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Accompanied by Rhode and Sereck arrival, the member of 'Victorious Wine' mercenary group finally relieved. In fact, after they asked for reinforcement, they only thing they could do was to wait. But in this world there's no phone satellite, although mage could communicate from the distance, but it surely wasn't something that a small mercenary group could afford. They didn't even know whether the person that they have sent could escape from Silent Highland safely. Sometimes, they would look at the darkness before them, they would even somewhat hopeless, Thinking perhaps the person that they have sent was unable to escape and fell in the corner of the darkness. Then what's the point for them to live? It's only increasing the pain.

But when they were lifting their sword trying to commit suicide, they could not suppress the human instinct to live on their heart. Maybe the person that they sent has successfully escaped from here and people from Mercenary Association were rushing here. If that's the case, as long as they persist, there's still hope!

For them who were in danger, these few days was an unimaginable torment. Survival and death, hope and despair. Every time they opened their eyes, they couldn't wait for them to come, to prove that they did exist. Day by day, the food supplies were decreasing, these people were suffering even more. In the Silent Highland where everything were undead creatures, beside corpse they couldn't find anything to eat. Even if they went crazy and eat the corpse, those corpses that have already rotten, deteriorated, and smelly could only push them into death even closer and not extending their live.

They were already at their limit, if Rhode didn't appear maybe they have already went crazy because of despair and pain of losing.

Fortunately, this possibility has been eliminated.

Under the spirit masters treatment, the mercenaries injuries were soon healed. After eating the food they have brought, the mercenaries could finally relax on the ground and had a good dream. Different from before, because of the suffering and darkness, they wasn't even sure whether they would have the opportunity to wake up.

Those exhausted Spirit Masters too, finally have the opportunity to rest. After all beside Lize, all of them has no adventuring experience. Although they have rested for a few times before, but these spirit master weren't able to be calm, they were always worried about those terrible undead creatures would come from somewhere. In addition, Rhode has always been asking them to hurry up, that's why they didn't have time to adjust their composure. Until now, after they gave treatment to the injured, the finally were able to relax.

Marlene was a lot better than these Spirit Master. Although after arriving in Silent Highland she also contributed a lot, but it was still not as much compared to those Spirit Masters.Compared to those Spirit Masters who were 'physically and mentally exhausted', she was only a bit tired because she strained herself too much. Right now she was sitting on the corner of the bonfire, eating food while talking with Lize in low voice. Anne who was energetic before also came beside the two of them and slept. Looking at her peaceful sleeping face really did made people doubt how her brain works.

Old Walker wasn't together with these girls. He sat on the other side on the corner, drinking his wine while looking at the bonfire before him in a daze, didn't know what was he thinking about.

It's really a group of strange people.

Looking at the people before him, Kudla couldn't help but wonder. Frankly, he never seen a mercenary group that has such a strange member constitution. According to the general mercenary group, melee occupation like swordsmen, thieves, ranger, and warriors were the most important role. On the contrary, there's a lot of mage and spirit master. Firstly, these occupation were very rare and difficult to be found. Secondly, no matter mage or spirit master, they wouldn't like to be mixed with each other. Because mages were noble and didn't want to reduce their worth by hanging out with those vulgar people. Moreover, mages were confident in their own intelligent, even they forced themselves to follow mercenary group, they would still want to have the authority to command and the latter was because of their own identity restrictions, it was difficult for them to move together with a mercenary group. After all, spirit masters couldn't use much skill to protect themselves. If the whole team was in crisis, they would be the first one to collapse.

This was also the reason why many dangerous mission related to undead creatures in Mercenary Association were all located in Silent Highland. Undead creatures were not afraid of death and injury, they were nemesis to melee occupation. Like a police who couldn't stop zombies attack with firearms, it could be imagined what the result would be when this mercenary group used a normal weapon to face those endless undead creatures.

Although ranger could attack undead creatures from long range, but a creature that has long been dead wouldn't care less being shot by one or two arrow right?

On the other hand, looking at Rhode's mercenary group could be said was varied. Mage, spirit master, swordsman, range, shield warrior, looking at it, it didn't seem to look like a mercenary group. Not to mention...

Kudla looked at the girl who closed her eyes while standing beside Rhode. The white wings behind her was like a beautiful cloak.

An angel.

Kudla could swear by holy soul that he has never seen an angel who joined a mercenary group. At first, he thought that the angel girl was Sereck's acquaintance. Since Sereck's has a high status and was one of the important person in Deep Stone City's Mercenary Association. To a small mercenary group, it's not strange for an important person to be mysterious and unpredictable. But when he looked at Celia who politely called Rhode as ' Master, this barbarian mixed race who dared to fight with those terrible undead almost fell to the ground.

Who is this young man actually?

Kudla didn't know and tried to ask Sereck ambiguously. But this master swordsman didn't give him an answer, making him felt that Rhode was getting more and more mysterious.

However, no matter what he still need to thank him, and...

Thinking until here, Kudle stood up and walked towards Rhode.

"Mr. Rhode, I'm very grateful that you participated in this rescuing operation. I am here to show you my utmost respect for you and your mercenary group."

Although this appearance was big and tall, but hearing Kudla's speech, it clearly shown that this barbarian also has a cautious side. Also he kept remembering Sereck's warning, to not to mention anything about Rhode's face, or else... it would be difficult to guess what will happen next.

It's also not difficult for Kudla to understand what Sereck meant. Just when the first time he saw Rhode, he was also shocked, but now...

"We, 'Victorious Wine' won't forget the help that your mercenary group has given to me. Please rest assured, after we go back we will definitely give you enough compensation... For brothers who have sacrifice for us, we won't let them die in vain!"

