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Chapter 733


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Lilian pushed the door open and entered the room with her head held high . The parliament members were waiting around the table for her arrival . They bowed respectfully, but their eyes were filled with impatience and disdain . Perhaps Lilian would be stumped by their imposing manner, but now, she stood firmly by her beliefs . She clutched the sweat-soaked letter in her skirt pocket and gazed at everyone in dissatisfaction .

“Your Majesty, we’re awaiting for your fair judgment and decision . ”

After the brief and almost unwilling greetings, one of the members represented the others in expressing their concerns .

“So many days have passed . The people are waiting and praying for the truth . If we don’t seize the moment and give them an answer, perhaps they will remain uncertain in the upcoming war . ”

“I understand what you mean . ”

Lilian knitted her brows and answered impatiently . After their previous meeting, these people had been finding all sorts of excuses to remind her to bring Lydia and Rhode to Casabianca for investigations . They were so annoying that even Lilian couldn’t tolerate . In the past, she wasn’t as affected because she didn’t intervene with political affairs . But now, she realized how irritating the Light Parliament was now that she had to make a decision . They criticized all her decisions and often used the name of the people to pressure her . But now, she no longer wished to hear their complaints anymore . Lilian lifted her head rather proudly, held in her excitement, and forced a calm expression .

“I’ve made my decision to temporarily not summon both of them to Casabianca for the investigations . ”


Everyone sulked and the atmosphere in the entire room tensed immediately . The parliament member who brought up this subject said, “Why? Your Majesty? Why did you make such an unwise decision? Can you bear to let your people live in fear?”

“I didn’t say that!”

Lilian’s tone was mixed with anger . She glared at the man while holding onto the armrests of her throne . If it was in the past, Lilian would have been hesitant after hearing their claims . But this time, she believed that she had a good reason to refute them .

She took in a deep breath and said, “In fact, I sensed that the Country of Darkness is launching another wave of attacks on us soon . Now isn’t the time to investigate and probe on something like this . Leave this matter til after the war . ”


The parliament member stared at Lilian like a father glaring at his disobedient daughter . Lilian shrunk instinctively, but she lifted her head firmly .

I’m not wrong . It should have been this way all along… What I said was the truth . I’m not lying . That’s right . What I did was right . There’s nothing to be afraid of…

“Your Majesty, we didn’t receive any report regarding the Undead Army’s attack . ”

At this moment, another parliament member stepped forward with knitted brows as though he was thinking of ways to express his thoughts . In the end, he decided to use a more direct method .

“Of course, we understand your thoughts . But now, the people need to be calmed and our soldiers craves for the truth . Please don’t judge the situation based on your…”

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“Are you saying that I’m lying?!”

Lilian snapped . This was the first time she stood up abruptly from her throne . She fumed and her pair of large, round eyes burned in wrath . The parliament members stared blankly because they couldn’t remember when she had ever behaved this way .

“What I said is the truth! I sensed that the Undead Army has entered my dragon soul protection and are about to launch their attacks . You people rather waste your time suspecting me than gathering the soldiers for defense?!”


If it was in the past, perhaps they would have treated her like a kid throwing tantrums . But now, they had to come up with an answer . The parliament member who last spoke looked around for help, but it was apparent that no one dared to intervene . He let out an awkward cough and continued .

“… Your Majesty, we didn’t mean it this way . But just as we’ve said, the people will be concerned if we don’t investigate the truth and the soldiers…”


Lilian frowned . If it was in the past, she wouldn’t have acted this way . But ever since they suspected her of lying, the grievance and anger in her exploded . Words that she didn’t speak due to fear had all erupted .

“You say the people are worried . Isn’t it the job of your parliament to console them? As for the soldiers, didn’t they enlist into the military to protect our country? The enemies are right before us and they can’t even stop them! What’s the point of keeping them!”

“But Your Majesty, they are humans, after all…”

“Mr . Rhode is also a human and didn’t he defeat the Undead Army?! There are so many human generals in the Munn Kingdom and didn’t they also stop the Undead Army in their tracks?! Besides, Boulder and Serene have gone to the front lines, so why aren’t you people capable of stopping the Undead Army!!”

Lilian clenched her fists and screamed at the top of her lungs . Her head was in a blank . She didn’t know what she was yelling about . She felt the burning ball of flame suppressed inside her that must be released .

“But Your Majesty, it is indeed due to those reasons that made us suspect the relationship between the Munn Kingdom and Country of Darkness…”

“You suspect them just because you didn’t do as well as them? What kind of excuse and reasoning is this! Why don’t you people think about the source of your problems instead? Our two Archangels have led the Battle Angel Army to the front lines and I don’t want to hear any news of failure!! Did you hear what I say!!”

“Y-Your Majesty, you can’t…”

“Get out!! Every one of you!!”

Lilian snarled . She glared at everyone with bloodshot eyes and pointed at the huge doors .

“Get out! I don’t want to see any of you! If you don’t leave…”

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Lilian paused and eventually bit her teeth .

“I will send people to chase you out!”


The entire room was fired up . Many of them stepped out in large strides . They clenched their fists and widened their eyes in disbelief at the little girl on the throne . Some of them even rushed up to Lilian and hurled abuse .

“What rights do you have to chase us out of here!”

“Tyrant! Tyrant! Why does the Country of Light have a tyrant like you!”

“You can kill us here, but the blood of freedom won’t be shed for nothing!”

“You can push us down with your authority, but the people will not stay quiet! They will rebel! Your foolish actions will lead to the destruction of this country!”

“You… You…!!!!”

Lilian gritted her teeth . The rage in her eyes were almost at their limit . A voice resounded in her head and it became increasingly louder,and louder… You people forced me into this! You people forced me into this! You people forced me into this! You people forced me into this! You people forced me into this!!!!!!


