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Chapter 880: 880

‘Christie’ slid her finger across the last page and closed the book softly . Bell took over the book skillfully and placed it on the table beside her . The young lady in a black dress smiled at this sight .

 “I’m envious of your assistant, Nabelis . ”

 “She’s a friend of my other half, Darlaston . Please watch your words . ”

 “My apologies, Nabelis . I’m sorry, miss, please forgive my rudeness . ”

 The young lady took half a step back and bent over for a solemn bow . Bell instantly revealed a stunned expression . She shook her head and waved her hand hurriedly . ‘Christie’ chuckled and her expression turned stern .

 “How long more?”

 “3 minutes and 15 seconds… After 14 seconds, the Chaos Creatures will break through for the first time . The Centipede Warden was defeated 10 minutes earlier . What a surprising result . I thought that with his abilities and the strength of the sisters, they would have a hard time defeating it . But it seems like otherwise . ”

 “… As usual, I just don’t like how it’s so accurate . ”

 “This is merely a record in the books of history . ”

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 The young lady twitched her slim brow slightly . Then, she turned around and narrowed her eyes at ‘Christie’ .

 “History will only record the happenings . It isn’t necessary to change the things that are already decided . It is your responsibility if you wish to change history . As for me, I’m just recording and changing the things that exist now . Isn’t that the reason you came here? Nabelis, although there isn’t a suitable candidate for the empty seat now, you are still determined to intervene… Is this even alright? The third is still asleep while the fourth and fifth are nowhere to be found . Even though you hold the highest authority, there is still a limit to you doing as you please . ”

 Although the young lady’s voice was as calm and gentle as ever, there was a hint of seriousness . ‘Christie’ puckered her brows and said in resentment .

 “Aren’t you the same, Darlaston? You lost your body and are only left with your wandering spirit, so you can’t be considered as having returned to your seat, isn’t it? So then… Why are you willing to cooperate with me? Just as you said… I can only show up in the presence of my other half and you, who has lost your physical form, can’t open the ancient records . Isn’t this all me deciding and acting alone, Darlaston? Why did you intervene and help me then? The Centipede Warden has been defeated and the first seal is unlocked . Don’t we only have one thing left to do after this?”

 This time, the young lady didn’t respond immediately . She lifted her head and gazed at the tranquil library . “The content in the books can’t be changed, Nabelis…” she murmured . “… I know the content of every book in this world inside out because recorded events are all accurate . Therefore, when I pick up a book, I know its ending without the need to read it . No matter how much time has passed, the things that humans record are similar . The demon king in the story will always lose in the end while the people who seek freedom against the tyrannical ruler will always succeed . The loving prince and princess eventually overcome all obstacles and will be together forever . I know the ending as soon as I read the title and I’m rather sick of this already . If there is a book that can have its content rewritten and present different stories each time I open it, I will definitely be immersed in it . ”

 The young lady paused . She lowered her head and fiddled with her long, black hair . Bell gazed curiously at her and couldn’t figure out what she ultimately meant . At this moment, ‘Christie’s’ crisp voice broke the silence .

 “But didn’t you witness Master’s strength? This is Christie’s choice and also mine… Since Master has decided to do it, all we can do is just follow him . ”

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 “This is also why I’m here . ”

 The young lady said . She spread her arms apart and a thick, gorgeous book appeared between her arms . Shortly after, the pages flipped by themselves and stopped at a certain page .

 “It has begun . ”

 The young lady announced softly and at this moment, the soft explosions and rumbles outside the library suddenly became loud while a dangerous aura enveloped the entire tower . At the same time, ‘Christie’ stood up and her purple pupils glinted a dazzling radiance .

 Boom! Boom! Boom!

 Loud explosions sounded in the wide tunnel . The metal constructs were much more dangerous than before . They flew in midair with the powers of magic and slashed their modified blades at their targets, destroying everything in their path .

 The metal constructs on the second floor were ferocious . But this form of berserk was not worthy of a mention before the mighty wrath .

 That’s right . Not worthy of a mention .

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 “Go to hell you damned pile of metal trash! Celia! Celestina! Shira! Kill and smash it into bits! Don’t leave anything alive!”

 Rhode brandished Gracier and Madaras as he ordered fiercely . He showed up behind the constructs and swept a series of wild blades that enveloped the entire tunnel, instantly shredding the enemies into bits . But he wasn’t satisfied just yet . After shattering the enemies that stopped them ahead, he flitted across a dozen shadow clones and held back the retreating constructs . At the next moment, a dazzling meteor storm streaked across the sky and the coalesced blade rays crushed the enemies merciless .

 “I say, Master, have you taken the wrong medication?”

 Celestina struck the metal construct before her with her chain sword and swept a glance to her master . The three holy sword spirits were totally unaware of what happened . All they saw was that Rhode was extremely furious after they were summoned into the battlefield . Could it be that his beloved women were injured? But judging from the two young ladies who were hiding safely behind Anne’s shield, they seemed perfectly fine .

 “Cut the crap . Attack, Celestina!”

 Rhode shot a look at her and the latter instantly felt the murderous intent from his eyes . She instinctively shrunk and changed her thoughts . Then, she brandished her blade and blasted dark flames on the enemies .

 Rhode had blown his top .

 He tolerated having an unlucky pair of looting hands . He tolerated facing the Centipede Warden in the first floor of this dungeon . But he couldn’t tolerate the fact that not even Marlene could find proper equipment from the BOSS corpse! He gave it his all to defeat such a powerful BOSS, but he got nothing except from some EXP! Not even a small little amulet! Who exactly created this damned dungeon?! He was determined to find that bastard and teach him a lesson—he shouldn’t mess with players! It was fine that he couldn’t turn back, but it didn’t even drop any equipment for him?! How was this not bullying the players?!

 The wrath of anger burned inside him . After hearing from Marlene that she didn’t manage to find anything, the final string of rationality in his brain snapped .

 At this moment, all the words that came out of his mouth meant only one thing .


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