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Chapter 908

Chapter 908: The Sky Contract

“Greetings… ancient… heir…”

Its thunderous voice boomed and Rhode trembled to the powerful force . Fortunately, he was prepared for this and his constitution was much stronger than mortals . If it were an ordinary mortal in his place, perhaps the mortal would have vomited blood and died due to the intense shock waves . In fact, the Sky Whale didn’t actually speak . Instead, it fused its thoughts with the wind element to form a sound which seemed like a sneeze to mortals .

“I am… the child of the wind element… Grid… I’m glad to… personally witness… the heir of the Phenomenon Void…” The Sky Whale’s voice resounded .

“Greetings, Grid, child of the wind element . I’m the heir of the Void Dragon, Rhode Alander . I’ve come here in accordance to the ancient spiritual contract, seeking your assistance . I hope you can assist me in protecting this territory from outsiders and battle alongside me . ”

Rhode paused and gazed at the massive creature . The reason why he left the [Element Cloud] to last was because the Sky Whale was much harder to deal with . Its strength was so powerful that Rhode could only convince it using words . Even though he could still demolish the [Element Cloud] with his dragon soul powers if the negotiations fell through, he hoped to have a peaceful resolve . After all, compared to the Nagas and Lustful Demons, the [Element Cloud] was much more superior and helpful in all aspects . Not only was the Sky Whale stronger, but it could also just show itself to intimidate the enemies .

At this moment, he hoped that the Sky Whale wouldn’t suggest impossible conditions . If not, he would have an even bigger problem before he could resolve the ones involving the Lustful Demons and Nagas .

“I… accept… your… invitation…”

After pondering for a few moments, the Sky Whale finally responded . It moved about slightly and the strong gusts of wind dispersed the clouds and the peaceful ocean beneath splashed and started turning into an enormous whirlpool . This was the strength of the Sky Whale . If it were on the surface, perhaps this move could cause an earthquake of more than magnitude seven .

“But… I have… my own… requests… too…”

As expected .

Rhode twitched his brow and waited quietly . The Sky Whale scanned the tiny human and said .

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“My lord… once came to… this world… and left behind… its bloodline… I hope…”

Rhode understood what it meant . In other words, the wind elemental lord of the past once arrived at this world and for some unknown reason, it left its bloodline behind . And now, as the loyal follower of the wind elemental lord, the Sky Whale hoped that Rhode could assist it to find the heir in order for it to bestow the ‘Blessings of the Wind’, which the heir would be granted the rights to enter the wind elemental plane of existence .

The elemental world was shaped through basically four main elements and also represented the mysterious presence of the elemental cores, which mortals couldn’t even take a glimpse of . Even if one were to accidentally enter the elemental world, one would be demolished completely . This was because the elemental world was made of the purest elements and presences like humans who consisted of impure matters would be automatically eliminated .

After receiving the ‘Blessings of the Wind’, that person would be able to return to the elemental plane in the presence of a pure element . According to the Sky Whale, that person actually inherited the bloodline of the wind elemental lord and not any ordinary bloodline . But…

The more he listened, the more he was astonished . Wind elemental bloodline in the present and also the heir of the bloodline… Why did it sound so familiar?

“I accept your conditions . ”

After recalling a certain young lady, Rhode nodded firmly . The Sky Whale let out a soft sigh of relief .

“I hope… we can work… well together… I hate deceiving… the dragon soul heir…”

“Of course, I believe you . ”

Rhode nodded in response . It was previously mentioned that the Sky Whale was an extremely innocent creature, which meant that he only had one chance to find the correct heir . If he gave a perfunctory response by handing over a random person, the Sky Whale would definitely lose its confidence in him . Although the Creator Dragon Souls were the mightiest presences in this continent, elemental creatures of the wind plane of existence couldn’t care less . Besides, they didn’t live in the main plane of existence, nor did they rely on the dragon soul protection for their safety . On the contrary, the Creator Dragon Souls needed the powers of the four main elemental planes to construct the plane barriers . Judging from this point, it was indeed hard to please them .

“But I think I need more information . I guess you’re also aware that this continent is huge . In order for us to not waste time, can you tell me any special features of that person?”

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The Sky Whale pondered in silence before responding .

“That person has received the protection of the wind…”

That’s all? Really?

“… Is there anything that can be easily identified such as a birthmark?”

Rhode asked .

What kind of joke is this? Just based on some ‘protection of the wind’ and you want me to find that person?

Could it be that Canary was the one that the Sky Whale was looking for? If that was the case, Rhode might as well head into the Sphere of Mystery and select from a few players with the strongest wind elemental attributes… Well, if only he could do that .

The Sky Whale didn’t hesitate this time .

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“The person blessed by the wind has a marking of my lord on the back…”

That’s more like it .

Rhode heaved a sigh of relief and nodded .

“Got it . I swear in my honor that I will fulfill your request and bring the heir to you . ”

Rhode already had a target in mind . After all, she possessed wind properties, a half-beast bloodline, and could manipulate wind elements…

After the contract was established, Rhode’s mission came to an end for now . Fortunately, the Sky Whale didn’t need him to present the person before the contract took effect . Since both sides had already vowed, the Sky Whale was confident that he would fulfill its request . Therefore, from today onward, the Sky Whale had officially become Rhode’s subordinate . But…

If Rhode handed the wrong person over, this new subordinate of his would immediately raise the rebellious flag . Even though he could still defeat it, the problem was that his prestige would be flushed down the drain . The most crucial problem was that he only had one chance .

In other words, the innocent personality of the Sky Whale might be great and troublesome at times .

Rhode instantly flew back to Grandia and the reason why he was this anxious was because he already found the most possible candidate…

“Ah, it’s Leader!”

Anne, who was rolling about on the grass, jumped on her feet and spread her arms apart for a generous embrace .

“Leader, come play with Anne . Anne feels so bored . There’s nothing to do here…”

No matter how long time had gone, she just didn’t change at all and Rhode had no intention of correcting her . After all, compared to the addresses of ‘Sir Overlord’ or ‘Your Majesty’, Anne’s greeting of ‘Leader’ felt more intimate just like in the game and this had as though brought him back into the past . No matter how many territories he conquered, how much strength and reputation he possessed, he was still one out of the millions of players in the gaming world and wasn’t above all else .

“Anne . ”

Rhode gazed at her and pondered for a few seconds . Then, he swept the surroundings before giving her a command .

“Take off your clothes . ”

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