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Chapter 743

Nell pondered in silence . But shortly after, she looked up and gazed with determined emotions .

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“Foolish human, do you think you can waver my thoughts just by those few lines of yours? You can kill me, but you will never change my views and decision . ”

“Perhaps I have a different opinion on this . ”

Rhode scanned her from head to toe interestingly before taking two steps back, Then, he extended his arm and a black card emerged in his palm . Suddenly, the card broke out in a black radiance and a cloud of fog which dispersed quickly . Shortly after, a loud, prideful voice sounded .

“I was taking a nap . Can you not disturb me if it isn’t for battle?!”

Celestina stepped out of the fog . She frowned upon seeing Nell and the tentacles that wrapped around her . She crossed her arms and turned to Rhode in dissatisfaction .

“Master, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, Celestina . ”

Rhode behaved calmly . He spread his arms apart and shrugged as though nothing much was going on . He scrutinized Nell meaningfully . “I just thought of finding a servant for you . How about it?”


Celestina twitched her brows amusingly . She approached Nell and scanned her like a person entering a pet shop and selecting a new pet . Then, she revealed a glint of disdain in her scarlet eyes .

“A lowly Elf? I’m able to accept her because having a slave around me is the way of the nobles . It seems that you’ve finally understood this point, Master . But this bitch’s eyes make me uncomfortable . She’s merely a lowly being and yet, she looks at me with those eyes? Master, if you don’t mind, I can take your place in teaching this lowly being how to become a proper slave . Lowly being, did I give you permission to lift your head?”

“I’m sorry…!”

Nell hurriedly lowered her head . Ever since Celestina emerged, the anger in Nell vanished instantly . At this moment, she shuddered like a little rabbit facing a tigress . As a Dark Elf, Nell instantly recognized Celestina from her wings and tail .

A high-class Demon!

This human actually has a demon companion?!

The Dark Elves were the race that interacted the most with demons and Nell had seen several demons in the past . But in the eyes of the demons, Dark Elves were overly insignificant and even if the Dark Elf families tried all sorts of ways, they were only able to interact with middle-class demons . Demon nobles were as though presences who were out of reach to the Dark Elves . Just like how the Dwarves feared the Dark Elves, Dark Elves had a sense of innate respect to the demons—especially the high-class demon nobles .


Perhaps due to Nell’s extreme sense of respect, Celestina shot her a curious glance . At this moment, Rhode seized the opportunity .

“Don’t be too picky . Such a Dark Elf is a rare find . ”

“Master, you said that this is a black-skinned degenerate?”

Celestina revealed a look of astonishment before shifting her gaze from Nell’s fair skin to her long, snowy hair . Perhaps Celestina would never have expected her to be a Dark Elf if no one told her .

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“I didn’t expect such an interesting thing among the bunch of black-skinned slaves . ”

“But, there’s a problem…”

“I know what you’re gonna say, Master . ”

Celestina gestured and interrupted . Then, she swept a glance to Nell’s stomach and left out a snort .

“It’s just a small, useless soul engrave from a lowly family . Hmph . They dare to keep something so interesting to themselves instead of giving her to me? Wait till I get back to hell and let them have a taste of true despair and pain!”

A black whip instantly emerged in her hands . She lashed the whip heavily and the loud, crisp whipping sound echoed in the cell, to which Nell shrunk instinctively . After venting her frustrations, Celestina turned to Rhode .

“Alright, let’s begin, Master . After you engrave your seal on her, I will take over the contract and make her mine forever,” Celestina swept a glance at Nell and grunted . “You feel honored eh, lowly being? You, as the lowest of all races, are extremely fortunate to be my servant . From now onward, your body and soul will belong to me and my master . Even until death, your contract will not be voided…”

Celestina’s voice became softer while her scarlet eyes shone increasingly brighter . Suddenly, the temperature in this damp, cold cell rose and the atmosphere turned eerie . Celestina completely froze Nell’s body and soul with her prestige . At this moment, Rhode also took action .

Pitch-black tentacles fluttered and flipped Nell around while she revealed a horrified expression .

“Y-You can’t… I’m not… Stop… Ah!”

Rhode pressed her cheeks with his hand and forcefully widened her mouth . Then, he leaned in with his lips .

“Mmm… Mmm…!”

Nell trembled and struggled left and right to break free from his assault . But his hand was as though an iron pincer that clamped tightly on her cheeks, which she couldn’t even bite off his tongue . Rhode forced his way through and after a few moments when Nell was about to suffocate, he pulled himself away .

“Hu…! Haa… Haa…”

Nell gasped for air and stared at Rhode with an ashen expression . However, the latter gazed at her amusingly .

“I didn’t expect this, Miss Nell . Could this be your first kiss?”

“What… What did you say?!”

Nell’s heart skipped a beat . She lifted her head instinctively and stared at the man in disdain . “What are you talking about, foolish human! I’m a Dark Elf and what kind of male have I not played with with my beauty? Just a human like you…”

“Then they must have neglected their jobs . ”

Rhode answered nonchalantly .

“Did nobody tell you that you don’t need to hold your breath when kissing?”

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Nell blushed . What experiences did she not go through as a warrior? At this moment, she finally realized that there were many things she needed to experience for herself in order to understand .

“Forget it, this is nothing more than a surprise for me . ”

Rhode realized it judging from her behavior . His rich sexual experiences made him capable of instantly detecting if the other party was sexually experienced or not . Just like what Jia Baoyu in Dream of the Red Chamber mentioned—women were flesh made of water while men were flesh made of mud . It would be difficult for them to separate from each other after they were mixed . Women with sexual experiences were surely different in their reactions and it would still be possible for them to trick virgin men . However, they could forget about lying to an experienced man like Rhode .

