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Chapter 708: 708

Lize scuttled down the stairs and arrived at the first floor of the palace . She knitted her brows, scanned the surroundings, and let out a long sigh . At this moment, a calm voice sounded .

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“Is anything the matter, Madam Lize?”

“Miss Agatha . ”

Lize turned toward Agatha and the latter appeared as apathetic as always . In fact, almost everyone was rather fearful toward her, where even Marlene grumbled that Agatha was stricter and more terrifying than her etiquette trainer . However, she was still full of respect toward Agatha . On the other hand, Lize couldn’t help but feel uneasy every time she gazed at her wiggling tentacles .

“Ah . I’m looking for Mr . Rhode, but he isn’t in his room…”

“Master is out at the moment . ”

Agatha extended her left, glossy tentacle forward and picked up a cleaning rag .

“Master said he has something important to attend to and Miss Bubble and Miss Canary have accompanied him . He also said that if there isn’t anything critical, don’t bother him . ”


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Lize was baffled . This was the first time that she had heard Rhode giving such a stern order . Even though he had behaved this way in the past, he was usually tactful and gentle . This left her dubious… What is Mr . Rhode up to?


Mini Bubble Gum chuckled behind her tiny hand . She rubbed her hands together at the sight of the white smoke .

“This day has finally come…”

She muttered under her breath and turned to Canary beside her .

“Big Sister, what do you think of Leader’s character?”

“I don’t know . ”

Canary shook her head slightly . Then, she looked at Rhode with warm, gentle gazes .

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At this moment, Rhode stood on the vast open field with a solemn expression . Snow fluttered, descended from the sky, and piled up around his feet . Not only that, but there was also snow on his shoulder and head, which proved that he had stood there for a long time . However, he wasn’t mindful at all . In fact, perhaps an ordinary human would have frozen to death or one like Christie who had weak constitution might fall sick . But this was nothing to Rhode . On the contrary, he enjoyed the breeze cooling his heart and mind .

There was only one reason . He was nervous .

“Huu… Ahh…”

Rhode took in and let out a deep breath . He had fixed his eyes on the system prompt before him .

[350050/350000 . Level 59 . Confirm to upgrade?]

It was just a few words, but he couldn’t make up his mind .

The reason was simple . After achieving level 60, the players’ talents would be awakened . In the legends of the Dragon Soul Continent, one who had transcended into the Legendary Stage would activate the Spiritual Path in them . But, there was only one purpose for the talent awakening: and that was to decide their destiny .

The hidden talents in everyone was unique and it would determine their future Mystic Realm and Order Dimension . What’s more important for players were the Supreme Privileges that they could control .

Just as the term suggested, Supreme Privilege was the highest and strongest source of power, which meant that when a player obtained their Supreme Privilege, they would become the master of that power . Taking Mini Bubble Gum and Canary for example: they could manipulate all the skills those with lower levels had cast . Mini Bubble Gum possessed holy powers, which meant that apart from the Three Archangels and Light Dragon Soul, anyone who used magical weapons with holy attributes against her would be asking for death . It was the same for Canary’s wind and fire powers . In terms of authority, she was equivalent to the presence of Wind Elemental Lord and Fire Elemental Lord .

However, the truth wasn’t that simple . The Mystic Realm was a perfect individual world for those who had reached the Peak Legendary Stage . They would pull enemies into their world and unleash their true strength . However, it was different for the Supreme Privilege . This meant that no matter if the player with Supreme Privilege was dragged into another player’s created world, the player could unleash his powers and wouldn’t be influenced as long as there was a type of control that they held in the world . Of course, this was regarded as a means of balance in the game . After all, if one were to be instantly killed as soon as one was dragged into the enemy’s world, there would be no purpose for player groups in BOSS fights . What’s the point of fighting if they can’t defend at all?

In fact, player talents depended on their moral qualities and it would be forever if the talent was horrible and many players had deleted their characters for this reason . One could imagine a Tanker having an attack talent or a Mage having a swordsmanship talent . An inappropriate talent undoubtedly equaled to a total negation of the skills that one had built . It was imaginable how depressing it would be for a player who had focused all Skill Points on magic and received a physical swordsmanship talent . The player would either ‘rewash’ all his stats and rebuild or treat the talent as nothing . However, this would be a rare case .

In fact, most of the players had ordinary moral qualities and it was extremely rare for them to receive outstanding talents . But this didn’t mean that talents would pull apart the distance between players . Indeed . Rare talents were beneficial for players, but their nature was still consciousness and skills .

Rhode swept a glance to the two young ladies beside him as they were the best proof . Mini Bubble Gum had awakened the holy talent and thereafter, she became the number one Cleric . On the other hand, Canary was the model case of breaking clear all troubles and hardships with her ordinary talent . In fact, not every player could attain the Supreme Privilege at their peak . Players would receive a series of talent missions after reaching level 85 and could only receive the key to Supreme Privileges after completing the challenges .

Canary possessed the fire elemental talent, which wasn’t rare among players . However, she was the first to complete the privilege missions with SSS perfect evaluation . As a reward, the system had given her the privilege of having double talents, which was how she became the holder of wind and fire . Thereafter, she became undefeated in AoE attacks . It could also be said that her double talents was the main reason why Rhode’s elite team stood strong against enemies who were hundred times larger in quantities .

On the other hand, the talents for Spirit Swordsmen were mostly neutral because this class was built on magical and physical attributes . Therefore, no matter which talent they received, it wouldn’t affect them too much . But Rhode knew that rare talents would still benefit them the most . In this world, he didn’t have too many players or companions to rely on, so it was essential to strengthen himself .

Thanks to the Composition Adornment in the past, he had broken through into the Legendary Stage twice during his battles with Barter and the Duke Fiend . His talent was abnormally strange and indescribable . Back then, even though he successfully maintained his Order Dimension in the Duke Fiend’s Chaos Realm, it wasn’t too strange since almost every Order Dimension was a space in Order . Back then, Rhode cursed that everyone could enter his Order Dimension freely like boarding a public bus, but he knew that it was because he hadn’t completely conquered his talent, which led to him failing to materialize his entire talent strength . But now… He was finally about to figure out what his awakened talent was .

Rhode held his hand on his chest at this thought . He was as nervous as a lottery player who had to strike the first prize no matter what . He calmed himself down and tapped on the interface lightly .

[50/5000000 . Upgraded to level 60 . Transcended into the Legendary Stage]

[Talent Awakened]

In an instant, the surroundings around Rhode turned dim .

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