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Chapter 855

“Good morning, Your Highness . ”

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 Sonia pushed the door open and saw the petite figure in her pajamas sitting by the bedroom window . Lilian, who was somewhat bored, revealed a gentle smile and beckoned to Sonia .

 “Isn’t Madam Serene around today?”

 Sonia closed the door behind her and went up to Lilian . She gazed around and didn’t find Archangel Serene anywhere in the room . In fact, Sonia knew the answer even without looking because Lilian definitely wouldn’t have worn her pajamas to meet her . If others visited Lilian, the little girl would surely be on her guard . But after days of company, Lilian treated Sonia as a personal servant and friend, so she wasn’t particular about it .

 Lilian nodded .

 “Yes, Serene isn’t around today . She has something to attend to . ”

 “I see…”

 Sonia murmured under her breath . But she was filled with suspicion deep down .

 How strange .

 Back then when Rhode gave Sonia this mission to get closer with Lilian, he also requested her to observe the two Archangels . Initially, Sonia felt that this order was rather strange . However, she slowly discovered that two Archangels were definitely quite strange in their actions .

 Sonia considered the situation from the point of view as a parliament member—Archangel Boulder and Serene were considered the biggest obstacles for the Light Parliament to remove the Light Dragon out of the picture . Therefore, she thought that the two Archangels would always be by Lilian’s side to remove any possible trouble that the Light Parliament might create . Back then when Sonia returned to Casabianca, she was mentally prepared to be interrogated by the Archangels .

 But to her surprise, the two Archangels didn’t seem aware of her presence around Lilian at all . Archangel Boulder had never showed up before her . On the other hand, Sonia had the chance to observe Archangel Serene for a couple of days when she visited Lilian earlier on . Although Sonia felt that this was rude of her, she felt that the two Archangels didn’t seem concerned about Lilian at all . Not only did her presence raise any alarm, but the two Archangels had as though handed over their duties to her and left without explanations .

 This isn’t normal… Could it be that they are watching me in secret and waiting to strike when I reveal my true intentions? But it doesn’t seem like it…

 Sonia was puzzled . But it was apparent that Lilian didn’t give too much thought to this . In the past, Lilian felt bored whenever Serene wasn’t around, but after she got to know Sonia, she hoped that Serene wouldn’t show up as often . No matter what, if Serene was around, Lilian needed to maintain her solemn image as the Light Dragon . But if it was only Sonia and her, she wouldn’t need to worry about it and could just be herself .

 “By the way, Sonia, it seems to be bustling outside . Is it the spring festival?”

 To Lilian, Sonia was her current channel to the outside world . Perhaps due to her making decisions without permission, Lilian had been put under house arrest in the palace and she couldn’t even step out of the palace after returning to Casabianca .

 “No, Your Majesty . ”

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 Sonia said casually while laying out the tea and desserts for Lilian .

 “The quadrennial election has officially begun . It should have been held during the second half of last year, but due to the Country of Darkness’s invasion, it was postponed until now . ”

 “… I see…”

 Lilian seemed rather depressed . She picked up the hot tea and pondered for a few moments .

 “By the way, Sonia… I know the chairman is determined through an election, so he will surely be receiving all the support from everyone right…? Then, if I…”

 “That’s not true, Your Majesty . ”

 Sonia shook her head .

 “Ever since the Light Parliament was established, none of the chairmans have had a support rate of over 60 percent . Most of the support rates were between 40 and 50 percent, and some even won the election with a 30 percent support rate . ”


 Lilian lifted her head and widened her eyes in surprise .

 “But didn’t the Light Parliament say that the chairman is always chosen by all the people of the country?”

 “Yes, but that didn’t mean that the elected chairman is recognized by everyone in the country, Your Majesty . ”

 Sonia responded .

 “Based on the current situation, Sir Nakvard and Sir Greig seem to be in the lead with 38 and 32 percent in votes respectively . The remaining votes will be scattered among the other candidates, so even at the last stages of the voting, the people won’t unconditionally support a candidate . The people may cast their vote for the candidate who they support, but if the candidate fails to be selected, the vote will be nulled . Whereas for the final support rate… even if it was between 51 and 49 percent or doesn’t surpass half the number of votes, the candidate will still be the new chairman . ”

 ‘In other words, the new chairman won’t be supported by everyone?”

 Lilian asked hurriedly . At this moment, she had clenched her fists .

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 “But how is this… Why is it this way? Are there no other ways to gain everyone’s support?”

