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Chapter 814: 814
Chapter 814: The Falcon’s Beacon (IX)

Gracier sneaked up to Lennon and the blade hidden in her sleeve struck and penetrated his back . Lennon shuddered, his shriveled body bulged abruptly . He tried to turn around with fuming spiritual flames in his eyes to gaze at the ambusher . However, before he witnessed what happened, yet another little girl clad in white robe emerged out of thin air . She laid her daggers in a criss-cross stance and streaked two dazzling trajectories across his neck .

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Lennon’s skull spun in midair and his balloon-like, swelling body deflated . But Gracier’s and Madaras’s attack didn’t stop . The moment, Madaras decapitated Lennon, Gracier slashed her daggers .

The dazzling blade rays tore his body apart .

To everyone’s surprise, Lennon didn’t collapse immediately . Instead, a pitch-black liquid that resembled petroleum squirted from his ghastly wound, flowed on his body and repaired his wounds . He trembled, arms shivering unconsciously . The pitch-black liquid splashed all around in his movements .

Now’s the chance!

Rhode’s eyes glinted . He had no intention of dealing with Lennon face-to-face from the start, especially after detecting his identity as a Chaos worshiper . Even though he didn’t know if Lennon had gotten in too deep or was simply foolish to be dragged into this, a Chaos worshiper was the most troublesome presence . But Rhode was fortunate to have Gracier and Madaras as his subjects . Even though there were figures who could detect the presence of the Carlesdine in this entire Dragon Soul Continent, it was apparent that this idiot wasn’t one of them!


After Lennon was ambushed, the Spirit Warriors who launched their attacks on the Spear Defenders came to an abrupt halt . Celia expanded her wings and soared with her shimmering blade burning in unprecedented holy radiance . She gazed at the twisted darkness in disdain and brandished the sword .

The silver flames ignited the pitch-black liquid . Shortly after, an indescribable scream rang in their ears . The pitch-black liquid struggled and fled from Lennon’s body, tossing this vessel like a tattered doll . The silver sacred flames continued to rush forward and almost devoured the pitch-black liquid entirely when suddenly, the pitch-black liquid lifted itself and revealed its distorted facial features . It widened its mouth and let out a blood-curdling screech .

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The darkness stopped once again .

It turned around and its scarlet eyes revealed fear and astonishment .

“How interesting…”

It rubbed its hands and maroon lightning bolts flashed . Then, it squinted its eyes .

“I didn’t expect that you’ve such amusing helpers, Madam Gaya . ”


“Haa… Haa… Haa…”

Gaya fell . She held a two-meters sword in her hand . But after taking a closer look, the sword wasn’t one with a sharp, iron blade . Instead, its blade was made with a smooth, round log and completed by several silver harp strings across it . She stood up, brandished the sword, and the air around her twisted to wrap around the weapon . The creature coalesced from darkness lifted itself off the ground . The enormous wound that almost split it into two quickly restored . In the blink of an eye, quick rolling shadows filled the gaps that were slashed by the invisible blade .

Gaya’s breathing stabilized . She clutched the sword and sized up the creature vigilantly . This wasn’t an ordinary Undead Creature nor an Undead Creature that was corrupted by Chaos . It was more of a… troublesome thing .

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Suddenly, the faces of Rhode’s group emerged in her head .

What is he doing here? Is he dead?

Forget it . It’s none of my business . The weak shall eventually perish no matter how hard they struggle . If they aren’t aware of the gap between their strength and ideals, they will be punished just like Father . He indulged in his delusions and received his deserving punishment . I didn’t find any reason to be angry even though he was killed by Her Royal Highness Lydia . Only the strong deserve to be respected—provided they aren’t the enemy .

Whistling gales blew .

Gaya leapt back without hesitation and dodged the shadow creature’s attack . But this wasn’t the end . As soon as the shadow creature missed its target, its arm split into two and the razor-sharp claws tore through the air .

“Get lost!”

Gaya shouted and held the sword before her . Then, the harp strings on its blade trembled—the air around her coalesced into a physical barrier that resisted the shadow creature . But this wasn’t enough . She stroked the harp strings on the blade and blasted a sound wave forward .

The ear-deafening sound wave merged into a vortex that shattered the shadow creature’s claws . This invisible strength continued to wreak havoc, destroying its arm and body as it advanced . The shadow creature howled painfully like a dog struck by a brick . The piercing sound wave ripped through half its body before smashing the three-story-tall cliff and turning it into powder .


Gaya let out a snort . This wasn’t the first time that she dealt with an Undead Creature or Chaos Beings . However, this shadow creature left her incomparably dubious . Logically speaking, no matter if it were the Undead Creatures or Chaos Beings, they wouldn’t have endless source of strength especially under the protection of the Light Dragon . Even if she failed to eliminate the power source of this shadow creature, she should be able to diminish its strength . But the shadow creature was as though powered by an endless source of strength .

The soldiers who attacked the Falcon Peak had either retreated or died in battle . They couldn’t have survived against such formidable foes .

“How strong…”

A shadow in the corner squinted at the battle between Gaya and the shadow creature .

“Miss Gaya, you’re indeed the Munn Kingdom’s trump card . It seems like you’re much stronger than I’ve thought . Well, that’s fine too, since I need some quality material and an impressive vessel . You’ve passed my test . Miss Gaya, you’re mine from now onward . ”

The shadow curled its lips into a sinister smile .

“But, before that, it looks like I need to domesticate you for a bit . ”

The shadow placed its right palm on the ground . Then, his body trembled and the shadow on him blended into the earth and slowly spread to a nearby cliff .

The ground shook and an enormous shadow that was as tall as the cliff strode out .


Gaya widened her eyes in astonishment . She clutched her sword and revealed a solemn expression . She was sure that this definitely wasn’t an ordinary Chaos Creature .

What’s happening?


Gaya sulked instantly . She suddenly recalled a legend about the Falcon Peak and Eastern Plains .

Could it be…

The dense shadow concealed the bright sky . Then, Gaya lifted her head and witnessed its gigantic palm swinging for her . She dodged swiftly .


The giant palm crashed into the ground and shook the earth . The shadow continued to gaze in amusement .

“How interesting…”

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