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Chapter 807

Rhode’s brows twitched and he shifted his gaze from Sovann to the young man curiously . It was apparent that neither of them were mentally prepared for this meeting . They stared at each other blankly while Rhode shrugged and let out a cough to disrupt the awkwardness . Both of them returned to their senses and looked away in embarrassment . At this moment, many people in the inn had turned toward them .

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 “Why are you here, Big Brother?”

 After sitting down, the young name named Bryan questioned . He shot a look at the people around him and couldn’t figure out their identities . However, he was sure that they were powerful, especially the one in the black noble attire who appeared to be younger than him as he sensed a rare, massive aura .

 “I’ve something to attend to . ”

 Sovann looked at Rhode . However, the latter didn’t continue the conversation because he had entered his ‘television-watching’ mode . In fact, Sovann felt somewhat guilty and uncertain for this return trip to the Eastern Plains . This was also why he didn’t feel elated when he heard Rhode’s suggestion to revive his group . The Battle Mage Group seldom interacted with anyone outside of their group . However, their contributions in stopping the Undead Creatures helped maintain a peaceful relationship between them and the people of the Eastern Plains . But now, the Battle Mage Group had lost their homes and brought danger to the locals, which made Sovann feel ashamed of his failure .

 Therefore, Sovann had kept a low profile after returning to the Eastern Plains, but he didn’t expect that fate would mess with him . He hadn’t even spent an entire day in the Eastern Plains and was instantly recognized by someone . Bryan wasn’t his biological younger brother . Instead, he was once a resident of the Battle Mage Group’s encampment . However, not everyone was capable of joining the Battle Mage Group and Bryan was one of them . He was strong, but wasn’t quite there yet, so he left the Battle Mage Group and sought another way out in life . After hearing what happened to the Battle Mage Group, he hurriedly returned and found that the group had fled entirely . He didn’t expect that Sovann would return once again .

 Both of them talked about their recent situations and quickly got into the main topic .

 “Big Brother, don’t tell me that you want to snatch the Falcon Peak back?”

 Bryan puckered his brows .

 “If that’s the case, you’d better be mentally prepared . The elders have started recruiting forces to attack the Falcon Peak and one of the rewards include being termed as the owner of the Falcon Peak if the Undead Army is eradicated . Many people are eyeing this title, so it won’t be as easy as you think…”


 Sovann hesitated . Even though the Battle Mage Group had fled from the Falcon Peak, they actually didn’t have any intentions of returning there anymore . However, they had lived on the mountain peak for generations and were bound to be emotionally attached . If they failed to regain the Falcon Peak, they were also unwilling to head into the Land of Atonement . But now, since he had returned once again, he realized that their home had become a bargaining chip and no one would feel good hearing this .

 However, Sovann was one of the vice leaders, after all . Despite the uncomfortable emotions, he quickly pulled himself together .

 “I have no intentions of regaining Falcon Peak . I’ve only returned for some private matters regarding the Battle Mage Group…”

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 “So you’re heading to the Falcon Peak?”

 Bryan knitted his brows . Then, he looked at the people around Sovann . He realized that Sovann was holding back on his words, which was rare to see . No matter what, he was still one of the three vice leaders, and the people around him were much younger than him .

 So why…?

 Bryan scanned the group before shifting his gaze to Rhode .

 “Who are they?”


 Sovann was rather hesitant . No matter what, Rhode was the overlord of Grenbell and there weren’t any issues with him coming to the Eastern Plains and heading into the Falcon Peak . However, after learning from Bryan that the elders would grant the Falcon Peak to the ones who repelled the Undead Creatures, he had to watch his words . At this moment, it would be troublesome if he exposed Rhode’s identity . However, if he didn’t reveal it and others were to realize later…

 Sovann looked at Rhode, but the latter remained expressionless without even a single hint .

 Is Sir Overlord giving me a test or has other thoughts?

 But, Sovann knew that he couldn’t delay for too long . As a result, he made his decision . He gazed at Rhode and the group around him and said .

