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Chapter 787

The soldiers were baffled to see Rhode leaping down the city walls . Although the Undead Army had given up their assault on the southern battlefront, their presence was still clearly visible in the distance under the flares . Even though they were battered, their imposing presence was still there . If this sturdy city wall didn’t exist under the soldiers’ feet, they wouldn’t have the guts to fight the enemies . On the other hand, this young overlord actually leapt down alone?! Wouldn’t he be a lamb in a tiger’s den?

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 But Rhode didn’t think so .

 His feet landed on the ground softly and caused an uproar among the Undead Army . However, before they took any actions, Rhode struck—he held the sword hilt of Star Mark in his right hand and brandished . Snowy, flickering silver radiance streaked an elegant arc across the pitch-black sky . The Undead Creatures within several meters of his range instantly erupted into sacred flames and it appeared as though a ten-meters-wide semicircular fire pit . The Undead Creatures mourned and scrambled before turning into piles of dried bones . But Rhode didn’t stop . He darted forward and a phantom emerged and split from his body like the reflection of a mirror . They leaped across each other in midair and slashed their blades .

 Silver-whitish flames in this mighty blade airstream turned into raging waves that engulfed and swept the Undead Creatures into the air, where their bodies were immediately corroded by the sacred flames . It seemed as though a boulder had crashed into the pitch-black sea and snowy spindrift fluttered . However, the spindrift this time stunned them—after all, they were ten-meters in height .

 “Oh, lord . . !”

 The soldiers and commanders above the city walls stared in astonishment . They knew that the young overlord was powerful after witnessing his skills during the Midsummer Festival and Dragon Soul Ceremony . However, they underestimated his greatness: his strength had exceeded all expectations . Maybe even the Holy Knights of the church couldn’t release such an impressive attack!

 In an instant, the soldiers came to an abrupt halt and widened their eyes blankly . All the Undead Creatures died to Rhode’s ruthless blade air streams . Like raindrops, their burning limbs fell to the ground and even on the city walls . However, everyone wasn’t mindful at all because they were enchanted by Rhode’s formidable strength .

 But this wasn’t the end .


 Anne yelled and jumped over the city wall with shield in hand, crashing into the Undead Army like a boulder released from a catapult . This lively young lady couldn’t wait to get into action .


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 In a deep rumble, the entire Undead Army trembled and overwhelmed this unexpected guest and it appeared that they were successful . The area which Anne had blasted was instantly replenished by the surrounding darkness and she was nowhere to be seen anymore . The soldiers gawked and were convinced that they would surely be dead if it were them who had jumped into the group of countless enemies .

 Why did she act so rashly? Sigh…

 But, a strange scene emerged in their eyes—the army of darkness that had enveloped her entirely suddenly bulged like a balloon . Then, they abruptly exploded .

 “Go to hell——!”

 Anne brandished the enormous shield in her hand like a hammer that swept across the enemies in all directions . The whistling gales rose to form a violent tornado that linked the heaven and ground . In the blink of an eye after the tornado wreaked havoc, the whole area turned into an empty, flat ground with Anne standing in the middle . No matter the Undead Creatures or snowy field, nothing was seen around her anymore as they had all been blown away .

 “Huhuhu, not so bad from little Anne . ”

 Compared to Rhode’s and Anne’s bombastic appearance into the battlefield, Gillian was more low-profile . She covered her mouth with her slender hand and let out a series of chuckles . Then, she floated down the city wall gently like cotton and took gracious steps forward . It seemed as though she wasn’t in a battlefield, but was participating in a dance instead . Her movements were neither as huge as Rhode’s nor as imposing as Anne’s . However, the influence which she brought to the battlefield was obvious to all . As she strode ahead, the Undead Creatures who were a distance away suddenly burned as though an invisible barrier of scarlet flames had expanded toward them along with her movements and devoured everything into ashes .

 In fact, this wasn’t too surprising because Rhode and Gillian were in the Legendary Stage and there were no doubts about their strength . Besides, Gillian didn’t gain her strength through ‘upgrading’ of levels . Instead, she ‘restored’ them . As a fire elemental lord, Gillian was naturally enveloped by the fire elemental halo . Although she hadn’t fully restored the strength of her peak, she had already regained the characteristics of the fire elemental halo . On the other hand, even though Rhode’s rule power didn’t come from the elements, the Fantasy Daybreak swordsmanship which he created was enhanced by legendary attributes and incomparably powerful, where ordinary humans couldn’t withstand it .

 Moreover, these cannon fodders were nothing more than low-level creatures . In the game, their only purpose of existence was to assist players’ growth to level 15, which made it apparent how much threat they held . Facing two legendary figures and Anne who had reached level 50, these cannon fodders weren’t even worth any significant EXP . Moreover, they were weakened further and became more fragile with the enchanted field activated . At this moment, they were as though sheets of paper .

 This was also why Rhode instantly jumped into the battlefield . If it was said that he was rather fearful of the Undead Army’s assault (this had nothing to do with level; instead, this was one of the greatest headaches that players had whenever they faced the Undead Army), now with the Magma Guards’ help, the enemies couldn’t gather any imposing assaults anymore . Furthermore, 30,000 of their regular troops had also been transferred to support the northern battlefront, so this was the best chance for Rhode now!

