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Chapter 913

Chapter 913: Cost of Surrendering

While Rhode and Canary considered their plans for the future, Angelina cautiously scanned the man before her who was about to become her master . Although she was resentful that she had to address someone as ‘master’ as a royal, it was common sense in the Country of Darkness that the weak were prey to the strong . Since she was defeated, she should be punished . But if she were to find out one day that this ‘master’ had aged and was no longer competent to defeat her, she would undoubtedly overthrow and slaughter him for the years of humiliation . Devotion didn’t exist in the Country of Darkness . All that existed was using power to gain status and high positions within the hierarchy . It was the same for the Dark Dragon . where his formidable, admirable powers made the Undead Creatures respect him . If the Dark Dragon were like Lilian, he would have long been overthrown .

This went to show that this had nothing to do with culture . No matter if it were the Country of Darkness, Country of Light or the law-abiding Country of Law, the dragon soul heir would end up miserably without its supreme powers and authority like Lilian .

Therefore, this surely wasn’t an institutional problem .

The reason why Angelina remained so calm was because she wasn’t afraid of being Rhode’s subject . This was due to the fact that she understood that this man was like most humans who would reach the end of his life by the hundredth year, which was ephemeral for a vampire like her . Besides, it seemed like this man held a high status and if she were to serve him, perhaps she might gain some support, which she couldn’t get in the past . As long as she could wait until the day this man became weak and frail, she would then kill him and take over his position for dominance . As for Mini Bubble Gum? She might be strong, but Angelina believed that she wouldn’t be around this man forever . Besides, she was also a human who would grow old one day .

If this man sought immortality from her blood in the future, she couldn’t be happier . She would let him personally experience the blood of the royal vampire which not anyone could tolerate and if he successfully fused her blood with his, he would turn into her obedient slave which would save a lot more trouble on her part .

As a result, Angelina stood silently by the side after satisfyingly cursing Ashvril . She lowered her gaze to the ground, clearly aware of how to capture the man’s trust . Since her goal was to eventually surrender to the man, she must act like it . Apart from venting her frustrations by cursing Ashvril, she was also using this point to show her value to them . Judging from the conversation between the two human young ladies, she was sure that they were knowledgeable about vampires . Moreover, she learned that the Munn Kingdom and Country of Darkness had obvious hostility between them .

Rhode didn’t know what was going on in Angelina’s mind . After all, he wasn’t a mind reader . But based on his understanding of vampires, he had more or less guessed her thoughts, judging from the sight of her behaving like an obedient young lady . Vampires and Liches were the smartest and most cunning creatures in the Country of Darkness . Although he was the Void Dragon, his dominating and imposing presence could only influence the people under his dragon soul protection . This young lady had been under the Dark Dragon soul protection for years, so how was it possible that she could turn around and seek protection from him devotedly? If the Void Dragon soul protection was this powerful, Rhode might as well recruit all the elites from other organizations and everything would be settled easily, wasn’t it?

But… It was impossible that Rhode couldn’t handle her .

“How’s it, Leader? Do you like this present? I personally feel that she looks decent and although the other women around you are better… She’s still not that bad, right?”

“Yes . Indeed . ”

Rhode nodded to Mini Bubble Gum’s words .

In all fairness, he wasn’t too mindful about Angelina’s appearance . He had a lot of women around him and no matter if he had been in bed with all of them, their beauty was still above average . However, Marlene, Lize, Anne, and Canary were the closest with him . Even Sonia and Nell who maintained physical relationships with him were also considered beauties . Other than them, Lapis, Mini Bubble Gum, and Lesa were considered decent . There were also the summoning spirits Celestina and Shira .

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Even though they were all beauties, all in all, they also had a pair of eyes, a nose and mouth . The rarer something was, the greater its value . The higher the standard of women around him, the more unmindful he was in women with average looks . However, this didn’t mean that he would be satisfied just like this . No matter if it were during ancient or modern times, all men were unsatisfied with what they had .

All in all, it came down to their qualities and temperaments . A popular jargon in the modern era describing it would be ‘attributes’ .

In the game, if two offensive characters looked exactly the same but as long as they possessed unique attributes of their own, players would still love the contrast . But on the contrary, beggars wouldn’t be choosers . If it were a ‘loli’ or an ‘older sister’ who provided everything that players wanted but possessed the usual ‘gentle, kind, and beautiful’ attributes, players would not be interested at all .

And now, what sparked his interest was Angelina’s ‘attributes’ .

Although she stood obediently on the spot, Rhode sensed a dangerous, yet alluring aura from her . It was a kind of young, inexperienced presence interwoven with poisonous venom that left him excited . Although she looked similar to Shira in appearance, they were drastically different in nature . If Shira’s craziness made him feel nervous like he was stepping onto the guillotine platform, Angelina’s charm was like a poison hidden in fragrant wine . He knew clearly that the poison would kill him, but he just couldn’t resist the temptation and thrill to savor the taste .

But ultimately, he had no intention of dying for her no matter how sweet the fruits . Besides, what was most worrying about her wasn’t her powers . Instead, it was her speech and ability to stir up sentiment using false statements . He could leave a Dark Elf like Nell to be free on her own, but if it were Angelina, he wouldn’t feel assured letting her roam freely even within his territory . He knew that if he did, he would surely see all sorts of dramas .

