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Chapter 927

Chapter 927: Unsettling Night (3)

In the end, Rhode purchased the metal egg that he wasn’t aware of what purpose it served . Although it was huge, it didn’t pose a problem for him to stuff it into the spatial bag . Even though he was also interested in other items, it was a pity that plane merchants could only sell one item to each customer . This meant that Rhode could only buy this metal egg his entire lifetime .

“Alright, I’m happy to work with you . ”

After settling this deal, Stefania revealed a relieved expression . Frankly speaking, the most troublesome customers were those who were picky and unreasonable . If it weren’t for the Roulette of Fate, they would have haggled for a long time before reaching an agreement .

“It’s finally settled . ”

On the contrary, Rhode felt troubled because he didn’t know what that thing was exactly . But it seemed like some sort of a vessel . But the problem was… Was this vessel good or bad? Even with his ‘unlucky looting aura’, this item shouldn’t be defective, right?

He finally had the chance to meet a plane merchant and yet, he received a defective item due to his ‘unlucky looting aura’?

Just thinking about it made him embarrassed .

If it were possible, he wanted to demand Stefania to stay by his side for future deals . But it was apparent that Stefania possessed the powers to prevent it from happening . As a plane merchant, she possessed a unique ability called ‘plane teleportation’ . Not only could she transmigrate to other planes of existence, but she could also change her form in other dimensions . It was just like previously when she concealed her presence entirely from Rhode and Angelina . But this was also to be expected since it wasn’t possible that a plane merchant would be so easily discovered .

This was all that Rhode could do for now . As for what exactly was inside the metal egg, he could only investigate further after returning to his territory .

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He hoped that it wasn’t defective…

All he could do now was to pray .

Stefania left after deactivating the time control while Rhode and Angelina headed back to the banquet hall . Perhaps the entire process seemed like less than half an hour to others, but in fact it was 10 hours of negotiations .

Even Rhode couldn’t tolerate it anymore .


The instant when time regained its flow and he returned to his senses, he instantly sensed a fierce battle happening faraway that involved clashes of swords and loud war cries . Although the battle was too far away for ordinary people to realize, he could easily hear them .

The sound of clashes in battle stopped shortly after . But after a few seconds, he heard hurried footsteps and desperate screams from the same place . He lifted his head and looked in the direction of the clamors where he witnessed flares erupting into the sky . Although it wasn’t huge, he knew that it would turn into a prairie fire soon .

He had to admit that those people chose the opportune timing .

Rhode turned around and headed back to the banquet hall .

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At this moment, the banquet hall was as bustling as ever . The merchants raised their glasses and threw all the past horrifying incidents to the back of their heads . They didn’t realize that the soldiers guarding the manor were hurriedly rushing toward other places at the same time .

What’s going on?

Shane felt annoyed when he heard the urgent report from the orderly . A few moments ago, he had also received a report about a riot led by the lower-class people! Back then, he didn’t take them seriously and simply sent his men to suppress the riot . He wasn’t surprised that the lower-class people rebelled . In fact, he was ready for it after Morey’s death .

However, the change in the state of affairs left him dubious . He thought that with his experience, the garrisons who he sent out could scare the people into obedience since they didn’t want to risk hurting their wives and children .

But this time, things were rather strange . Not only did the violence not stop, but it became much more serious . Could it be that one of those idiots he sent accidentally killed their people and aggravated the situation? If that was the case, things would get really troublesome .

However, after hearing his subject’s report, he was bewildered . According to them, the garrisons witnessed the rioters charging toward them with raised weapons . Although the garrisons attempted to repress their aggression like in the past, the rioters seemed fearless this time, where not even threatening their family members worked . On the contrary, the threats infuriated them even more . As a result, even though the rioters paled in comparison to the garrisons in terms of weapons and armor, they actually chased the garrisons away and were even setting fire around the city!

Shane was stunned by their craziness, but he didn’t take them seriously . After all, apart from the useless garrisons in the city, he also had plenty of strong soldiers from the Viper Gang . Tonight was his important banquet night and if this news were to spread, it would hurt his reputation greatly . Therefore, after learning the failure of the garrisons, he quickly sent out his elite soldiers to deal with the crisis .

But who would have thought that the elite soldiers also failed?

This left Shane completely baffled . According to the report, there were too many rioters who were extremely familiar with the terrain and streets . On the other hand, even though the soldiers from the Viper Gang were elites, they were still humans who would die to a stab to their hearts . Therefore, they only manage to resist the rioters for a while before being completely overwhelmed . No matter what, a human wave attack would become advantageous after reaching a certain stage .

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W-What exactly is going on?

Shane remained perplexed after much thought . He thought this was just a one-time situation, but similar incidents were happening everywhere in Highland City . Besides, the prairie fires were blazing increasingly wilder and the situation was getting out of control! Shane instantly felt fretful and restless . Although he continued to send out more people, the reports that he received were getting worse . According to the reports, not only were the people leading the riots, but plenty of soldiers were also involved now!

Even though Shane ordered the city owner to appease the people, he suspected that the useless old man could hardly stand on his feet after witnessing the violent riots . Hmph . Trash is always trash . It seems like I’ll need to get involved personally . Damn it… Shane swept a glance at the bustling banquet and gnashed his teeth .

Those bastards chose to mess with me today . They’re asking for death!

“… Sir-Sir Shane!”

At this moment, an orderly scampered toward him . He sucked in a breath of cold air upon seeing Shane’s sulky expression and quickly reported the situation .

“The front line is surrounded by the rioters completely . They’re closing in to the manor, Sir . What should we do?”

“What did you say? Those bastards dare to surround my manor?!”

Shane was gobsmacked . He had never imagined that this day would come!

“Send soldiers to defend and seal all the entrances and exits! If anyone dares to enter, kill———”


Suddenly, a loud explosion erupted and black rolling smoke, as well as scarlet flares rushed to the night sky . The cheery merchants came to an abrupt halt with their actions . They whispered to one another’s ears while turning to face the flares in the distance . The melodious music echoing in the hall had completely stopped and many of them headed out to gaze at the city enveloped by the deep, dark sky .

However, they quickly realized that it wasn’t dark at all .

Because the entire manor was surrounded by hot, blazing flames .

Shane’s expression darkened instantly because he knew that…

He was in big trouble .

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