 “That’s impossible, Your Majesty . ”

 Sonia smiled while shaking her head . Then, she picked up a piece of biscuit and cake .

 “Take these two desserts for example, Your Majesty . If one says that he will give you an endless supply of biscuits after he becomes the chairman while the other says that he will give you an endless supply of cakes, who will you support?”


 Faced with this sudden question, Lilian puckered her brows and gazed at the desserts . Then, she lifted her head with a complicated emotion .

 “Can’t there be a person who can let me eat an endless supply of biscuits and cakes?”

 “Of course there can be, Your Majesty . ”

 “Alright then . I will choose that person as the chairman!”

 Lilian revealed a proud grin before puffing out her chest, which made Sonia smile in response .

 “So, you’ve made up your mind, Your Majesty?”

 “Yes, that’s right . I’ve decided to make that person the chairman . ”

 At this moment, Lilian seemed to be passing judgment on everything . But she couldn’t be blamed since the chairman position had always been selected by the people and she didn’t understand the process and operations of an election . All she needed to do was to wait in her room for the new chairman to greet her . Although Lilian knew that she was just having fun, she was still amused that she just decided the next chairman .

 “But it’s a pity, Your Majesty . ”

 Sonia laid a plate of desserts before Lilian .

 “Although you’ve decided, there’s only one slice of cake and one piece of biscuit for you . ”


 Lilian curled her lips instantly .

 “Why? Wasn’t it agreed that I will have an endless supply of biscuits and cakes?”

 “That’s right, but you’re also aware that it is impossible, Your Majesty . ”

 “But… He promised it . This is cheating . I don’t let him become the chairman anymore . Remove him!”

 Lilian grumbled and waved her tiny fist around . But, this time, Sonia shook her head .

 “I’m sorry, Your Majesty . According to the law, you’ll only have the chance to decide if he can stay in the position after four years . So, no matter if you’ll get only a slice of cake or a piece of biscuit, or even nothing, you won’t be able to remove him before the next election . ”

 “How boring . Hmph! What a big liar!”

 Lilian complained while taking a bite off the slice of cake as though venting her anger . On the other side, Sonia stood quietly beside her and gazed at her fit of pique . After Lilian ate two-thirds of the cake, she suddenly became quiet .

 “… Sonia, will the Light Parliament… really treat the people of the Country of Light this way?”

 Lilian lowered her head and gazed in silence at the tea in her hands . She wasn’t that naive . Although Sonia didn’t clarify the situation, Lilian already sensed the source of the problem through their short little game . In the past, Lilian didn’t realize this wasn’t because she was foolish . Instead, she totally didn’t understand how the political system in the Country of Light worked . As the Light Dragon, Lilian had only been educated on how to become the Light Dragon and wasn’t taught anything apart from that . Serene also didn’t mention anything about this to her . Whereas for the elections, Lilian only knew that little bit about them .

 “… As a member of the Light Parliament, I may not be able to provide an answer, Your Majesty . ”

 At this moment, Sonia put away her smile and answered softly .

 “How boring!”

 Perhaps sensing that this topic was destroying the atmosphere, Lilian shook her head with might and jumped up from her seat .

 “By the way, Sonia, I want to take a look at the election . Can you go with me?”


 Sonia puckered her brows, but eventually nodded .

 “No problem, Your Majesty . But…”

 Sonia lowered her voice .

 “Please pardon me, I will need to report this to the Light Parliament . ”

 “Argh… Okay then . ”

 Lilian revealed a resentful expression . But she was an obedient child, after all . Since Sonia was upfront with her, she had to consider Sonia’s identity too . After all, Sonia was her only intimate friend in Casabianca, so she didn’t want to put her on the spot . Besides, Lilian was clear that the annoying fellas in the Light Parliament would find trouble with Sonia if they knew that Sonia brought her out without informing .

“No problem . But no matter what they say, I will still be heading out! Come on, Sonia, help me get dressed!”

 Lilian swiftly took off her pajamas and revealed the playfulness and innocence that a child of her age should have . Sonia shook her head with a bitter smile before scuttling to the wardrobe to help Lilian get dressed .


But at this moment, a flash of golden brilliance from Lilian’s chest caught Sonia’s attention . Sonia turned around and scanned curiously at the circular golden gem emanating a golden radiance from behind the long blonde hair .

 No, that wasn’t a pendant or accessory . It was a magic gem embedded on Lilian’s chest . Not only that, but flashes of magical stripes emerged across her body and vanished in a blink of an eye .

 Sonia widened her eyes in astonishment .

 What is that?

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