Irrelevant thoughts went through his head while his hand motion didn’t stop . The tentacles around him continued to caress every part of her body brazenly . But, unlike the ‘thorough cleaning’ from before, they were much more gentle now . They slowly turned her around, stroked her sensitive areas . Rhode didn’t stand by idly watching the show either . He slid his hands from her upper thighs to her slender waist before grabbing onto her perky chest .

“Mm… Mm…”

Nell was suspended in midair with her legs wide open while her arms were bound tightly by the tentacles . She had lost all her stubbornness from before and as Rhode assaulted her inch by inch, her eyes revealing more traces of panic and uncertainty . No matter how many people Nell murdered in the past, she was still a newbie in this field . Even though she personally witnessed similar situations like this countless times before, it was entirely different when she was involved .

She felt her body burning as she bit her lip . The numbness in her body spread throughout like waves crashing and washing away her rational . She had thrown all her thoughts and missions to the back of her head and was fully focused on this matter on hand . Rhode’s fingers slithered on her body nimbly like tiny snakes and she let out a deep, soft moan . Then, Rhode retracted his fingers from between her legs and saw thick, viscous liquid flowing down from them .

“I didn’t expect you to be this sensitive . If you were Marlene and the others, perhaps it would take more time…”

Rhode gazed at his finger and muttered under his breath . Then, he approached Nell and retrieved his ‘holy sword’ .


Nell sucked in a deep breath of cold air .

What? Are you kidding me? It’s so huge… How can it enter?

“Firstly, this is the proof of the contract . ”

Rhode positioned himself and took in a deep breath . Then, he thrust forward with all his might .


She couldn’t hold on any longer .


The pain ripping through her forced her to scream at the top of her lungs . She trembled, tolerated the violent pain, and her reaction was so huge that Rhode came to an abrupt halt . As this was her first time, the alluring qualities inside her bloodline were revealed from her actions, and the tight sensation even left him rather distracted . Fortunately, times had changed after he ‘thoroughly cleaned’ Lize, Marlene, and Celestina up . At least he definitely wouldn’t sprain his waist this time .

“This is only the start . Please slowly enjoy it . ”

Rhode got into work . Along with his thrusts, the pain on her expression became increasingly obvious . But even so, she tolerated everything .

“You’ll feel better if you yell it out . Perhaps . ”

“Grr… Mmm… Ahh! You… You will not… get to… listen… what you want… . to… ahh! Mmm… . ahh!’

Nell responded furiously, but Rhode apparently didn’t care .

“That’s why I said that you don’t understand, Miss Nell . Men do also love deep, stifled moans like yours . ”

“Humans… like you… Mmm…”

She felt her body slowly changing .

Rhode sharply sensed that the painful sensation on her body dissipated slowly . Not only that, but she also relaxed and took the initiative to complement his movements .

They’re indeed worthy to be called the sensual technique masters .

Rhode exclaimed inwardly . In the game, players looked forward to the Dark Elves’ sensual techniques, but it was a pity that the Internet censorship existed . After he transmigrated to this world and especially after ‘devouring’ Celestina, there was more than one time that he had thought about doing this with the Dark Elves, which could also be considered as granting the wish of all the male players .

But he didn’t expect to have this chance that quickly .

“Haa… Ahh…”

Nell relaxed entirely . She looked up at the ceiling with her mouth opened, letting out indistinct moans . The waves of thrilling, painful sensation crumbled her mental defense and sent her mind into complete chaos . She instinctively welcomed his assault and her rationality slowly sank into an endless bottom .


Celestina let out a snort of disdain and turned around . However, the uncontrollable moans from the Dark Elf rang in her ears, which made Celestina subconsciously placed her hand between her legs . But shortly after, she frowned and put her hand away .

“That damn human…”

She grumbled under her breath .

Nell shuddered and shook her head, but Rhode didn’t know if she enjoying the moment or moaning painfully . But this didn’t matter at all .

“There’s still a lot for you to get used to . ”

One of the tentacles hovering around him darted forward and stuck at her mouth . Nell widened her eyes in shock, tears flowed down her cheeks, and her indistinct voice became anxious .

But she didn’t expect that this wasn’t the end .

Almost there .

Rhode gritted his teeth and swept a glance to the side . Another tentacle emerged before him and along with his movements, it whipped her bum harshly .


Nell trembled violently while her hands clasped onto the two tentacles that wrapped around her arms . At this moment, Rhode let out a deep grunt and thrust forward!

In an instant, a scorching heat exploded inside Nell .


She rolled her eyes and kicked her legs helplessly . The stimulating sensation and thrilling pain numbed her senses . Celestina approached her and placed her hand on Nell’s stomach .

“O mighty powers, feel this mark and record it deep inside this soul no matter dead or alive forever . You will forever serve your supreme master!”

Celestina chanted softly . The dark mark on Nell’s stomach quickly vanished and was replaced by a pitch-black mark of a viper and lily . Rhode stepped back and the tentacles released Nell to the ground before returning to the shadow . Nell was in a trance with saliva and foam flowing from the corner of her mouth .

“Hmph . ”

Celestina snorted . Then, she turned around and a black fog shrouded her . But this time, she didn’t take her leave immediately .

“Master, what else are you up to?”

Celestina turned back resentfully . Then, Rhode grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms . She lifted her head frantically, but before she said anything, he lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers .

“Mmm… Mmm…!”

Celestina froze to the spot, but quickly melted in his arms . Both of them tangled for a few moments before separating unwillingly .

“Celestina, looks like you’re not as good as before . Wanna practice?”


She lowered her head and a blush emerged across her fair cheeks .

“S-Since I have nothing else better to do and for the fact that you consider me, I don’t mind accompanying you even though I’m reluctant . ”

Celestina turned around and answered so softly it was almost inaudible .

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