 “He… He is the overlord of Grenbell, Mr . Rhode . ”


 Bryan was startled as he scanned Rhode . However, he didn’t raise any doubts because Rhode was already a popular figure with his unique features . As long as one met him, one wouldn’t fail to identify him… At this moment, Bryan stood up and bowed solemnly .

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 “I didn’t expect that the overlord of Grenbell would be here personally . I was lacking in manners, please accept my apologies…”

 “It’s fine . ”

 Rhode said plainly and waved his hand . No one knew if he was discontent that Sovann revealed his identity .

“I’m the overlord of Grenbell, not the Eastern Plains . You don’t have to bow . Here, I’m a visitor while you’re the owner . That’s the way it is . ”

 “Yes, I know what you mean, Sir Rhode . ”

 Bryan let out an inward sigh of relief . However, he sized up the emotionless man before him carefully while organizing his wordings .

 Rhode wasn’t aware that there were lots of rumors about him in the Eastern Plains . It was mainly because the Land of Atonement had recently fought to the death with the Undead Creatures, which made the Eastern Plains sympathize with them . In the past, the reason why the Eastern Plains performed extraordinarily well in the Munn Kingdom was due to their reserved personality . Another reason was that they didn’t have much to interact with other regions . The people of the Eastern Plains faced threats from the Undead Creatures everyday . But even though the other territories had troubles of their own, they were merely trivialities .

 On the contrary, Grenbell emerged as a new force to be reckoned with, which moved the Eastern Plains . They didn’t mock Grenbell for having a small population unlike other territories because population didn’t matter to the Eastern Plains . On the other hand, Rhode’s success in defeating the Undead Army was what sparked an interest in them, which led to the Eastern Plains purchasing the Holy Maiden Statues thereafter . They weren’t proud over the fact that they held years of experience in dealing with the Undead Army . Instead, they saw how effective the Holy Maiden Statues were in dramatically decreasing the threats of the Undead Army . Rhode had initially decided to prioritize other regions over the Eastern Plains, but he might as well hand the Holy Maiden Statues to the Eastern Plains earlier with Sovann’s matter on hand .

 After gaining the Holy Maiden Statues, the pressure on the Eastern Plains’ battlefront alleviated instantly, which was also why the elders had the time to recruit forces in regaining the Falcon Peak . After the Holy Maiden Statues unleashed their formidable strength in the battlefront, Rhode’s name was spread even wider . Moreover, there had always been a rumor from the outside world about Rhode being born in the Eastern Plains . This speculation caused great waves and many wondered where he was born exactly . How was it possible that they had never heard of his name? Many people in the Eastern Plains were interested in him, especially after the eye-catching things he did . No matter the Midsummer Festival or Dragon Soul Ceremony, he had displayed an imposing side of him . This was what the Eastern Plains admired him the most . If Rhode had truly earned a name for himself, it would also be bringing glory to them!

 Due to these reasons, Rhode was actually rather popular in the Eastern Plains . However, as this territory was relatively enclosed, he wasn’t aware of the thoughts that the people had about him .

 Therefore, after witnessing Bryan’s baffled expression upon hearing his name, Rhode didn’t take it to heart . On the other hand, Bryan felt rather confused . He knew about Rhode’s big name, but couldn’t figure out why he had come to the Eastern Plains .

 “If I may ask, Sir Rhode, do you have… something on for coming to the Eastern Plains?”

 “Yes . ”

 Rhode nodded, looked at Christie beside him, and caressed her long hair gently .

 “The main reason that I came here is to treat my… hmm… younger sister, Christie . I suppose you can see that she’s feeling quite unwell now . I know the Eastern Plains has tons of unique herbs and spiritual techniques, so I came to try my luck . Since Sovann is my subordinate and has something to attend to, I came along and gave him some help . ”

 What Rhode said was mostly true . He didn’t clarify or explain that he was born in the Eastern Plains, which made it easier for him to resolve any future problems .

