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Published at 7th of April 2020 10:04:10 PM
Chapter 711

Chapter 711: What’s This Rhythm?

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Lydia had kept her promise .

Of course . No matter what, she couldn’t possibly provide Rhode with 10 million gold coins . Not mentioning the problem of how many chests were needed to store that many gold coins, the amount of gold coins was too large a number . Therefore, Lydia used platinum coins, where one platinum coin was equivalent to 100 gold coins and platinum coins were the highest currency circulated in the upper society . Apart from the platinum coins, there were also the magic crystal coins . However, the magic crystal coins weren’t distributed to public and they were only used by the Church for transfer and transport, which was meaningless to Rhode . But he didn’t really care what type of coins he received, as long as he got the value he wished for .

Apart from these, the various elemental gems and magic crystals were also delivered to the fortress . Got to say, the Munn Kingdom indeed was wealthy . Rhode believed that he wouldn’t be capable of gathering all of them even if he searched the entire Paphield, but he didn’t expect that Lydia already had them ready . He was rather regretful about this . He cursed that he should have been greedier and asked for more . 50 times more than the amount he asked for would be great… Of course . He wouldn’t do it .

However, all these items on Rhode’s wish list didn’t need to be delivered by Amund personally . No matter what, he was the number one Mage in the Munn Kingdom and it would be demeaning to assign him as a transport supervisor . In fact, Amund didn’t come to the fortress for an idle chat either .

“This is the request that you’ve made to the Royal Highness, Earl Rhode . ”

Amund extended his right hand and along with his action, a black crack appeared in the air before him . Then, two flat boxes emerged from within . The boxes were carved with mysterious patterns and were emanating silver-whitish, scarlet radiance . The emergence of these two boxes instantly brought about a mystical and powerful strength, which went to show how extraordinary they were .

The ‘Holy Spirit’ armor and ‘Magic Prayer’ robe .

“I don’t know where you heard of them from, Earl Rhode . ”

Amund lifted his head and his deep gaze were as though seeing through Rhode entirely . Rhode calmly received his gaze emotionlessly .

“Secrets are always circulated in the form of rumors to the nobles . Please don’t worry, Sir Amund . I don’t intend to keep these two treasures for myself . I’m only borrowing them for now and will return them when the time is right . ”


Amund stared blankly . In fact, almost everyone thought that Rhode hoped to keep the two legendary equipment for himself . However, most of them weren’t mindful about it . Even though both legendary equipment were extraordinary, they had always been stored safely in the Munn Kingdom for years . But frankly speaking, most of these treasures were only heard of and never seen, which explained why no one had desires for them . The reason was simple . Advanced magic armor were mostly robes or light armor and rarely heavy armor, where only warriors would require such armor . In player terms, their class had predetermined that they wouldn’t need the two legendary equipment and very few were qualified to request for them in the Munn Kingdom . Amund was considered one of them, but he couldn’t possibly put on a tattered, plain robe and run about as a legendary Mage in the Munn Kingdom . In fact, the ‘Rule Protector’ that Amund was wearing wasn’t inferior to the ‘Magic Prayer’ robe . Even though Clerics had the rights to request for the ‘Holy Spirit’ armor, no human dared to challenge the Angels’ powerful spell-casting abilities in a nation full of Angels . On the other hand, the ‘Magic Prayer’ robe was more often seen as a means and goal to motivate young talents in the Mage School .

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It was due to this that even though everyone found it ridiculous for Rhode to make such a request, they didn’t take it to heart . But Amund was curious because Rhode definitely wouldn’t request for them for the fun of it . He expected that Rhode wouldn’t secretly sell them away too, so the two equipment were surely meant to be worn by others . But… who did he intend to give them to?

Shortly after, Amund received the answers to his doubts .

“Bubble, Canary, I’ll leave them to you . ”

Rhode nodded at the two floating boxes and beckoned to the two young ladies . Mini Bubble Gum and Canary stepped toward Amund .

So it’s them?

Amund gazed blankly .

