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Chapter 876

The situation isn’t looking great .

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 Rhode held his sword and knitted his brows at this scene . The pitch-black and silver flames interwove to form a defense barrier around him . However, this was far from enough because they began feeling tremendous pressure after the centipede split into thousands of smaller centipedes . Each of the meter-long creatures was built with four metallic limbs and their both ends had creepy, sharp mouth parts . Although everyone’s attacks could effectively eliminate them, the creatures would instantly regenerate and increase in numbers .

 “This is getting tough . ”

 Rhode mumbled under his breath . At this moment, Celestina scoffed and brandished her pitch-black chain sword, slicing into half one of the creatures that pounced on her . Then, the dark flames surged on the wounds and the creature squirmed on the ground . But shortly after, two metallic limbs grew from its severed wounds and it stood up once again .

 It was like a splitting cell . One turned into two and two turned into four . It was completely endless .

 Nothing good would come out of this if this continued . As a player, Rhode instinctively realized this danger . He knew that the original BOSS in this area had the powerful ability to regenerate and it was apparent that this centipede had also inherited this ability . Although Celestina’s and Celia’s flames could deal a certain amount of damage to them, the damage wasn’t lethal enough . Besides… Rhode lifted his head and looked at the young lady who was swinging her sword like the Grim Reaper .


 All Shira did was let out crazy laughter, mercilessly slashing the ground to bring down the enemies, slowing their rate of regeneration . She was just immersed in the thrill of slaughtering like a drug addict . She greedily soaked in the enjoyment and didn’t care about the consequences of her actions .

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 The creatures surrounding her spotted the chance to launch their attacks . They sprung off the ground and bit into her arms with their razor-sharp mouth parts—spinning and ripping into her tender flesh . As soon as she came to a halt, two other creatures crawled up her legs and dug into her flesh . Then, her skin bulged as blood spurted with sharp, long needles piercing out from within .

 If she were a human, perhaps she would be crying and praying now . But it was a pity that she was also a creature and was one at a level above them .

 “Hahaha… Hahaha…!”

 Shira slashed her blade on the part of her legs that was infested by the bugs . The bugs flew out of her flesh and at the same time, she blasted a powerful whirlwind that shredded them into bits . Not only that, but she also lowered her head, bit, and tugged the creature that punctured her arm .

 The dismantled creature spiraled in the air and vanished into nothingness from the red whirlwind .

 “Ahahahahaah! How painful, but it isn’t enough . Not enough! Give me more! More pain!”

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 She howled with laughter and released the steel chains on her body in all directions . In an instant, the wild, red whirlwind enveloped everything and not a single being was spared .


 Marlene raised the staff—countless streaks of lightning descended from above and struck the metallic creatures, stopping their movements instantly . On the other hand, Anne lifted her shield and her emerald green eyes emanated a shimmering radiance, and strong winds rose from the ground and eradicated the threat before her .

 Not enough . Not enough!

 Rhode gnashed his teeth . Then, he reached out to the Illusion Crystal in his pocket .

 Maybe there’s a solution .

 Rhode extended his arm and at the next moment, a card drawn with a beautiful night scene appeared in his hand .

 “Everyone! Back down!”

 Celestina and Celia retreated quickly . At the same time, Gracier and Madaras showed up beside him . Shira was the only one who seemed oblivious to his command as she continued to hack the enemies before her . At this moment, all the creatures swarmed toward her and…

 A boundless night sky and vast prairie replaced the metallic hall . In the blink of an eye, Rhode’s group was instantly transferred to the peak of the hill while the tens of thousands of creatures were enclosed in the basin below .

 Rhode lifted his left hand and a card appeared in his hand once again . This time, it was a card with a picture of an enormous cannon in the night sky . The deep, pitch-black muzzle emanated a dazzling magical radiance as though a meteor streaking across the sky about to destroy everything .

 [Summon . Dusk of Annihilation]

 White steam spurted in sharp, whistling sounds . Then, a massive shadow emerged in the dark, illusory sky—a cannon tower that was at least tens of meters tall followed an invisible trajectory as it streaked across the night sky . Magical radiance flashed and three rotating magical rituals shone by the empty cannon muzzle . An unprecedented, powerful force coalesced into a strength of mass destruction .

 The brilliance blasted and twisted the night sky, engulfing the creatures that were as small as ants . Then, an enormous whirlpool appeared in the punctured ground with radiances from lightning and flame merging together . The sharp sound of wind reached its peak as though signifying the start and end of the destruction .


 Rhode heaved an exhausted sigh . All his spiritual powers were drained from maintaining the five holy sword spirits, venue card, and the magic cannon blast . At this moment, the holy sword spirits were slowly becoming fuzzy as he lacked the spiritual powers to maintain their presence . At the same time the magic cannons blasted, he held onto the Illusion Crystal in his pocket and an endless source of spiritual powers flowed into his body to restore his strength . But this wasn’t enough . No matter how pure the spiritual powers were, they still weren’t from him, after all . But he couldn’t care too much about it because this wasn’t the end yet .

 The whirlpool stopped .

 Indistinct clamors could be heard from the center of the whirlpool which resembled the mumbles of a mentally disordered person in their sleep . Shortly after, the clamors turned into deep roars while the ground and grass rose skyward .

 A massive creature burst out of the ground, widening its eyes at the tiny creatures beneath . The creature wasn’t too different from the centipede . But the disgusting tentacles all around it were nowhere to be seen . Instead, what replaced them were strong arms . The powerful creature lifted its body off the ground and the reflections from the bloody flesh and metal were revolting . It looked like a huge tree that enveloped its prey with its shadow .

Rhode stared blankly at this scene .

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