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Chapter 795

This plan was so bold for Rhode that he felt agitated whenever he thought about it . Even though he had led the players in annihilate almost everything in existence, the victims were only unimportant external forces . Of course, that had nothing to do with the players’ mentality . After all, they were just passing travelers of this world and didn’t care about the destruction of nations as long as they were satisfied . They didn’t realize that their moment of folly had led to the breaking up of families and spreading of flames that destroyed homes and livelihoods .

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 After all, the victims were only NPCs and there were limits to how much emotions the players engrossed themselves in the game .

 However, after transmigrating to this world, Rhode realized that the people around him weren’t as detached as the players . Therefore, his previous measures wouldn’t work here . He had been seeking a breakthrough from the restraint of this world and used the rules to search for a path that led to his goal . He finally found it now .

 “Y-Your Majesty, what did you say?”

 The Light Parliament’s representative gazed blankly at the little girl .

 “I want to head into the Munn Kingdom and discuss with Her Royal Highness Lydia about reinforcement problems . ”

 Lilian sat on the chair and looked at the ashen man before her . At this moment, she was no longer as panicky and helpless as she was with Rhode . Instead, she put up a calm and confident expression .

 “The Undead Army is overbearing and from what I observed, we will still have a hard time dealing with them . As a result, I want to discuss with Her Royal Highness Lydia, with hopes to mobilize troops from the Munn Kingdom to provide reinforcements . This way, we can gather our forces in preparation for threats . ”

 Even though Lilian was childish in mentality, she wasn’t entirely without talent as a ruler . Although she was as though a decoration to the throne, she received an education from the Archangel and was brought up as the Dragon Soul Heir, after all .

 However, no one was concerned about what she said . Instead, it was the way she made her statement . Ever since she announced that she was heading into the battlefront to check on the situation, the Light Parliament heard the warning bells where Lilian would officially regain her authority . Such rumors had spread among the people, especially after the Country of Light’s army was continually defeated and had to rely on the Battle Angel Army . The Light Parliament realized that many people had grown doubts about their capability and even grumbled that they were nothing more than a group of worthless trash and the situation would be better off if the Light Dragon Soul led the Country of Light . Even though the Country of Darkness was under the dictatorship, they were strong, after all . So even if the Country of Light was also ruled by a dictator, they would at least be able to defend against the terrifying Undead Army!

 Of course, such voices were minimal in the Country of Light . Instead, they were loud in regions affected by the war, among refugees and radicals who couldn’t stand defeat in war . The Light Parliament was an expert in manipulating public opinion and naturally understood what would result from this . The freedom and glory of humans were all false . When one faced the butcher’s knife, one wouldn’t care who was the ones rescuing one as long as they could be safe . So what if it was a dictator? If the Battle Angel Army and Light Dragon could defeat the Undead Army, who would be concerned about the so-called freedom and independence that humans sought after?

 The Light Parliament knew that what everything they built was established on and as long as that foundation crumbled, they would be done for . Even though the Munn Kingdom was a wealthy nation, their people didn’t have freedom and such prosperity was only an illusion . If the Munn Kingdom’s proud economy was destroyed, social unrest would surely erupt . The Light Parliament made a solemn vow that the Country of Light’s people would follow continue to follow them loyally for the sake of freedom no matter how poor they were .

 Of course, only the heavens knew if the Light Parliament thought about it the same way .

 The Light Parliament wouldn’t be this afraid if it were only the rumors among the people and the change in opinions brought along from performances from the Battle Angels . What they were afraid about was Lilian taking action . Previously, Lilian held similar thoughts which frightened them . Thereafter, they realized that their control over Lilian was rather successful—at least in Casabianca, where she would be alone and helpless without Boulder and Serene’s support . In the past, there were political forces that supported the Light Dragon . However, there were none now because they were viewed as supporting authoritarianism after they expressed their views . Thereafter, there was no more place of belonging for these forces among the nobles and political members of Casabianca, while Lilian couldn’t cause any uproar with the less-than-10 Battle Angel guards .

 However, the Light Parliament was nervous after Lilian decided to head into the battlefront for investigation . They were worried that she would influence the people and win them over, but they couldn’t possibly disallow her . As a result, they could only agree to her request…

 It seemed like whatever they feared kept coming for them!

