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Published at 18th of June 2020 05:58:20 PM
Chapter 734

Chapter 734: Darkness Falls (I)

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“They’re here . ”

Rhode stood above the city walls and gazed into the darkness . The world wouldn’t be changed by the will of people . No matter how much they disliked it, the Undead Creatures wouldn’t care about their feelings . Fortunately, it was peaceful in the fortress during this period of time . After they heard that the Undead Army was about to launch their attacks, the soldiers appeared rather anxious . Rhode secretly observed that his men who participated in the previous battle were more confident . On the other hand, Bayer’s men seemed concerned as it would be their first experience taking on the Undead Army . In order to prevent accidents, Rhode split and merged them with his soldiers to ‘infect’ them with the confidence of the ‘veterans’ . Sometimes, simple speculations were more frightening than reality and Rhode didn’t wish to see his side crumble to delusions and fear before the war began .

Moonlight illuminated the leaves that rustled in the chilly night breeze . In contrast, the snowy field seemed as though a sheet of pure, white paper: eye-catching and dazzling . Rhode knitted his brows, at the same time cursing the Undead Creatures for always attacking at the worst possible times . But, he was also aware that they did this to make the enemies uncomfortable and for their own benefits . As Undead Creatures whose powers came from the source of darkness, they would be heading down a path of destruction if they revealed themselves under the sky of the Light Dragon Soul . They didn’t send out a thousand Vampire just to see them perish .

Everything will officially start tonight .

Rhode took in a deep breath . The only thing that both sides had to do was to compete on patience and resources . The last side standing would be the victor while the loser would lose everything .

“Leader Beni . ” Rhode turned around . “I’ll be relying on you next . Everything will be fine if you go according to our plans . ”

Beni pondered for a moment with her eyes closed . Then, she looked at Rhode and nodded firmly without any signs of fear and nervousness in her eyes . They were as clear as usual and with some burning determination .

“Of course, Sir Overlord . We’re ready . ”

“Good . ”

Rhode nodded in satisfaction . He turned around and his expression became stern . He gazed at the map in his system interface where darkness was spreading across his territory .

“The battle has begun . ”

Cullen raised his arms high . His eyes were surging in excitement and craze . He clenched his fists and even his ice-cold body was as though heated up once again . He lowered his gaze . Countless Undead Creatures . Skeleton Soldiers assembled neatly in rows while Death Knights and Skeleton Guards stood by their far ends and rear . The Skeletal Trolls stood among them and shoulders were full of Ghouls and Skeleton Archers with their large crossbows aiming forward . On the other hand, the hills were filled with Gargoyles and Soul Griffins while Vampires waited in silence below them . However, their scarlet, dazzling eyes showed their eagerness to strike .

“This will be the start of our glory! From now onward, darkness will fall and take over every corner of this continent . The dead will be resurrected and we will gain supreme honor! Everything is for the sake of the Country of Darkness . We will make mortals taste the true meaning of death and bow down to the Undead forever! This supreme honor will be offered to our mighty majesty . He shall lead us to victory!”

Cullen swung his arm . The spiritual flames in his eyes pulsed intensely .

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The Necromancers stood in their positions hurriedly in a perfect circle with the summoning stone in their middle . Then, they chanted curses in unison and magical powers flowed through the ritual circle beneath their feet . As their chants became louder, the ten furnaces around them reacted . Magma spurted wildly into flame columns and thick sulfuric air exuded from within . The powerful magical energy captured the worthy creatures to be brought into this world and created a channel for them . Shortly after, they entered the widely opened doors to this world…

Along with an ear-deafening screech, the peak of the flame columns erupted and spread in all directions to form an enormous, burning ‘cloud’ . Then, the ‘cloud’ headed toward the indistinct fortress that was illuminated by the bright moon . As the cloud soared forward, the layer of snow on the ground melted and evaporated into white mist while the ice-cold soil softened . Shortly after, the magma overflowed from the furnaces and engulfed everything . They twisted, gathered, and transformed into the shape of a wild animal .

The burning ‘cloud’ charged ahead .

They’re here .

Rhode gazed at the exceptionally glaring scarlet cloud in the distant dark sky, where the ground beneath lit up like in conflagration .

That was neither a cloud nor forest fire .

The flames in the air formed the shape of an enormous bird flapping its wings while its three, dazzling long tails streaked across the sky . The ravaging flame creatures on the ground darted across the snowy field, melted everything in their path, and revealed the ghastly pitch-black soil .

“W-What’s that!”

Many soldiers screamed in horror and were at their wits’ end . Rhode’s brow twitched after watching their reactions and shook his head slightly . But this was the reaction he had expected . After all, the natives weren’t players and he didn’t intend to rely on them from the start .

“Master . ”

An apathetic voice sounded and he recognized it immediately . Agatha and the other Ocean Elves had arrived . They stepped to the front end of the city wall and even though the soldiers didn’t know what the Ocean Elves were up to, they quickly made space for them .

“We’re ready . ”

“I know . ”

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Rhode nodded . He stretched out his right hand and shortly after, a golden interface emerged before him .

[Activate the Fantasy Channel—Silver Ocean]

“What happened?”