 “I see…”

 Bryan nodded and looked at Christie . It seemed that he trusted Rhode’s words . After all, Christie indeed didn’t look like a lively and healthy little girl . There were indeed plenty of herbs and spells unique to the Eastern Plains that could strengthen one’s constitution, which was why Rhode wasn’t wrong in saying so . However, Bryan wouldn’t simply believe that an overlord would come all the way here for this reason…

 In the end, Bryan and Rhode exchanged pleasantries and the former left . After all, this matter was too important . It was tough to not suspect the cause of the visit for Rhode, as the overlord of Grenbell, to come to the Eastern Plains without announcing his visit . Moreover, Sovann was also implicated in the situation and they were heading into the Falcon Peak…

 Thereafter, everyone returned to their rooms and this was also why Rhode requested for four guest rooms . Lize and Christie would spend the night together . With Lize’s meticulous care, Rhode was assured that Christie would be in safe hands . In the other room, Anne and Nell stayed together . Even though Anne protested, Rhode didn’t budge because he knew that she just wanted to sleep with him .

 According to this arrangement, Rhode should also be sharing a room with Sovann . However, he had no intention of sharing a room with a man since he wasn’t penniless . Therefore, Sovann also had a room to himself .

 Almost everyone slept peacefully throughout the night and no Undead Creatures came knocking on their doors .

 Sovann laid on his bed and stared at the ceiling, gritting his teeth . His thoughts were in a mess . Before returning to the Eastern Plains, he didn’t consider the state of the Falcon Peak too much . He thought that the Eastern Plains was in a chaotic mess and the big figures in the battlefront wouldn’t have the time to be concerned about the Falcon Peak . In fact, he wasn’t wrong to have such thoughts because earlier on, he had also requested for assistance from the battlefront when the Undead Creatures attacked their homes . But back then, the battlefront was fully occupied by the enemies and couldn’t send reinforcements, so the Battle Mage Group eventually had no choice but to flee . When he finally thought that he found a new source of life in the Land of Atonement, the Eastern Plains became available to deal with the Falcon Peak .

 Of course, Sovann didn’t expect that the Eastern Plains would be free to deal with the Falcon Peak due to the Holy Maiden Statues that Rhode delivered to them . The reason why Rhode delivered the Holy Maiden Statues in advance was due to Sovann and his group retreating to the Land of Atonement… Even if everything restarted, the Battle Mage Group still wouldn’t stand a chance .

 However, this wasn’t the problem that Sovann was troubled with . Instead, after hearing Bryan’s words, a thought emerged in his head .

 Since one can gain authority over the Falcon Peak after defeating the Undead Creatures, why can’t we snatch it back ourselves? That’s our territory to begin with… But I promised my loyalty to Sir Overlord . If I do that… But… the Falcon Peak is so important to the Battle Mage Group…

 The more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t fall asleep .

 The next morning .

 Everyone looked refreshed when they gathered around the hall . Although the facilities looked rather usual, Lize and the others had a comfortable rest, where even Christie looked much better than yesterday . On the other hand, the dark eye circles around Sovann’s eyes showed how little rest he had gotten .

 Rhode gazed at Sovann in silence . After Bryan mentioned the situation of the Falcon Peak, Rhode knew that Sovann would be troubled . However, he wasn’t particularly worried because he was confident of the situation .

 To put it bluntly, even if Sovann and the Battle Mage Group wished to return, the Eastern Plains wouldn’t welcome them .

 As expected, the young man named Bryan turned up at the inn as everyone was having breakfast . But unlike yesterday night, there were a few other people who were dressed luxuriously—but, the problem was that…

 “Miss Gaya…”

 Rhode gazed at the young lady who stared coldly at him and instantly felt a headache . He had never expected to meet such a troublesome person in the Eastern Plains so soon .

 “What are you doing here?”

 “I just came back from vacation and happen to hear that you’re here . So, I just came to say hello to you, Mr . Rhode . ”

 Gaya held the harp in her arms and gazed silently at Rhode . Her black pupils glinted in a peaceful, mysterious smile .

 “Oh . By the way, I’m in charge of leading the attack on the Falcon Peak . ”

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