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Chapter 851: 851

“Are you sure, Master?”

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 Celestina hugged her arms and gazed at the red sword stuck into the ground with obvious fear in her eyes . After the battle ended, Rhode didn’t instantly return to the Land of Atonement using the teleportation door . Instead, he returned to the underground fortress with the Bow Knights . Although his “purpose” was to investigate the Chaos Beings, there was also another important matter—grinding EXP .

 Although he couldn’t repeatedly train in dungeons just like in the game, it was entirely different here . The battle in the afternoon had raised his EXP bar to almost half and he could level up if he attempted it again . Moreover, the spawn of the devils was endless, which was the best source of EXP for him right now .

 General Kaplan didn’t comment on his return . On the other hand, the presence of the Bow Knights caused an uproar in the fortress . Not to mention that they were tough and powerful, their youthful, attractive appearances as 18 years old young ladies instantly caught the attention of the soldiers . General Kaplan had no choice but to order his soldiers repeatedly to not harass the Elf young ladies . Although General Kaplan wasn’t concerned that the soldiers would act brazenly, the problem was that he wasn’t aware of the Elves’ true background . The only thing he was sure was that the Munn Kingdom definitely didn’t possess such a massive and powerful army of Elves . If the Elves truly came from the Country of Law, it would be terrible if a ‘diplomatic dispute’ were to occur due to the rudeness of his soldiers . Therefore, not only did General Kaplan prepare the best rooms in the fortress for them, but he also provided Rhode and the others a quiet resting venue .

 After General Kaplan ordered the soldiers to free up space for Rhode’s group, the soldiers passionately cleaned up the area and rooms—what simple young men they were .

 However, Rhode wasn’t concerned about such matters . After expressing his gratitude to the general, he dismissed the Bow Knights before returning to his room to deal with the new holy sword spirit . Of course, like in the past, he had to hear the opinions from the other holy sword spirits after turning the newcomer into a card . But this time…

 “I also think that… you should seriously reconsider, Master . ”

 Apart from Celestina who was obviously frightened and worried, Celia was also surprisingly hesitant and concerned . She gazed anxiously at the huge red sword while clutching the hem of her battle skirt so tightly that her knuckles turned rather pale .

“I admit that Sister Shira is one of the most powerful among us . But her personality is too difficult to grasp . I think… that… if you awaken Sister Shira… she… I think that it is best that you should wait for a safer time . ”

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 “Is it really that bad?”

 Rhode gazed at Celia in astonishment before shifting his gaze to the ashen Celestina who nodded firmly . The demon young lady couldn’t help but touch her pitch-black wings while recalling horrible memories . Rhode didn’t expect that Celia would also reject his idea… This was truly strange . He turned to Gracier and Madaras at this thought, but they didn’t respond apart from exchanging glances with each other .  Do you two not object or support my decision?

 This was an equally rare reaction from them .

 Rhode knitted his brows as he understood their concerns . After all, the overwhelming desire for murder and destruction terrified him when he first held the sword . But he still believed that she actually wasn’t that scary . No matter what, she was one of the holy sword cards and besides, he needed such a powerful force on his side .

 “I think that Celia is right, Master . No matter what, I think you’re better off putting her away for now and waitting for Third Big Sister’s return first . With Third Big Sister around, Sister Shira won’t behave too violently . But if you do it now…”

 “No . ”

 Rhode shook his head determinedly and interrupted . Then, he looked silently at the red sword .

 “I know what you girls are worried about, but I’ve made up my mind . No matter what, you’re still my summoning spirits . I, as the Master, have to take up this responsibility . Indeed, perhaps it will be best if I take Celestina’s advice, but that means that I’m avoiding my responsibilities . If my summoning spirits choose not to obey because of my incompetence . Then, it makes no sense to me . ”

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 Rhode gazed at the four holy sword spirits .

 “Isn’t it?”

 “… I respect your judgment, Master . ”

 Celia bowed solemnly . On the other hand, Celestina crossed her arms, shrugged, and let out a helpless sigh .

 “Forget it . Although this is a stupid choice, I still admire your courage, Master . Since you’ve made up your mind, I have nothing to comment . ”

 Gracier and Madaras retained their silence . Although they didn’t speak, their thoughts were apparent from their nods and smiles . Indeed, just as Rhode said, he was the true owner of the holy sword cards . Perhaps the other holy sword spirits were afraid of this spirit named Shira, but he couldn’t behave like them . If he couldn’t rely on himself to earn recognition from this holy sword spirit, it would be meaningless .

 Rhode placed his palm on the red sword blade . Then, the system prompt emerged .

 [Detected a resonance reaction . Confirm to awaken?]

 Awaken .

 Rhode answered inwardly—the huge red blade emanated a bright scarlet radiance while a bloody scent suddenly exuded the entire room . The steel chains hanging down from the hilt trembled, extended in length, and twirled around the blade . Shortly after, a red whirlwind rose from the ground with the sword in the center . The blade shone brighter and finally, the glaring brilliance blinded the room and everyone’s vision .

 Seconds after the brilliance and whirlwind dispersed, a petite figure emerged before them .

 Although the petite figure was shorter than Celestina, the latter immediately curled up and looked at the young lady in fear .  Swish! Celestina quickly shrunk her wings—as though a conditioned reflex .

She was thin, and even rather malnourished, wrapped entirely in a black robe . However, what startled Rhode was the two steel chains that were as wide as thumbs penetrating her shoulder blades and bound around her body . On her back was a blunt large sword and her tattered dark dress that was full of holes proved that she had been through countless battles . But even so, the young lady lifted her head and traces of scarlet radiance flashed in her deep blue pupils .

 “Hahaha… Are you my master?”

 She spoke with a cold, irascible, and crazy voice while glaring at Rhode in silence . She widened her broken jaw and her rather pretty and elegant-looking face twisted all of a sudden, revealing her snowy teeth and a smile of madness . She tilted her head to the side while continuing to stare at him . The temperature in the room dropped drastically .

“Well, if you acknowledge me . ”

 Rhode said and swept a glance at the four holy sword spirits . Gracier and Madaras didn’t behave strangely, but Celia had gripped the hem of her battle skirt uncomfortably . On the other hand, Celestina had the biggest reaction . She cowered at the wall and curled up with her hands over her head as though praying that everyone would ignore her presence .

 “You want me to acknowledge you? Sure… Hahaha…”

 The young lady let out an ice-cold laughter and shook her head left and right as though she took too many drugs .

 “Ah… You’re a human, right… I can consider acknowledging you as my master if you can bring me more pain… All right then, let me feel it…”

Suddenly, the ice-cold, pitch-black steel chains shot out from her and sealed the entire room .

 “… Let me see how much pain you can bring me… Hahaha… Master…”

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