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Chapter 780

Although everyone had heard about this young man’s heroic stories against the Light Parliament, it was still the first time they heard his hostilities personally . It was due to this reason that they didn’t react immediately to the true meaning behind Rhode’s words .

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 Their reactions were too slow .

 Rhode drew a black arc from his sheath .


 Gorden hadn’t come back to his senses, but as a soldier, his instincts saved his life . He flinched, drew his double-handed sword, and rose a powerful whirlwind from the ground to negate Rhode’s attack .

 However, this didn’t mean that Gorden had it easy .


 The pitch-black lightning bolts collided with Gorden’s double-handed sword . At the same time, Gorden felt as though his double-handed sword was struck by a giant boulder, which deflected it to the side . He flustered, stepped back hurriedly, and at this moment, he witnessed an incredible scene .

 Not only him, but the people around him also shrieked in horror . They witnessed Rhode brandish his blade from above and clash into Gorden’s double-handed sword . The latter dodged quickly, but at the same time, Rhode’s black blade also streaked a half arc in the air . What seemed to be an ordinary move left everyone in disbelief .

 Because a phantom suddenly emerged from Rhode’s body and struck forward like a lightning bolt along with its sword as though there were two Rhodes coordinating their attacks!

 How is this possible?!

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 Gorden was stumped . He initially thought that he could retreat and order his soldiers to attack altogether . However, he didn’t expect that Rhode would be this quick . Gorden clearly witnessed the young man taking a step back and yet, he re-emerged before him at the next moment . Gorden took in a deep breath and held his double-handed sword horizontally before him . At the same time, the phantom’s blade clashed .


 The trembles shook Gorden’s arms violently, but before he gathered his strength, the dazzling, black blade ray above him turned into a vast sky of stars that enveloped him entirely .


 Gorden couldn’t hold on any longer . In fact, the continuous attacks had punctured his defenses . After his double-handed sword was deflected, he instantly felt hundreds of spiritual blades striking his body and bone-piercing pain engulfed him completely .


 Gorden collapsed to the ground with ghastly wounds all over his body and everyone stared blankly .

 This ‘battle’ lasted for less than 15 seconds… No, perhaps less than 10 seconds . Some of the more formidable beings figured out what just happened . However, to the weaker ones, it was just a show of dazzling lights before Gorden flew into the air and crashed to the ground .

 After a few moments, the crowd returned to their senses, but before they reacted, Rhode swung his arm in his poker face . Then, the terrifying creatures behind him strode forward with their raised spears and stopped Gorden’s subordinates who had rushed forward with their weapons . Rhode sheathed his sword, slowly went up to the groaning Gorden, and looked down in disdain .

 “This is how it should be—a dog will always remain a dog . Who do you think you are? So what if you’re the leader of the Mayflower Legion?” Rhode stepped on Gorden’s cape and cleaned his sole on the blooming scarlet flower .

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 “Stop it! Munn Kingdom’s bastard!”

 Gorden’s subordinates snarled and pushed forward, but were immediately stopped by furious snarls .

 The fire elemental creatures darted forward and brandished their fire spears at the soldiers, who shrieked and defended instinctively . However, they were too slow . The burning spears pierced into their bodies like butter . Then, blood-curdling screeches filled the sky as the soldiers burned from head to toe and struggled for survival . Within a few seconds, they crumbled lifelessly .

 “P-Please stop! Sir Rhode!”

 At this moment, the alliance representative came back to his senses, ran up to Rhode, and pleaded .

 “P-Please stop! Sir Rhode, the Mayflower Legion is governed directly by the Light Parliament . If you…”

 “Of course, I’m aware . ”

 Rhode swept a glance and the alliance representative sensed a bone-piercing chill .

 “As someone of the Munn Kingdom, how would I not know about the Mayflower Legion? They’re well-known in the Munn Kingdom…”

 Rhode stomped his foot on Gorden, which the latter let out a painful moan . Rhode looked on expressionlessly, but his thick aura filled with murderous intent explained everything . At this moment, no one around him dared to utter a word because they knew what the Mayflower Legion meant to the Munn Kingdom .