Amund was aware of Mini Bubble Gum’s strength . He had witnessed her valiance during her battle with the Mist Sword Saint . No matter if it was her dense spiritual aura or the terrifying, yet mysterious spells, they were all eye-opener for him . Although he had also witnessed Lize’s improved spiritual spell techniques in the Midsummer Festival, the disciple wouldn’t defeat her master, after all . Amund swore that it was his first time witnessing a Cleric using such violent moves . Mini Bubble Gum had used her bare fists and crushed another powerful being in the Legendary Stage .

But Amund had to admit that even though the girl was young, she had far exceeded him in the in-depth exploration of spiritual powers . Amund showed a humble smile to Mini Bubble Gum, but the latter let out a soft snort and said nothing in response . However, Amund wasn’t affected by her rude behavior at all . He turned to Canary and was stumped for words .

Unlike Mini Bubble Gum, Canary had always been keeping a low profile . Back then, Amund had met Canary when she stepped up to stop Mini Bubble Gum after she crippled the Mist Sword Saint . The situation was chaotic and Amund couldn’t probe more about her . It was only until this moment that he finally sensed her powerful presence .

Her pure, terrifying aura startled him . He narrowed his eyes and sized up the young lady before him . Then, his pupils shrunk abruptly!

Oh my goodness . What did he just witnessed?!

This young lady of 16 to 17 years old emanated a glaring Rule radiance that was even brighter than Rhode’s . This meant that she had transcended into the Legendary Stage and possessed Peak Legendary strength . However, this wasn’t what stunned him the most . Instead, it was the blue and fiery colors flickering within the radiance .

Double talents!

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Amund gulped . No matter how he stared at the young lady, he couldn’t understand how Rhode managed to recruit that many young legendary beings . As a Spellcaster, he sharply sensed the aura exuding from her . Even though the aura was faint, it was filled with majestic and oppressive powers .

Amund felt like he was going insane because it was too illogical . He scanned the two young ladies and was sure that they were pure humans and weren’t long-living mixed races . Besides, they didn’t cast any delusional spell to conceal their appearances . They were indeed teenagers .

But how can ordinary humans obtain such powerful strength?

Amund turned to Rhode and the latter maintained his calm expression . Amund knew that there was a rumor regarding this young man that he had a massive, mysterious family as his backing . However, no families were this powerful to appoint two young legendary beings to be bodyguards . Even though Lydia held legendary forces under her, there were only about two to three of them, including Amund . But now, he sensed that the two young ladies were much more powerful than him… What is this about?

“No wonder you’re so confident, Earl Rhode . Now I finally understand why those unfortunate skeletons failed to take down your fortress,” Amund said .

In fact, he also knew why Rhode required the two equipment now . He easily perceived that the magical armor on Mini Bubble Gum and Canary were of intermediate grades, which were severely inconsistent with their strength . With the two legendary equipment, they would surely turn into tigers with grown wings . However, Amund was a little dubious . Powerful beings would more or less possess some formidable equipment, so why didn’t the two young ladies have any?

Rhode shrugged while Canary nodded with a smile .

“You’re… Miss Canary, right?”

Amund looked at her and asked courteously .

“Please pardon my rudeness . I’ve never heard of your name . Are you a graduate of the Mage School?”

“My apologies, Sir Amund . ”

Compared to Mini Bubble Gum, Canary was much gentler . She bowed politely .

“I never entered the Mage School . In fact, I’m a Self-taught Mage . ”

“Self-taught Mage…?!”

Amund was flabbergasted and revealed a look of disbelief . On this Dragon Soul Continent, many people possessed spellcasting talents . However, as they didn’t go through systematic learning, it was arduous for them to take their learning journey further . Most of them would degenerate into being vaudeville artists or vulgar, low level Mages and they were mostly called Self-taught Mages . Of course, this was a term to mock them .


Amund gazed at Canary who was putting up a sincere and gentle smile . However, he sensed the pride within her that was regarding her identity, and this was the thoughts of a player .

