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Chapter 918

Chapter 918: Mutual Spying

As a city making a living out of extracting minerals, Highland City wasn’t all that beautiful . It gave Rhode a similar vibe as Deep Stone City despite Deep Stone City being much neater and in a better order while Highland City appeared older and set off a depressing atmosphere . The Alanic private soldiers patrolled the streets and there were basically no residents wandering around . Many merchants slowly established their presence here and appeared more frequently with the private soldiers . Most of the merchants held the same motive as Rhode: check out the situation before making decisions and arrangements . After all, the trade associations would be set up to run for years . All smart merchants were able to see the great business opportunities presented in Highland City, but they weren’t that foolish to turn a blind eye to the dangers . Moreover, the entire Highland City was under the control of the Alanic Family . The five largest financial groups were extremely powerful and the ordinary trade associations had never dreamed of going against them .

Along the way, Rhode and Angelina attracted quite a lot of attention . They couldn’t be blamed since female merchants were rare to see . Besides, it didn’t matter if it was Rhode or Angelina after their disguise, they were still considered rare beauties . Merchants weren’t monks so it was only natural for them to admire pretty women . Fortunately for them, they were rational because although female merchants were rare, the fact that they came here meant that they had a strong backing . Merchants were all about amiability and the less complications the better . The beauties might be pleasing to their eyes but they should be seen as competitors first . What if they lost the business opportunities If they were mesmerized by them?

It was due to this reason that even though Rhode and Angelina stood out like sore thumbs, no one was interested in finding trouble with them . But it was also their gazes that allowed them to clearly identify allies and enemies . After Angelina realized that her master was the dragon soul heir, she discovered that she had gotten an amazing chance . She was clear of how powerful the dragon soul heirs were and her biggest wish and goal now was to revive the Babylonia family’s honor and glory . Now that she stood alongside a dragon soul heir, she felt incredibly fortunate . She submitted willingly to him and was so loyal as though she had been serving him for all her life where even Canary and Mini Bubble Gum who were extremely familiar with the Undead Creatures clicked their tongues in wonder at this sight . From a certain aspect, the Undead Creatures’ strong desire for rights was indeed a passion that shouldn’t be neglected .

“Master… We got eyes on us . ”

As Rhode pretended to be looking at the herbs being sold on the market, he heard Angelina’s whisper . In fact, he had already sensed the secret gazes from the start . Even though the spies were hidden ingeniously, how was it possible that Rhode couldn’t detect them? He had awakened the dragon soul powers and in terms of attributes, apart from the other four dragon soul heirs, he wasn’t afraid of anyone else . He couldn’t have possibly missed such a level of spying . Just like Angelina mentioned, there were indeed two groups of people monitoring their actions . One of the groups had been following them since they left the Alanic manor and he knew instantly that they were from the Viper Gang . With the Alanic Family’s hastiness, it would be truly strange if they didn’t take any actions after their meeting .

But what made Rhode curious was the other group of men . While he pretended to shop in the marketplace, he swiftly scanned the area to confirm their identities . He realized that they were actually locals . It seems like there are many interesting things happening in Highland City .

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Through his observations, he realized that not only was the group of men watching them, but they were also monitoring all merchants who came to this city . Although Rhode didn’t know their intentions, it was apparent that they were hostile toward the merchants .

It seems like there are also rebels in Highland City .

“Let’s head back, Angelina . ”

“Yes, Master . ”

Before arriving at Highland City, Rhode had gotten his men to make a room reservation here . But Highland City was an old city to begin with and the inns weren’t anywhere wonderful . Fortunately, he reserved a villa located away from the bustling inns . Although it was said to be a villa, it was in fact a cottage that was much quieter and cleaner . However, it wasn’t luxurious at all . Apart from the bed and a set of old, clean tables and chairs, there was also a warm fireplace for guests . Rhode wasn’t dissatisfied with the room . After all, players were used to sleeping outdoors . He hadn’t always been particular about his living conditions, so he didn’t mind if the room was run-down . As long as it was clean, it was good enough for him . However, Angelina revealed an obvious look of resentment . When did she ever live in such a horrible house as a vampire? Although the Babylonia castle in Country of Darkness was also run-down, at least her room was maintained comfortably and luxuriously . But a room like this… Angelina thought that not even slaves would be living here .

But Rhode didn’t come here for a vacation .

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“Alright, Angelina . ”

They entered the room and closed the door . Rhode scanned the room and said .

“You can chase out the rats now . ”

“Yes, Master . ”

Angelina’s eyes glowed in scarlet . She swung her arms and two dazzling, shimmering rays streaked across, lighting up the dim room in a blanket of red . At the same time, the wooden floor concealed in the shadow of the wardrobe trembled and two slim figures jumped out and darted toward the window in a fluster . Angelina let out a snort and clenched her right fist .

The two unfortunate figures came to an abrupt halt as though the scene was paused . Then, they stayed in their jumping posture while in midair and Angelina extended her index finger to draw some mysterious runes . Shortly after, the two figures landed on the floor and stood up straight and stiffly as though going through a military inspection .

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That’s the Blood Rune…

Rhode scanned the scarlet runes floating in front of the young lady . He had to admit that she was rather powerful . If Lize, Anne, and Marlene-before-her-awakening took on Angelina, they could count themselves very lucky if the match ended in a draw . The vampires’ undead attribute, mysterious strength, speed, and terrifying blood runes were much trickier to make up for than the pure differences in level . The amount of strength that Angelina possessed was equal to one in a high position in the Country of Light or Munn Kingdom if she weren’t a vampire . But in the Country of Darkness, she was only a loser who was chased out by the political battles . Based on the fact that in the Country of Darkness, where strength meant respect ,and yet Angelina was still treated this way, it went to show that the Country of Darkness was much stronger than the Light Mainland in terms of quantity and quality .

Rhode shrugged at this thought . Then, he went up to the two masked men with a look of mockery . Although they were wrapped tightly in black clothes, their long, pointy ears and dark skin revealed their identities .

“Dark Elves… Hmmm . I have to admit that the Alanic Family is quite capable to receive their help…”

Rhode nodded . In fact, he wasn’t surprised at all because he was aware that the five largest financial groups had unexplainable relations with the underground world .

On the other hand, although the two Dark Elves had their faces covered by black cloth, the unprecedented fear and shock was clearly present in their eyes . They didn’t expect these two powerless-looking young ladies to easily apprehend them . They weren’t in the Legendary Stage, but as elites of the Dark Elves, they were at least in the Peak Master Stage . Using their expertise in shadow lurking, they always succeeded in assassination or gathering intelligence . But it was a pity that… Today wasn’t their lucky day .

“Angelina . ”

“Understood, Master . ”

Rhode gestured without turning back and Angelina instantly went up to the two elves . She lifted her head proudly, her eyes glinting in bright, red radiances . The two elves instinctively turned away in fear but an unknown strength forced them to look straight into her eyes . After a few seconds, the two elves turned into lifeless puppets . Angelina let out a chuckle . She looked at Rhode before shifting her gaze to the two elves .

“Tell us everything that you know, my slaves . ”

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