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Chapter 819

“That’s right… That’s the way, my adorable Christie…”

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 Christie drifted in the empty darkness . She stretched out her hand and behind her was a spitting image of herself who held her hands with a smile .

 “Remember this feeling . This is my strength, and also yours . ”

 “… But… I…”

 Christie turned around and gazed at her other self . But before she finished her words, the other Christie held a finger to her lips and stopped her from speaking . Then, she smiled .

 “This was also a test for you, Christie . I’ve never doubted your persistence, but I was worried that the peaceful, fortunate life would make you lose the things that you didn’t abandon when you suffered the most . Sometimes, being fortunate is a terrifying weapon . It can dissolve one’s will and make the strongest turn into incredibly weak beings . Although I can only watch you suffer in silence, I have to admit that I’ve recognized your innate character . I thought that you would be indulged in the unprecedented warmth and comfort after leaving that place… But, it seems like you still remember this point, which makes me glad . Now, it is about time to hand this to you . ”

 A white paint brush turned into a dazzling white radiance, wrapped around the little girl’s right index finger, and became a white ring embedded with golden threads .

 “This is your strength, Christie, but you have to be stronger . I think this is a good start . You need to understand and grasp everything . With your current abilities, you’ll be able to handle it well . I believe that you’ll succeed . ”

 ‘Christie’ drifted to the front of the little girl . She stretched out her arms and held her hands . Then, harmless blue flames emerged in her hands and a prismatic crystal appeared within .

 “Christie, this is my present for Master . Please hand this to him…”

 ‘Christie’ paused and gazed at the spitting image before her with uncertainty . But she quickly revealed a smile .

 “After this, you will face many situations, both good and bad, and some may even be painful . This world shall be swept into an unprecedented…” ‘Christie’ paused with knitted brows as though she wasn’t satisfied with the way she explained . Then, she skipped that part . “… into a dangerous crisis . On this continent, no matter the angels, demons, humans, elves, Undead Creatures, or anything else, they will all perish . You too, Christie . You can’t avoid it and must make your own decision… You have to do it . Alright then… Goodbye…”

 ‘Christie’ vanished into specks of dust in the blink of an eye . Then, Christie opened her eyes .

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 Rhode heaved a sigh of relief . After eliminating Gloucester and the Chaos Beings, Christie fell from midair and to the ground . Then, her eyes had been closed as though she was meditating .

 “… Rhode…”

 The little girl revealed a blissful smile . She extended her tiny hand and caressed his cheek . On the other hand, Sovann’s ritual had completed . He stood behind Rhode worriedly while Lize and Anne watched anxiously . Nell had sneaked to the shadows without any intention of showing up .

 Shortly after, everyone heard what happened from Christie . She explained that the other ‘Christie’ had given her this ring and the so-called ‘Astral Key’ . After taking over the Astral Key, Rhode finally understood one of the reasons why Christie had to be here . It was apparent that the other Christie was closely related to the Astral Temple and she had to appear in this place through this Christie . Even though Rhode didn’t know the exact reason, he had a rough guess with his player experience . If he didn’t bring Christie here, he wouldn’t be able to receive this reward… But must this broken system be so secretive as to create this mysterious vibe? Wasn’t the damn mysterious atmosphere in this place bad enough?

 Rhode fiddled with the Astral Key in his hand . This was what he wanted to get from this mission . According to Christie, the other Christie said that after the Battle Mage Group’s strange inheritance ritual was completed, the spiritual path would be completely sealed . As for the new spiritual path… Christie didn’t mention anything about it . However, the Astral Key provided the answers to him .

 “She wants to… give this to you…”

 Rhode puckered his brows at the sight of the beautiful white ring on her finger . In fact, the doubts that he held toward Christie’s true strength was much more than the joys of completing this mission . Even though he knew that the other Christie was powerful, it was apparent that she wasn’t willing to reveal her identity . But after witnessing her strength, Rhode was baffled .

 Despite most of Gloucester’s strength being diminished by Rhode and Gaya, it was incredible how Christie annihilated that many Chaos Beings in the blink of an eye . Even though Gaya could also achieve this in her perfect form, she definitely wouldn’t be able to do it this flawlessly—only beings of Lydia’s caliber could . In the game, the only beings that players had never seen their true identity and yet possessed ‘god-tier’ strength were the legendary ‘Six Deity Wardens’ .