Players were mostly ordinary, but they unwilling to admit that . They looked down on those who rapidly went up in the world . On the contrary, they were more interested in those who were self-reliant . Just like in martial arts novels, a chivalrous person born with the identity of a nobody was definitely more popular than one who was brought up in a prestigious family . This was the same in the game . Mages who were brought up in Mage School were proud and arrogant against Self-taught Mages . To the players, Self-taught Mages represented taking on unusual journeys . They were like wild grass: lowly, ordinary, and seen everywhere . However, even a prairie fire couldn’t destroy the grass . They didn’t have exquisite education like the spellcaster nobles, relied on themselves step by step, and mastered their extraordinary techniques . Wasn’t this much more satisfying? Especially after looking at the NPCs with faces full of shock yelling: “What?! Such a powerful being is actually a Self-taught Mage?!”

That feeling of satisfaction…

“You must have felt great . ”

Standing on the tall platform and gazing at the scenery in the distance, Rhode looked at Canary with smiles in his eyes . After listening to Canary’s self-introduction, Amund’s amazed expression was obvious to all . However, this shock was apparently too much for him . He stayed around for a while and eventually left hurriedly after politely declining Rhode’s persuasion to stay . Of course, Rhode knew what was going on in Amund’s mind . Rhode had two formidable forces under him and it was impossible that Amund wouldn’t worry about it at all . Perhaps he might even investigate on Canary’s background . After all, a powerful Spellcaster was actually a Self-taught Mage . This was a totally shocking news .

“That’s for sure, Rhode . ”

Canary stood quietly beside him . She put on the ‘Magic Prayer’ robe . It was a deep red, gorgeous robe with two pieces of ribbon hanging from the shawl that were inlaid with black iron in the shape of burning flames . The young lady wore a slanted, heavy Mage hat, as well as a pair of black leather gloves stitched with golden threads that showed a mysterious pattern . She seemed so endearing and also slender and petite under the thick Mage robe . Upon hearing Rhode’s words, Canary twitched her brow and revealed a proud smile .

“Isn’t this what all Self-taught Mages seek for? Just look at Sir Amund’s face . This is all worth it . Hehe…”

“Good things are all taken up by you, Big Sister . ”

Mini Bubble Gum stomped her foot and pouted .

“Damn it . I also want to show my strength to the Church . Haha . Those idiots will surely kneel before me and sing high praises… Hmph . What a pity . If it isn’t because I can’t leave this place, I will surely storm my way to the Church in the Country of Law and show them how capable I am!—atchoo!”

The little girl’s proud delusions were dashed in this sneeze . At that moment, she had already put on her ‘Holy Spirit’ armor, but it looked rather strange as compared to Canary’s standard robe . Even though they were made from magical cloth, the upper part of the ‘Holy Spirit’ armor set was made from a combination of leather armor and noble robe that accentuated her youthful body . The collar and cuffs were decorated with sacred silver crosses while the lower part of the armor set was a pure, white long skirt with simple designs . Not only that, but she also wore a silver chain belt around her waist and a pair of white leather boots . She looked more like a Battle Angel than a Cleric at this moment .

The ‘Magic Prayer’ robe and ‘Holy Spirit’ armor were considered top notch equipment for level 80, but they were barely usable for Canary and Mini Bubble Gum . The equipment that they needed was the standard of armor that Lydia wore . Only with such armors would they restore their original strength .

But Rhode knew that first-rate armor wouldn’t simply drop from the sky . Even though the two armors weren’t the best, at least they could prevent Canary from getting injured from legendary-tier spells again .

“Ah… It’s freezing, Leader . Get it done and head back for our sleep already . ”

It was midnight, but unlike the past, the entire Fortress was in pitch-blackness and the patrolling soldiers had been withdrawn . Rhode had given strict orders to stop anyone from heading out . Of course . This wasn’t the first time for the residents . Besides, they knew what would happen every time Rhode gave such orders .

Rhode stood at the top of the tower and looked down .

It was completely pitch-black in the distance . The chilly wind blew in his face and he stretched out his hand .

Shortly after, a line of system prompt emerged before him .

[Activate System Construction]

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