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Chapter 721
Chapter 721: A Scholar’s Battle Style

“Isn’t that…”

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Serena stared in disbelief at the bone shields revolving around Orchid Heart . The bone shields should have been from the undead spell which only Necromancers and Liches could cast . Orchid Heart was obviously a living creature and not an Undead and it was apparent that the holy barrier was cast by her because that there weren’t too many spellcasters around . Bayer and the soldiers were occupied by the Nightmare Warriors, so it was even more impossible for them to cast it . Serena was a Mage, so she was out of the question . Whereas for Frederick, he didn’t have any conceptions about spiritual spells at all . But not only did Orchid Heart cast a spiritual spell, but she also released an undead spell?

Serena bit her lower lip subconsciously .

Could it be that she is…

The Lich stared blankly at the bone shields . It was apparent that the Lich was fired up even though its expression was concealed by the hood . It took two steps back and scanned the young lady cautiously with its staff in hand . It felt that this situation was extremely odd .

But Orchid Heart didn’t have any intentions of giving it a chance to survive . She stroked her finger across the page and pointed forward…

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Deep explosions filled the sky . Everyone witnessed thick billows of smoke erupting around Orchid Heart, which quickly transformed into ten, black human-shaped figures in a row . They stood by her left and right and were made entirely out of dark smoke . They held blades coalesced from magical powers and their eyes burned with spiritual flames as they fixed their gazes at the target before them .

“What…? This… can’t be . ”

Serena stared in disbelief and even Frederick realized that something was terribly off . Oh my goodness, aren’t those the Nightmare Warriors that the Lich summoned to deal with us?

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Orchid Heart wasn’t in the mood to admire the amazed expressions . She pointed forward and the Nightmare Warriors raised their weapons and pounced on the Lich .

The Lich was in for a pitiful time . The Nightmare Warriors were Undead Creatures and due to the principle behind attribute immunity, the Lich’s spells were ineffective on them . Of course, it could target Orchid Heart who was the mastermind over the Nightmare Warriors . However, also due to the same principle, the Lich’s undead spells were useless on Orchid Heart as she was protected by the bone shields around her . The bone shields could still be destroyed by high-level spells, but under the enchanted field, the Lich had weakened and fallen off to the Master Stage . It showed what miserable state it was in for Frederick to shatter its bone shield in a single strike . Besides, even though Frederick destroyed its bone shields, it was due to the difference in elemental attributes, after all, so there wasn’t any immunity or weakening effects . However, it was different from the Lich . It could only cast spells of the same attribute . Even though, as Mages, they had also learned other spells for emergencies, they were limited, after all . Moreover, some elemental spells were totally the sworn enemies to the Undead Creatures, just like how some Liches couldn’t learn the ‘Tongue of Flame’ spell .

But there were still other solutions .

The Lich raised its staff and chanted . The dull-looking bone staff in its hand instantly brightened in a glaring radiance . Then, bolts of lightning struck out like lashing whips and two to three Nightmare Warriors turned into dust, which revealed an opening in the tight row of defense . But at the next instant…

A scorching, pure fire-elemental wave of flame pounced on the Lich . The high temperature melted the snowfield and steam filled the sky . In the blink of an eye, it engulfed the Lich and three Nightmare Warriors . But shortly after, a strong gale from within the flames blasted an opening, where the Lich desperately escaped from . It clasped its staff, but it was no longer as confident as before .

“That’s strange…”

Serena knitted her brows . She was sure that the Lich was incredibly weak right now . Of course, she would be asking for death if she charged forward . But the Lich’s reactions were odd . The spells that it cast weren’t high-level ones and they didn’t seem stable .

But, there was something even more odd .

The Lich wasn’t in a safe territory yet after dodging the fire wall . Orchid Heart tapped the book in her hand and an enormous fireball emerged in the air which blasted forward . The Lich raised its staff and cast a bone shield before it . Shortly after, it released a web of lightning bolts that formed a barrier . At this moment, the enormous fireball had arrived before it and exploded completely .

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The explosion blasted in all directions . But Orchid Heart’s hand didn’t stop moving . She sat upright on her warhorse like a statue and didn’t move the slightest . She held the page down with her left hand while moving her right hand about like an orchestra conductor . Serena witnessed a streak of dazzling lightning bolt emitted from Orchid Heart’s fair fingertip that headed into the explosion .


A series of contrasting white radiance flickered in the thick, black smoke . The Lich frantically flew out of it and it was apparent from the dancing electricity on its body that it was seriously injured .

But everyone’s jaws dropped at the next moment . Orchid Heart swept a glance at the Lich . She lifted her right arm and brandished!

A green blade ray erupted along with her movements . The wind cheetah snarled as it leaped into the air and bit merciless onto the Lich’s shoulder . The Lich finally couldn’t escape . It crashed heavily into the holy barrier behind .

“What in the world?!”

Frederick exclaimed at the top of his lungs . He widened his eyes and stared at Orchid Heart in disbelief . Of course, he knew what was that move . It was his Wind Hunter Blade technique . However, even he required the wind-elemental ‘Raging Storm’ magic sword to achieve such a perfect result and yet, this young lady cast it with bare hands!

Could it be that this young lady is a Sword Saint?

Serena watched with an ashen expression . She finally realized what Orchid Heart had done . When the Lich cast its spell, Orchid Heart had been watching its every movement . After the Lich cast its spell, the empty page beneath Orchid Heart’s left hand emerged with lines of text and magical runes . Just like how the line of words emerged above the page when the Lich released the lightning chain spell to strike off the Nightmare Warriors . Moreover, the instant the Lich was caught in the fireball explosion, Serena noticed that Orchid Heart lithely swiped her right hand across the line of words before pointing forward . Then, she emitted a lightning chain from her fingertips that struck the Lich .

All in one…

Serena trembled in shock . She finally understood why Orchid Heart remained silent after the battle began . She had been analyzing the spells used in battle and only released them now . This was extremely terrifying . Just think about how terrifying it was for one in battle to face an opponent who could copy one’s techniques and use it as their own…

“Is it over?”

Rhode said and startled Serena . She returned from her daze and looked forward with a complicated gaze . The Lich didn’t seem to have any strength left anymore . It leaned on the holy barrier in silence .

“It’s your turn now, Rhode… Yawn…”

Orchid Heart tilted her head, rubbed her eyes, and moved aside . Rhode nodded and stepped forward . He sized up the powerless Lich and stretched out his right arm .

[Activate Spirit’s Prisoner — Spirit extraction activate . Choose your target]

Rhode pointed forward .

But the next scene stunned him .


Logically speaking, Rhode should have extracted the Lich’s spirit right after activating this skill . However, the Lich stood up abruptly, clutched his chest, and let out a blood-curdling screech before falling on its head lifelessly . Then, Rhode saw a spiritual radiance streaking across the sky like a meteor and it entered the necklace hanging on his chest .

[Imprisoned Spirit — Undead Spirit (Dark Attribute Resistance +10 / Spiritual Capacity Expansion 100 / Overall +9)]


Rhode gazed in astonishment at the Lich before him .

Isn’t this a Lich? Why has it become an Undead Spirit? Both should be presences on entirely different levels .

Rhode stepped forth, drew his sword, and flipped the Lich around . He slashed the cloak open and witnessed its true identity .

“What’s going on?”

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