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After receiving Anne's 'consent,' Rhode called the rest and briefed them on the current plan . Once they heard what Rhode was planning to do, everyone was surprised .

"Why am I not the one to take on this dangerous task?"

Naturally, Sereck questioned .

"You'll have to face the Giant Skeleton alone which is already quite different from before . "

Rhode shook his head and answered Sereck before shifting his gaze to Marlene .

"Ms . Marlene, you won't have to use Silence anymore since the Death Knight will notice us anyway . For the upcoming battle, I will require you to use your offensive spells on the Giant Skeletons . They have quite a decent amount of magic resistance, but I believe you will have your way to deal with it . "

"I will try my best!"

Unknowingly, Marlene clenched her fist and raised her voice . The pressure on her was indeed quite significant; not only would the battle be difficult, but also . . .

Her thoughts trailed off as she turned her head to glance at the group of people before resting her eyes on Anne .

"Lize, once the two Giant Skeletons are down, we will need to find Anne immediately and assist her . This is of utmost importance . "

"Yes, Mr . Rhode . I will try my best . "

Lize clenched her fist tightly and nodded .

"Mr . Rhode, what about us?"

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Standing behind Rhode, Kudla couldn't help but ask .

"We also can . . . "

"Our mission is to save you guys . Now, we are only one step away from mission success; therefore I cannot let you take this risk . Moreover, someone needs to protect the Clerics . If you guys take part in the battle, who are they going to depend on for protection?"

Kudla was at a loss . He looked at the nervous Clerics beside him and immediately knew that they wouldn't be able to make it to the exit without help . He was also unsure whether he would be able to delay the Death Knight . According to Rhode, the Death Knight was almost as strong as Sereck and it was a high-level undead that was on the verge of the Commander level . Kudla felt pretty certain that he wouldn't be able to block a full-strength attack from a monster like that . So, he quietly nodded his head and gestured towards his mercenary group .

"Alright, everyone! Get into your positions!"

Rhode clapped his hands and shouted . Then, he glanced at Celia who was beside him .

"After defeating the enemy, fly over immediately . Remember you must protect Anne at all cost . Do not let anything happen to her . "

"Understood, Master . "

If Anne died, no one would be able to resurrect her, but if a summoned spirit died, Rhode could still resummon it later . If not because of Celia's passive ability that was incredibly useful to help kill Giant Skeletons, Rhode would rather send Celia to delay the Death Knight instead of Anne .

Sending Anne was the best decision Rhode could make based on their current situation . Even though Rhode had a rough gauge on her strength due to the test he had given her, their time together was simply too short for him to realize the true extent of her power . Therefore, all he could do now was trust her as she was the only person that had the highest chance of succeeding .

The spark to start the battle was no different from before .

Old Walker shot an arrow and lured the two Giant Skeletons as per normal . Both of the monsters lumbered slowly towards the noise . This wasn't a good sign because it confirmed Rhode's fears .

Although Rhode wanted to keep using this tactic to lure these two Giant Skeletons as far as possible, as if detecting something was wrong, the monsters suddenly stopped .

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Once Rhode saw this, he knew that it was time to begin . He clenched his teeth and shouted .


Marlene raised her wand and shot a spell at one of the Giant Skeleton's skull . The very next moment, grey, tumultuous clouds formed above the skeletons .

The battle-starved Marlene who had held back for the past five hours finally released all her pent-up frustrations with a humongous lightning bolt that fell from the sky .

Craaack! Countless streaks of lightning came crashing down onto the helpless Giant Skeletons . The sound of the electrostatic discharges caused a few people to tremble, and the ground shook along with the thunderous impact . For the sake of her comrades and victory, Marlene didn't hold back her power . She depleted most of her Soul Power for that one single destructive spell .

As a result, the Giant Skeletons that were caught unprepared appeared to be under significant pressure .

Even if they had flesh no more, they still had a decent resistance towards magic . But it wasn't unlimited . After ten seconds, the Giant Skeleton's body began to crack under the immense pressure of mother nature .

