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Chapter 806

It was already dusk after Rhode’s group arrived at Bamboo Leaf Town . Along the way they met militias from Bamboo Leaf Town rushing toward the thick smoke . However, they were relieved after realizing that Rhode’s group had rescued them . As a way to express their gratitude, they guided them into Bamboo Leaf Town . Rhode knew that the Eastern Plains had a confined society, which made it harder for outsiders to blend in . The locals also weren’t as willing to reveal matters or accept assistance from the outsiders . However, it was another matter to be guided by the locals and Rhode gladly accepted their offer .

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 Even though Lize and Anne had seen all kinds of conditions and customs as mercenaries, this town still surprised them greatly because most of their houses weren’t constructed with stones and logs . Instead, they were built from the bamboo they had seen along the way .

 They couldn’t understand why these light, slim, fragile-looking things could be used to build houses . Weren’t they afraid that the houses would fall to gales? Moreover, how could the people survive in it during winter? Wouldn’t they freeze to death?

 After entering the Bamboo Leaf Town, most of the militias provided the group of people who Rhode had rescued with chariots and they eventually decided to leave the Eastern Plains . After all, the battles were endless and no one knew how long they would last . Besides, the ambush that they met today further solidified their decision to leave the Eastern Plains . Since that was the case, Rhode wouldn’t stand on ceremony anymore… He warmly recommended the Land of Atonement to them and guaranteed that even though it didn’t have scenery as enchanting as the Eastern Plains, the territory there was safe and required manpower where stable jobs were readily available . However, if they were to head into other places, there might be issues with overpopulation and discrimination . Moreover, it wouldn’t be easy to search for jobs to make a living . Rhode also reminded them that if they lived comfortably in the Land of Atonement, they could also inform their friends and relatives to seek shelter there if needed… If others were to hear this from Rhode, perhaps he would have been chased out of the Eastern Plains .

 But Rhode’s ‘sales plan’ was rather effective and the group of people considered his proposal . After all, they had also heard the rumors about the Land of Atonement annihilating the Undead Army continuously and twice—even though the Eastern Plains was relatively remote and unconcerned about many matters, they were still sensitive toward matters like defeating the Undead Creatures . If the Eastern Plains wasn’t aware of Rhode’s Land of Atonement defeating the Undead Army twice, it wouldn’t be due to the Eastern Plains standing aloof from worldly affairs . Instead, it would be more like they had sealed themselves off entirely .

 This made Rhode rather proud .

 It seems like even if I didn’t transmigrate into this world, this mouth of mine might be capable enough to make me a property sales manager or something . I would then drive my girlfriend in my BMW… Yes, but now isn’t the time for that .

 Thereafter, Rhode’s group was led into an inn surrounded by streams . Similar to the houses in Bamboo Leaf Town, this three-story inn was also made with bamboo as the main construction material . However, Lize and the others were glad that cement and logs were also part of the construction . If not, they would constantly be up on their toes, doubting if this residence would collapse anytime .

 This inn was built with an exquisite structure with clear streams flowing from the nearby mountains around its circumference . The guest rooms were connected by bamboo and logs and suspended above the streams, forming a perfect circular shape around the calm pond behind the inn . There was also a spacious courtyard to park the chariots and a stable nearby . The place seemed perfectly equipped and was relatively beautiful, brimming with a picturesque charm .

 However, a small episode happened before the group entered the inn . After Anne stepped onto the bamboo stairs, she randomly jumped a few times on it . Of course, there wouldn’t be much of a problem if only Anne jumped on it . However, she was also carrying an almost 300kg steel shield on her back! Although the weight didn’t pose a problem to Anne, it didn’t mean that others weren’t concerned .

 However, it seemed that the building was well-constructed . Even though the stairs didn’t crumble, they sank in a little and shook the footing of Christie and Lize as though they were about to fall . Rhode let out a cough and the excited Anne obediently behaved herself .

 Sovann was baffled at this sight .