What is this guy talking about?

Rhode looked up and felt puzzled looking at the man before him. He completely didn't understand what was he talking about. At the same time, Sereck smiled and spoke.

"You are wrong, Kudla. To tell you the truth, from entering Silent Highland until now, there's no one got left behind. Don't underestimate his commanding skill. Frankly, in my opinion, you can't be compared to him. That's why don't curse him by saying something like sacrifice and die in vain. Be careful, he might turn against you."

There's no one died?!

Hearing until here, Kudla was shocked. This time looking at Rhode, his eyes was full of fear. No wonder, what kind of place was Silent Highland, all the mercenaries clearly knew it. Let alone small mercenary group, even if it's a fully armed Mercenary Association, they would still have to made mental preparation in case someone died.

But now, Sereck actually told him that no one injured and died!

How does this young man do it!?

If it's someone else who said this, Kudla might not be able to believe it. But hearing it from Sereck's mouth who was one of the strongest people in Mercenary Association, of course there's a credibility in it. Thinking until here, Kudla was panic. After all, he was also a mercenary leader, the knew the taboo between mercenaries. Speaking something like that in front of others was clearly not a good thing.

"I'm sorry, I..."

"You don't have to apologize to me, Mr. Kudla."

Rhode calmly stopped Kudla's alibi. He really didn't care about those small things, moreover he didn't do it on purpose, he didn't really mind it.

"But I have my own condition."

"Please say, Mr. Rhode."

Hearing Rhode has changed his tone, Kudla also relieved and exposed a warm smile.

"Just as Sereck has said, I can ensure everyone to get out safely from Silent Highland. But I have my own condition, I know that you're also a mercenary leader, but frankly I didn't believe in your commanding skill. So my condition is, before we leave I want all of you, including yourself to obey my command unconditionally. If you can promise me this one thing, I can ensure that everyone of you will safely get out of here. But if you're unable to do so..."

Saying until here, Rhode paused and looked at Kudla's face that began to darkens.

"Then, to protect everyone, I have to make some sacrifice."

He believe that Kudla must be able to understand what he meant.

Of course, after hearing this words, Kudla expression kept changing. At first it turned blue, then it turned red. He clenched his fist then let it go, and once again clenched it. Currently, there's no more smiling expression in this barbarian's face. He gloomily and silently looked at the young man who was younger than him by almost twenty years.

The truth, he couldn't accept what Rhode has just said. He thought that there's no problem in his commanding skill, or else he wouldn't be able to keep his people to persist until now in this Silent Highland? But thinking thoroughly, he also admitted that Rhode's words weren't wrong. After all, if he could bring everyone here without any casualties, it has clearly proven this young man commanding ability. Although taking into account of Sereck's strength as master swordsman, but his help would still be limited, as a qualified mercenary group leader, Kudla clearly understood that part. Sereck was just only one person and couldn't take care many aspect of a mercenary group.

Then what should he do?

"I understand, I will tell it to my subordinates."

In the end, Kudla nodded, turned around and leave. The politeness and respectfulness from before has been gone at this moment.

"You shouldn't have treated him like that, Rhode."

Looking at Kudla's figure, Sereck bitterly smiled and shook his head.

"I'm just talking about the inevitable thing."

Rhode didn't look back and gave an answer. The reason he was this rude was because this matter couldn't be discussed and another reason was because Rhode was not happy with this Kudla. If it wasn't because of he brought his mercenary group to come into this dangerous place, they could complete the mission easier and faster in the first place. But now... thinking until here, Rhode couldn't help but be angry. Although strictly speaking it has nothing to do with Kudla, after all it's his first time coming to Silent Highland, so he didn't know which place was dangerous and which was not. However, to him, ignorance was never a good excuse. Not to mention there's no slightest psychological burden in his anger... In the game, Rhode already experienced it before, as long as someone caused danger to his mercenary group, then whether they did it voluntary or forced, intentional or unintentional, good or malicious, regardless of their motives, the result still wouldn't change.

Since the result wouldn't change, then his explanation to him was meaningless.

Just suck it up and move on has never been his style.

Hearing Rhode's answer, Sereck didn't continue to say anything. Since he was from Mercenary Association, it's not good for him to get entangled between two mercenary groups. Moreover this young man was prideful and confidence, he wouldn't let anyone to doubt this part of him.

This made Sereck felt somewhat familiar but unfamiliar. Familiar, because he saw a strong commander that this kind of persistence. It was actually a necessary cycle, only people who believe in themselves would be able to persist until the end and wasn't affected by one to make a decision. Although sometimes it might not be a correct decision, but it's still a very authoritative move.

Unfamiliar was because he never saw any young man who did that. They either arrogant or ignorant, and didn't even know what was fear. This made them showed a blinded self-confidence, and this fake self confidence could made people confused at first. It's just like a paper made tiger, when they're on the real combat, they would show their real character.

However, Rhode was different. From him, Sereck could feel an aura that could only be felt from a real commander. If he knew that Rhode was once the strongest guild leader in the game, maybe he would understand why Rhode would have that kind of aura, confident, and persistence.

After replying Sereck's words, Rhode didn't say anything more because right now he has a more important thing to do.

Silent Highland as a high level dungeon, although the equipment looted from it was a bit too shabby, but there's a lot exp point to gain. After he brought everyone passed through the light and dark battlefield and blocked those undead creatures attack, the experience Rhode gained has made him broke through level 15.

To Rhode, it's a very good news. At the same time he also got another system prompt.

After he passed through level 15, the system finally prompted him that he has met the second sealed swordsmanship requirement and it's unlocked.

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