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Chapter 717: 717

Chapter 717: Ambush (I)

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The group exited the fortress and snow shrouded everything in sight .

The battle aftermath had been completely covered by the huge snow . The warhorses stood still instinctively after stepping onto the graveyard of Undead Creatures .

“I didn’t expect to see you behaving in this manner, Serena . ”

Frederick rode on his warhorse and teased Serena . The latter blushed and glared fiercely . However, Frederick was used to it . He put up a cheeky face and admired her embarrassed expression . Rhode didn’t comment about Serena’s lack of manners, which left her feeling anxious . Frederick knew that his fiancée was much more self-disciplined than most others and perhaps she regretted letting out a shriek in public as though she was possessed .

“Stop mentioning it, Frederick . I didn’t do it on purpose . I was just surprised…”

Serena lowered her head shyly . At the same time, she stole a glance at Orchid Heart . The latter swayed on the warhorse back sleepily . Everyone else was worried that she might fall from the saddle anytime .

“By the way, Serena, what’s that something something scholar that you mentioned? I’ve never seen you this shocked . ”

“It’s the Nafranka Spellcaster Scholar!”

Serena raised her voice, but quickly held back . She understood that Frederick was giving her an out . From this aspect, he was rather considerate . But his nonchalant attitude often left her fuming .

“This… But… I’m not too sure . I…”

“Aiya . Come to your senses, Serena . ”

Frederick curled his lips .

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“Aren’t you highly regarded by the group of old men in the Spell Tower? Master Rowan said that you’re gonna be the future star of the Spell Tower . Really… You’ve always been bold and confident in reprimanding me, so why have you become hesitant after meeting her? Don’t tell me you were mesmerized by that young lady… I didn’t know you had such interest . Could it be that you and Aisha… That’s fine too . Will Aisha join us after our marriage…”

“Shut up! Nothing good comes out from your mouth!”

Serena rolled her eyes . Fortunately, she had been with Frederick for a long time . If not, she would have been angered to death .

“You don’t understand, Frederick . A Nafranka Spellcaster Scholar is a legend of legends . It has been the dream of scholars and even the Sunset Sky Association pays close attention to it…”


Frederick knitted his brows . He tilted his head and sized up Orchid Heart .

“What’s strange with scholars? Don’t our old man have a few scholars around him . Oh, by the way, that young lady looks rather amusing and seems different from the group of old men,” Frederick said . “But Serena, there’s no need for you to be this surprised, isn’t it? Scholars and Mages don’t differ too much . Both are knowledgeable, but Scholars can’t cast spells, that’s all . No matter how powerful that something something Scholar is, isn’t she still a Scholar? They can’t go on the battlefield and even if they know magic spells, they can’t be compared to Mages, isn’t it?”

“It’s totally different!”

Serena held her forehead as she felt her head throbbed . But, she patiently explained .

“Although we don’t seem to be too different, the level of research Scholars conduct is more detailed than what Mages would . The Nafranka Spellcaster Scholar is one of the representatives . Rumors has it that they use knowledge to obtain the presence of strength and rule power . In the eyes of the Nafranka Spellcaster Scholar, everyone’s techniques and rules come from the same origin . They can use it to trace the source, seek the existence of the world at the beginning of its creation and receive answers . ”

“Oh… Sounds incredible . ”

Frederick gazed blankly . He scratched his head and spoke tongue in cheek . Of course . Serena knew that and she couldn’t be more familiar with Frederick since they were childhood friends . Serena used another method to answer him .

“Rumor has it that there are no secrets in the eyes of the Nafranka Spellcaster Scholar . As long as they witness any techniques, they will record, copy, analyze, and use . No matter the swordsmanship, spiritual spell, or magic spell . ”

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“That sounds powerful . ”

Frederick’s vacant eyes glinted .

“They can use anything? That god-like? A Mage like you can’t do that, right?”

