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Chapter 923

Chapter 923: Angelina’s Sigh

“Got it, Angelina . ”

Rhode sat on the chair and nodded . He looked at the thick book in his hand and the scene looked as though a quiet, gentle, and rich young lady ordering her maid to prepare for teatime… If they weren’t talking about this bloody subject .

Shane could never expect the intelligence network that he worked so hard to build would be breached internally and exposed to others . Through the intelligence network that operated for years, Rhode finally learned about the forces within Highland City, especially the Dark Elves who Shane had sent to monitor him . Perhaps Shane would have never imagined that the spies he sent would humbly report to someone else about the situations of Highland City…

The royal vampires’ mental manipulation skill sure is incredible .

Although Rhode had fought against royal vampires in the game and knew how powerful their mental manipulation skill was, it was only after he defeated those who were under the mental manipulation that he learned that his companions had always been manipulated by the vampires . As for how the royal vampires did that, most players weren’t too familiar . In the game, the effects of the mental manipulation was shown in the form of status effects such as their bodies not responding to actions . But players still had the capacity to type in chat or use voice chat to ask for help from their companions .

But it was a game after all . If the mental health of a player in a virtual-reality game could be completely manipulated by NPCs, it wouldn’t be a game anymore . It would basically be considered a nuclear weapon of the world . After arriving at Highland City, Rhode personally witnessed how the royal vampires’ mental manipulation worked .

Many races were capable of mental manipulation, including high-class demons like Celestina . The Lustful Demons who submitted to him were experts too . Hypnosis, mental manipulation, and brain-washing were considered manipulation skills . Of course, the high-class demons who Celestina represented held the highest mastery of such skills . Language was a weapon to the demons and lies were their blades . Truth was their poison and no matter how they flipped their words, the words would come out as absolutely reasonable from their mouths . Besides, the demons’ mental manipulation had an AOE effect and if they wished to, they could even control masses easily .

But Celestina clearly wasn’t interested in doing so . As a demon, she preferred using strength to repress others . According to her, using her charm and allure to control others was something only ‘powerless sluts would shamefully do’ .

On the other hand, Angelina’s mental manipulation skills were powerful too . Although she couldn’t manipulate masses like Celestina, she had a high level of concealment . When Angelina manipulated the victims, they usually wouldn’t realize that they were being controlled . Angelina used her eyes to engage in mental manipulation and as long as one saw her eyes when she activated the skill, the process would be completed . Compared to the brazen and forceful mental manipulation by Celestina, Angelina’s was more subtle and concealed . The instant she gazed at the victims’ eyes, she would plant a seed in their hearts . What was terrifying was that the seed wouldn’t twist their views . Instead, it would stir and enlarge their emotions, turning anger even bigger, happiness even larger, and stubbornness even stronger . The purpose of the seed was to push the victim’s emotions to the extreme . In fact, when one was forced to the edge of the cliff, one could be easily controlled and destroyed .

This was also why Clive’s companions were so infuriated . A few days ago, Rhode led Angelina and roamed around the streets as though to survey the market . But in fact, Angelina had been planting and scattering seeds everywhere . This process didn’t require a lot of time . All he had to do was to greet others and make them look into Angelina’s eyes .

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After the seed was planted, it would need a suitable environment for growth . It was due to this reason that Rhode chose to attack the merchants to create the perfect environment . As long as he magnified the fears and wrath in their hearts, he would have the opportunities .

And everything worked out just as he expected .

Clive was in fact reasonable with his ideas and those people were actually aware of that . Under normal circumstances, why would they make such a decision to take action? Just like Clive said, they weren’t bachelors who must die with pride . They had families—wives, children, and parents—and if Highland City broke out into chaos, what would happen to their families? Didn’t they fight for the sake of their families? But if they were all dead… What was the point of fighting? Was it just for the sake of taking their revenge?

Anyone would understand this logic as long as one wasn’t overwhelmed by anger . But the problem was that the seed which Angelina planted in their hearts left them burning in wrath . They eventually broke free from the chains of rationality and exploded . It didn’t matter if their families were dead; violence wasn’t a means but was their only purpose now! As for how it would end afterward, they never even considered it! They had no intention of considering them at all!

This was why Clive was frightened . He dared to take action, but violence was only a means for one to gain benefits and not the ultimate goal after all . If one were only looking to seek revenge and lacked a clear plan, how would Highland City end up? Perhaps time would turn out even darker than when the Alanic Family managed the city!

And everything was due to Angelina .

