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Chapter 866

Rhode never thought he would have a chance to battle Spirit Swordsmen after transmigrating to this world .

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 In the game, the Spirit Swordsman was a class specially for players . It was clearly stated in the class description that the Spirit Swordsmen’s ancient inheritance had long been cut off . This seemingly irresponsible sales pitch actually managed to ‘scam’ a lot of players . As a result… Only a few players became successful with this class, while the others found this class mediocre apart from being powerful in solo adventures…

 As a matter of fact, Rhode discovered that there were indeed no NPCs who were Spirit Swordsmen after transmigrating to this world . Although he had gotten into countless battles, he never concealed his identity as a Spirit Swordsman . On this continent, no matter who he met, the people simply described him as a ‘swordsman who summons mysterious creatures’, which was accurate to the class introduction in the game .

 Never did he expect to see others of the same class while he was here .

 How interesting .

 Rhode gazed at the three men and the corners of his lips twitched . They arrived at a new venue—a rectangular plaza within a tower that was hundreds of meters long and wide . There wasn’t anything supporting the plaza as it seemingly floated above the lake .

 Although the plaza seemed too huge for a battle arena, it was perfect for Spirit Swordsmen because space was the biggest advantage for them . At this moment, Rhode held Star Mark in his hand and scanned the three men . After defeating Serras’s projection, he reached level 67 while the three men were around level 65 . In other words, he would be facing Spirit Swordsmen who had awakened their rules .  How amusing…

 Rhode’s eyes glinted in high spirits . Even though he fought with countless people in this world, what he loved the most was to battle with people of different classes . But this wasn’t because he wanted to bully the weak . Instead, the reason why he was able to be the top Spirit Swordsman in the game was solely due to the experience that he gained from dueling players of other classes . Only fellow Spirit Swordsmen understood their own tactics and not even Mages who were experts in summoning spirits could do that .

 Rhode had gained his identity and status after innumerable battles with Spirit Swordsmen . Therefore, he felt an unprecedented excitement from facing off with three of them at once now .

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 The three men seemed to be equipped with the same armor and weapons . Their hoods had completely hidden their faces and expressions . But, Rhode sensed that the rule auras exuding from them were entirely different, which probably meant that their deck of cards weren’t similar . Rhode scanned the cards spinning above their palms . The man on the left had a white card, but unlike the sacred whiteness like Star Mark, his card was more of a pale-looking white . The man in the middle held a deep yellow card, which seemed rather powerful . As for the man on the right, he had an ocean-blue card .

 Who’s gonna be the main attacker, support, and crowd controller?

 Rhode narrowed his eyes . Although he possessed the almost godlike holy sword card deck, he didn’t intend to showcase too much of their strength . The difference in strength between him and his opponents might not be huge and Rhode didn’t think that they would have legendary equipment that could beat his . So then…

 It seems like they’re gonna rely fully on their summoning cards .


 At the same time, all four of them raised their swords and the dazzling radiances of summoning rituals emerged beneath their feet . The battle had begun .

 Clang! Clang! Clang!

 The powerful blades clashed, but Rhode swiftly darted out of the dust and retreated . During their clash, he launched attacks on them with his shadow clones, looking to disrupt their coordination and seize the chance of gaining the upper hand in attack . But he didn’t expect that they would defend his assault in the same stance simultaneously . The rapport and coordination between them was flawless!

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 Before Rhode figured out what the situation was, a gust of wind spread the fluttering dust apart . Then, a dozen while skeleton soldiers dashed out and brandished their swords .

 In an instant, Rhode witnessed a flash in the opponent’s white card and a bone shield appeared before the opponent . Then, sharp bone edges hurled over the bone shield at Rhode .

 The Hell Lord talent tree, is it? If this was based on the rules and tests of the game, the three of them should be experts in each individual talent tree .

 Rhode smirked and brandished the sword, and the powerful spiritual blade rays forced the skeleton soldiers to a halt . At the same time, he lifted his left hand and a card glowing in the night of stars flashed .

 [Summon Spear Defenders]


 The spotlessly white Knights emerged and punctured the skeleton soldiers with their spears . Then, they lifted their shields and formed an insurmountable wall . At the next moment, the sharp bone edges and a whistling cold airstream struck their shields and they immediately froze into a thick layer of frost .


 Rhode sulked . At this moment, the man on the right had summoned a large, translucent flying fish that spiraled around him to form a crystal-clear, hexagonal ice wall .

 To be able to summon spirits and suppress opponents of the same level instantly and cast spells through the summoned spirits… He must have the Soul Messenger talent tree… So then, this means that the last person… most likely has the Summoning Master talent tree .

 Rhode’s eyes glinted before flitting across the solid wall of the Spear Defenders . Then, another card emerged in his hand and shattered at the next moment,

 A colorful array of magical radiance descended from above, enveloping the plaza like a frantic storm . Flares from the violent explosions merged with the pitch-black smoke . At this moment, the Dark Rangers clad in black leather armor and cape fell from the sky and released their arrows at their enemies .  Boom! A scarlet radiance engulfed the place, but shortly after, a whirlwind rose from the ground and dispersed the black smoke . The flying fish gracefully swam in midair and swept the ground, where a thick layer of ice froze the blazing flames . At the next moment, hundreds of skeleton soldiers broke the ice and crawled out from the ground .

 At the same time, blade rays shimmered .

 A silver-whitish sword slashed an arc across the skeleton soldiers, shattering them completely . Then, Rhode leapt out of the shadow from the back and propelled his blade at the man with the Hell Lord talent tree .

 The Hell Lord Spirit Swordsman was stunned . He turned around quickly and the bone shields around him instantly merged to form a stronger barrier . Not only that, but the razor-sharp bone edges also switched their target to Rhode .

 Great timing!

 Rhode exclaimed inwardly and raised his left arm .

 Red blazing flames erupted and the pitch-black Hell Hound darted out . However, its entrance was short as bone edges struck it all over . The Hell Hound raised its head high from pain while letting out a twisted, excited howl . Then, a dazzling golden ray exploded from its body .


 The incredibly massive explosion erupted like a missile and swept across everything . The Hell Lord Spirit Swordsman retreated from the smoke hurriedly and his bone shield was almost shattered . Then, a glaring spiritual blade ray shone within the dark smoke and struck toward him!

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