 Judging from the fact that the ‘Christie’ emerged here, it proved that the players’ guesses weren’t exactly illogical . Perhaps the Six Deity Wardens and Seven Fantasy Boundaries had some unexplainable relationship . But, it would be strange if that were true . It was clearly the ‘Seven Fantasy Boundaries’, so why would there be the ‘Six Deity Wardens’?

 Rhode shook his head at this thought . What concerned him more was that the Six Deity Wardens were incredibly powerful creatures in the game . Although the players had never fought them, it was imaginable how horrifying they would be judging from the formidable strength of their powerful critters . In the channel that connected the plane of existence, the lowest-level critters were level 70 while the final BOSS who guarded the entrance was level 90! This went to show how terrifying the Six Deity Wardens were, where perhaps even the Void Dragon would have a hard time facing them… But, who knew?

 Even so, information about the ring on Christie’s finger emerged before Rhode’s eyes as soon as he touched it .

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 [Brush (Ancient . Rule . Platinum)—The brush created for painting and recording the source of what is happening, about to happen, and happened in this world . What it records isn’t a lie, truth, dream, nor reality . ]

 [Soul Binding———Only the resonance of the soul can be awakened and used]

 [Knowledge Scroll———When the holder activates this skill, the venue that the holder sees will be copied exactly . Infinite range and is undeniable . Any enemy who attempts to remove the effects will be recognized as the enemy of Order . Attributes shall turn into ‘Chaos’ and attribute values will fall by 50% . The holder’s critical rate will increase to 120% when hurt . (This beautiful scenery shouldn’t be stained)]

 [Text of Order———Can be used after the activation of Knowledge Scroll . All texts that are in line with the rules and written in the Knowledge Scroll will come true (including Revival/Time Manipulation/Spatial Separation) . Any presence targeted by the subject of the text (regardless of spirits or mortals) will be affected . Unavoidable . Non-god presences cannot defy . The effects on Chaos Beings are increased to 300% . (Eternal rules are undeniable)]

 [Painting of Order———Can be used after the activation of Knowledge Painting . All the paintings will come true and the strength will be that of the holder . The holder can depict any existing objects (including in the past/present/future), materialize them, and their strength will be that of their original presence . The strength of imaginary objects (past/present/future) will be presented in a way that the holder imagines for a non-fixed duration . The holder can appoint a presence, repaint it into other shapes, races, or attributes . Can be resisted . (All objects exist in this world)]

 [Absolute Defense———All techniques cast under the presence of Order will be reversed, offset, and enhanced according to the holder’s wish . In 30 seconds after the holder casts Knowledge Scroll, the holder will be immune to all attacks (including rule/time/space) . When the holder casts Order spells, the effects will be doubled and enhanced with high-tier spiritual penetration attributes . (Established Destiny)]

 [Soul Amplification———Meditation enhances the holder’s soul by 3% . Increase effects of spiritual powers extraction (Billows of soul)]

 What in the world is this insanity?

 Rhode had never seen such a godlike existence in the game, not even the Void Dragon—argh, forget about it . After all, he didn’t get a chance to loot its corpse and had instantly transmigrated into this world . As the strongest final BOSS among the five creator dragon souls, perhaps the Void Dragon would possess such a godly legendary artifact . However, he had never seen one that was at a tier above the Dark Dragon and Four Legendary Generals up until now . The ‘Non-god presences can’t defy’ description meant that not even presences like the Four Legendary Generals and Three Archangels’ could avoid it!

 Not only that, but there was also the time manipulation and revival abilities of the Text of Order . If that were the case, there would be no limit to Christie’s strength . What a true legendary artifact . With Christie by his side, he could kill whoever he wanted—but, this wasn’t the truth .

 Rhode caressed her hair gently . Even though this item was terrifyingly strong, perhaps she couldn’t unleash 1% of its powers with her current strength . Rhode swept a glance at her attributes and noticed that although her spiritual powers were higher than ordinary humans, it was only about level 10 . For her to activate this legendary artifact was almost impossible . Fortunately, he was glad to see [Soul Amplification] . It seemed like he should get Canary and Marlene to teach Christie about magic so she could increase her spiritual powers through meditation and be able to use this legendary artifact in the future .

 Despite his joys, he still felt rather dubious .

 Are the Six Deity Wardens really that powerful?

 With this legendary artifact, even the Four Legendary Generals couldn’t defy her as it was a tier higher than them and the Three Archangels . It seemed like… only the Judgment & Ruling Twin Dragons in the Country of Law could put up a fight .

