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Chapter 788

The Necromancer was stunned by Rhode’s ambush . In order to control the situation, the Necromancer ordered his troops by the rear to push forward . In fact, he didn’t have any other choice . The holy spears were too powerful and his army couldn’t retreat even if they wished to . He also sensed the suppressing effects of the enchanted field and naturally understood how weak his army was right now . Instead of being annihilated while retreating, he might as well use this chance to retaliate . If they could break through the northern battlefront, perhaps he could take down the legendary artifacts, which would be a huge achievement because no one had done so yet .

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 The Necromancer was aware that he had been had . But he had no other choices left and could only stake it all on one throw .

 However, he didn’t expect that Rhode would counterattack at such a quick pace—the Necromancer witnessed his cannon fodder burning in flames and a string of flames blasted toward him shortly after like an ignited detonation line . In the blink of an eye, he realized that Rhode was within his line of sight .

 The Necromancer turned around and fled instantly, at the same time casting undead spells on Rhode and his men to slow their pace . However, he didn’t expect that the attacks would be completely useless . As soon as he sensed that the situation was far from good, Gillian released a scorching beam of flames toward him . The Necromancer had no other others . He gritted his teeth and summoned the bone shield before him to resist her attack .

 However, he instantly realized that he had made a wrong move as soon as he got into contact with the flames . Gillian’s flames weren’t any ordinary spell as they were a force coalesced from pure fire element! This proved that she didn’t require any means and could freely manipulate the fire element!

 The humans have a fire elemental lord among them!

 This discovery scared the Necromancer out of his wits . If he knew this earlier, he wouldn’t have launched his attacks at all . However, it was too late for regrets . All he could do was to grit his teeth and escape . He had no plans to save his 30,000 regular troops anymore .

 They have the support of legendary artifacts and a fire elemental lord . I’m doomed . I should flee!

 The menacing flames dispersed the bone shield and engulfed the Necromancer . However, all he saw next was a dazzling silver radiance .

 Without any resistance, Rhode’s holy blade penetrated his skull and sacred flames erupted . In an instant, they devoured the Necromancer and all he could do was to stretch out his arm helplessly . Then,het fell to the ground lifelessly like a ragged building block .

 The difference in their strength was too huge . Rhode swept a glance to the Necromancer who was burning into ashes . He swung his blade and gave a firm order .

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 “Attack . ”

 The Magma Guards’ bodies instantly erupted and surged with blistering scarlet flames . Then, they pounded on the Undead Creatures before them .

 The Undead Army shivered .

 Andre brandished his blade and swept across a dozen Skeleton soldiers who had climbed over the walls . He sensed that after the enchanted field had activated, the enemies were much easier to deal with now . Even though he detested Rhode, he had to admit that the legendary artifacts were indeed effective . If it weren’t for them, perhaps they wouldn’t have resisted the enemies . Just a few moments ago, Andre thought that he was doomed . However, the situation took a turn after the Holy Maiden Statues were activated and the enchanted field enveloped the entire Winter Castle . This boosted the morales of the soldiers after they witnessed the enemies shattered into bits by their blades . At this moment, Andre heard a panicky scream .


 “What’s the matter?!”

 Andre clutched the Neptune’s Sigh in his hands and slashed forward—an ice pillar rose from the ground and struck the Skeleton soldiers and Death Knights away . Then, he turned to the adjutant .

 “The Undead Army’s aggression seems to be rather chaotic at the moment . General Colin thinks that we should seize this chance to retreat and regroup our forces…”

 “Tch . ”

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 Andre let out a grunt . He knew what General Colin was plotting . In fact, General Colin had already harbored such thoughts earlier on . However, as the Undead Army was too aggressive like crashing waves, they had no choice but to hang on with what they had . But now, the enemies had been weakened and General Colin seemed to be making moves again . To retreat and regroup were only excuses while fleeing was his true motive . In fact, this wasn’t surprising to Andre because the southern battlefront was supported by Rhode . On the other hand, even though the northern battlefront was led by the Light Parliament, Andre was clear that the militants weren’t united unanimously . The situation had become even more apparent now . Although the Undead Army was weakened by the enchanted field, the soldiers on the battlefront also suffered grave losses, where the remaining soldiers could only hang on with all their might and would fall sooner or later . Even though the Holy Maiden Statues’ holy spears eliminated plenty of Undead Creatures, those that were removed were from the rear and it didn’t alleviate the situation by the front—considering the grudge between Rhode and the Light Parliament, this wasn’t too astonishing .

 If the northern battlefront had a commander who everyone respected and was capable of controlling the chaotic situation, perhaps the situation wouldn’t be this terrible . But the problem now was that there wasn’t any camaraderie between the soldiers here and in addition to the continuous failures, the Light Parliament’s prestige had fallen greatly . As one of the members, Andre understood this point clearly . This alliance wasn’t united at all . Therefore, they instantly revealed their true selves in the face of the Undead Army, just like how General Colin asked to retreat… Without a commander who could convince the masses, the alliance was tossed about by the wind and rain .

