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Chapter 887

Chapter 887: Crisscrossed Fantasies (2)

While Rhode and his other self clashed, the battles between the others had also begun . Lize and Marlene instinctively stayed close to Anne, but were quickly stopped by their enemies .

“Hmph, where do you think you’re going!”

The enemy Marlene clad in red leather armor scoffed and struck forward with her blade . Marlene watched as the enemy approached, but days of training with Canary came into effect at this moment . From the start, Marlene and Lize thought that they were learning basic skills, but as the days passed, Canary and Mini Bubble Gum turned up the difficulty . As a result, Marlene and Lize were tortured all day while thinking that this was just special training .

But if Rhode were to learn this… He would know that he wasn’t the only one who was envious of how natives could improve so quickly…

Although Canary and Mini Bubble Gum ‘tortured’ Marlene and Lize with envy and jealousy in mind, the results of their ‘tough’ training were apparent at this moment . Marlene didn’t fluster at the ambush . Instead, she brandished the sword before her calmly . Clang! Sparks splashed as the two red blades clashed .


Marlene felt strange as she witnessed the same red magic sword in the enemy’s hand . She finally experienced that the enemy wasn’t just an illusory image, but was truly her from another world instead . No matter how one tried to be her, one couldn’t replicate the same, exact aura from her .

“Useless! How can you listen to a man!”

The enemy Marlene gnashed her teeth . Her face was full of wrath and disdain . “As another me, how can you obey a man! Don’t you feel shameless to hand your fate to a man? What purpose does this serve for you?!”

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“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Marlene felt ridiculous . She retorted and brandished the sword to deflect the enemy’s strike . On the other hand, the enemy took two steps back and her wine eyes glinted in unprecedented anger .

“You don’t know? How can you possibly not know! Men only desire your body . They are just scumbags who want to toy with you, dominate you, and abandon you when you get old!”

“You… Argh… What happened between you and Rhode?”

Marlene swept an odd glance at Rhode . Although she knew that the enemy Marlene was probably only one of a million hers in countless worlds, she couldn’t help but feel curious as to why she hated men this much . Even though Marlene indeed wasn’t interested in most men before meeting Rhode, that was because they weren’t attractive enough and it wasn’t due such an extent of hatred .

Could it be that my other self was played and abandoned by Rhode?


The other Marlene knitted her brow and snorted .

“That’s the man who captivated you? I will never be with such a shameless and foolish animal! You’re better off seeing the truth early! Men always get bored with the old . They will throw you aside after they’re done playing with you . If you persist in going about things the wrong way, you will end up in a tragedy!”

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“I don’t think so . ”

Marlene let out an inward sigh of relief . Even though she didn’t know why the enemy hated men so much, it seemed like she didn’t meet Rhode and wasn’t abandoned by him, judging from her tone . But the thought of her being possibly tossed aside by Rhode felt horrible .

But… Would I have become her if I didn’t meet Rhode?

Marlene shook her head with might and threw this matter to the back of her head . Then, she clasped her sword and recalled Canary’s teachings: focus your attention on the enemy’s line of sight and angle . Rely on your instincts and remember that attack is always… the best defense .

“We’re different!”

Marlene raised her head proudly and dashed forward, brandishing her sword .

On the other side, a dazzling radiance flashed as a spotlessly white blade ray streaked across the air and slashed into the ground . Shortly after, the silver flames blazed and Lize rolled back desperately to dodge the enemy’s strike . She looked up and witnessed the angel hovering casually in midair with her majestic, expanded wings .

“I didn’t expect you to desire being with Mr . Rhode with such weak strength . ”

“You… I’m not…”

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Lize tried to refute, but the thought of the enemy being herself left her speechless . The enemy Lize revealed a calm expression . Then, she laid down her sword and gazed at the young lady .

“How reminiscent; I used to be like you—following him around innocently and enjoying his protection, thinking that he would resolve all issues for me while I stayed by his side like a dainty and delicate girl . But the truth isn’t this simple . You are also aware of the dangers that we’re facing . No matter how strong Mr . Rhode is, he is still alone and I won’t always be in his attention . As soon as he shifts his attention away from me, I’m just a powerless person who can’t keep up with him!”

The enemy Lize lifted her head and brandished the silver sword .

“This is why I failed and Big Sister dragged me back for my safety! She didn’t wish for the powerless me to get involved with cruel battles . If I were stronger, I would never leave Mr . Rhode and let him fall into the arms of the evil Undead Creatures . If I could always be by his side, he wouldn’t be bewitched by vampires and shameless succubus! You have to remember, my other self . Those who live in darkness are a bunch of scumbags, especially that woman named Erin! Don’t believe her words; she only cares about Mr . Rhode’s strength! It was obvious that Big Sister and I are the ones who love him the most, so why did that woman from the world of darkness intervene!”

Lize blushed slightly .

Is Big Sister Lydia also in love with Rhode in the other world?

Lize felt uncomfortable . If that was the case… No . Even though that happened in the other world, what should she do if Lydia fell in love with Rhode? Lize couldn’t compare with her at all . Besides, Lydia was a better fit than her, wasn’t it? Also… Who was Erin?

Lize shook her head before looking up at her other self .

“I won’t hide behind Mr . Rhode . I will do my best to fight with him . I’m not like you . ”

“Maybe yes and maybe no . But that’s not important to me . ”

The enemy Lize swung her sword and silver flames erupted on the blade . Then, she subconsciously gazed at Rhode .

“Although I don’t know why I appeared in this place, this is also an opportunity for me . I won’t lose what I lost again . This time, I will grasp Mr . Rhode firmly in my hands . I’m going to bring him back to my world . I will succeed this time . ”

“I won’t let you!”

Lize snarled and quickly retrieved a pair of black leather gloves from her pockets . She put them on and clenched her fists . Her eyes glinted with blazing flames .

“This is my world and I will prove it to you . I will not allow you to take Mr . Rhode away!”

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