 After the three of them joined the battle for a few moments, their powerful strength moved the soldiers emotionally . Previously, they would surely think that the other party was speaking blindly if they said that the three of them could annihilate thousands of Undead Creatures . But now, nothing was more satisfying and exciting than witnessing the enemies crumble before their very eyes . At this moment, the soldiers cheered with their arms raised . Then, they saw the Magma Guards leaping off the city walls one after another and a strange doubt emerged in their heads .

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 What are they trying to do? Could it be that they…


 Rhode brandished his sword forward—a dazzling silver radiance shone from within the pitch-black sea which stopped them from advancing and tore an enormous, ghastly scar . This was the chance that Rhode had been waiting for and also the best opportunity in which he had discussed with Gillian for a long time!

 The Magma Guards snarled, raised their flame spears, and bolted toward the Undead Army with Rhode and the others . The Magma Guards were like blades that were lit by scorching flames as they charged forward . On the other hand, Rhode, Anne, and Gillian were like the sharpest edge of the blades, mercilessly ripping through the massive presence before them, and aimed for its heart!

 They intend to attack?!

 Everyone was baffled because they didn’t expect that Rhode would attack at such a timing . After all, not all the soldiers had the capability to leap down from the second storey easily .

 Should we join them? Or should we continue defending?

 Fortunately, Orchid Heart stepped forward and commanded .

 “Transfer 5000 soldiers to the northern battlefront from the rear, but don’t defend with them . The rest of you stay and continue defending . ”

 “Transfer to the northern battlefront from the rear, but don’t defend with them?”

 The commanders responsible for defense asked in astonishment . The Undead Army that attacked the southern battlefront had crumbled while Rhode led his men and retaliated . At this moment, they should transfer manpower to support the northern battlefront . After all, they were aware of their plight and knew that the Light Parliament was overwhelmed and at the brink of collapse . After hearing this piece of news, the commanders were glad and worried at the same time . They were glad that they made the right choice because Rhode skillfully defended against the enemies while the northern battlefront almost crumbled at this point . Even though they were dubious of the Magma Guards at the start, they were totally convinced by their extraordinary abilities now . No matter what they were, at least they were here to help!

 What they were worried about was that the northern battlefront would crumble . Previously, they ridiculed the Light Parliament for being worthless . But now, they hoped that the Light Parliament wouldn’t be as useless as they thought because if the northern battlefront was broken through, they would also be on the suffering end!

 Therefore, taking the big picture into consideration, they had to set aside the differences in their political standpoints . Moreover, they were militants and didn’t value politics as highly as the people and politicians . At this point in time, they didn’t need political correctness . All they needed was to win!

 Everyone thought that Rhode had intended to transfer manpower to support the northern battlefront after he led the Magma Guards into battle . The northern battlefront was slowly crumbling and even though the magic cannons had kept most of the Undead Creatures from climbing up the city walls, the city walls were in complete chaos . If reinforcements didn’t arrive any sooner, they would be totally overwhelmed .

 But now, Rhode intended to transfer 5000 soldiers, but instead of assisting the northern battlefront, he mobilized them to the rear…

 Could it be that… They will be there as barrier troops?

 The commanders felt shivers down their spines .

 It can’t be… Is that young man so daring? In other words, if the northern battlefront crumbles, our barrier troops will also need to deal with the fleeing soldiers,

 Even though the commanders knew about the grudges between Rhode and the Light Parliament, this order still sent chills down their spines . However, what if they held different opinions? It was previously mentioned that the commanding rights of the southern battlefront was handed to Rhode and since he had given the order, the commanders could only execute them . Besides, not all of them were worried . Some were secretly enjoying it because it was rare for an opportunity to threaten the Light Parliament this openly to come by . Moreover, they weren’t worried that the southern battlefront would fall anytime soon because Rhode had displayed his enormous strength where the Undead Army was eliminated by him, one after another .

 The soldiers got into action while Rhode and his men had no intentions of stopping .

 The Holy Maiden Statues released golden rule threads that enveloped the entire sky . Then, white beams of light bombarded the area and slaughtered the Undead Creatures who charged forward to stop Rhode and his men .

 Rhode, Gillian, and Anne bolted forward . They only had one goal—to annihilate this Undead Army!

 Dark, twisted ripples emerged in midair and coalesced into razor-sharp edges that struck toward them .


 “Got it, Leader!”

 Anne sprung up, at the same time expanding her shield like a full-blown flower to protect them .

 Boom! Boom!

 The sharp edges made from dark magical energy crashed into her shield before vanishing into thin air . Anne brandished her shield and the dazzling wind element flickered, blasting away dozens of Death Knights that had darted forward . Then, Gillian swayed her fluffy tail and extended her arm with a lady-like smile across her face .


 A beam of flames erupted from the tip of her finger, devouring the Undead Creatures mercilessly . Then, she gestured and the beam of flames split into two, which formed a corridor between them . At the end of the corridor, there was a filthy, miserable-looking Necromancer who was retreating . He clutched his bone staff and erupted a black mist that shrouded himself entirely .

 At this moment, Rhode unsheathed his holy sword .

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