 Strictly speaking, Sovann had only become Rhode’s man for less than one week . Even though he heard about the glorious achievements of Marlene, Anne, and Lize, he didn’t personally witness them and wasn’t fully convinced . This was the same for most powerful figures . They didn’t believe in rumors and were more willing to believe what they saw . Moreover, the three young ladies were also so young . Even mercenaries like Joey and Randolf were still newbies about a year ago . Although they had grown a lot throughout the year, they couldn’t possibly turn into veterans just like that . Compared to them, the Battle Mages had fought against the Undead Creatures for decades . With such strength and qualities, Sovann indeed held the rights to doubt the young humans . After all, there were plenty of outstanding young people in the Eastern Plains, where even the random refugees Rhode met along the way were between level 25 to 30 . Therefore, Sovann didn’t hold too many expectations for the so-called talents in the outside world having grown up in the Eastern Plains…

 However, after the previous battle, Sovann realized that he was wrong . These people were much stronger than what the rumors described!

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 Taking Anne for instance: Sovann didn’t expect that this slender and elegant young lady would turn into a wild animal in battle . When he witnessed her brandishing her shield to smash the charging Death Knight away, his jaw almost dropped to the ground . He had fought with the Undead Creatures for more than a decade and knew clearly how strong the Death Knights’ assaults were, where even the Battle Mages didn’t dare to resist head-on . If he didn’t witness this battle, perhaps he wouldn’t have believed that anyone could resist the Death Knights’ assault . But now…

 Not only did Anne perform impressively, but Nell’s showing also sent chills down his spine . Sovann had never interacted with an Elf . Moreover, Nell was habitually silent and rarely communicated with people other than Rhode . There were many times that Nell’s presence was non-existent, but what stunned him the most was her abilities .

 Earlier on, before Nell reported to Rhode, Sovann didn’t sense her presence at all . If she didn’t speak, perhaps Sovann wouldn’t have known that someone was standing in front of him . This was exceptionally dangerous for Sovann who had transcended into the Intermediate Master Stage . Furthermore, Nell seemed to be familiar in dealing with the Undead Creatures, especially the Necromancer . What shocked Sovann the most was that judging from her skills, she seemed to be an assassin?!

 Do Elves even become assassins?

 Sovann thought that the reason why Rhode wished to rebuild the Battle Mage Group for him was because he valued their formidable strength and this made him rather proud . But now, he realized that he was so wrong… The strength of the people around Rhode wasn’t inferior to his group’s and could even be said to be stronger . The Battle Mage Group was considered a formidable group in the Eastern Plains . Sovann was capable enough to be a vice leader which proved his capabilities . However, the young ladies around Rhode were even stronger than him…

 As for Lize, even though she only attacked once in the battle, Sovann knew clearly that she was capable of dealing with everything here since Rhode had appointed her for this adventure .

 After Rhode’s group entered the inn, everyone except Sovann immediately garnered a lot of attention . After all, he was one of them in the Eastern Plains . On the other hand, they had never seen these fresh faces, not to mention that Lize, Anne, Nell, and Christie possessed extraordinary qualities and beautiful appearances that were pleasing to their eyes . Of course, Rhode wasn’t exempted either…

However, everyone merely looked and didn’t stir any trouble . As the Eastern Plains was a relatively confined region, its people were also much more conservative . Cases where men whistled at the sight of beautiful women in the bar were rarely seen here . Furthermore, Bamboo Leaf Town was a hub for communications to the outside world, so outsiders weren’t entirely rare in this place .

 “Greetings, would you like to order something?”

 The boss greeted with a grin across his face . With his years of experience, he instantly recognized that Rhode was the leader of the pack and began to introduce the menu warmly .

 “We have lots of delicious delicacies that I’m sure will fulfill all your taste buds . Besides, it is the late winter season now, so we have first-rate berry mead to keep you warm…”

 “Get us something light and less oily . I’ll leave the rest for you to decide . Give me five of each order and we need four of your best guest rooms . You know what to do . ”

 Rhode interrupted and tossed a diamond into the boss’s hands . The latter squinted at it and after ensuring that it was the real deal, he knew that he was in luck!

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 “Yes, Sir . I’ll get ready for you right away… But…”

 He gazed at the people around Rhode and lowered his voice .

 “Will five of each order… Be too much?”

 “I’m afraid that it won’t be enough . ”


 “Nothing . ”

 Rhode answered and swept a glance at Anne who scanned the decorations of the inn curiously . What pained Rhode the most was his wallet whenever he brought Anne out on adventures because she could finish whatever was presented on the table… Sigh . How tough would it be if one had a girlfriend with such a huge appetite? Moreover, she didn’t seem to get fat despite all the food that she devoured . Sometimes, Rhode couldn’t help but feel curious whenever he looked at her slim figure .