If Rhode didn’t sign the card contract with her, he wouldn’t have trusted her fully because he knew that her motive for relying on him was different from others . In fact, she was considered the first person to rely on him after he became the dragon soul heir and her motive was also extremely clear—gain authority . She wanted to go against Ashvril, but she obviously couldn’t do that alone in the Country of Darkness . But Rhode was the new dragon soul heir and if she served him well, she might possibly gain a position like one of the four legendary generals in the Country of Darkness . If Angelina were of another race, Rhode might possibly grant her the wish . However, she was a vampire and her so-called increase in strength actually meant that she needed to create a vampire family within his territory . Rhode could accept angels, elves, half-beasts, and even half-demons . But for vampires… He wasn’t sure about that .

Rhode swept a glance to Angelina at this thought and the latter lowered her head hurriedly and displayed her obedience . However, what Rhode didn’t know was that Angelina was actually feeling really helpless .

The reason was simple . She had a mission on hand .

A mission that Mini Bubble Gum had given her .

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The mission was only one sentence—lure Rhode into having a sexual relationship with her .

Angelina was stumped when she heard this mission back then . Although she was a vampire, she was also mentally prepared for this and naturally willing to let him fulfill his desires on her . After all, he held a higher status and there were only benefits and no disadvantages for her if she got closer to him . As a vampire of Country of Darkness, she didn’t care about being a virgin . As long as she held strength and authority, what was there to not give up for?

But she believed that it was two totally different matters for Rhode to be interested in her and her luring him successfully . It seemed like Rhode wasn’t too interested in her now . She was also aware that in terms of allure, the women around him were worthy opponents and she couldn’t stand a chance unless she charmed or hypnotized him . But the problem was that Rhode was completely immune to those trickeries . Besides, she was clear that he was born in the Munn Kingdom and held the typical attitude against the undead . She counted herself lucky on the fact that he didn’t burn her to ashes when they first met . If she were to hypnotize him, it would only be a matter of time before her flame execution of death .

Angelina frankly didn’t feel like accepting this mission because she wasn’t that foolish to go on this suicide mission . But a strong statement from Mini Bubble Gum changed her mind—If you refuse, I’ll beat you to death .

Angelina instantly went down on her knees and accepted .

She realized that although Mini Bubble Gum appeared childish, she was indeed incredibly, incredibly powerful . This left her feeling utterly hopeless . She knew that if she refused or failed the mission, Mini Bubble Gum would definitely get rid of her . On the other hand, Rhode definitely wouldn’t intervene with their affairs because any idiot could recognize his relationship with Mini Bubble Gum . Angelina was sure that even if Rhode heard the news of her being killed, he would only respond with “oh, I see”, and move on with life…

Although Angelina knew that this mission was tough to complete, it was much more difficult than she imagined . She thought that there would be lots of opportunities since both of them were alone all the time . But it seemed like Rhode was only interested in observing her skills and loyalty .

Maybe I should take the initiative more?

“Master, what should we do next? Do you need me to check on the situation?”


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Rhode lifted his head and swept a glance at her . Upon sensing his gaze, Angelina instantly broke out in cold sweat . She couldn’t help it . If she dragged this any longer, she would only be left with the choice of either being burned or beaten to death . But the problem was that she didn’t wish to die so soon .

“The seeds have been planted so it’s not necessary, Angelina . As for the other matter, I suppose Marlene and the rest will handle them . All we need to do is to wait for the show to start . ”

“Yes… Master . ”

Angelina responded . She turned around and let out a long sigh . She knew that she failed again . If she were facing another person, she would have tried to show off her charm . However, it was the dragon soul heir whom she was speaking to and he could crush her with his two fingers . How would she dare to behave brazenly before him? Although Ashvril was a loose whore in the Country of Darkness, she didn’t even dare to wink at the Dark Dragon . She would be asking for death if she did that .

Why am I so unlucky?

Angelina grumbled and approached the door helplessly .

On the other hand, Rhode closed the book in his hand and someone knocked on the door almost simultaneously .

Knock knock knock .

Angelina opened the door and there were two armored soldiers .

“Greetings, Miss Miranda . Sir Shane wishes to invite you to the banquet . ”


Rhode stood up and gazed curiously at the soldiers .

“Yes, Sir Shane organized it . He has also invited all merchant representatives in Highland City and wishes to use this opportunity to express his apologies for the happenings . We hope that you’ll do him the honor by coming for the banquet . ”

The soldier explained and handed over an invitation respectfully . Rhode accepted and scanned through the content quickly . The soldier continued .

“By the way, Miss Miranda . Sir Shane wants me to pass a message to you—your friend will be attending this banquet too and is looking forward to meeting you there . ”

Rhode twitched his brow slightly . On the other hand, although Angelina’s expression remained unchanged, she had some doubts in her mind . What Shane meant was . .

Rhode smiled at this thought .

“I understand . Please express my gratitude to Sir Shane on my behalf . I’ll be sure to be there on time . ”

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