One after another, bolts of lightning assaulted the two Giant Skeletons . It roared loudly in pain and anger, but it was futile as they were still trapped within Marlene's 'thunderbolt prison . '

More . . . just a little bit more!!

Everyone stared at the miserable monsters that were being pounded by millions of volts of electricity again and again . They clenched their fist and silently prayed that everything would go smoothly like this until its death, but unfortunately, that was only their wishful thinking .

The thick gray clouds suddenly dispersed . Marlene's arms slumped down, her face pale . At the moment, she was leaning against a tree with her face full of sweat; she found out that both of her hands were trembling uncontrollably and wasn't able to lift them up . She might be a magical genius, but there was still a limit to her power after all . The spell she cast consumed a lot of Soul Power, and to channel it for such a long duration was already an incredible feat .


Wisps of smoke trails rose up into the air . Their bones were filled with fractures and covered in a thick layer of soot, but they were clearly still standing .

"Damn it!"

Rhode cursed under his breath . A trace of disappointment flashed across his face; but as an experienced leader, he knew it was pointless to complain .

He swung his sword and pointed forward .


Immediately after saying that, he shot forward with Celia towards the leftmost Giant Skeleton . Meanwhile, Sereck also made a move on the rightmost Giant Skeleton .

Before it could recover, the duo was already before the Giant Skeleton . One holy sword and one crimson sword slashed down in concert one after the other .

As Celia had wings, her flying speed was faster than Rhode . She reached before him and swung her sword at the Giant Skeleton . As the Giant Skeleton hadn't recovered fully from the lightning attack, it didn't think much and used its hands to block . This time, Celia wasn't thrown back by the impact; instead, she ignited her sword with holy flames and burned the Giant Skeleton's hand .

At the same time, Rhode arrived from behind!

Celia waved her silver sword and sliced off the Giant Skeleton's right leg . After losing its support, it roared angrily and fell to the ground . However, that didn't mean that it gave up, on the contrary, the moment it fell to the ground, all its bones scattered everywhere on the floor .


Rhode cursed again . From his countless experiences, he knew what was coming up . Unfortunately, the one thing he wished not to happen was about to become a reality .

Rhode clenched his teeth and held out his palm . A red card materialized and flew out, forming into the flaming black hound who immediately rushed towards the skull .

Suddenly, the scattered bone fragments that were idle a moment ago began to swirl rapidly around the skull . After a while, it formed a huge whirlpool in the air, creating an impenetrable fortress that blocked Rhode's attack .

Rhode waved his sword and sent a Blade of Destruction towards the whirlpool . However, the light was eventually swallowed and disappeared without a trace . Meanwhile, Celia fluttered her wings and tried to enter from above, but when she was halfway through, the spinning bone fragments blocked her way forward .

This is going to be troublesome . . .

Rhode panted as he stared at the whirlpool of bones before him . The only thing he could do now was to wait .

Then, a sudden dazzling light fell from the sky and crashed into the whirlpool . Due to the impact, the bones shook violently, and together with a loud roar, a faint explosion surfaced from inside the bone fortress . Soon, the bones began to slow and several fragments were strewn to the ground . Apparently, the black hound had used its self-destruct on the skull which took out half of its face . The Soul Fire in its remaining half was evidently dimmer than before .

Although Marlene's spell couldn't destroy the Giant Skeleton, the damage that it had done was considerable . At this moment, it finally had shown its effectiveness .


The angel rushed forward without hesitation . While in mid-air, her sword transformed into a silver light and pierced through the Giant Skeleton's skull . The surrounding bone fragments finally fell to the ground and stopped moving once its life source was destroyed .

Rhode didn't bother to watch Celia finish off the monster because he had already rushed towards the other side in with full speed . Sereck was in the same situation as he, fighting the Giant Skeleton's whirlpool defense . Rhode knew that they were already running late on time, so he had to finish it fast!

But he was still too late .


Suddenly, there was a sharp, resounding neigh of a horse in the distance .

Rhode froze .

The Death Knight has arrived!

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