 “Y-Your Majesty, I don’t think this is a good idea…”

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 The Light Parliament’s representative said with a pale expression while cold sweat filled his back . Even though the Light Parliament basically disregarded her presence, that was in Casabianca where it was their home turf, after all . They were currently in the border region where the Light Parliament held little to no influence .

 “It is an extremely crucial matter to request for the Munn Kingdom to mobilize their troops . I think you should return to Casabianca and discuss it over with the Light Parliament…”

 They couldn’t decide on this matter, so the representative might as well kick the ball back to Casabianca and leave the headache to his superiors! However, Lilian’s next statement caused the temperature in the room to fall below negative .

 “Why must I discuss it with the Light Parliament?”

 Everyone widened their eyes in disbelief . Even though the fireplace was surging in flames and warm heat formed a layer of fog over the window pane, everyone felt as though they were standing barefoot on ice—a bone-piercing chill struck their soles and rushed all the way into their heads!

Oh lord, this can’t be…

 “I think my idea is great . ”

 Lilian almost chuckled at the sight of their pale expressions . In the past, they disregarded her entirely and made her feel discontent . But as an obedient child and the Light Dragon, she could only tolerate without grumbling . But now, she was joyful over how she scared them with this little revenge of hers . In the past, she definitely wouldn’t dare to utter a word because the Light Parliament would reprimand her as no one stood up for her . She was like a little child who was often chided by the adults and no one consoled her for it . As time passed, she had learned to listen obediently and not retort . But now, she realized that she wasn’t alone anymore . She let go of all restrictions after knowing that someone was willing to support her .

 Even the most obedient child would be rebellious at times .

 “Didn’t the alliance do well this time? We defeated the Undead Army with Earl Rhode’s help, so why can’t we work with them again?”

 “B-But, Your Majesty…”

 The representative swallowed a gulp of saliva .

 “This… This requires the Light Parliament’s… Besides, this is between the two countries…”

 “I don’t think there are any problems, are there?”

 Lilian stooped forward a little and felt that this was fun . However, in the eyes of the Light Parliament, the reason why she behaved this way was perhaps because she was looking to regain her authority . In fact, she only wanted to give them a hard time because she knew that they would definitely oppose . But now, she was no longer afraid . Why wouldn’t she behave more impudently since she had this chance?

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 “I’ve already made up my mind . ”

 LIlian interrupted coldly . She tried hard to put up a solemn expression and smacked her tiny palm on the chair handle . The resounding impact shook everyone .

 “That’s all for this meeting . ”

 No one opposed her and they immediately left the room to report this situation to the Light Parliament! However, this wasn’t because of their obedience . Instead, they were entirely frightened! No one had ever thought that this well-behaved girl in Casabianca showed this unyielding side of hers! They were at a loss for words and at their wits’ ends!

 Through the magical communications, this piece of news was swiftly presented to the Light Parliament in Casabianca .

 Members of the Light Parliament had the same reaction as those people—frightened!

 They guessed that Lilian had her own plans for going to the Winter Castle . Back then, they thought nothing much about it like a strict, scary father who finally allowed his daughter to go for a date and at most give a kiss to a man . But they didn’t expect her to elope with him in just one meeting!

 After coming to their senses, the Light Parliament was infuriated and panicked . Earlier on, Lilian’s actions left them feeling ill at ease and she was going to request for troop assistance from other nations now? Moreover, she would be speaking to Lydia directly without discussing it with the Light Parliament?

 Is there still justice?

 Is there still law?

 Does she even respect the Light Parliament that represents the voice of the Country of Light’s people?

 “T-This is ridiculous!”

 One of the parliament members slammed the table . However, his pale expression showed that he was more fearful than angry .

 “How can she do this! She is disregarding our authority!”

 “I thought it was strange when she said she wanted to head to the battlefront . Now it seems like there is indeed something fishy!”

 “Maybe Lydia was the one who arranged this . She must have already had this intention back in the Dragon Soul Ceremony! I didn’t expect them to take action so soon!”

 “This is too much . The Country of Light is in such a crisis and yet she stirs up trouble for the sake of authority!”

 It seems like the Light Parliament knew themselves clearly .

At this moment, a deep voice interrupted .

