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Published at 6th of July 2020 06:15:07 AM
Chapter 852

Chapter 852: A Crazy Spirit

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At the same time the spider web-like steel chains spread, Celia, Gracier, and Madaras simultaneously returned to their cards . On the other hand, Celestina was entirely frightened as she continued to stay paralyzed at the corner of the walls and gazed at the end of the world in despair . Rhode twitched his brow in astonishment—this wasn’t too surprising, considering the fact that he was also bound by the steel chains completely .

“What do you mean by this?”

“Didn’t I tell you?”

The young lady trembled as she strolled forward and tilted her head to the side . She extended her hand and caressed Rhode’s cheek gently . Then, Rhode discovered something unique in Shira that the other holy sword spirits didn’t have—pale skin . No, her skin tone couldn’t even be considered as that of a human because even Christie’s pale complexion when she was rescued had some signs of life . On the contrary, this young lady seemed entirely lifeless and her skin tone could even be considered ashen . But what surprised him more was that there was a mysterious and twisted beauty in her .

“You have to give me extreme pain if you want to become my master . I want that pain to rip through my body and make me feel it forever… Hahaha… By the way, before that…”

The young lady swung her arm and a steel chain that was bound to her wrist shot out . Swish! It wrapped Celestina up instantly . The demon young lady didn’t resist at all as though she had given up completely . She gazed blankly as the steel chain wrapped around her and threw her into the spider web like she was a helpless prey .

“Heh… Celestina…”

Upon sensing Shira’s gaze, Celestina shrieked like a rabbit watched by a tiger . The pitiful demon young lady watched Shira strolling toward her, where she instinctively curled up with a horrified expression .

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“B-Big Sister Shira, long time no see . You’re still as beautiful as ever . Ahahaha… Ahahahaha… I’m so happy to finally reunite with you . How are you doing…”

Although it sounded like the exchange of conventional greetings between nobles, Celestina’s expression seemed like she was ascending the flight of stairs leading to the execution platform . Shira was totally unconcerned with her greeting . She was like the tiger with one foot on its prey, lowering its head and sniffing the aroma of its meal . She leaned in to Celestina .

“… You’re still as lewd as ever, Celestina…”

“… Big Sister, don’t say that…”

“Shut up, you sow . ”

These few words completely stopped Celestina from begging for mercy . At this moment, Celestina’s complexion had turned ashen, surprisingly, she wasn’t furious at the insults . What an interesting development to the story . It could be seen that there was definitely a history between Shira and Celestina—of course, judging from Gracier and Madaras’ reactions, it seemed like they already knew about it .

But what would happen next?

Although Rhode was also bound by the steel chains, he wasn’t worried at all . Instead, he watched the two young ladies in amusement . He had never seen Celestina in this manner . Although she had also begged for mercy in bed, this was the first time that he saw her genuinely afraid of someone .

“You still have the same disgusting body…”

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Shira let out a burst of cheeky laughter before clasping Celestina’s soft, round chest so tightly that the demon young lady shrieked in pain . But even so, Celestina continued to look at the young lady in fear without any intention to resist .

“Hmm… You’ve become obedient . Interesting . It seems like you finally understand what I meant… after so many years? Hahaha…”

“Y-Yes… Big Sister Shira…”


At this moment, Shira tilted her head and narrowed her eyes abruptly while strengthening her grip on Celestina’s chest .

“… What happened, Celestina? You’re no longer a virgin? Who is it exactly? Hmm? Answer me, you promiscuous sow . ”

“It was me . ”

Rhode finally decided that it was time for him to show his pride as the master . Although it was fascinating to watch Celestina in this deflated state, she was still his woman no matter what, so he had to do something at this moment .

“Because Celestina was too alluring, I accidentally ate her up . Can you put her down now, Shira?”


Celestina turned around abruptly . Instead of feeling touched by him, she was as though watching an idiot jumping into a tank of sharks .


Shira turned around and gazed at Rhode with her tilted head .

“Yes… You’re indeed Shira’s master . You’re so generous to even accept Celestina… Hahaha… All right, I acknowledge that you have the right to become a master… Haha… But…”

Shira pointed a finger at Rhode . Shortly after, the steel chains around him pulled and tugged him to the floor . Then, Shira quietly sat on him and stared .

“But… you have to give me extreme pain to become my master… If you can do that… Hahaha, I will acknowledge you as my master…”

Shira squinted excitedly .

“But come to think of it, I realized that… Hahaha… Master, you’re a man… Which makes things easier…”

For some unknown reason, Rhode felt a sense of danger when he heard this statement . He puckered his brows and attempted to restore her into the card . No matter what, Shira was considered his summoning spirit after he awakened her and she should restore into the card immediately . However, when he attempted, Shira was already one step ahead .


In the blink of an eye, Rhode’s clothes were ripped apart while Shira’s tattered black robe had vanished . Shira placed her right hand on his chest and her eyes glinted in exhilaration . Then, at the next moment, Rhode felt an ice-cold, soft sensation in his lower body .

“Hahaha… You’ve turned hard, Master…”

“It would be rude of me if I don’t have any reaction to such a beautiful young lady . ”

Perhaps sensing that he wasn’t in a dangerous situation as he imagined, he stopped trying to restore her into the card . At this moment, the young lady’s ice-cold skin stuck closely on him and she didn’t have any body temperature at all . Her under-developed body and pale yellow, messy, curly long hair made her look like a beautiful Barbie doll . Not only that, but her mysterious mint-like scent also attracted him and gave him a strange pleasure .

“Alright then, let me have a taste of you…”

Shira’s beautiful face turned into an unprecedented crazy, anticipative expression .

“I heard that… a man can give a woman an unforgettable pain… Hahaha… All right, Master, please bestow me this pain as the greatest reward!”

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