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Chapter 765

Sonia was at a complete loss .

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She didn’t know what Rhode did to make everyone see her as a dog which she couldn’t even seek help . Her screams were just barks in others’ ears and no matter what she did, she was just behaving like a pet . She felt unprecedented despair like this world had abandoned her . Her determined will had faltered .

However, this wasn’t what she was most terrified of .

She wasn’t afraid of Rhode treating her like a real pet, others turning a blind eye to her, or she was lying on the ground like a dog . Instead… she felt that her views slowly changed .

As a noblewoman who had well upbringing since birth, she had never exposed her body to anyone . To Sonia, her body was the most precious and sacred asset that she would only present to her beloved man and not to be admired by anyone like a wild animal . However, as time passed, she felt that her views changed . Every time one gazed at her, she felt embarrassed and furious . But, apart from this, she also sensed that her deepest fears and anger had faded while an unprecedented thrill and comfort overwhelmed her . She walked the streets in her naked self, but no one knew the truth . This mysterious sensation became stronger like a mischievous child who enjoyed the thrill from stealing even though the stolen item meant nothing to him . The guilt from not being captured turned into feeling of happiness and excitement . She knew that this wasn’t right, but the excitement from not being punished was as though a poison eroding her soul .

As a noblewoman, she definitely couldn’t behave in such a shameful manner like a naked dog with four limbs on the floor and swaying its hips . If this illusion weren’t present, perhaps her most private area would be seen clearly by everyone . When that happened, how would she be treated by others? Perhaps she would be insulted and despised as a woman who was more lecherous, perverted, and unscrupulous then the pub strippers and street prostitutes .

Sonia trembled to this thought, but the thrill that spurred under the fear of being captured and punished struck her . She laid naked before the men, women, elders, and children . There were also lower class people like the farmers, artisans, and mercenaries . If they knew that a wealthy young noblewoman crawled before them like a dog, how would they react?

This train of thought became stronger in her mind . From the start, there was only fear . But now, it had subconsciously turned into a fantasy . She gazed at everyone and instinctively imagined their reactions if this illusion suddenly vanished . She gritted her teeth and no one knew if she was holding back or soaking in the enjoyment of this terrifying scenario .

“How does it feel, Miss Sonia?”

Sonia shivered and was dragged back to reality . Just a few moments ago, she was imagining herself being dragged into the dark alley and humiliated by a group of thugs . However, the more she thought about such a scene, the more vivid her sinful innermost feelings became . She looked up and all she saw was Rhode’s ridiculing eyes as though he knew what was going through her mind .

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Oh gosh . What was I thinking? How can I possibly think about that?! What kind of expression did I have? Has he discovered it? But…

This young lady sure is bizarre .

Rhode twitched his brows . He was a veteran in the playing field of females and naturally held a huge understanding about them and their unique interests . For example, Canary loved the ‘shame’ play because the sense of release from taboos was the perfect way for a top student like her to relax herself . Rhode realized that Sonia was much more exaggerated . He thought that the humiliation would shatter her pride after taking her out on a stroll and it would be the first step to make her obey him . However, he didn’t expect that her ‘qualities’ exceeded his expectations . After the initial anger and terror, she became almost totally immersed in the thrills of her fanatical humiliations .

It seems like my judgment is right . This young lady is a pure masochist!

“I didn’t expect that a noblewoman from the Country of Light to have such an interest . How perverted . ”

“W-What are you talking about!! Rubbish! It is all because you brought me out and…”

“In other words, everything is my fault?”

Sonia blew her top to Rhode’s innocent question .

“If it weren’t for you, why would I face such a treatment! You’re a sick, cruel, evil pervert! Loser! Scum! Noble’s disgrace! Barbarian! Don’t think that this matter will end just like this! I will make sure you’re regretful for treating me this way! You look just like a woman, but you’re so sick! Utterly disgusting!”

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Rhode nodded as though he didn’t mind . Then, he scratched his ear and looked at her with a taunting smile .

“… I didn’t expect you to crave a punishment this badly, Miss Sonia . It seems like you’re enjoying it . ”

Sonia sulked and even though Rhode spoke softly, she felt his words piercing her chest like razor-sharp daggers which forced her back . After reprimanding him, a trace of doubt emerged inside her—how will he punish me?

No, it could also be said that she was anticipating .  What will this man do to me next?

This tiny thought that hid safely in her thick spiritual shell was slashed and shattered by Rhode’s words that transformed into razor-sharp blades .

“I don’t want to listen to your cr*p . ”

Rhode interrupted and gazed curiously at the young lady . Then, he squinted between her legs .

“Hmm, how about this… Miss Sonia . I want you to do it yourself…”

“You should understand what I mean . You shouldn’t be unfamiliar about it for a young lady of your age . It’s also fine if you aren’t willing to . I will tie you here and you can do whatever you want . But let me tell you this . The illusion potion only lasts for a day . As soon as it strikes midnight, you will… poof and return to a human . ”

Sonia bit her lips because she knew what Rhode was referring to . But… here?

Sonia looked around . They were in the middle of a plaza . After the war ended, the residents had returned to the fortress city and the unfrequented plaza was filled with people again . Lively music and clamors could be heard from behind the trees and shrubs . But… do that sort of thing here?

She wouldn’t have even considered if it was her in the past . But this time, she didn’t resist and insult him . Instead, she pondered for a few moments and gritted her teeth .

Rhode squinted and his eyes glinted in a dazzling, ice-cold radiance .

As a young lady yearning for love, she naturally had beautiful dreams of being in love with her Prince Charming and fulfilling her needs . But she did so when she was alone and in private . Now, she sat on the stone bench, widened her legs according to Rhode’s instruction, and behaved so humiliatingly . Although others would simply see her as a pet dog on the stone bench, she couldn’t help but tremble to Rhode’s razor-sharp gaze .

She ignored the man before her and focused on caressing herself while shame brought on a strong thrill to her . Shortly after, the warm sensation engulfed her entirety . She bit her lips, breathed hastily, and touched her sensitive areas . The surging happiness crashed into her barrier of rationales .

Sonia shivered and her fingers moved quicker .

No one—not even Andre—knew about her doing such a thing in private . Her most embarrassing side was exposed in public .

Do I have the right to be liked by Andre?

Tears welled up in her eyes, but shortly after, this harsh, self-abuse mental torture and sweet, sinful pleasure once again emerged .

I’m no longer a pure woman . I don’t have the right to be seen by Andre . I didn’t come here for this… Why? Andre… Don’t look at me . My body is filthy . I can sense that the man is looking at me like a toy… Andre! I hope you can rescue me . But, am I still worthy of your rescue now?! Andre!!

Sonia yelled inwardly at her beloved man’s name . She lifted her head, but all she saw was Rhode’s ice-cold, pitch-black eyes that were filled with mockeries and penetrated her soul . She had reached her peak . Her fingers moved increasingly quicker and finally, she erupted entirely .

“Don’t look at me… Don’t look at me… Don’t…!”

A burst of spasms overtook her body and all her strength was zapped away entirely . She laid lifelessly on the stone bench while a translucent liquid spurted from between her legs . She looked at the azure sky blankly and her eyes were a complete gray . Embarrassment, anger, and self-blame flooded her heart, but sweet sin and delight also germinated .

At this moment, Rhode’s chilly voice rang in her ears .

“Well done, Miss Sonia . It’s time to head back now . ”

Sonia shut her eyes and said inwardly in remorse .

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