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Chapter 749

Tonight’s the crucial night .

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Rhode looked at the sky—this became his habit ever since the start of the war . Every time the moon rose and the sun set, he would gather his attention and walk up a flight of stairs leading up the city walls . The soldiers would already be lined up with solemn expressions . They held bows in their hands while arrows soaked in kerosene and scarlet magic arrows laid beside them in the quiver . Although this scene didn’t appear out of the ordinary, there were some new characters among them .

The Bugle Angels held pure, white bugles in their hands and stood in front . Their spotlessly white wings were folded and they didn’t seem any different from humans . At the same time, the Dawn Angels in the tall, circular tower also retrieved their crossbows and aimed forward . The soldiers turned to Rhode . They were clear that if it wasn’t for this fortress and young overlord, perhaps they couldn’t have withstood the Undead Army for so long . Even though this young overlord didn’t like to smile and seemed unapproachable, for some unknown reasons, they felt more at ease whenever they witnessed his expressionless face . This young overlord’s presence seemed to be telling them that everything was fine and there was nothing to worry about .

Rhode stepped on the platform in the middle and gazed ahead . The sky turned darker as chilly wind blew in his face . There wasn’t snow today . The bright moon descended from above slowly and merged with the sacred light beams that blasted into the sky from the Holy Maiden Statues . Everything appeared so magical . But Rhode was clear that it would soon turn into a horrible, bloody nightmare .

Rhode scanned the area . This time, he deployed almost all of his men and even mobilized Anne to the battlefront . In this crucial battle, he needed all the strength he had . Anne was level 50 and as a half-beast Shield Warrior, her strength couldn’t be belittled . At this moment, she stood by the edge of the wall, widened her eyes, and looked ahead in anticipation . It was apparent that she had been waiting for this moment for a long time .

On the other side, the nobles led by Bayer were solemn and tense . Although they fought against the Undead Creatures more than once, they were still too inexperienced . To the contrary, Marlene and Lize were oddly calm, where they were even meditating peacefully . It was apparent that they were already familiar with the Undead Creatures’ attack pattern and slowly started to resemble players .

Rhode smiled inwardly . Then, he shifted his attention forward . He received a system prompt that massive herds of Undead Creatures had swarmed into his territory . Cullen had finally decided to go all out, so Rhode didn’t have any reason to hold back now .  Let’s see whose trump card can last until the end!

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Oo… Oo… Oo…!

The deep bugle horns sounded from the darkness ahead as though the mourns of countless humans being executed and tortured . The soldiers got into stance, equipped arrows onto their bows, and aimed forward . The sacred light beam had as though responded to the death aura and instantly surged .

The gentle, silver radiance blasted forward and struck the pitch-black barrier . Shortly after, darkness retreated like the tide and was replaced with Undead Creatures who were hidden beneath . They emerged from the darkness with sinister spiritual flames burning in their empty eye sockets . Although they had stepped into the enchanted field where sacred energy infiltrated their entirety, they continued to charge forward in obedience to their orders—death .

Bu, they weren’t the ones who attacked first .


The Bone Griffins and Gargoyles flocked into the sacred enchanted field like huge, dark clouds being blown by the gale and the chilly wind smelled of rotten stench . They flapped their wings, circulated above the fortress, and howled as they pounced on the soldiers .

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This was their most common air raid . But Rhode was clear that their true killer move weren’t dependent on the Bone Griffins’ sharp claws or Gargoyles’ brute force . Instead, it was the Vampires hidden among them—their ambush and concealment in darkness were huge threats . Besides, unlike the Dark Elves, they had the ability to turn their murdered prey into zombies . Although the zombies had slow movements, it wouldn’t feel good for the humans to see their companions turned into them . This was also one of the trump cards for the Undead Army to break solid fortresses . In fact, Rhode’s men panicked when they faced similar air raids in one of the previous battles . But this time, they were prepared . Even though they were inexperienced, it was a piece of cake for Rhode no matter the Undead Army’s tactics .  Don’t you dare look down on players .

“Step back! Cast the light screen!”

“Soldiers defend . Clerics get ready!”