 Deep vengeance and hatred .

 It was previously mentioned that a few decades ago, the Country of Light dispatched a legion into the Munn Kingdom’s border and eliminated a tribe with the excuse of ‘being attacked by a group of barbarians’ . Thereafter, the Munn Kingdom interrogated for answers, but the Light Parliament expressed that this was a military affair and they couldn’t intervene . On the other hand, after the military put up an act of investigation, they fired two of their lower ranked commanders . Not only that, but also, the reason for their expulsion wasn’t because they had annihilated the people of other countries . Instead, it was due to them leading the army through the wrong route for the military exercise, which led to the Country of Light’s legion entering the Munn Kingdom ‘accidentally’ .

 This raised an uproar of disapproval in the Munn Kingdom, which many treated as a national humiliation . There were some generals who even swore to invade the Country of Light to make those bastards pay for their doings! However, it wasn’t Lydia who sat the throne back then . Even though the then-Archangel was equally furious, she wasn’t willing to have a conflict with the Country of Light as she was a kind Angel, after all . Therefore, she objected with a few statements and appeased her subordinates, which disappointed the King’s Party deeply . Back then, the King’s Party even believed that it might not be a good thing for this country to be led by an Angel . Fortunately, Lydia took over the throne and her unique, iron-willed personality changed the views that the King’s Party had on Angels .

 This was also the start of the division between the King’s Party and the Reformist Party because as the people of the Munn Kingdom, not only did the Reformist Party not think that the Country of Light did something wrong, but they also accused the King’s Party of not being strict enough in managing their people, which led to barbarians attacking the Country of Light’s legion that entered their territory by accident . If the barbarians held a friendlier attitude and guided the Country of Light’s legion to the correct direction, such a disaster wouldn’t have happened! The Country of Light was only protecting themselves and wasn’t responsible for anything! Everything was due to the Munn Kingdom’s internal issues and if it weren’t for the Munn Kingdom being ruled by the King’s Party, people wouldn’t foolishly take such dangerous actions . Everything was the fault of the King’s Party!

 Thereafter, the King’s Party and Reformist Party became sworn enemies .

 And it was the Mayflower Legion that started all this .

 Even though the soldiers who served in the Mayflower Legion had already retired, the hatred of the people of the Munn Kingdom toward the Mayflower Legion was never appeased, especially for the Northerners . This matter was well known in the entire Light Mainland . It was a humiliation to the Munn Kingdom and an honor for the Country of Light . This time, it was apparent that the Light Parliament sent the Mayflower Legion here to find trouble with Rhode .

 They found trouble just as they wished . But they weren’t aware that they weren’t up for it .

 If it were another legion, perhaps others might try and stop the fight . However, everyone knew about the vengeance between the Munn Kingdom and the Mayflower Legion . It was apparent that if the Mayflower Legion laid hands on Rhode, the latter would definitely annihilate them all . When that happened, perhaps everyone would celebrate in cheers and wouldn’t object at all .

 “Put down your weapons! Put down your weapons!!”

 The helpless alliance representative knew clearly that the Light Parliament dispatched the Mayflower Legion to spite the Munn Kingdom . However, they underestimated Rhode greatly and it was obvious that this young man wasn’t a pushover! If they were to go all out…

 “Put down your weapons!”

 The alliance representative didn’t expect a fight to break out inside the Winter Castle because he thought that the Light Parliament had only intended to make things difficult for Rhode . The situation would turn grave if a fight were to break out! He hurriedly darted to the soldiers of the Mayflower Legion who had drawn their weapons and ordered loudly . Even though the soldiers were unwilling, they had no choice but to obey as military troops .

 The alliance representative let out a sigh of relief and went up to Rhode with a forced smile .

 “… Sir Overlord, you see… This is just a misunderstanding…”

 “I don’t think that this is a misunderstanding . ”

 Rhode swept a glance to him and his statement made the latter’s heart skipped a beat . But, shortly after, Rhode turned around and left .

 “But I shall treat this as one . ”

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