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Chapter 718: 718

Chapter 718: Ambush (II)

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Rhode observed the black figures from the high cliff . Even though they were as small as sand, Rhode wasn’t as short-sighted as ordinary humans after transcending into the Legendary Stage . He quickly recognized their formation .

Just as he had predicted, the pitch-black, shriveled Ghouls and Skeleton Cavalrymen were the main scouts . They were led by a Death Knight in pitch-black armor and a human-like figure clad in tattered black robe stood in the middle amongst the Skeleton Cavalrymen . Even though Rhode couldn’t see the figure’s appearance clearly, it was apparent from the white staff that it was a spellcaster . Four translucent spiritual creatures drifted around it and they were the most common scouts in the Undead Army—Specters . These convenient creatures were the favorites of the Undead Army .

“How strange…”

Frederick knitted his brows and put away the monocular in his hand . He patted his head dubiously .

“Strange? What’s strange?”

Bayer took over the monocular and leaned back on the boulder . He curled up in the shadow to avoid direct sunlight from being reflected off the monocular lenses . They were here to ambush and not to be discovered by the enemies .

“Hmm… The Undead Creatures appear rather listless as though plants drying up from the scorching heat of the sun . ”

What an interesting analogy .

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“Mr . Frederick is right . ”

Rhode smiled inwardly . In fact, this was the truth . Apart from the Liches who were surely in the Legendary Stage, the other creatures were about level 50 . However, perhaps their levels weren’t even above level 40 now because, as soon as the Undead Creatures entered his territory, they were instantly weakened by the enchanted field of the Holy Maiden Statues . This was also another reason why the Undead Army feared approaching the fortress . The three Holy Maiden Statues were laid out in a triangular position and he ensured that his fortress was within the overlapping enchanted fields . In other words, the closer the Undead Army approached, the weaker they would be . The Undead Army had realized this, which was why they took the long route .

But Rhode was clear that the Undead Army was like blind men who lit candles . The mountains extending from Land of Atonement reached the Wind Canyon and the enveloping range of the three Holy Maiden Statues had shrouded the entire front line . Strong gust of wind blew 365 days a year in the Wind Canyon . The Undead Army would be out of their minds if they wrapped around the fortress, headed for the Wind Canyon, and attacked from there . Moreover, they would reach others’ territory if they headed even farther, which meant that they abandoned the Paphield-Grenbell battle line and was favorable for Rhode . It wouldn’t be his concern if the other battle lines were overwhelmed by the Undead Army . He was only the overlord of a territory and not the king, after all .

But Rhode knew that this was wishful thinking . How would the Undead Army possibly abandon this battle line?

“Go according to plan . ”

Rhode turned around and gestured .

“Sir Bayer, lead your men and follow Senior Heart to the left . You will see a ditch where it leads to the Undead Army’s rear . They will retreat instantly once they discover that something is wrong . You guys need to move fast to prevent accidents . I will lead the others and launch attacks from the front . We will work together and surround them . ”

Rhode drew a circle on the map .

“We’ll strike if the Undead Creatures flee, but you’ll wait for my orders if they stay . Understand?”

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“No problem, Sir Overlord . ”

Frederick lifted his sword and nodded with a grin . It seemed that he was itching to get on with it . He turned to Rhode curiously .

“But I didn’t expect you to be so familiar with this place, Sir Overlord . I’m sure you’ve often patrolled the area, right?”

“It is the duty of every overlord to be familiar with their territories . ”

Rhode gazed at the holographic map before him and said . He realized that his ability to lie through his teeth had improved tremendously after he came to this world .

On the other hand, Serena watched the black dots in the distance dubiously . Then, she turned to Rhode .

“Sir Rhode, why will the Undead Creatures flee? They have a Lich among them, so… The differences in strength between us aren’t that huge…”

“The differences weren’t that huge, but it is different now, Miss Serena . ”

Rhode laughed in his head .

“But, now isn’t the time for this . There’s a saying that seeing is believing . Oh, by the way, Miss Serena, don’t treat the Lich as a legendary creature when you face it later . Treat it as…” Rhode paused and pondered for a few moments . “An enemy between intermediate to high-level strength in the Middle Circle . ”


Serena gazed in disbelief . Everyone knew that Liches were creatures in the Legendary Stage and this was why they were terrifying . Of course . There were also exceptions, such as the Lich who used an Angel as the phylactery in the past . But it was a rare case, after all, and most Liches weren’t that brainless . Since the enemy was a Lich from the Country of Darkness, it would be the real deal in the Legendary Stage . But now, Rhode told her that this Lich was weaker . What did he mean…

“Alright, Serena, let’s go . ”

Frederick dragged her away impatiently . Serena stared blankly at Rhode and hoped for a clear explanation . However, Rhode watched her back vanishing around the corner . He shook his head and stooped over to observe the enemies through the gap .

The Undead Creatures were moving quickly and getting closer to Rhode’s men . He had to admit that the Undead Creatures were great with choosing spots . Even though they couldn’t climb over the steep cliff and precipitous rock faces, there were natural rock platforms on the mountain waist, which made great lookout posts . Although it would be hard to come down after they climbed up, they didn’t need to consume food and water, after all . In fact, the Undead Creatures’ lookout posts were often set up this way in the game . The players watched helplessly from the foot as they couldn’t climb up .

But the Undead Creatures didn’t appear to be in high spirits . On the contrary, they moved with heavy feet . The Specters floating around the Lich appeared lifeless . The Death Knight leading his army seemed powerless . His long, black tail feather hanged down from his helmet as though he had lost a battle .

Heh . You didn’t expect this, did you?

Rhode let out an inward, gleeful sneer . In the game, it was challenging to scout out the Undead Creatures . Apart from their tough defensive line, their stench was also a huge problem . Ordinary humans lasted for half an hour at most and even players were affected by the weakening effects in the stench . The players escaped the sufferings after they put on their blessed armor and weapons . Back then, this annoyed the humans greatly and now was the time for them to have a taste of their own medicine .

The Undead Creatures were vigilant, but the Holy Maiden Statues’ enchanted fields had held their attributes down, where perhaps they couldn’t release half their strength now . Rhode silently shifted his position along the edge of the boulder and arrived by the enemies left . He squinted at the holographic map before him . A few light dots had successfully dodged the Undead Creatures’ search and arrived at their destination .

Everything’s ready .

Rhode lifted his head and stared at the Death Knight .

It’s about time to let you have a taste of an ambush .

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