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Chapter 921

Chapter 921: Ever More Critical

Things didn’t turn out well .

The second day after the murder, Highland City was engulfed in an uproar . In the same place and by the same method . Two merchants who came from the Country of Light had been murdered and hung up on the stelae . Shane blew his top . He couldn’t imagine how the murderers got away with his tight security and committed the crime . The fact that the murder was committed in the same place with the same method meant that they were obviously provoking him!

As the vice-captain of the Viper Gang and actual ruler of Highland City, Shane was a real piece of work . He decisively imposed emergency measures in the city, gathered the merchants, and dispatched soldiers to protect them in one location . Although Shane wasn’t sincerely concerned about the merchants, he felt humiliated that something like this happened in his territory and this became a threat to his position . He initially thought that Highland City was merely a poor city by the border and no one was capable enough to fight for his position . But now, this city was in high demand where even members of the Alanic Family were also eyeing for opportunities . If news of this matter spread out of here, his position in the Alanic Family would be precarious . But he wasn’t willing to give up just yet . He swore to nab the murderers and put an end to this!

In fact, there was also another reason why he felt so vexed . He heard that some merchants had turned tail to the death threats and prepared to leave . He didn’t wish for Miss Miranda to leave too because now that he finally got the chance to meet two beautiful women after managing this ridiculous place for years . How would he let them escape so easily?

Fortunately, according to his received intelligence, Miss Miranda had no intention of leaving this place yet . He heaved a sigh of relief . It seems like I must come up with ways to make her stay . If not, it will be such a waste .

But before he came up with any ideas to handle her, another murder case happened .

At identical time, place, and using the same method . The only difference was that there were three corpses hanging on the stelae this time .

Highland City was filled with terror .

Some cowardly merchants had decided to leave . They initially came here to survey the city but eventually saw no reason strong enough to make them stay any longer . It would still be possible if it were only one murder case as they could hire bodyguards since the profits were generous in this city . But the problem now was that the killings were committed too mysteriously . After the first murder case, Shane dispatched his soldiers to surround the plaza . Then, after the second murder case, he enhanced the security by tripling the number of soldiers . But even so, they couldn’t keep out the murderers or find out how they managed to pass through the defense . Many merchants were scared stiff as a result . Even though there were hundreds of soldiers guarding the plaza, no one saw how the three corpses were hung on the stelae . It felt as though the crimes were committed and three corpses appeared out of nowhere at the very instance of darkness happening just before dawn .

Shane felt increasingly troubled . He was sure that the murderers were extremely powerful to sneak past the hundreds of soldiers . No ordinary people could achieve this, not even members of the Dark Brotherhood . However, Shane had no intention of giving up . He strengthened the security and sent out his Dark Elves to investigate in secret . This time, he swore to capture those bastards!

But it was a pity that… He was messing with the wrong people .

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“It’s almost time . ”

Rhode gazed at the empty street with an evil smile . Just as he wanted; Highland City had turned into a mess but this still wasn’t chaotic enough . Murdering of the merchants was only a means and not a goal for him . Besides, if he killed too many of them, the suspicions might be targeted at him later . Although he didn’t care if the Country of Light criticized or accused him, he didn’t wish to be exposed yet .

The next thing to do was to find the balance .

“Angelina . ”

Rhode called out and the young lady took a step forward .

“Yes, Master?”

“I’ll leave this target to you . You should know what to do, right?”

“Of course, Master . ”

Angelina’s eyes glinted in a thrilling radiance . She stooped over for a bow before retreating swiftly . Shortly after, she blended into the shadow and vanished into the darkness .

It’s the third day .

The senior stood up and looked at the letter before him worriedly . Highland City was getting increasingly unstable while Clive was also under tight surveillance—this definitely wasn’t a great sign . Although he didn’t know who was the person who murdered the merchants, this would destroy his plan if this continued . Clive was still too young . Although he won over the hearts of many supporters, he still wouldn’t stand a chance against the Alanic Family . Even though Clive did seek help from him, the assistance he could provide was very limited at this juncture .

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First, we need to find the person who attacked the merchants . If not, Shane may use this reason to lay hands on Clive and the others . When that happens… The situation will become much more complicated .

The old man stood up and as he was about to call for someone, he suddenly widened his eyes and couldn’t utter a single word .

“This is the end of you, old man . ”

A fair, slender hand stretched out from the shadow and grabbed the senior’s throat . Then, Angelina appeared out of the darkness and revealed a proud, arrogant expression on her beautiful, delicate face . She smiled at the old man who half-knelt to the ground and looked at him as though he was an animal .

Who is she?

The old man widened his eyes in shock . He struggled to break free from her hand but the seemingly slim arm was as tough as an iron pole . He realized that he was slowly attracted by her scarlet pupils… His world changed in colors and everything including his senses had as though been smeared by red .

At the next moment, he lost his consciousness .

Night fell .

There were no merchants or locals whispering into each other’s ears on the cold, empty streets . Instead, squads of armored soldiers patrolled the area with wielded weapons and scanned the surroundings vigilantly . They knew that their superior was feeling fretful and restless for the past few days . Apart from patrolling the place and ensuring that nothing similar happened, there was nothing else that they could do .

At this moment, they suddenly heard a scream that broke the tranquility of the night .


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The soldiers scrambled . They hurriedly turned and stormed to the voice . Shortly after, they arrived at the south of the merchant’s gathering place and discovered a person wrapped in black clothes and wielding a dagger . There was also a dead merchant covered in blood by the person’s feet . The person brandished the dagger and mercilessly split the screaming woman into half!

“Capture him!’

The soldiers charged forward with their weapons and to their surprise, not only did the murderer not escape, but he also raised his dagger and embraced their attacks . The murderer was powerful and the soldiers didn’t stand a chance against him . Not only were they unable to capture him, but the murderer also slashed them in succession . As the soldiers were about to give up and flee, several shadows appeared among them and darted out of the group .

“Get lost, weaklings . ”

Although the soldiers couldn’t see the faces of the reinforcements, they instantly recognized them from the embedded marking on the black armor—they were Shane’s special forces . The soldiers swiftly made way and left the battlefield to the four figures in black .

The murderer became cautious at the sight of the four new challengers . He clasped the dagger and glared at them . Then, the battle began .

In an instant, shimmering blade rays streaked across the night sky . The mysterious attackers drew their swords and sealed the murderer’s way of retreat . The murderer dodged their blades and quickly launched his attack on one of them .

It was apparent that the four attackers were much more experienced in battles than the soldiers . On the other hand, the murderer was no weakling either . He continued to brandish his dagger skillfully and had even slashed two of the attacks . But… This was the end of his fight .

No matter how hard he tried, he was all alone . The instant he slashed one enemy, the others sneaked up and swung their blades at him . The murderer turned around with the dagger and the blades clashed . Clang! The powerful impact blasted the murderer away and he crashed and rolled on the ground . It was apparent that he was a goner .

“Capture him!’

The soldiers who were watching from the side ran up to the collapsed man immediately, but what happened next stunned them all .

The murderer lifted the dagger and pierced it into his throat .

Just like this, he became a lifeless corpse .


The soldiers widened their eyes in astonishment . At this moment, the others arrived at the scene .

“What happened? Who is he?”

Clive rushed forward and witnessed the man in black clothes on the ground . One of the soldiers replied .

“He’s the murderer who attacked the merchants!”


Clive puckered his brows . He took large strides to the corpse and took down the black cloth that covered his face . It was an old face and Clive couldn’t believe his eyes .

“Teacher… How is this possible…!”

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