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Chapter 786

The situation was terrible .

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 The army by the northern battlefront totally didn’t expect the Undead Creatures’ assault abilities to be even stronger than the Cavalrymen . This sudden attack had caught them off guard and they hurriedly raised their weapons to retaliate . However, it was too late . Unlike the southern battlefront, the Undead Army that attacked the northern battlefront hadn’t stopped at all . They darted all the way to the foot of the city walls and shortly after, the unfortunate soldiers instantly experienced their terrifying might .

 The Undead Creatures crashed into the walls and were instantly pushed to the ground by their companions from the rear . Then, the entire Undead Army was like waves crashing onto the shore continuously . The impact shook the city walls and the soldiers were so frightened that they scrambled on the ground .

 “Don’t let loose . Chase them down the city walls . Don’t let them climb up!”

 Andre brandished his sword and the biting cold wind froze a huge group of the enemies . Then, he slashed his blade and shattered the frozen creatures . But before he caught his breath, the Undead Creatures from the rear had rushed forward and rammed into the city walls .


 Andre felt trembles in the ground beneath his feet . Although he expected the Undead Creatures’ assault to be powerful, he didn’t expect them to be this strong . The city walls were sturdy, but he felt as though it would crumble anytime . The area which he was responsible for was doing fine . After all, he had reminded the soldiers to stay vigilant unlike the other areas which had already broken out into chaos . Some of the Undead Creatures had climbed over the walls and initiated battle with the soldiers! It would be too dangerous if this continued!

 “Continue to defend . Don’t let loose!”

 Andre commanded loudly . At the same time, the magic cannons that were fixed on the towers fired—dazzling magical beams struck the Undead Army by the foot of the city walls and blasted them to the sky . However, this wasn’t too effective against them . The Winter Castle’s defensive lines only possessed a total of five magic cannons because this region wasn’t an important defensive line to begin with . The five magic cannons were located in the middle of the Winter Castle between the northern and southern battlefronts in order to support both ends . At this moment, all five magic cannons turned to face the enemies by the northern battlefront and launched attacks on the enemies . It was apparent that their damage was as though one throwing a pebble into the pond . Although there were ripples, the pond quickly returned to silence again . Andre bit his teeth and gazed at the endless Undead Army swarming toward them—failure would happen only in a matter of time if this continued!

 That’s all they’ve got?

 Rhode placed his hands behind his back and gazed at the endless waves . With the assistance of the 5000 fire elemental creatures, the soldiers on his side had pulled themselves together and coordinated their attacks to stop the enemies from coming closer . On the other hand, the Ocean Elves cast water elemental spells to slow down the enemies . Their ice pillars burst from the ground and penetrated dozens of Undead Creatures at once . Then, flame spears and arrows rained down from above, leaving ghastly burning wounds on the pitch-black creatures .

 It was all too simple to deal with the 60,000 Undead Creatures . No, in fact, there were only 30,000 Undead Creatures and 30,000 corpses . Moreover, due to their comprehensive attacks, there were up to 20,000 cannon fodders attacking Rhode’s southern battlefront now . If they were the regular troops, perhaps he might notice . However, the Magma Guards, Anne, and Gillian were more than enough to annihilate the cannon fodder and the 20,000 EXP he received wasn’t even one-fiftieth of the amount of EXP he needed to level up once .

 “S-Sir . ”

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 As Rhode admired the battle before him, an orderly scuttled toward him . Rhode turned and gazed at the pale, nervous orderly . The latter took in a deep breath and said .

 “Reporting, Sir . The situation in the northern battlefront is extremely critical . They may possibly be run over by the Undead Creatures . Should we…”

 “That’s not necessary . I know what I’m doing . ”

 Rhode waved his hand and interrupted the orderly .

 “We don’t have enough forces to send as reinforcements . I will pass my orders when the time is right . ”

 Of course, Rhode was aware of their concerns . Even though the Light Parliament and anti-parliament forces were as incompatible as fire and water, everyone was on the same boat in protecting the Winter Castle, after all . Neither the northern nor southern battlefront should crumble . If the northern battlefront crumbled to the Undead Army so soon, the enemies would take down the southern battlefront thereafter . When that happened, everyone would be doomed .

 However, Rhode didn’t think so . After all, the northern battlefront had many troops on their side and wouldn’t crumble anytime soon . On the contrary, he was concerned that if he dispatched his forces to support them, those bastards would retreat and let the reinforcements replace their own troops in resisting against the Undead Creatures and make them clean up the terrible mess… After being a player for years, Rhode couldn’t guarantee the level of shamefulness of the Country of Light’s military . It was due to this that he didn’t give a damn about the survival of the northern battlefront . The idiots from the Country of Light were better off defending on their own until the end and even after the Undead Creatures broke through their defenses, Rhode still had the Holy Maiden Statues to salvage the situation .

 But now wasn’t the time yet .

 He extended his right arm and fiddled with the white ring on his index finger . The cannon fodders weren’t his target at all and he focused his attention on the 30,000 troops at the rear… This was the reason why he didn’t activate the Holy Maiden Statues even now . He was still waiting for the moment the enemies lost their awareness and sunk deeper into his trap… Rhode knew the method to entice the enemies inside-out . The reason why the fortress in the Land of Atonement had defeated two waves of Undead Army was all due to his experiences from the game . The way to make up for the difference in strength was to attack when the enemies weren’t prepared for it . Intelligence gathering was also one of the other ways and sometimes, a battle had already begun before it officially started .

