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Chapter 920

Chapter 920: Highland City Continuous Killings

This place is really a treasure house .

Randy grinned in joy after leaving the pub and looking at the signed contract . Although his trade association wouldn’t get a huge share of the cake under the Alanic Financial Group’s control, it didn’t matter because he didn’t have the intention to operate his business here for the long term . After all, it was too risky for his small business to do such a thing under the watchful eyes of the five largest financial groups . All he had to do next was to sell these goods to the Light Mainland and earn a small fortune .

This was more than enough as Highland City wasn’t safe at the moment . Although it seemed like the Alanic Family was managing the city well… Randy lifted his head and gazed at the enormous star ring in the sky with knitted brows . He just couldn’t get used to this strange view . Unlike the sky above Country of Light, this scene left him shivering in an unknown fear . He let out a cough and abandoned the fears inside him before entering the carriage .

“Let’s head back now . ”

Randy ordered and the carriage driver lashed the rein to drive the carriage . Randy gasped and shut his eyes nervously, resting on the expensive, luxurious chair . He had made a killing this trip . Although he benefited greatly, it was still terrifying to do something so secretive under the watchful eyes of the Alanic Family . No one was clearer than the merchants of the Country of Light about the strength of the five largest financial groups . If it weren’t for the other merchants who accessed this place constantly and allowed him to seize this opportunity, he wouldn’t have the guts to do it . But now, since he had already succeeded…


As Randy fantasized on how he could use this sum of money to create more wealth, he realized that the carriage gradually came to a halt . His heart sank instantly . Have I been discovered by the Alanic Family? But they shouldn’t be launching an attack for such a small matter, right?!

Randy trembled with fear as he approached the side window . But to his surprise, it wasn’t the private soldiers as he thought . There was no one and the entire road was oddly silent . What exactly happened? Is my carriage driver an idiot? Doesn’t he know that I’m rushing my way home?

Randy looked ahead and said .

“Hey, what are…”

But, this was all that he said .

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All of a sudden, a silver ray flashed from the dark sky and penetrated his throat . Blood trickled from his wound and before he could struggle to safety, he had widened his eyes and plunged into the seat before him lifelessly . At this moment, the carriage shook slightly . A crisp laughter sounded but quickly faded into the deep, dark sky .

This was only an ordinary and peaceful night for most people .

The sun rose the next day and the entire Highland City was in an unprecedented, tense atmosphere .

“What happened?!”

Shane gaped at the scene in dismay . The soldiers around him gawked with fear and trepidation and couldn’t utter a word . The dead merchant was hung up at the top of the stela in the middle of the plaza . His expression was solidified in shock and horror at the point of death . Also, there was a huge announcement paper flitting in the wind below him .

Highland City doesn’t need greedy bastards like you!

Get out! If not, this will be your plight!

This is a threat and also a warning!

Our city belongs to us!

The words splashed in red on the white paper were strikingly eye-catching under the bright sun . Shane gnashed his teeth and clenched his fists firmly . At this moment, a relatively huge crowd of residents and merchants had gathered around the plaza . They witnessed the announcement paper and displayed different expressions . The foreign merchants shivered in fear and uncertainties while the residents were emotionally moved . That’s right! This is our city and it shouldn’t be devastated by these foreigners!

“Please make way!”

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Suddenly, a young man who appeared to be a clerk of the law court led a squad of garrisons to the scene . Shane narrowed his eyes and scanned the young man coldly—Clive .

Although Clive was the city owner’s assistant, Shane knew that he had been privately recruiting people to take over this city . However, Shane had never regarded Clive highly . In terms of wisdom and battle skills, Shane was stronger than Clive . This was why Shane allowed the latter to do whatever he wanted because he would annihilate them altogether when he found the opportune timing . But it seemed like Shane was too lenient on him . Is this his doing? How is that possible? According to my men, they didn’t discover anything strange last night .

Although Shane thought that it was possible that his men might have covered up their mistakes and didn’t report the truth, he didn’t believe that Clive was this capable .

“Soldiers! Tear down everything and burn the corpse!”

Shane ordered and shifted his ice-cold gaze to Clive who stood before him .

“Mr . Clive, I’m shocked that this happened . I hope you can report to the city owner and inform him that it is a shame that something like this happened in the city! I hope you can nab the murderer and account for the merchants who arrived here!”

Shane said and turned around without giving a second look . Clive knitted his brows and his eyes glinted in uncertainty .

Who did this?!

After ordering his men to deal with the aftermath, Clive paced on the street anxiously . He naturally sensed the threat in Shane’s words, but what had this got to do with him? Could it be that one of his men did this? If it were true, it would bring a huge impact to his plans . Didn’t I tell them to not do anything like this? Damn it; the city owner is unreliable and we can’t handle the death of a merchant in the city . Who did it? Was it the doing of my men? Or was it only an accident?

After all, not everyone who opposed the Alanic Financial Group would become his subjects . Moreover, Clive had always been separating himself from the radicals to not invite trouble . But he didn’t expect that some guys were so brazen .

All in all, I should investigate the truth cautiously . This is a critical period…

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“Well, isn’t this Mr . Clive?”

As Clive racked his brains for solutions, a melodious voice disrupted his thoughts . He looked up and saw a black-haired young lady in a black dress smiling at him . Behind the young lady was a golden-haired, adorable maid .

If I recall correctly, she is…

“Greetings, Miss Miranda . ”

Clive bowed politely .

“I didn’t expect to see you here, Mr . Clive . ”

Miranda revealed a mesmerizing smile . She went up and continued to gaze at him . Clive lowered his head slightly in some embarrassment and took two steps back . Before he thought of anything to say, the young lady asked a curious question .

“By the way, did something happen? It seems like there is a huge commotion . ”

“Ah, it’s…”

Clive’s anxiousness had as though been splashed by a bucket of cold water that calmed him down completely . That’s right . I have more important things to do and I don’t have time to waste anymore .

“We found a corpse in the plaza today and are investigating the murder, Miss Miranda . For you and your maid’s safety, please stay indoors for now . I’m sure the truth will come to light very soon since Highland City isn’t a particularly huge city . ”


Miranda displayed a look of surprise . Then, she returned to her usual expression .

“Thank you for the warning, Mr . Clive . I hope you can successfully solve this case… Please be careful too . ”

“I will . Thank you, Miss Miranda . ”

Clive nodded and left instantly . All the way until he disappeared into the crowd, ‘Miranda’ shifted her gaze to Angelina, who showed an excited expression .

“Alright, let’s get to the next step, Angelina . ”

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