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Chapter 826

“I request that you stop everything regarding the modification research of the mottled crystals from today onward . ”

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 Lapis was stunned . Lize gazed dubiously from beside him . In fact, they knew how important this research was . But, why did Rhode… make such a decision?

 “Why, Sir Rhode?”

 Lapis knitted her brows and asked in discontentment . Rhode sighed inwardly because this was what he expected . Lapis had holed herself up for too long apart from society . She was like the scientists who appeared in the movies—indulged in their theory and research, where they didn’t care if their work would destroy the world . Wrong; one should say that they didn’t notice instead . They worked hard and craved to successfully create or resolve the tough tasks . Marlene clearly knew what damage magical weapons could bring to the world, but Lapis’s only resolve was to tackle the problem of ‘lowering the Final Pike’s high consumption rate and using the lowest budget to accomplish the desired results’ . The concerns about these weapons puncturing holes in innocent people had never been a consideration in her head .

 If it were others, Rhode wouldn’t be mindful . However, Lapis was different . Besides, he considered her background and understood the reason why she worked so hard . He didn’t wish to see his capable subordinate regretting her decision in the future, mourning that everything she did would bring so much harm . Of course, it would be a waste if he lost her after she blamed herself .

 Taking the vaccination early wouldn’t be wrong .

 “Lapis . ”

 Rhode gazed at the young lady . He was aware of her dissatisfaction . However, this was fine . If she could listen to his words under such a circumstance, it would prove that everything he did was right .

 “Let me ask you . Who were the ones who could use the Final Pike when Marlene brought it to you?”


 Lapis pondered .

 “… The ones who grasped spiritual powers . After all, the Final Pike doesn’t require their supply of coalesced powers . They only need to activate the weapon with their spiritual powers . ”

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 “Alright then . You should be aware of the reason why the Senia Family abandoned this project, right?”

 “Yes . High-purity magic crystals are too expensive and rare, so they couldn’t mass produce . ”

 Lapis gazed curiously at him . Didn’t they just talk about this problem? This was why Marlene brought this weapon to her for modifications, wasn’t it?

 “So, let’s say that your research is successful . The mottled crystals perfectly fit into your design . Can we mass produce and hand them to everyone?”

 “That’s for sure!”

 Lapis turned excited and gesticulated for joy .

 “No problem! Although triggering the mechanism requires magic crystals, they won’t be as rare as high-purity magic crystals . If we succeed, anyone who grasps spiritual energy can…”

 Lapis lowered her voice all of a sudden and puckered her brows as though something wasn’t right . Then, she finally discovered the problem .

 “That’s right, anyone can use them as long as they possess spiritual energy . ”

 Rhode nodded .

 “Mottled crystals can be found all around the streets . If anyone were to get their hands on the blueprint, the Munn Kingdom, Country of Light, and even Country of Darkness can mass produce them . Right?”

 “… That…”

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 Lapis nodded .

 “… Is right, theoretically . B-But…”

 Lapis stuttered with an excuse perhaps feeling unconvinced .

 “… But I’ve changed the structure of this weapon and only I know how!”

 “I thought I heard that you said Christie and your assistants have helped you with it . ”

 “Yes… Sir Rhode . ”

 Lapis lowered her head gloomily . Then, she quickly raised her head .

 “B-But, they only purchased the materials and provided the design . I guarantee that they aren’t sure of the contents!”

 “You see, this is where the problem lies . ”

 Rhode clapped his hands .

 “Imagine… Alright, Lapis . Imagine the day you’ve created a sword that can instantly kill as long as it touches its target . Moreover, the production of this sword is extremely easy . As long as one gets one’s hand on the blueprint, any blacksmith can produce it . What do you think will happen to this world? Everyone will want to purchase it, right?”


 Lapis couldn’t answer, but her pale expression clearly explained her thoughts .

 “Alright then, imagine this . If you’re the only one who knows how to create it; do you think those people will let you or the people around you off? Such as Christie, who had given you suggestions? Or perhaps the others who assisted you? If they expressed that they weren’t sure about the content, do you think those people will let them off with a “Oh, I’m sorry . We’ve made a mistake”?”

 “I… I…”

 “You’re lacking consideration, Lapis . ”

 Rhode knew that she was aware of the point he was getting across judging from her depressing expression . It was apparent that she treated this matter as a ‘research subject’ . However, wasn’t a nuclear reactor also a ‘research subject’ too? But it was fine because she was still young . Moreover, it still wasn’t too late with his reminders, unlike the senior scientists who had poured their entire lives into their research and couldn’t give up at the point of regret . That was the true meaning of tragedy .

 “I’m fine with the creation of ordinary magic weapons and potions, but I hope you can be more cautious with such dangerous research . If possible, don’t let anyone know and don’t speak a word about it . ”

 “Yes, I understand, Sir Rhode . ”

 Lapis lowered her head pitifully . She was responsible for modifying magical weapons, so she knew how capable she was in this field . Rhode extended his arm and caressed her head gently .

 “I hope you realize this, Lapis . You are valuable to us and also my very important subordinate . I don’t wish to see you get hurt due to your negligence or other undesirable reasons . Do you know what I mean? This is important . I hope you can understand what you’re doing before you start any research and be aware of the possible consequences . I will keep supporting you . ”

 “Thank you… Sir Rhode . ”

 Lapis pondered for a few moments before nodding with all her might . Then, Rhode revealed a gentle smile in his eyes .

 “Good, Lapis . Alright then . From now onward, give up on the mottled crystals research . I remember you told me that ordinary magic crystals can achieve even better results . I hope you can research into this more like how the exploding magic crystals can turn into useful magic spells… Perhaps this will be much more effective . ”

 “No problem, Sir Rhode . I’ll get onto it now . ”

 Lapis’ eyes glinted with hope . In fact, many players in the game had achieved this—albeit, they didn’t create a weapon as powerful as the Final Pike… The reason why it was so simple was because Rhode didn’t seek perfection . Nothing good came out of crossing the finish line in a single step .

 “Also, come up with a way to decrease its weight . ”

 Rhode weighed the Final Pike in his hand before placing it back on the platform .

 “Not anyone can move this thing around . Perhaps you can only get Anne to use the current experimental products . ”

 “Got it . I will do it now!”

 Lapis turned around and scuttled into the research room . Rhode shrugged helplessly and at this moment, Lize said, “Thank you, Mr Rhode . ”

 “What for?”

 Rhode turned around to see Lize’s smile .

 “Nothing, I just feel that… It is great that I met you in my life . ”

 The young lady replied softly .

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