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Chapter 716: 716

Chapter 716: The Hunt

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“Greetings, Sir Bayer . ”

Bayer subconsciously took a step back as soon as he met Agatha . Even though they had heard her self-introduction, they didn’t see such creatures before . Although Agatha appeared harmless, humans were still vigilant against the unknown .

Bayer held his sword hilt before returning to his senses . A blush of embarrassment smeared across his face and he awkwardly lowered his arm .

“Is anything the matter?”

“This was what happened,” Agatha said .

She looked at the guest with azure eyes that resembled emotionless gems . It seemed that she wasn’t mindful about his reactions, or perhaps she didn’t care . She stood quietly while her hair swayed, twisted, and hung down .

“Master is about to head out for a hunt . He hopes that everyone can join him if they’re interested . ”

“A hunt?”

Bayer stared blankly . He couldn’t figure out what was going on in the young overlord’s mind . Hunting was indeed an entertainment for the nobles . But he would need to read the occasion too . Not to mention, hunting was usually done after lunch . They had just arrived at this place and didn’t catch their breaths yet . It was rather rude to invite them so hastily, wasn’t it? On the other hand, the Undead Army was lurking by the border and he still had the mood to hunt?

Although Bayer cursed inwardly, it was equally rude of him if he refused the owner’s kind invitation . As a result, he nodded in agreement . On the other hand, Frederick was eager to give it a try . It seemed that he had had enough from the boring journey .

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But they realized something strange after they arrived at the entrance . Bayer didn’t find any the young man’s subordinates who were always around his side . Instead, apart from Rhode, Marlene, Lize, and Gillian, there were only five mercenaries . There was also a sleepy-looking young lady in her twenties . She wore a set of thick, long robes that restricted her movements and held a heavy book in her hands .

They’re going hunting in those outfits?

Bayer raised his doubts and even Frederick and Serena were equally curious . They recalled that nobles brought a large group of members for their hunts, but Rhode didn’t arrange for that . Besides… who is that young lady?

“Greetings, Sir Bayer . I know you and your men are exhausted from the long journey . Please pardon me for inviting everyone over . ”

Rhode nodded to Bayer who rode over on his warhorse . The latter accepted his sincerity and he knew that there must be a reason behind this . On the other hand, Frederick peered out and gazed curiously at Rhode .

“Sir Overlord, what is gonna be our prey?”

“Nothing . ”

Rhode shrugged and answered vaguely .

“A bunch of walking skeleton, that’s all . ”


The group was flabbergasted . At this moment, Bayer’s relaxed expression became solemn .

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“Sir Overlord, what you meant was… the Undead Creatures have attacked?”

“They sent out some scouts . It seems that our alliance has attracted the attention of those creatures lurking in the darkness . ”

Rhode gestured .

“Even though they’re our guests, we should be aware of their intentions . As owners, we should be prepared to welcome them and ensure that they’re gone forever . How about it? Everyone . Are you interested in heading out with us and playing a game of ‘eagle catches chicken’ with the skeletons?

“Great! Let’s do it! Sir Overlord!”

Frederick nodded without any hesitations . In fact, he couldn’t hold in his excitement any longer . Weren’t they here to annihilate the Undead Creatures? Frederick thought that he would only have the chance to battle after the war commenced and didn’t expect the Undead Creatures to send themselves to their doorsteps so soon . Besides, he was even invited to join in this early fight!

Bayer wasn’t as thrilled as Frederick . He knitted his brows and revealed traces of determination in his eyes . Indeed . As a soldier, it would be best if he could grasp the opponent’s strength and threat . But… he was rather concerned .

Although Rhode spoke leisurely, Bayer understood the meaning behind his words . It was apparent that there were Undead Scouts and Rhode was about to deal with it . But… Bayer felt worried . Everyone knew that the Undead Scouts were exceptionally strong . Moreover, they were hard to deal with as Undead Creatures and Rhode only had a few men with him…

“Sir Overlord, is this all the manpower you’re bringing? Will it be sufficient?”

“Yes . ”

Rhode was unconcerned .

“There are only a small number of them and we will frighten them if we visit with great fanfare . This is sufficient, Bayer . ”

“A small number of them?”

Bayer gazed at Rhode in astonishment . If Rhode didn’t strike the Undead Creatures back twice, Bayer would have believed that Rhode was just a noble who talked big . Indeed . There might not be a large number of them as Bayer didn’t hear of thousands of dispatched Undead Scouts . It was due to their small numbers, which increased the possibilities that they were dangerous elites . Moreover, they were scheming and hard to deal with . But Rhode appeared to be confident . Bayer was speechless . After all, Rhode’s accomplishment was known and as a Master Stage Swordsman, Bayer sensed the extraordinary aura emanating from the young man .

It seemed like the rumors of this young overlord holding strength in the Legendary Stage was true . Bayer spoke no more and nodded in agreement . Rhode read his expression, but didn’t point it out . He urged his warhorse forward and revealed Orchid Heart at the back .

“This is Miss Orchid Heart . She’s my companion and the military commander of this fortress . I hope everyone will listen to her commands . Everyone is a soldier, so I’m sure that you’re aware of the importance . ”


Everyone exclaimed in surprise . They scanned the young lady who was dozing off on her warhorse . After a few moments, the young lady seemed to sense everyone’s gazes . She lifted her head and nodded to everyone as greetings . Then, she covered her mouth and let out a long yawn before lowering her head again .

“… This young lady is so… fascinating . ”

It was almost praise to a certain extent for Frederick to make such a remark . This young man with an unconventional approach to life gazed at Orchid Heart in astonishment . He let out a dry laughter and suddenly, he heard a scream .


“What’s wrong, Serena? Didn’t you always tell me to remain steady no matter what?”

Frederick instantly realized that it was the voice of his dearest fiancée . He turned around with a funny expression . It had always been Serena who educated him and he was used to it . Now that he finally had the chance for revenge, he wouldn’t let it slip . However, he realized that Serena wasn’t looking at him after he turned around . Instead, she gazed at the young lady before her with a pale expression and covered her mouth with her hand .

“What’s wrong, Serena? You look as though you’ve seen a monster . That’s too rude . ”

“How… how… how is this possible…”

Serena ignored her fiancé’s bicker . She stared at Orchid Heart with widened eyes and muttered under her breath .

“She’s a… Nafranka Spellcaster Scholar?”

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