 This little brat eats so much each meal . Where do all the nutrients go?

 Rhode rubbed his hands .

 Hmmm, I guess they all went into her chest .

 In the late winter season, there weren’t too many outside visitors in the Eastern Plains, with only some locals having conversation over beers . The inn boss attentively assigned a relatively quiet corner by the warm fireside with windows displaying a lovely view . Lize and the others thought that cold winds would leak through this bamboo-made building, but it seemed that this strange establishment wasn’t any worse than the buildings that they were used to seeing .

 After rushing for an entire day, the group felt rather exhausted . They simply hoped to savor warm, delicious food by the fireside soon . Lize and Anne let out sighs of relief while Nell sat quietly beside them in a shadow that concealed her expression .

 “Christie, how are you feeling?”

 Rhode sat beside her and asked softly . At this moment, Christie had already taken off her purple cloak . A slight blush could be seen spreading across her pale complexion . She took short breaths and sweat had formed on her forehead . She seemed exhausted, but in fact, everyone basically rode their horses apart from the battle and yet, it seemed like Christie had just returned from a marathon .

 This went to show how weak her body was and why Rhode wasn’t willing to bring her along .

 “I’m… fine… Rhode…”

 Christie looked up and presented an adorable smile . Rhode gazed at her in silence and gently combed her hair with his fingers . In fact, Rhode didn’t know why this mission involved Christie . Moreover, he wasn’t sure when the other ‘Christie’ would appear . Would everything be fine for this little girl to run around like this?

 “Excuse me, may I know what’s your purpose of visiting the Eastern Plains?”

 The inn boss asked curiously . In fact, he was also curious because Anne was dressed up as a mercenary while Rhode and Christie were clad in noble attire . Besides, there was still an Elf… The inn boss had to admit that in his years of work, he rarely saw such a strange combination . Rhode didn’t answer him . Instead, he gazed at the inn boss and asked .

 “I’ve previously heard that the Eastern Plains is recruiting forces to regain the Falcon Peak . Is this true?”

 “You’re right about that . ”

 The inn boss nodded hurriedly and his plump, smiling face sulked .

 “Sigh . Frankly speaking, ever since the Falcon Peak fell into the hands of the Undead Army, the rear of the Eastern Plains hasn’t been peaceful . I guess you’ve seen it for yourself today . Normally, the Undead Creatures wouldn’t even be here at all . But now… The elders are discontented and recruiting forces everywhere they can just for the sake of regaining the Falcon Peak . ”

 “How’s the progress?”

 This piqued Rhode’s curiosity and he asked .

 “Still alright, I suppose . To be honest, Sir, the strength of our people in the Eastern Plains is rather strong . The damn skeletons have fought with us for years and never gained the upper hand . I heard that people from various places have applied to head into the Falcon Peak and defeat the Undead Creatures… Sigh . I don’t know what the Battle Mage Group was doing . How did they lose the Falcon Peak…”

 Sovann turned awkward after hearing his complaints . However, no one noticed because he sat in the corner . Rhode swept a glance at him, but had no intention of speaking up for him .

 “We’re interested in this matter, Boss . Do you have any ways to introduce us to them?”

 “You want to join in the battle at Falcon Peak?”

 The inn boss widened his eyes . He puckered his brows and gazed at Lize, Anne, and Christie . His gaze fixed on Christie for a few seconds before answering hesitantly .

 “This… isn’t too good, Sir . The Undead Creatures are dangerous . These young ladies will…”

 “I hope you can contact them for me . ”

 Rhode interrupted and the inn boss nodded hurriedly upon sensing the change in Rhode’s tone and left quickly to prepare dinner .

 After a few moments, piping-hot food was delivered to them . Rhode had to admit that it was indeed tasty and not oily . Anne was delighted to dig in while the food was to Lize and Christie’s likings . Nell isolated herself, ate some fruit, and consumed some water . However, the others didn’t take it to heart because they knew that this was the Elves’ habit .

 At this moment, a tall, slim young man clad in armor came to their table .

 “Greetings, I heard that you’re interested in joining the Falcon Peak battle?”

 “That’s right . You are…”

 Rhode turned around and scanned the young man . But before he completed his sentence, Sovann stood up abruptly and stared at him .

 “Are you… Bryan?”

 The young man gazed dubiously at Sovann . Then, he puckered his brows as though recalling something . After a few moments, he exclaimed .

 “Big Brother?!”

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