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Chapter 813: 813
Chapter 813: The Falcon’s Beacon (VIII)

“Attack . ”

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A faint halo expanded from him as the center . The Dark Rangers who stood behind the Spear Defenders raised their crossbows and aimed ahead . As the halo swept past them, the crossbows in their hands instantly transformed . Their bows extended and the crossbow arms became wider with dazzling, faint runes shining across them . As the magical radiance flickered, the bowstrings pulled back on their own and an elemental arrow shot in from thin air .


The arrows shot a dazzling magical trajectory and through the gaps in the shields . The Spirit Warriors slowed down abruptly to the attack . They lifted their shields to defend against the menacing arrows, but it was useless .


The elemental arrows pierced through their shields and into their bodies . Shortly after, a bright, lightning-like whiteness shone . Explosions erupted and the weapons restrained by the magical force were instantly dismantled .


Lize and Sovann gawked .

Nets of lightning bolts erupted one after another, wreaking havoc in the Spirit Warriors’ already chaotic formation . Even though the Spirit Warriors were in the Legendary Stage, they seemed terribly miserable in this magical bombardment .

How is this possible?

They couldn’t figure it out . Although the arrow explosions were powerful, they shouldn’t have caused that much damage to the Spirit Warriors .

“H-How is this possible…!”

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Lennon stared in disbelief .

“How is this possible? My Spirit Warriors are in the Legendary Stage . Why did they fall to such an attack?!”

At this moment, Rhode’s voice sounded .

“That’s why I said that those who follows Chaos are mentally-ill, just like one driving a car without learning how to stir the wheel . It isn’t surprising if that person drives right into the drain . But it seems like this world is still rather logical, after all . ”


Lennon gritted his teeth and glared fiercely at Rhode who had folded his arms and stood behind the Spear Defenders . Rhode shrugged and continued .

“It seems like you aren’t aware, Mr . Lennon . All spirits have only one trait after they’re dead regardless of their unique traits when they were alive, and that is the spiritual trait . In other words, these Spirit Warriors may possess strength in the Legendary Stage, but those are only the legendary presence of the spiritual trait . Moreover…”

The corners of his lips curled into an obvious mocking smile .

“… All beings who turned into spirits after sacrificing themselves will gain the right to stay in this world . In other words… Mr . Lennon, all the spiritual creatures are the ‘people’ of Order and yet you keep controlling them with spells of Chaos . This causes them to be devoured by Chaos while they slowly lose their power of Order to maintain their form . Even though their strength is still maintained at the Legendary Stage, their defenses are only at the Elite Stage now . Besides, due to the corrosion of Chaos, their strength is also weakened to a certain extent . I don’t know if I should say that you’re brainless or simply an idiot . ”


Lennon blew his top . But, at this moment, Rhode snapped his fingers .

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The Spirit Bird expanded its wings, erupting a dazzling, sacred radiance . Lennon let out a blood-curdling screech and turned away instinctively . Then, the combination of thunder and lightning struck and swept the entire place like a storm .

If the Spirit Warriors truly possessed strength of the Legendary Stage, the lightning bolts that the Spirit Bird cast wouldn’t be effective against them . But now, they were terrified of the lightning bolts glowing with holy attributes due to the corrosion of Chaos . They came to an abrupt halt and shrieked miserably . Silver-whitish electricity flowed throughout their bodies and bound them entirely .

“Attack! Attack!”

Lennon didn’t expect that his hopeful pawns were this useless . He brandished his fists fiercely and the pale blue flames from the altar surged, enveloping the Spirit Warriors who were bound by the lightning attack . Shortly after, the pale blue flames dismantled the lightning attack . The Spirit Warriors hurriedly raised their weapons and charged forward . In the blink of an eye, the remaining 300 Spirit Warriors darted past the range of lightning strikes .

Rhode twitched his brows slightly . He had to admit that the Spirit Warriors were indeed powerful despite their weakened defenses from the corrosion of Chaos . But at the same time, their attacks were also charged with the Chaos attribute . which was troublesome . Rhode initially thought that he could quickly diminish their strength, but had underestimated them . They were still hard to handle after sustaining two waves of attack from the Dark Rangers and the Spirit Bird’s AOE attack .

“Lize! Control!”

“Yes, Mr . Rhode!”

Lize raised her arms hurriedly . Then, countless golden, magical runes flashed before her eyes, shaping into a translucent barrier before the Spear Defenders . After receiving guidance from Canary and partaking in multiple battles with Rhode, Lize had slowly became more like a player . As long as Rhode told her to attack, defend, control, or heal, she knew what to do instantly .

Even though Lize reacted quickly, the Spirit Warriors weren’t too slow either . The vibrant golden barrier emerged before them and they swiftly brandished their weapons .


The barrier shattered instantly . The Spirit Warriors brandished their blades at the Spear Defenders!

The Spear Defenders in the first row lifted their shields swiftly and pushed forward, immediately shrinking the distance between them and the enemies . The Spirit Warriors brandished their weapons on the shields, but this sudden decrease in distance between them forbade them from unleashing their maximum strength . But, even so, their strength was in the Legendary Stage, after all, where the Spear Defenders couldn’t withstand it . The Spear Defenders in the first row struggled to hang on and their strong formation shook . Lennon looked on proudly . He had to admit that Rhode’s words indeed surprised him . But it seemed like that young man might not be right at all!

Lennon licked his lips . He widened his eyes at the view of the Spirit Warriors crashing into the enemies’ defense . But, it backfired .

The Spear Defenders in the second row took action . After the Spirit Warriors crashed through the first row, the Spear Defenders in the second row quickly clutched their weapons and took half a step back . As soon as the first row crumbled, they thrust their spears forward!

Cybust Formation!

This defensive formation by the Spear Defenders had as though came alive like an awakened monster from hibernation revealing its menacing fangs and bit on the enemies who tried to harm it!

The razor-sharp spears punctured the Spirit Warriors, and at the same time, the Dark Rangers at the back aimed their bows and released a dazzling array of magical radiance that exploded in the Spirit Warriors’ camp .

“How did this happen?!”

Lennon couldn’t believe his eyes . He was confident that the Spirit Warriors would defeat all the Spirit Warriors and annihilate the group of irritating bugs lurking in the back . But he didn’t expect that the tide turned in the blink of an eye!

How is this possible? How are they stronger than my Spirit Warriors? The Spirit Warriors are the strongest in the Battle Mage Group! How could they be defeated by this ridiculous team?! This is impossible . Something must be wrong! This isn’t possible! This…!

An ice-cold, piercing pain disrupted his thoughts .

He lowered his head and found a sharp dagger through his chest with putrid, pitch-black blood gushing from the wound .


Lennon extended his arm subconsciously . Then, a dazzling white light enveloped him entirely .

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