 If it were possible, Rhode would like to use the legendary artifact . However, it was a pity that it was bound to her soul, so even killing her wouldn’t work . Legendary artifacts that were soul bound to the holders would instantly shatter at the holder’s death . Besides, Rhode wouldn’t lay a single hand on her even if he had gone bonkers .

 Since the threats were gone, no one was in a hurry to leave the place . Instead, they took a break on the altar . Although Lize and Anne were curious about Christie’s sudden changes, this wasn’t the first time that she behaved this way . The battle had already ended when Sovann completed the spiritual inheritance and didn’t witness what happened . On the other hand, Gaya scanned Christie from head to toe . After all, as a figure in the Intermediate Legendary Stage, she had also sensed the powerful strength that Christie unleashed . Rhode wasn’t concerned that Gaya would inform Lydia about this . After all, during the Midsummer Festival, Lydia held doubts about Christie’s bloodline and identity after she attempted to treat her weak body conditions . No matter what, as long as this legendary artifact wasn’t revealed to the public, Christie shouldn’t be in too much danger . In this world, Rhode was the only person who could read the item description at a single touch .

 “Miss Gaya, what is your next plan?”

 Rhode gazed at the young lady whose eyes were wandering around Christie and had to attract her attention . Although Christie’s identity wasn’t considered a huge secret, he wouldn’t simply reveal it to just anyone . On the other hand, judging from Gaya’s miserable self from the battle, it proved how the others would suffer in the battle on the Falcon Peak .


 Gaya stood up slowly and swung the weapon in her right hand which instantly transformed into a harp . Then, the gem on the harp glittered in magical radiance and a crystal ball appeared out of thin air and fell into her hand .

“That is…”

 Rhode gazed blankly .

 “… Projection Crystal?”

 “Yes . ”

 Gaya looked at Rhode .

 “Even though the process was rather dangerous, it is finally secured now . Hmph . I sure want to see if the Undead Creatures have other things to prove!”

 I didn’t expect this young lady to be this smart! Rhode exclaimed inwardly . Of course, he knew what Gaya was about to do . The Projection Crystal could record everything that the holder experienced . If Rhode wasn’t wrong, the Projection Crystal should have recorded the entire battling process on the Falcon Peak . Everything was as per usual until the infiltration of the Chaos Beings!

 On the Dragon Soul Continent, every war and battle must be held within the range of Order, which was why the Country of Law remained silent when the Country of Darkness attacked the Country of Light .

 However, now that there were traces of Chaos Beings in the Country of Darkness’s army, the situation was entirely different .

 If Gaya handed this piece of evidence to the Country of Law, the Country of Law would surely investigate the Country of Darkness to ensure that it wasn’t the Chaos Beings behind this battle . On the other hand, the Country of Darkness would also hold back their forces if the Chaos Beings were indeed involved in this battle . If not, they might possibly face the wrath of the Country of Law .

 Of course, if the Country of Darkness devoured the Light Mainland’s territory step by step, perhaps they might be powerful enough to overturn the Country of Law . But now, the Country of Darkness had suffered heavily and benefited minimally from the Munn Kingdom’s resistance . Moreover, Rhode was continuously selling the Holy Maiden Statues all around the Light Mainland to weaken the Undead Creatures’ strength . Under such a circumstance, if Gaya handed the Projection Crystal over, perhaps the Country of Darkness might recall their army and even sign a truce agreement!

 If that happened, it would be great news for Rhode . He lacked time the most at the moment . If the Country of Darkness could sign a truce agreement for one or two years, he might use the chance to strengthen his forces before dealing with them . He refused to believe that the Dark Dragon would give up his attack on the Light Mainland completely . Perhaps at the end of the investigation, the Country of Darkness would simply execute the families related to the Chaos Beings before making a comeback .

 Although Rhode already had such thoughts when he discovered the contamination of Chaos while heading to the altar and the creatures that he met weren’t Undead Creatures, he didn’t possess a Projection Crystal, after all, so he couldn’t take any actions . But he didn’t expect that Gaya would be this prepared . Although it was common practice for commanders to use the Projection Crystal to record the battles for convenient reports, the Projection Crystal was expensive, after all, and not every commander could afford one .

Rhode celebrated inwardly .

It seems like my trip to the Eastern Plains was the right choice .

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