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Chapter 705: 705

Rhode wasn’t surprised by the late arrival of the Battle Angel Army . This was like common scenes in a Hollywood movie where the leading role saves the world before the government dispatches their reinforcements . In fact, even though Rhode had requested for reinforcements, it was only to prepare for any eventualities . Besides, he was sure that there were other regions that required the attention of the Battle Angel Army more than his . But, he didn’t expect the Battle Angel Army to arrive much quicker than he thought . It seemed like the Undead Army attacking the Munn Kingdom had all retreated for the time being .

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Rhode quickly spotted the neat rows of Battle Angels lined silently and solemnly on plaza . Under the glaring sun rays, their white-gold armor and pure white wings emanated a dazzling, sacred aura, to which Rhode couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath . The nearby mercenaries and soldiers observed curiously and discussed with one another over the grand scene . They couldn’t be blamed for this behavior since the Battle Angel Army seldom revealed themselves before others . Although they were considered the top elite soldiers of the Light Mainland, it was also due to this that Lydia had to conceal their presence . It was rare for one to meet a Battle Angel, not to mention meeting a Battle Angel who was fully geared .

There were more than a thousand Battle Angels before Rhode . He descended the flight of stairs, at the same time scanning them with narrowed eyes .

In the game, Battle Angels were all-rounders who could attack and defend outstandingly, had no pressure in short to long range battles, and possessed sacred powers . However, most of their standard weapons were single-handed swords, shields, and bows . They were capable of interchanging between two battle forms and no matter which battle form they took, they brought threatening dangers to their enemies . Currently, the Battle Angel Army had split up into different formations . The first formation had the most Battle Angels . Rhode gave a rough scan and counted about 700 of them . They appeared to be about the size of ordinary humans with swords and shields hanging by their waists and longbows behind them .

The second formation stood out from the masses as they appeared much more petite and as slim as Elves . They stood in rows on the left and right, holding gigantic bugle horns made of conchs in their tiny hands . Apart from that, they also weren’t wearing sacred armor made of white-gold . Instead, they wore exquisite and beautiful robes which made them look more like musicians and Mages .

Bugle Angels .

Rhode squinted at the sight of them . They were an alternate form of the Battle Angels . Their individual strength among Angels weren’t considered strong, but their support capabilities were superb . An army that was blessed by a Bugle Angel could unleash 10 times more battle strength . In other words, if Rhode had Bugle Angels under his command, he would have long opened the gates and made John lead the thousands of soldiers against the 50,000 Undead Creatures .

The number of Angels toward the rear got even fewer . They lined up in two rows: the Angels in front held pikes and appeared to have the toughest figures . Unlike the previous Angels, they were twice as tall as an adult human and had four arms . Two arms held pikes while the other two held a staff and a balance scale .

Those are the Judge Angels .

Rhode’s breath was taken away . The Judge Angels were considered the most violent fellows . Although there weren’t a whole lot of them, every single one of them was a combat experts . Their four arms guaranteed that they could fight and cast spells simultaneously . In addition, the mighty, sacred aura emanating from them gave them huge advantages against the Undead Army . Rhode had witnessed a party of 30 idiotic players who fought against a Judge Angel and lost miserably . They died continuously 10 times and couldn’t deal a single point of damage to the Judge Angel . Back then, even though the players’ average level was about 60 and had the support of their talent, they couldn’t retaliate at all, which proved how powerful the Judge Angels were . In fact, the Judge Angels were also considered elites among the elites at slightly more than level 70 .

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In the last row, there were about 50 Angels . They were about the height of average humans, but were equipped with eye-catching Angel weapon—they carried a human-tall golden crossbow that resembled a large cannon .

What the… Dawn Angels?!

This time, Rhode couldn’t conceal his astonishment anymore . The Dawn Angels were the top elites in the entire Light Mainland . Their average level was also around 70 and they only had a single means of attack: long-range shooting .

However, its might was devastating .

The might of a Dawn Angel’s arrow was equivalent to a magic cannon with extreme ranges and lethal accuracy . It could also be said that every Dawn Angel was like a walking cannon . Not only that, but the Dawn Angels also had different styles of long-range shooting . They could blast out a light beam that was as powerful as magic cannons and also secretly release ordinary light arrows . The latter could be termed as an assassination move due to its stealthiness . Moreover, the arrows that the Dawn Angels release are enhanced with magic-destroying attributes, where even magic-resistant armor would also be shattered by it .

