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Chapter 832: 832

Just one more step .

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 The instant everyone stepped into the Land of Chaos, they felt as though a wooden club struck the back of their heads . Although the strong Order barrier cleared out the ever present illusionary fog, even Rhode felt like something inside him was cut off entirely . It was the connection between the people and the land of Order, like a fish leaving the water and losing its source of survival . Not only that, but Rhode also felt as though the ground beneath his feet had turned into a soft sponge . He scanned around him and all he saw was blurry illusions .

 The others felt the same . Marlene turned pale instantly and limped like a drunk, holding onto Anne to keep her balance . On the other side, Lize fell on her bum immediately and raised her arms blindly to support her back onto her feet . However, her hands weren’t pressing on the ground at all . Anne did much better than everyone else . She looked left and right curiously at the painful crowd and didn’t seem to be affected by the Chaos at all .

 “Pardon us . Please wait for a moment . ”

 Rhode requested . Of course, he witnessed the smiles of disdain and mockery from the three Order Refugees . However, he wasn’t embarrassed by the reactions of his subordinates because this was absolutely normal . In the game, when players entered the Land of Chaos, they reacted this way after losing their connections to Order . Therefore, players would often remain on the spot for a few moments in order for their bodies to instinctively reconnect to the source of Order inside them .

 But now, Rhode’s subordinates were in so much pain . Joey puked and sprawled out on the ground while Randolf lost his balance and bumped into Sol . The pitiful Sol shivered as though he were on drugs and the push from Randolf instantly brought him to the ground . On the other hand, Sovann and Marfa tried to uphold their strong images as leaders, but they appeared more like rocking tumblers instead .

 On the other hand, Orchid Heart continued to look sleepy as she stood by the side . Gillian stomped her foot onto John’s bum who was running about like a headless mosquito and kicked him back to the team .

 What a terrible mess…

 Rhode sighed helplessly . However, most players who entered the Land of Chaos reacted worse . Many of them ran wildly while some instinctively cast magic spells and relied on the power of their magic equipment to lessen the painful effects . As a result… They should be glad that it didn’t cost them anything to be revived . If not, Rhode wasn’t sure how many players would have gone bankrupt .

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 “Don’t cast any spells!”

 Rhode warned loudly to ensure that everyone heard him .

 “Stay where you are! No matter what, imagine that you’re a sculpture that can’t move!”

 The panicky group calmed down gradually after trying their best . A few minutes later, they finally relaxed as the connection to the source of Order in them was restored .

 “Oh my goodness…”

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 Marlene stood up with a blush and looked at Anne who was chuckling away . This was the first time that Anne saw Marlene in this manner . As for Marlene… Yes . This was definitely something that she didn’t wish to recall in the future .

 “… I didn’t expect it… to feel so terrible…”

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 Lize covered her mouth and her pale expression was as though someone had punched her in her stomach .

 “Now . Your body has connected to the source of Order in this place . ”

 Rhode clapped his hand to gather everyone’s attention . Then, he pointed at the beautiful defensive barrier around them .

 “In here, you will slowly adapt to Order, but as this Order isn’t natural; it will affect you differently from the Order in the Light Mainland . Stay cautious and slowly get used to moving about in this territory . Don’t assert your usual strength here . ”

 Rhode wasn’t using frightening words to scare them . In fact, there were huge differences between man-made and natural Order territory as though one leaving earth and stepping on the moon . The effects that one felt on the man-made Order territory included the difference between the stronger and weaker gravity, the thinner and thicker magical space, or even the enhancement and weakening of spiritual powers . When they first entered the Land of Chaos, Rhode analyzed the source of Order in the system interface . Within this space, the speed of casting spells would increase by 30 percent . But at the same time, the recovery speed of their spiritual energy would reduce by 5 percent . Apart from that, everyone would benefit from the immunity against negative effects .

 This spoil of war from the Duke Fiend is awesome .

 Rhode gazed pleasingly at his arm guard—[Historical Wing] . At this moment, its dark yellow surface emanated a shimmering radiance . With the effects of the Order Scepter, Rhode could summon a space of Order with a size of up to 5S x 5S and move about with him in the center . If they didn’t have this equipment, he definitely wouldn’t have led his men for an adventure into the Land of Chaos .

 “You have a . Great . Order protection . ”

 At this moment, the leader said and caught Rhode’s attention . The latter turned around and witnessed the former’s silent, and somewhat admirable gaze . He couldn’t be blamed because the Order torches that were usually distributed in this place could only be used by one person at a time .

 “Thank you . ”

 Rhode replied . Although the Order Refugees were strong, they weren’t powerful enough against him . Therefore, even if they tried to snatch the equipment from him, he wouldn’t mind teaching them how to write the word ‘death’, although he wasn’t sure if these guys knew how to write at all . Rhode turned around and saw that most of his men had restored fully to their usual selves . But they were much more vigilant and fearful now .

 It seems like shock therapy really works well .

 “Let’s continue . ”

 After ensuring that everyone was doing better now, Rhode turned around and moved ahead .

 This was indeed an incredible place . As they advanced, all sorts of scenes emerged before their eyes . There would be blazing flames around them for a few seconds before turning into powder at the next moment . Then, the powder coalesced and formed surging waves that crashed toward them from the distant fog . Thereafter, the waves transformed into large crystals while chilly gales blew along grasses and flowers, which turned to scorching desert .

 Fortunately, the protection of Order kept them away safely from the bizarre phenomenons . No matter what transformations took place outside the barrier, everyone was advancing in a stable environment . What astonished them was that as the illusory colors and fog got into contact with the barrier, they quickly dispersed and revealed the flat stone ground paved with slab and lush greeneries before them . But after the barrier moved away from them, they would shatter instantly and disappear into the fog once again .

 “What you’re seeing now are scenes of this place before it was invaded by Chaos . This place had shattered along with Order and only within this Order protection can you see their original state . ”

 “This is so magical…”

 Lize exclaimed in awe . She stooped over, plucked a delicate flower, and scanned . She couldn’t believe that these exotic flowers existed from centuries ago . But before she got a good look at it, the flower crumbled like sand and she sighed helplessly .


 At this moment, a deep growl caught their attention and the three Order Refugees came to a halt abruptly . They raised their weapons and retreated back into Rhode’s barrier .

 Rhode twitched his brow and unsheathed his sword, streaking a perfect arc in midair before him .

 “Stay alert . We’ve got trouble ahead . ”

 He said .

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