 How weak .

 As Rhode casually admired the battle, the Necromancer who was in command of the Undead Army let out a hoarse grunt . This human defensive line was as weak and fragile as ever… Yes . At least this was the case for the northern battlefront . On the other hand, the southern battlefront resisted the assault of his army and even slowed down their pace . He heard that the humans had even gathered an alliance in order to secure this ridiculous place and it seemed to be working for them . However, this was all there was to it .

 The Necromancer instantly recognized the difference in strength in the two battlefronts . If he didn’t need to mobilize his troops to attack both battlefronts simultaneously, perhaps the northern battlefront would have already crumbled .

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 So then, what should I do now?

 The Necromancer pondered in silence and looked ahead at the southern battlefront with spiritual flames burning in his pitch-black eye sockets . Coincidentally, another series of flares erupted and he heard the loud explosions from ahead . The Undead Creatures crumbled once again, but were quickly replenished from the rear . However… it wouldn’t work if this continued . The Necromancer didn’t expect that these humans would defend the southern battlefront so successfully . The poor performance on the northern battlefront should be the results that he expected .

 There weren’t many choices left for the Necromancer . He could transfer some troops from the southern battlefront to the northern battlefront in order to provide support and apply pressure to the humans . This way, his Undead Army could infiltrate deeply, devour the human soldiers, and conquer the Winter Castle completely . However, there were also risks involved because transferring the soldiers away would weaken the pressure that they were applying on the southern battlefront, which might lead to the southern battlefront sending reinforcements to the northern battlefront . The Necromancer was curious . As a spell caster, he naturally sensed the formidable might of the elemental powers from the fireballs that descended from above, which proved that the humans had a great number of fire elemental spell casters . However, why were they all gathered at the southern battlefront only? Such powerful beings should be distributed fairly to both battlefronts . Since this was the case, wouldn’t it make the battle much easier for them?

 What does this mean?

 No matter what the purpose of this was, it meant that he stood a chance .

 The Necromancer swept a glance to the side .

 He couldn’t lessen the pressure applied on the southern battlefront and couldn’t stop his attacks on the northern battlefront . It seeeds like there was only one safest solution .

 The Necromancer extended his arm and waved .

 Shortly after, the dark waves crashed forward once more .

 They’re here!

 Rhode stared at the rear of the Undead Army and his pupils shrunk abruptly . The true power of darkness had swarmed forward .

 On the surface, the Undead Creatures by the rear didn’t seem any different from the cannon fodders . However, anyone who was familiar with the Undead Army could instantly sense their difference—the cannon fodders by the front possessed no will at all and were more like tools who acted instinctively . However, the creatures from the rear were entirely different . Their pace and every action was determined with obvious goals—destroy the mortals and everything before them and dye this world pitch-black .

 The sky had darkened completely, but everyone clearly witnessed the Undead Creatures swarming toward them under the bright flares . The enemies looked like they were born from the darkness . The soldiers gazed ahead, but only saw an entire sea of Undead Creatures who devoured everything in their path . They shuddered—will we be able to stop them?

 The time has come .

 Rhode narrowed his eyes . As a being in the Legendary Stage, he didn’t need any flares to clearly witness everything that was shrouded in darkness . He was sure that within the next few moments, the true Undead Creatures would be charging to the foot of the city walls and the northern battlefront would crumble completely .

 That was with the premise that he didn’t intervene .

 Now… is the time .

 Rhode’s lips curled into a smile . Then, he twisted the jade-like ring on his index finger .

 [Activate: Holy Maiden Statue]

 In an instant, a dazzling silver beam of light burst into the clouds and lit up the night sky .


The Necromancer stared in astonishment . He knew what that was—it was all because of this sacred barrier and enchanted field that the Undead Army had lost in the Munn Kingdom . He didn’t expect them to be here at all!

 Damn it! Didn’t those things belong to the Munn Kingdom? Why are they here in the Country of Light?

 The spiritual flames in his eyes surged . He finally realized that he might have possibly been had by the humans who apparently had been waiting for him to send out his 30,000 regular troops!

 However, what confused him the most was that he didn’t know of anyone who understood them this well .

 This wasn’t the time to ponder on such a question now . The Necromancer was uncertain because he might fall deeper into the enemy’s plans if his troops advanced . However, it was all too late . Even though the Undead Creatures were disciplined, it would still require time to make them retreat from their assault . If the humans seized this chance to retaliate… His Undead Army would suffer grave losses . It was apparent that the humans had predicted this!

 The Necromancer gritted his teeth and made his decision .

 I will continue attacking! I will gather my forces to invade the northern battlefront and take down the Winter Castle in one go!

 Shortly after, the formation of the Undead Army changed . The pressure applied on the southern battlefront decreased significantly as the Undead Creatures flowed toward the northern battlefront on the other side . It seemed like the Necromancer had made a firm decision . He had decided to risk everything on the northern battlefront!

 Now’s the chance!

 Rhode’s eyes glinted . Then, he unsheathed his shimmering holy sword from his waist .

 “Senior Heart, I’ll leave this place to you . Gillian, Anne, let’s go!”

 Rhode leaped from the tower and brandished his blade!

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