The soldiers heard sounds that resembled waves crashing the shore and looked over the city walls . Shortly after, they witnessed the moat receding like the tide as though they were attracted by a force . Then, the receded water spurted .


The spurted water created a barrier over the city walls while chilly air spread to form a thin layer of frost . Waves threshed continuously and crystal-like wild beasts leaped out from within . They snarled and extended their claws . Not only that, but there was also a school of translucent, elegant Batfishes hovering above . They flapped their fins and their thin, shining tails were as though beautiful masterpieces under the bright radiance of the moon .

“Oh my goodness…”

Frederick murmured under his breath and clutched his sword hilt blankly . Even though he had been guessing what Rhode relied on to resist the Undead Army, he finally realized that the situation was beyond his wildest imaginations . He felt as though he was in a legendary, fantasy story right now .

But this wasn’t the end .

Rhode gazed at the rising numbers on his system interface . Unlike the Undead Army’s pathetic elemental summoning door, the Fantasy Tree in his possession was much purer and stronger . In fact, it didn’t require much magical power to summon creatures from other planes of existence . What was more important was to establish a secure channel and provide them with presences that allowed them to ‘attach’ to . As the Undead Army’s ritual was too impromptu, they needed to rely on numbers to win, which was why they built ten elemental summoning doors . On the contrary, Rhode didn’t need to rely on these numbers to secure his sufficient manpower .

The quantities of [Batfish] and [Phantom Beast] had been increased to 5000 . The silver-whitish clouds and flickering ice radiance on level ground had almost blended into one . The only ones unlucky were the soldiers standing above the city walls, where the bone-chilling cold air left them shuddering .

But quantitative advantage wasn’t the only thing which Rhode wanted to secure .

He snapped his fingers .

Shortly after, a dark halo spread out with him in the middle!

[Taboo Halo] . Activated .

At the same time, all the elemental creatures around him reacted .


The Phantom Beasts lifted their heads and let out menacing growls .

Their body became even clearer and larger . In the blink of an eye, the wolf-sized Phantom Beasts became as huge and tough as rhinoceroses . Not only that, but razor-sharp ice thorns also extended from their shoulders . In midair, the transparent Batfishes were now equipped with thicker ice armor . Their beautiful long tail had extended by more than two-meters while the sharp, dazzling ice edges on their tails let off an ice-cold radiance . On the other hand, the Ocean Elves became taller, took up the shape of the standard Elves, and their tentacles turned into ornament-like ribbons and sleeves that connected their bodies . Not only that, but their hair also became smoother and silkier and the constantly moving tentacles looked as though seaweed swaying in the sea .

Rhode looked ahead and gave a short command .

“Attack . ”

At the next moment, the scorching sea of flames and silver-whitish waves clashed heavily .

Water versus fire .

The Ocean Elves above the city walls chanted in harmony and under the enhancements of Taboo Halo, their abilities were enhanced to about the standard of Elite Stage Mages . Moreover, they had advantages over fire elemental creatures with their water element attribute . This was also why Rhode brought Agatha and the Ocean Elves into battle . Besides, they didn’t need to gather elemental powers like humans through long, complicated chants .

They extended their tentacles and gestured swiftly . Then, ice-cold mist erupted from level ground and their coldness froze the water element floating in midair, which devoured the fire elemental creatures .

What’s an archenemy?

An archenemy is one who understands your weakness the most .

The burning flames on the fire elemental creatures were weakened drastically as soon as they charged into the mist . But this was only the start because at this moment, the Phantom Beasts pounced and slashed their menacing claws . Even though the Phantom Beasts became as enormous as rhinoceroses after the enhancement from Taboo Halo, their movements were surprisingly quick, like fish swimming freely in the water . The flames burning on the wolf-sized fire elemental creatures extinguished immediately after they crashed to the ground . However, they stubbornly widened their jaws and blasted scorching flames which struck the Phantom Beasts and left ghastly, melted scars on their crystal clear bodies . But even so, the Phantom Beasts crunched the enemies’ throats and the enemies died in their self explosions . After a few moments, the smoke dispersed and the Phantom Beasts shifted their attention onto other enemies .

On the other hand, the battle between the Flame Crows and Batfishes were equally unstoppable .

Silver radiances flashed .

One of the flexible, elegant Batfishes flew over and slashed its tail on one of the Flame Crows . Steam burst out from the Flame Crow’s wound and it let out an anguished wail . However, it extended its razor-sharp claws to retaliate and both sides clashed it out in the dense steam .

The soldiers above the city walls were completely stunned .

They stared blankly at the scenes in the air and on the ground that were filled with steam and chilly mist . Bright flares flashed from time to time and loud explosions were heard .

“Leader Beni . ”

Rhode wasn’t in the mood to admire this beautiful scene .

“How’s the situation?”

“We don’t have a chance yet . ”

“Hmph . ”

Rhode twitched his brow and let out a grunt .

“Don’t worry . I shall see how long they can hold back . ”

Rhode extended his arm and along with his movements, the waves that were as tall as the city walls extended once again . Then, tens of thousands more water elemental creatures emerged and joined in the battle .

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