During the Creation War, the Dawn Angels slaughtered countless Mages in the Peak Legendary Stage using this attack and were the most well known Mage-killers on this continent .

It seems like Lydia really does look highly on me…

Rhode shrugged and cracked a joke inwardly . Of course, he knew why Lydia had sent the Dawn Angels here . The Land of Atonement was Paphield’s first line of defense . As soon as this region crumbled, the Undead Army would infiltrate and sweep their way to Golden City . It could be said that due to geographical factors, the Land of Atonement had become the first and final defensive barrier for Paphield-Grenbell and the southwest Munn Kingdom . At this moment, Rhode felt more at ease . After all, no matter how valiant he was, it was impossible for him to deal with the entire Undead Army by himself . Besides, with the Battle Angel Army here, Mini Bubble Gum and Canary could attack with fewer concerns . At least this could lower the chances of them being noticed by the enemies .

Rhode had guessed the scenario before him in an instant . He descended the flight of stairs and stood before the Battle Angel Army . Then, one of the Battle Angel took large strides toward him . She looked around 24 years old, had about the same height as him, and her blonde hair tied into a ponytail . However, Rhode knew that age wasn’t a reliable factor for races with longevity .

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“Greetings, Sir Overlord . ”

The Battle Angel bowed respectfully . Her voice was crisp and sweet to his ears . Moreover, coupled with the unique tone of the celestial accent, even an ordinary greeting sounded pleasant to hear .

“I’m Beni, head of the 5th Battle Angel Legion . I’ve arrived in accordance to Royal Highness Lydia’s orders to assist in defending the Land of Atonement Fortress . From now onward, my troops and I will fight under your command . These are Royal Highness Lydia’s orders . ” Beni handed a letter stamped with red wax to Rhode . “We’re the first team of reinforcement . The subsequent two teams will arrive within the next 10 days . ”

“Thank you . ”

Rhode took over the letter in astonishment . The Battle Angel Army was so dominant and yet, she handed them to him without any hesitation at all . He thought that she would dispatch a trustworthy commander and coordinate with him for the battle . Never did he expect that she would hand them directly under him .

Rhode shook his head . Then, he turned his attention to another issue .

“The subsequent two teams?”

“Yes, Sir Overlord . Royal Highness Lydia has also ordered the Glorious Knights and part of Paphield’s garrison team, followed by the 3rd Royal Fleet . Paphield’s overlord has also agreed to provide various logistical supplies for your Land of Atonement’s Fortress . ”

What a massive lineup…

Even though he was mentally prepared, he couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath of cold air . With the mobilization of the Glorious Knights and 3rd Royal Fleet, it went to show how important this line of defense was to Lydia .

“How’s the situation with the other regions?”

Rhode kept the letter .

The gentle smile on Beni’s face faded .

“The situation is bad, Sir Overlord . ”

She let out a long sigh .

“The Undead Army has been frantically attacking . Our defenses have had a tough time and due to the lack of preparations, many of them had sunk into conflagration . At the moment, Land of Atonement’s Fortress is the only front line that hasn’t fallen . ”

Beni forced a smile .

“Frankly speaking, I heaved a sigh of relief when I first arrived at your Fortress, Sir Overlord . There weren’t any crumbled walls, stains from pitch-black smoke, and corpses . This may be the only consolation that I can receive…” Beni’s expression became stern . “Sir Overlord, although the Undead Army’s temporary retreat has given us a breather, we couldn’t recover what we have lost . Therefore, we should protect everything that we can . Royal Highness Lydia had entrusted me to pass this message that she will do her best to fulfill all your requests as long as it protects this battle line . ”

“I understand, Miss Beni . ”

Rhode nodded . Then, his eyes glinted .

“Wait, Miss Beni . You said… Royal Highness Lydia will fulfill all my requests?”

Beni revealed an odd expression . Even though she wouldn’t think of ‘fulfill all my requests’ at a crooked angle as an Angel, the complacency and greed flashing in Rhode’s eyes were obvious to all, and that left her rather dissatisfied . However, she pondered for a moment and eventually nodded .

“Yes, Sir Overlord . ”

“Good,” Rhode said and gazed at Beni . “Alright then . I have a small, little request…”

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