He felt rather strange as to why Mini Bubble Gum was so mindful about his opinion in this matter . In the game, apart from forking out large sums of money for the guild, Mini Bubble Gum was always by his side during adventures and enjoyed the rush of triumph over others . But this time, she actually ‘recommended’ Angelina to him wholeheartedly, which made him suspicious . If it weren’t for her holy attributes that made her immune to mental manipulation, he would have suspected that she was controlled by Angelina .

But now… It seemed like perhaps she was only hoping that he wouldn’t reject her present .

If that’s the case…

“Angelina . ”

Rhode revealed a smile and went up to the vampire with his stretched arm .

“Are you willing to get into a contract with me using your soul, to follow and be by my side in battle forever?”

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Angelina instinctively answered when suddenly, she lifted her head in shock and gaped at the man because she sharply detected the massive burst in aura . Just a few moments ago, this man seemed just like an ordinary human . But after he asked that question, she sensed an unprecedented and pressurizing might erupting from him . The human girl was already so powerful, but this man was even scarier . There was an instant that she felt as though it wasn’t a man standing before her, but an entire world instead! His aura exuded from heaven to earth as though the entire world was in his grasp and she was merely a tiny piece of stone that couldn’t escape from him .

How can an ordinary human possess such powerful strength?

Angelina abandoned her disguise and stepped back instinctively, looking at the man in fear . There was an instant when she almost launched her attack, but her body couldn’t budge as though she was frozen on the spot and watching a landslide from the bottom of the mountain . She tried to escape, but her body couldn’t move at all . She was clear that her struggles were meaningless .

She didn’t feel this powerful aura before, not even from Ashvril . If Ashvril were this powerful, Angelina wouldn’t still be thinking of taking down that disgusting woman to repeat the glory of her family . In fact, in the Country of Darkness, there was only one person who could give her such pressure—the Dark Dragon .

Could it be that this human is as powerful as the Dark Dragon?


Angelina was speechless . Her instincts told her to not respond; if not, she would face unpredictable consequences . However, her fears overcame the warnings and she couldn’t even utter the word ‘no’ .

“I… I’m willing!”

Good .

The corners of Rhode’s lips curled into a smile while Canary and Mini Bubble Gum also gazed at Angelina with meaningful smiles as though they had their way . They already knew what Rhode was going to do with her .

The instant Angelina responded, a dazzling magical radiance burst from the ground and formed an enormous and gorgeous ritual that enveloped Rhode and her . Then, she sensed a part of her spirit being forcefully abstracted and the tremendous pain almost struck her into a coma . However, with the years of training, she gnashed her teeth and tolerated the violent pain only to feel her entire spirit devoured by the human before her as a ball of magical radiance emerged between them and transformed into a card .

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What is… this?

Angelina gazed blankly at the card . As a vampire, she was naturally familiar with the spiritual contract . Although she didn’t know exactly what that man had done, she knew that her spirit had been entirely devoured by him, which meant that she would live and die with him . Not only that, but the man also completely grasped control over her spirit, this meant that no secrets were kept from him!

[Received contract card]

[Angelina Babylonia (Sigh of the dead . 2nd Position . Undead attribute) Offense 13 Defense 13: Vampire . Unfuseable . Blood curse spell . Magic attack . Dark attribute . Possessed technique———Blood Rune (Memories of the pure, blood king’s sigh and pursuit of the vague whispers)

Enhancement in night abilities (Dark Attribute)

Undead (Undead Attribute)

Bloodline Curse (There is a certain probability that the victim will be cursed)

Servant Creation (By giving the pure blood of the royal family, there is a certain probability to create high-class blood servants)

??? (Locked)

??? (Locked)]

Great . This contract is a success .

Rhode nodded in satisfaction at the hovering card . In fact, he released the Spirit Swordsman’s unique technique [Spirit Language] as he spoke earlier on . [Spirit Language] was only effective on the dead and was also why he could get Marlene to sign the contract with him after she ‘died’… Rightfully speaking, vampires were only moving corpses . Although Angelina possessed her own spirit, everything that was classified as ‘dead’ in the system could be [awakened] . Angelina clearly wasn’t aware of this, which explained what happened . Moreover, after Rhode became the dragon soul heir, there was no failure rate for the [Spirit Language] .

Although this wasn’t a perfect contract card and was only meant to build a master-servant relationship, this was more than enough for him . Even though there were only Orchid Heart, Gillian, and Marlene currently leading in the ten strongest spirit decks, he had no intention of giving a leader position for a newcomer like Angelina . Although this meant that he couldn’t summon her everywhere he wanted, based on the current situation he just needed something that could put her in his grasp . He had other ideas to make use of her .

“I guess you’re aware of your situation now . ”

Rhode put the card away and said . Angelina nodded in dismay . In fact, she had thought it through because she couldn’t oppose even if she wanted to . But she couldn’t understand why this man was so powerful . She lifted her head curiously and scanned the man before her . Rhode twitched his brows upon sensing her gaze .

“By the way, I haven’t introduced myself… I’m Rhode Alander . I’m the overlord of the Void Territory and also the Void Dragon heir . ”

Angelina’s pale expression turned ashen instantly .

He’s the Void Dragon?

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