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Chapter 751

Rhode wasn’t concerned about the battle progress between Celestina and Duran . In fact, after he summoned Celestina, the Undead Army responded . While the air troops kept the soldiers busy, the ground troops led by the Skeletal Trolls quickened their pace as they swarmed like huge waves that crashed into the towering ‘dam’ .

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Barrages of arrows that were released from the enemy rear disrupted the soldiers . Although Agatha cast ice walls to deflect the arrows, many defenseless soldiers were still struck . The battle progress above the city walls was chaotic as the Gargoyles and Vampires attacked simultaneously .

Rhode knitted his brows . He thought that Cullen would distribute his forces in order to lower the holy spears’ lethal threats, but didn’t expect Cullen to do the very opposite . It seemed that Cullen had grasped his biggest weakness—the lack of manpower!

Cullen held 100,000 troops while Rhode had less than 10,000 . Although the holy spears were powerful, each of them could only eliminate up to 1000 Undead Creatures in each attack . Not only that, the holy spears also had ‘cooldowns’ before the next attack . On the other hand, the Undead Army advanced quickly too . Would it be worth it for them to sacrifice up to 6,000 Undead Creatures in order to arrive at the city walls for close combat?

Rhode knew the answer clearly .

However, he didn’t expect Cullen to be this determined . Cullen gathered his troops together and charged forward in waves! As long as Cullen succeeded, Rhode would be doomed!

Rhode had to admit that this tactic was great . But he had no intentions of switching his moves . Another dazzling light beam descended and struck the Undead Creatures, which blasted a wide gap in the sea of Undead Creatures .

However, the gap was quickly refilled by the surrounding creatures . The Undead Creatures didn’t stop until the second light beam…

“It seems like this human is running out of ideas . ”

Not only was Cullen not enraged that his attacks were stopped time and time again, but he also revealed an evil smile . Quantitative change led to qualitative change . As long as he had enough troops, how effective would the holy spears be? The Undead Army swarmed forward and the threats of the holy spears became insignificant . The Undead Army was just about to reach the city walls . Just a little more… And victory would be theirs .

But this still wasn’t enough .

Cullen gazed at the fortress in the distance . The spiritual flames in his eyes burned abnormally brighter . He sensed that Duran seemed to be in some sort of trouble because the city wall didn’t become as chaotic as he expected . He lowered his head and looked at the Necromancers around him .

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“Get ready to cast your spell . ”

Dark energy flowed .

“Sir Overlord, we’ve spotted our target!”

“Wait for a while more!”

Rhode said without changing his expression . At this moment, no one noticed that he clutched the sword hilt with his right hand . He swept a glance to the massive pitch-black waves before him . Then, two dazzling light beams descended and shattered them into bits . But the darkness regrouped and pushed forward continuously . He heard the sound of whistling wind, footsteps, soldiers’ roars, and weapon collisions . However, his mind was in an odd state of calmness .

A lightning bolt flashed .

Marlene extended her right arm and released a lightning bolt that struck one of the Gargoyles, which it erupted into fragments . Then, she turned to another group of Vampires and raised her arms . However, at the same time, a Ghoul let out a snarl, leaped, and extended its razor-sharp claws for Marlene’s neck .

“Go to hell!”

Anne rushed forward like a whirlwind—her shield shimmered vibrantly in the green wind element . She brandished and tore the Ghoul apart instantly while sweeping away Undead Creatures that climbed up the city walls . Then, she darted toward Marlene and raised her shield .

“Thank you, Anne . ”

Marlene had just cast a magic spell that struck the group of Vampires . As a spell caster, even though Marlene possessed defensive spells, it was still challenging to protect herself in such chaotic situations . This was why Marlene and Lize loved to team up with Anne . With Anne around, they could focus on doing their offense well . However, Anne had to defend the rear in the previous few battles, which was why Marlene and Lize were made to pair up and one of them had to attack while the other defended, which gave them huge mental pressure . Now that Anne was here to support them, they were completely unrestrained in casting their spells—they didn’t need to worry about any dangers because Anne would definitely protect them .

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“I don’t know how long this battle will last…”

Marlene frowned and scanned the place . The number of Vampires and Gargoyles had decreased gradually . Although Rhode’s side gained the upper hand, the Undead Army was still advantageous in quantity . Marlene wasn’t sure which side the advantage was leaning to .

Marlene no longer resembled the heir of Senia Family or held the image of a beautiful young lady . She was covered in blood stains from head to toe . Her silver-whitish hair was also stained by filthy dust and sweat as though there was a failure in her hair dying process . However, she wasn’t in the mood for that now because the area where she had led two Mages to defeat the enemies was once again filled with Undead Creatures . Although Rhode stopped most of the Undead Creatures with the holy spears, many that slipped through the net had climbed up and worsened the situation . Read comics on our webnovel . live

Rhode has no intentions of attacking yet?

Marlene shook her head . This wasn’t a question that she should consider now because all she had to do was wait . She looked ahead in astonishment—she sharply sensed surging magical powers—the invisible, massive powers that flowed a dark trajectory…

“Sir Overlord . ”

Beni said in a rather nervous tone, which was rare to see . She knew how ingenious Rhode’s plan was, but the situation was too intense as though two boxers were continually probing each other with light punches in the ring and the one who found their opponent’s weakness first would throw a heavy punch for the win . There would only be one winner .

One winner .

Rhode unsheathed his sword slowly as though he was pondering . But shortly after, he pushed the sword back in and said in an ice-cold tone .

“Do it . ”

Dark magical powers coalesced .

Cullen raised his arms and gazed at the fortress . The group of 300 Necromancers behind him stood in their positions inside the forest . They chanted in unison as the dark magical powers twisted into infinite strength .

This shall be the start of our victory! Cullen said inwardly . But a glaring golden radiance flashed before his eyes . His heart skipped a beat almost instinctively and he had a premonition…


The golden radiance blasted Cullen into the sky like a rag doll and he crashed to the ground heavily . Not only that, but the golden radiance also splashed and engulfed the flabbergasted Necromancers . Before the Necromancers reacted, a dozen more golden radiances flashed from above the fortress once again .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

That was an incredibly strange scene, which the Necromancers’ skulls and bodies exploded to the sacred golden radiance for no apparent reasons . Although the sacred golden radiance brought about a dreamy view, it was a complete nightmare for them .

“Ambush! Defend!”

The Death Knights who stood before the Necromancers summoned their bone shields . But… was it enough?

Above the silver-whitish tower .

The Dawn Angels squinted, lifted their heavy, enormous crossbows, and aimed ahead . Shortly after, golden arrows appeared out of thin air and slotted into their crossbows . Then, they pulled the crossbow string back and golden radiance dazzled in a flash .

The sacred golden arrows streaked across the sky, penetrated the bone shields, and instantly exploded as they struck the Necromancers .


Cullen crawled to his feet . He looked incredibly terrifying with half his skull already blown off . If it wasn’t due to the fact that his Soul Core wasn’t present in this body and the magic tool activated itself in the sense of danger, perhaps all he could do now was to return to his phylactery in his Mage Tower .

“They are Dawn Angels! Don’t reveal yourselves!”

Cullen commanded and gritted his teeth, which the Necromancers scrambled to behind the hillsides and boulders .

However, they were too late . The sacred golden arrows pierced their bodies and erupted in massive explosions that enveloped them completely .

But this was only the start!

“The Necromancers are eliminated, Sir Overlord . ”

“Good, Miss Beni . ”

Rhode nodded in satisfaction . Then, he snapped his fingers .

“Alright . It’s about time for our guests to enjoy a passionate hospitality . ”

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