Anxious commands filled the air . The soldiers surrounded the Clerics with their raised swords and shields hurriedly while the Archers behind aimed their bows upward . The Clerics raised their arms and in the blink of an eye, rays of light shone in all directions as light barriers emerged over the fortress one by one . The light barriers didn’t have any defense or do any damage, but were first class in illumination . The light barriers merged with one another and shortly after, the entire fortress lit up dazzlingly as though countless searchlights shone .

The light barriers contained sacred powers as they were cast from the Clerics’ spells . To the humans, the radiance full of sacred energy was like an incandescent light which they couldn’t look at directly . However, to the Undead Creatures, it was as painful as when one looked at the sun without wearing a pair of sunglasses . The Bone Griffins let out miserable screeches instantly since they were low level creatures and instinctively flapped their wings away .

This immediately caused chaos in the enemy’s sky formation, where the Gargoyles ignored the sacred radiance and continued to charge forward . The fleeing Bone Griffins and attacking Gargoyles crashed into one another and they revealed the core troops of the Vampires within .

The Gargoyles didn’t respond . To the contrary, the Vampires couldn’t react even if they wanted to because they were hidden in masses of Gargoyles and Bone Griffins . The entire fortress was shrouded by a light barrier that was as dazzling as the Holy Maiden Statues . Although this wasn’t the real sun which would burn them to death, the sacred aura within the enchanted field and dazzling radiance was still their biggest enemies .

“Wintu yor!”

Marlene and Serena led the Mages while Agatha led the Ocean Elves and they chanted loudly in harmony . The moat around the fortress instantly surged and streams of water blasted skyward like water snakes rushing into black clouds .


Streams of water weren’t effective on the Gargoyles, but were extremely painful to the Vampires . Shortly after, several pitch-black figures fell from the sky . In addition to the Holy Maiden Statue’s effects, water sources within the enchanted field were enhanced with sacred properties and became as terrifying as acid for the Undead Creatures—especially pure Undead Creatures like the Vampires . The Vampires lost their balance while the sacred water corroded their skin . In a single glance, one could see them covering their faces with both hands, their wings rotting and deteriorating, white smoke emerging from their body, and falling powerlessly to the ground . Even though the Vampires were Undead Creatures, it wasn’t possible for them to not suffer any damage by falling from such a height . In an instant, some of them became like bloody, squashed frogs while some of the unfortunate ones crashed into the moat and were corroded entirely . Even though some were fortunate to escape the tragedy and reach the city wall, they were quickly dealt with by the soldiers . Although the Gargoyles and Vampires were higher in level on average than the humans, they couldn’t display half of their abilities in the enchanted field . To the contrary, the illumination from the Holy Maiden Statues boosted Rhode’s army’s confidence greatly . ”Access webnovel . live if you like watching manga,comics .

Apart from that, the [Harvest Field] effect from the Sphere of Mystery also fastened the soldiers’ rate of growth . After the previous few battles with the Undead Creatures, the soldiers had almost reached level 40 . Moreover, with Mini Bubble Gum’s and Canary’s merciless training, they stood a chance against the omni-present enemies .

The Undead Army’s air troops scattered—Bone Griffins mourned in their retreat while Vampires frantically escaped . However, the rain of arrows streaking across the sky shrouded them completely . The remaining Gargoyles weren’t too lucky either . As an alchemical creatures, they didn’t possess much wisdom, which explained why they didn’t react promptly . Shortly after, they were caught in a battle with the soldiers on the city walls . They were around level 15 to 20 at the moment and even though they were sturdy, they were no match for the level 40 soldiers in the Peak Elite Stage .

But this was only the start .

The Undead Army on the ground turned a blind eye to the crisis happening in the sky . They swarmed forward like a raging wave that crashed into the huge dam . Rhode narrowed his eyes, clutched the sword hilt, and waited patiently . At this moment, he witnessed a blood-red lightning bolt flashed in the ‘clouds’ before striking the city walls, which the immense explosion stunned the soldiers . Then, a middle-aged, pale-looking Vampire who wore luxurious attire stepped out of the smoke . He clutched his sword and his eyes glinted with fiery radiance .

Duran? He’s joining the battle personally? That’s interesting .

Rhode let out a snort . He swung his left arm and Celestina emerged from the erupted black smoke .

“It’s all up to you, Celestina . Get rid of that old fart!”

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