“Yes, Mages can’t do that . We perhaps can analyze low-level magic spells, but we are helpless against swordsmanships and spiritual spells . On the other hand, rumor has it that the Nafranka Spellcaster Scholar can unleash any techniques . In other words, if one displays one’s swordsmanship that one has cultivated for decades, the Nafranka Spellcaster Scholar can copy and use the technique with the same or even higher level of mastery . Not only that, but even though the Nafranka Spellcaster Scholar doesn’t have any weapons on hand, they can also release the skills . ”

“Oh my goodness . That’s awesome!”

Frederick cried in awe . He whipped on his warhorse and headed for Orchid Heart . Fortunately, Serena swiftly pulled his arm .

“Wait wait wait . What are you up to, Frederick?”

“Don’t you know? Since she’s that powerful, I should use this chance to make her accept me as a disciple . Think about it . I can use any techniques that others have learned, even spiritual spells and magic spells . Hahaha . Aren’t you interested too?”

“Teacher Brad will hack you to death if he hears that!”

Serena had given up all hopes on her fiancé .

“Do you know how long a Nafranka Spellcaster Scholar has to be submerged in the sea of knowledge before obtaining such strength? It has always been a mystery as to how one can become one . In fact, this special class lost its inheritance a millennium ago . I was lucky to randomly catch a glimpse of their records . The Sunset Sky Association has spent half a millennium, but failed to search for clues…”

“But didn’t you say that the young lady is the something Spellcaster Scholar?”

“That’s why I said… I’m not sure…”

Serena lowered her voice and glanced at Orchid Heart . The four silver rings embedded on her scarlet robe was glaring . The four silver rings were connected by seven golden threads and gathered to the center in a sophisticated way . That was the symbol of the Nafranka Spellcaster Scholar and represented the way of Order . The patterns were so exquisite that only those with the knowledge of Order could recognize . But it was so complicated that even the most impressive artisans couldn’t reproduce it .

Therefore, Serena was uncertain . From one aspect, she was sure that this special class had vanished for a thousand year . On another aspect, the Order pattern on Orchid Heart wasn’t a replica . But she was still a young lady, after all . She could possibly recognize at first sight if she was a Grand Mage, but she wasn’t capable yet .

This is fascinating .

Rhode’s eyes glinted with smiles as he overheard their conversation . Although they had purposely lowered their voices, he found it amusing . He finally understood why players loved to follow the couple for missions because they could hear their fascinating conversation during boring times . Rhode even had the intentions of bringing them for non-dangerous adventures in future . Anyway, Frederick’s Shafir region and Serena’s Spell Tower didn’t have any hostile history with him, so he didn’t mind cultivating a couple of alliances .

But now wasn’t the time for crosstalk .

Rhode came to a halt and flipped down his warhorse .

Everyone behind him tugged their reins and slowed to a stop . Any animals would leave footprints on snowy field and snow was the best recorder . The trampled traces remained untouched and awaited for others to uncover .

Rhode knelt down and scanned the trampled traces . He knitted his brows and gently touched them . Then, he lifted his head .

“A team of Ghouls . A team of Skeleton Cavalrymen . Four Specters . One Death Knight . ”

Rhode said and looked forward .

“It seems that the Undead Army has come out huge this time, but we don’t know if their commander is a Vampire or Lich . It should be a Lich since there are no footprints of Necromancers and Vampires aren’t active in the morning . ”

“Sir Overlord, should we gather more men?” Bayer asked .

Even though he didn’t know why Rhode was this knowledgeable about the Undead Creatures, he knew that Rhode had the right to make such judgments since he fought with the Undead Creatures . But, no matter if Rhode’s observations were correct, Bayer sucked in a deep breath of air . The Ghouls and Skeleton Cavalrymen weren’t difficult to deal with, but the Death Knights and Liches would be troublesome . High-level Liches were nightmares for any mortals . But Bayer knew that his suggestion would surely be rejected .

“It’s not necessary . ”

As expected, Rhode shook his head and jumped on his warhorse .

“Those guys don’t dare to get close to the fortress, but they’re thinking of ways to go around it… We can head there earlier and ambush them . ”


Bayer said curiously .

“Sir Overlord, do you know where they’re heading to?”

“Of course . ”

Rhode nodded . Then, he looked confidently at the system interface . It was a holographic map formed by golden rays and a team of black dots was advancing slowly .

“Let’s give our guests a surprise . ”

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