 Andre once hoped that he could be the commander of this alliance because he was capable enough . But his failure in the Dragon Soul Ceremony caused him to lose his authority . Therefore, all he could do now was to lead a small team and defend against the Undead Army . He couldn’t and wouldn’t back down . This was his only chance to start afresh . He had to succeed for his fallen companions!

 But if this continued, they wouldn’t be able to repel the enemies .

 No wonder the others wished to retreat .

 But… Andre looked ahead . The Undead Creatures continuously climbed over the walls and launched their attacks . Thousands of enemy corpses had piled up by the foot of the city walls that was as tall as the city walls . The other Undead Creatures could even step on the ‘hill’ of corpses and ascend into the city walls directly . The reason why they could hang on was because they were located advantageously above . They would descend the city walls if they were pushed back . When that happened… Could they still escape?

 Andre imagined that if they retreated like what General Colin said, the Undead Creatures would swarm forward and devour everyone completely!

 Andre turned back instinctively . Then, his pupils shrunk abruptly .

 What is that?!

 Andre realized that rows of soldiers had lined a distance behind them . The soldiers gazed at the city walls in silence, holding torches, shields, and swords .

 Who exactly are they? Reinforcements? If they are reinforcements, why are they standing by the rear?

 Andre remembered clearly that there weren’t any soldiers there before the battle started .

 Could they be reinforcements from the southern battlefront? That shouldn’t be . If they are, why don’t they support us instead of enjoying the show from the rear? Could it be…

 Andre shifted his gaze to the fluttering flag above them and shrieked inwardly . Yes, it was the flag of the southern battlefront! This proved that they were the soldiers of that man and didn’t seem to have the intentions of providing support . This meant that…

 “Tell Colin to check the situation behind us . If he isn’t afraid of death, he can back down anytime! I will not retreat . I will stay here until the end! Order everyone to defend the battlefront!”

 Andre ordered his adjutant without turning around . Then, he raised his sword and darted forward while one of the pitch-black Death Knight also leaped and brandished his sword .


 Their blades clashed .

 Even though the Undead Army continued to attack, they weren’t as uniform as before because they had lost their commander . It was especially so for the cannon fodders that didn’t possess any intelligence after being awakened into battle . Normally, they would require at least three months before developing basic intelligence and anytime before that, they were as though puppets driven by spiritual energy and required someone to control . The death of the Necromancer instantly turned them into headless mosquitoes that attacked instinctively . Not only that, but some of the Undead Creatures also attacked their fellow beings—this was another reason why the pressure on the northern battlefront was alleviated .

 At this moment, the 5000 Magma Guards impelled rapidly .

 They didn’t gather as a whole . Instead, they lined up into rows and trapped the enemies . Anne was like a wild tornado that drew everyone into it and those who resisted were shredded into bits by the wind element . On the contrary, Gillian released her fire elemental halo which expanded and devoured everything within its path .

 The flames surged on the battlefield as the Magma Guards strode forward in large strides toward the Undead Creatures . They brandished their flame spears and shattered the enemies before them into powder . The ferocious heat and splattering flames lit up everything around them . Shortly after, the dark sky was smeared by a glaring scarlet radiance as though the end of the world was near . The land burned in flames and all beings were devoured within . All they could do was to yield to the destruction .

 The Undead Army appeared to be struggling with the attack from their rear . They were like a bag of trapped worms . From the start, they struggled to escape the shrinking opening of the bag, but the holy spears splashed and they were wiped out by the sacred powers . Even though the holy spears also killed several Magma Guards, there were more benefits than harm in doing so—the annihilated Magma Guards caused a string of explosions that linked up the entire land . They were so dazzling when they burst into the clouds and massive shockwaves swept across the dense Undead Army, leaving gaps in their formation . Then, the Undead Army slowly decreased in numbers while flames burned on the wild grasses . Even though the Death Knights attempted to eliminate the enemies coming from the rear, they were eliminated by Anne and Gillian before they had the chance to .

 In addition to the 30,000 Undead Creatures that the Necromancer sent forth, Rhode and his men were facing around 40,000 of them . Logically speaking, around 5000 Magma Guards wouldn’t be effective against them . But as each Magma Guard exploded in their death, the Undead Army also suffered unprecedented damage . As the order that they received to attack the northern battlefront was never removed, they could only keep attacking, which led to them having one leg caught in the trap—struggling helplessly, but not able to escape no matter what .

 Boom! Boom! Boom!

 One Magma Guards darted forward, slashed its flame spear, and shattered a dozen Skeleton soldiers . Then, several other enemies pierced their weapons on its body from behind . In the blink of an eye, a glaring white radiance shone while a massive explosion erupted . Yet another scarlet flare bloomed in the pitch-black sea .

 The continuous flares surged and broke up the Undead Army .

 Rhode watched in silence and revealed a smile across his face . Then, he put away his sword .

 They were winning this battle for sure .

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