 “Shut up!”

 The elderly chairman stood up and gazed at everyone . His term of office would be ending in less than half a year, but he showed his unprecedented abilities during this period . He had become much tougher than the yes-man he used to be .

 “Now isn’t the time for grumbles and blames . Her Majesty has made up her mind and doesn’t need our permission anymore . Everyone, what you’re doing now is wasting your saliva . Think of a way to resolve this problem instead!”

 The elderly chairman sat down, crossed his arms, and glared at everyone . Many parliament members turned to avoid his gaze subconsciously . In fact, they couldn’t come up with any great ideas, which was why they criticized and complained . They had to admit that this move from Lilian caught everyone by surprise .

 “We can request the military to escort her back! Then we can discuss this problem!”

 One of the parliament members suggested . But judging from his teeth-gritting expression, the ‘escort’ didn’t consist of only ‘escort’ . But, shortly after, someone opposed his idea .

 “But who is gonna do it? According to the report, Her Majesty seems to be determined about her decision! What if she refuses? Don’t forget . It is the alliance in the Winter Castle and not our troops . How should we manage the situation if things were to happen?”

That was indeed an issue . If the Light Parliament sent their troops to ‘escort’ Lilian back, the damage to the Light Parliament would be lethal if Lilian were to be unhappy . The reason why the Light Parliament could do whatever they pleased was because the entire Light Mainland was under the protection of the Light Dragon . The Light Dragon resided in the Country of Light while Light Parliament was the representative of the Country of Light… Who are you gonna listen to apart from me?

 But now, if people were aware that they were on bad terms with the Light Dragon and they had even used such means on her, they couldn’t guarantee that the anti-parliament forces wouldn’t seize this chance to cause trouble…

 “But… Do we just let her go to the Munn Kingdom? Lydia is a tricky person . If she mixes around with Her Majesty… What if… Her Majesty decides to stay in the Munn Kingdom?”

 “I think… We should approve her decision and let her discuss whatever she wants with Lydia . Anyway, we will just disagree resolutely after she returns!”

 “But what if that woman takes action right after her discussion with Her Majesty? She can receive Her Majesty’s permission and directly send out troops to the Country of Light!”


 The parliament members knitted their brows and couldn’t come up with any ideas . This move from Lilian had exceeded their expectations . Besides, no one could feel relieved under this circumstance, not to mention the still ongoing threats from the Undead Army . .

At this moment, a middle-aged man who wore a straight, black formal shirt stood to his feet . His glossy hair was combed back neatly . Although he had a rather long face, his tiny pair of eyes was filled with an inspiring glint . The wrinkles on his forehead and corners of his eyes made him look frail . However, the tight, pursed up lips gave him an imposing presence .

 “I think that it’s fine to let Her Majesty head to the Munn Kingdom . ”

 “Sir Nakvard?”

 Everyone gazed at him in astonishment .


 “Since Her Majesty has this desire, it isn’t nice of us to stop her . ”

 Nakvard continued .

 “But for the safety of the Country of Light, we can’t just let this matter go to rest . I think that we should send a representative to accompany Her Majesty into the Munn Kingdom . After all, Her Majesty is still a child and there will be complicated matters that require thoughtful consideration . So the representative can provide her with suggestions and opinions in order to ensure that we reach a resolution that is beneficial for both parties . ”

 That’s right!

 Everyone’s eyes glinted with hope . It seemed that this suggestion was great . No matter what, Lilian’s suggestion would concern the Country of Light . So, as the representative of the Country of Light’s people, the Light Parliament held the responsibility to join in the discussions, didn’t they? This way, not only could the monitor Lilian, but could also stop her from reaching an agreement with Lydia that benefited her! Moreover, it wouldn’t be nice of Lilian to refuse their company! This was a wonderful idea! Not only could they resolve this crisis, but they could turn passive to active and control the situation to a certain extent!

Shortly after, the Light Parliament came to a consensus . The elderly chairman remained in silence, sat back on the chair, and gazed at the high-spirited Nakvard… It seems like he will be one of the candidates to take over my position next year .

 The discussion between the parliament members had gotten much smoother after confirming their decisions . But there was still a crucial problem to resolve .

 And that was… Who was going to accompany Lilian into the Munn Kingdom?

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