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Published at 7th of April 2020 10:04:09 PM
Chapter 719

Chapter 719: Ambush (III)

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The Undead Creatures didn’t expect to be ambushed by their enemies .

They were stunned after realizing that Rhode leaped up from behind the boulder . However, their reactions were quick . In the blink of an eye, the Skeleton Cavalrymen got into position while the Ghouls let out sharp, menacing screeches and extended their razor-sharp claws .

Rhode was mentally prepared . His movement speed had greatly increased after transcending into the Legendary Stage . He dodged the oncoming enemies and led a trail of afterimages over their incomplete defense . The holy white word in his hand emanated a dazzling radiance as he brandished .

At this moment, the Death Knight let out an outburst of anger . He drew and swung his long sword .


The crisp collision of steel rang in their ears . The silver-whitish holy flames erupted from Rhode’s blade and instantly engulfed the Death Knight . The skeleton warhorse under him let out a sorrowful neigh before shattering into bits as though a discounted artistic piece breaking into pieces . The Death Knight above the warhorse rolled away desperately using the impact from Rhode’s attack .

Hahaha . How does it feel?

If Rhode wasn’t used to putting up an expressionless face, he would have burst into laughter . The Death Knight’s powerful defense was extraordinary among the Undead Creatures . However, it became so fragile after being weakened by the enchanted field and burned by the holy flames . Rhode felt that his blade slash was as though slicing through butter .

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That was a satisfying sense of revenge . In the game, it was always the Undead Creatures who used their enchanted fields to weaken the players before swarming forward . The tides had turned now and it was finally his turn to enjoy the results!

This thought flashed in his head for only an instant . The moment he landed on the ground, he darted forward with his shimmering blade and the Death Knight frantically laid his sword before him to negate his attack .

The Skeleton Cavalrymen and Ghouls turned around hurriedly and pounced on Rhode . But at this moment, they heard a crisp voice .

“Finty Nue Maira!”

An enormous fireball whizzed across the sky, landed among the Skeleton Cavalrymen, and exploded into air streams that engulfed them entirely . Marlene stared at the enemies sternly while Lize stood beside her with her arms raised and magical runes flickered above her palms .

A translucent, golden barrier emerged as soon as the fireball exploded as though a wall protecting the young ladies . Not only did the wall resist the storm and flames, but it also stopped the Ghouls pouncing on them . The shriveled, pitch-black, and putrid creatures revealed their razor-sharp claws, but crashed into the barrier . However, they didn’t give up . They rolled on the snowfield and stood back up…

Scarlet waves of flame devoured everything .

Gillian sat on a boulder with a wide smile . She extended her right, dewy index finger and lit up a tiny flame . Then, she threw it forward .

A wall of scorching flame extended to form a solid wall that blocked the Undead Creatures from advancing . In the blink of an eye, the Undead Creatures were stopped completely . The Skeleton Cavalrymen and Ghouls were unfortunate as they weren’t especially powerful creatures, to begin with . The Skeleton Cavalrymen were quick in their movement and nimbleness while the Ghouls were protected with strong skin and had razor-sharp claws and poisonous fangs . It would have been through for Rhode’s team if it was a face-to-face battle . However, Rhode had had countless experiences in eliminating thousands of Undead Creatures, so how was it possible for them to fail? Moreover, with the restriction of space and effects of the enchanted field, the Skeleton Cavalrymen and Ghouls weren’t even worth a mention . Most of them were instantly dead under Marlene’s fireball attack and Gillian’s wave of flames .

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On the other side, Rhode struck off the weakened Death Knight in a couple of slashes . He didn’t want to drag this on anymore . He brandished his blade, but this time, he targeted the Lich behind the Death Knight .

Everything happened in less than half a minute even though the battle seemed long . Although Rhode was confident that he could take down the Death Knight instantly, he held back after considering the Lich at the back . Liches were extremely cunning creatures . If Rhode appeared too threatening, perhaps the Lich might abandon this physical body and transfer its soul to escape, which would be a wasted opportunity . Even though Rhode had ways to deal with that move when it happened, there was insufficient time . This was why he purposely dragged his fight with the Death Knight to give the Lich a misconception that Rhode had the upper hand because he was the one who ambushed, but wasn’t capable to defeat them at all .

Now was the time to see if the Lich would take the bait . After all, they were here as scouts to gather information . Besides, Liches were mostly confident in themselves . If the Lich believed that Rhode’s men weren’t threatening enough, most likely it would stay for a killing before heading back… If it had such thoughts, Rhode guaranteed that it would be dead .

Rhode knew that he must make the Lich take the bait and not fall for the Lich’s bait . If not, he would be doomed .

“Oh my goodness…”

Frederick and the others waited to provide assistance as they watched from the rear . They were speechless . Bayer had also widened his eyes in amazement . There were about 30 Undead Creatures in this scout squad which included the Ghouls and Skeleton Cavalrymen . But Rhode and his three other subordinates instantly wiped out more than half of them . Even though Bayer didn’t have experience in dealing with Undead Creatures, he knew that they were doomed, judging from the situation . The best case scenario for the Undead Creatures would be to have one or two of them escape . But, Rhode would definitely disallow it .

No one noticed that Orchid Heart was also observing the battlefield . She mumbled under her breath and placed her right hand on the opened book . In an instant, large runes and strange texts hovered above the white, empty pages .

Rhode deflected the Death Knight’s attack and his pupils shrunk abruptly because the Lich had raised its staff . Two of the four Specters hovering around it pounced forward while several pitch-black rune emerged on the Lich’s body .

The Lich is escaping!


Rhode called out hurriedly . Lize instantly pushed her hand forward and blasted a silver-whitish beam from her palm that struck the ground around the Lich . Then, the silver-whitish beam expanded and washed away the pitch-black runes on the Lich .

“All settled!”

Rhode heaved an inward sigh of relief . Fortunately, he had made Lize prepare for the spiritual spell, Dimension Blast . Dimension Blast could disrupt and destroy a teleportation spell and the victim wouldn’t be able to use its teleportation spell for a period of time . However, this would only be effective after the victim had begun casting its teleportation spell . Only an experienced player like Rhode could instantly detect the Lich’s intentions from its moves .

Since the Lichs couldn’t escape anymore, Rhode wouldn’t need to hold back now . He unleashed all his strength on the blade that punctured the Death Knight in a single brandish .

That’s an afterimage!

Dazzling, meteor-like blade rays erupted and engulfed the Death Knight entirely . This time, the Death Knight couldn’t defend itself anymore . It clutched its long sword helplessly as the meteor-like rays continuously slashed its pitch-black armor . The sword in its hands shattered and as though a signal to the blade rays, they coalesced into one enormous, dazzling blade of light that struck and pierced into its body .


The Death Knight collapsed to the ground lifelessly . Rhode shifted his attention to the Lich . He didn’t need to worry about his back with Lize, Marlene and Gillian supporting him . He darted forward and skimmed across the snowfield with his flickering blade .

Ever since Lize’s Dimension Blast disrupted the Lich’s teleportation, it knew that something was gravely wrong . It raised its bone staff and floated to midair hurriedly . The four Specters around it transformed into a strong gale that assisted in its retreat . It was apparent that they were fleeing!

At this moment, Orchid Heart’s brows twitched .

“It’s our turn . ”

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