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Published at 18th of June 2020 05:58:13 PM
Chapter 764

Chapter 764: Pet Feeding Manual (4)

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Sonia trembled . She would have been glad to leave this dark, horrifying cell for a stroll before . But now… She was completely naked . The thought of everyone surrounding and looking at her nude body sent fears into her mind . She gazed at Rhode fearfully and even though she knew that this man was a terrifying monster, she didn’t expect him to be this crazy!

Why? Why did he treat me this way?

Sonia thought that this man craved her body . But now, this train of thought had vanished in her mind . After she was imprisoned, Rhode had all the chances to violate her, but he didn’t do it and it also wasn’t right to say that he didn’t harbor such intentions… Sonia lowered her head and gazed at her naked self .

Could it be that this man has a sick fetish?

Sonia felt shivers down her spine . As a noblewoman who grew up in the bustling city of Casabianca, she heard no little of the nobles’ crazy interests such as laying hands on underage girls, having special likings for the female horses, goats, chickens, and even adoring other males .

Could it be that this man has such interests too?

Sonia stole a glance at Rhode . If that was true, then this man… was too terrifying .

Rhode wasn’t aware that such rude thoughts were running through her mind and fortunately for her, he didn’t know how to read minds . If not, he would have instantly changed his mind and taught her an unforgettable lesson about what was appropriate and inappropriate to think about .

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Rhode tugged the rope while Sonia naturally didn’t wish to leave . No matter what, she was an unmarried virgin and wouldn’t allow her naked self to be exposed to the public . She had made up her mind that even if she would be lashed to death by Rhode, she would definitely not leave this cell!

But shortly after, she discovered that her body wasn’t obeying her commands . Although she didn’t wish to move at all, her body got on all fours and followed Rhode closely . Not only that, but she also found out that her movements were so fluid as though she had been walking on all fours for her whole life .

“What exactly did you do to me?”

Sonia berated in shame . She knew that it must have something to do with the bottle that Rhode made her drink . He turned around and swept a glance at her .

“Don’t worry, Miss Sonia . The situation isn’t as bad as you think . ”

Sonia didn’t know what could be worse than this .

No matter how unwilling she was, she continued to be led by him . At this moment, she realized that there were more unexplainable matters . Previously, the coldness was unbearable for her even when she was clothed . Now, she crawled through this dark, ice-cold corridor without any clothes on, but didn’t feel cold at all . Not only that, but the sharp stones on the ground didn’t pierce her palms and body as though there was an invisible barrier separating her from the world . What exactly was going on?

As a noblewoman, she had learned about magic and even though she wasn’t born as a Mage like Marlene, she knew that this situation was absurd . However, Rhode had led her to the flight of stairs by the underground prison exit before she figured out the reason . At this moment, she became calm .

That’s right . Come to think of it . Isn’t this a chance for me? No matter what, this is Munn Kingdom, a land ruled by the Angels . Although I don’t know what this man is trying to do, won’t I have a chance to be rescued if he drags me into public? Also, there’s Priest Aiken . If he hears about my plight, he will definitely help me as a member of the church . Moreover, isn’t this the best chance for me to escape?

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This was the first time that she willingly followed Rhode as they ascended the flight of stairs . Then, she watched as Rhode pushed the heavy door open .

The dazzling sun spilled through the opening which forced her to turn away . She didn’t know how long she hadn’t seen the sun and couldn’t help but have the urge to cry as though she had been imprisoned for centuries .

Rhode wasn’t mindful of her thoughts as he continued to stroll forward . Shortly after, they left the underground prison and came to the hall . Sonia curled up instinctively at the sight of the clean, massive hall . But, she gritted her teeth and followed him .

At this moment, she heard a sweet, crisp voice .

Sonia turned around and saw a blonde young lady in a Cleric’s robe descending the steps and scuttling toward him . Rhode came to a halt, turned around, and greeted .

“Ah . This was what happened,” Lize said gently . “… Because the Clerics performed well during the war, the church hopes to invite Miss Bubble to train a new batch of instructors in order to promote the Clerics’ battle tactics within the church…”

“If Bubble is fine with it, I don’t have any opinions . ”Read more chapter on NovelFull

Rhode pondered for a few seconds before shrugging and nodding in agreement . Then, Lize let out a soft sigh of relief and shifted her gaze to Sonia curiously .

“My pet . What do you think? Cute, eh?”

Rhode patted Sonia’s head, which left the latter blowing her top . However, she didn’t forget her ultimate goal . This blonde young lady didn’t seem a crazy monster like this man, but when she looked at Sonia…

Sonia widened her eyes in astonishment . Lize folded her palms together and gazed at Sonia fervently as though she didn’t notice the latter’s expression . Not only that, but Lize also extended her arm and caressed Sonia’s head like Rhode .

“What an adorable puppy, Mr . Rhode . Where did it come from?”

“Someone got me to raise it for a few days . ”

“Oh, what a pity . It’s really an adorable puppy . ”

Sonia was bewildered . She stared at Lize blankly, but the latter didn’t seem to notice the former’s expression . On the contrary, Lize smiled and caressed Sonia’s hair .

At this moment, another voice sounded .

Lize turned around and waved to Marlene .

“Look, this puppy is adorable, isn’t it?”

Marlene shifted her gaze to Sonia and twitched her brows .

“Not too bad indeed . It looks like a purebred . Rhode, do you intend to raise it into a hunting dog?”

“I do have such intentions, but pets aren’t easy to raise . It is still wary of me even until now . ”

Rhode shrugged and spread his arms apart .

Sonia had lost her ability to think . She laid nakedly on the floor, but for unknown reasons the two young ladies couldn’t seem to see her .

Sonia subconsciously turned to the sleek marble column and widened her eyes in disbelief .

There was a pet dog in the reflection .

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