An old, resounding voice filled the room and brought down the explosive atmosphere . Everyone turned around and saw the elderly chairman approaching them in large strides . He bowed deeply to Lilian and lifted his head .

“I sincerely apologize, Your Majesty . We have no intentions of offending your dignity . My companions were overly agitated . Please forgive our foolish actions . ”

The elderly chairman quickly turned to face the parliament members .

“It’s late now and Her Majesty was right . Our priority is to defend against the Undead Creatures . No matter how we push off the responsibilities, it is the land of our Country of Light that will sink and our people will be the ones suffering . Her Majesty isn’t in a good mood now, so we, as subjects, should empathize with her and not foolishly offend her dignity and glory!”

The elderly chairman raised his voice . Some instinctively tried to refute, but he swept them a fierce glance . At this moment, the elderly chairman’s eyes were bloodshot like a wild animal struggling on death bed . Judging from the elderly chairman’s appearance, many suspected that he would pounce on them and snap their necks if they retorted .

After ensuring that no one spoke, the elderly chairman nodded in satisfaction before turning to Lilian and bowed .

“My apologies, Your Majesty . Please forgive our rudeness . Just as you’ve said, it is our duty to protect the nation . We will get prepared now to handle the upcoming attack . Please allow us to take our leave . ”

Lilian didn’t speak a word and simply nodded with her exhausted expression . The elderly man turned around and beckoned to the others to leave . Shortly after, the last person left the room and closed the doors . Lilian sat quietly on her throne . Her tiny body trembled from the eruption of her emotions . Her heavy breathing slowed down and after a few moments, she curled up, hugged her knees, and buried her face into them .

Then, sobs echoed in the silent room .


A crisp, hard sound of a slap .

The elderly chairman gazed coldly at the parliament member who had fallen to the ground . The latter couldn’t even crawl to his feet to criticize the elderly chairman about his ‘violent abuse’ . His left cheek swelled in red while some of his teeth had scattered on the floor . This amount of strength didn’t look like what an elderly man should have .

“A bunch of idiots!”

The elderly chairman disregarded the man howling in grief on the ground and stared at the others .

“Have you guys gone silly from sleeping with too many women? Did you ejaculate even your brains?! You idiots want to destroy the Light Parliament?!”

“But, Chairman, Her Majesty was…” One of them said grudgingly . But before he finished his sentence, the elderly chairman shot him a look .

“Her Majesty is only a child . Are all of you children? Where are your brains? To think you even quarreled with Her Majesty like children in public! Be careful that Her Majesty orders the Battle Angels to drive all of you out and disband the Light Parliament . Don’t cry when that happens!”

“H-Her Majesty wouldn’t do that… After all, if she…”

“Idiot! That’s why I said you people are a bunch of idiots!”

The elderly chairman berated .

“Didn’t I say that Her Majesty is still a child?! Do you think that she will consider the situation as thoughtfully as you? What happens if Her Majesty instantly disband the Light Parliament? Do you think she won’t do that? She doesn’t care about the people or her reputation . Many of you have children, so aren’t you clear of their temper? Are you crazy to confront her face to face?!”

Everyone was speechless . In fact, they admitted that their actions were indeed childish and didn’t look a tiny bit like thoughtful politicians . Back then, they were flabbergasted when they heard from Lilian that she would chase them out . She had always been a yes-man and due to this reason, they dared to manipulate her as a puppet . But after witnessing the drastic change in her behavior, the fear in their hearts overwhelmed them . They were afraid that Lilian would get rid of everyone who had used her, which was why they jumped out desperately . But they had totally forgotten that even though they knew her for a long time, her mentality was like that of a child after growing up in the ‘sterile greenhouse’ .

No matter how timid and obedient the child was, there would be a day when she rebelled .

“Now, get prepared for the battle with the Undead Army immediately . Due to the Munn Kingdom, there aren’t too many Undead Creatures that we have to face . With the two Archangels and Battle Angel Army overseeing the situation, we must defend against the Undead Army . Just as I’ve said, this is our land and where our people live, after all . Do you intend to debate with skeletons about authority after the Light Mainland has crumbled completely?”

The parliament members listened in silence . Then, they turned around and left swiftly . The elderly man let out a long sigh . His exhausted face made him look like 10 years had caught up with him instantly . But shortly after, he pulled himself together and headed down the corridor . Meanwhile, he didn’t realize that there were two pairs of eyes watching him from the shadow . All the way until the elderly man disappeared into the corner, the two figures stepped out of the shadow . One of them was a middle-aged man who wore a luxurious attire while the other was wrapped in a purple robe like a Mage .

“It seems like this old man is quite useful and not as worthless as I thought . ”

The middle-aged man let out a snort .

“Although the parliament members are basically helpless trash, I didn’t expect them to compete against a child . Hmph . This old man has just helped me a bunch . It seems that he isn’t as foolish as the others think he is,” he said, and the Mage in purple robe stooped over .

“Sir, the situation isn’t looking good . Should we…”

“… No, let it be for now . ”

The middle-aged man interrupted .

“That old man is right . The Country of Light shouldn’t panic . Although the situation is out of our expectations, it is still within our acceptable range at this point . ”

“But regarding the Munn Kingdom…”

“I know what you mean . ”

The man revealed some sternness in his tone .

“Hmph . Since they failed to use the Light Dragon Soul’s authority to summon them to Casabianca for investigations, we can use another method that doesn’t require Her Majesty’s approval . It will work as long as we receive a nod of approval from the Light Parliament/ I have my ways around this . But now isn’t the time…”

The man let out a snort . He lifted his head and gazed at the bright sky in disdain .

“Mortals are just so timid, naive, and easy to manipulate . They don’t understand that… Order is short-lived while Chaos is for eternity . ”

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