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Published at 22nd of March 2020 04:55:07 PM
Chapter 701: 701

Chapter 701: War Against Fate (X)

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The soldiers on the city walls were stunned .

Even though they should have also launched their attacks while coordinating with their overlord and others to eliminate the Undead Creatures, most of them stood and stared blankly with widened eyes at the middle of the vortex—and that little girl .


Mini Bubble Gum swung out her fist and struck an Abomination in its stomach . Even though she wasn’t even half as tall as it was and seemed like a kid confronting an adult, the Abomination instantly split into two from the middle . The massive creature that didn’t receive any damage from the countless magic arrows was instantly ripped apart like a low-quality ham sausage . At the same time, another Abomination rushed over from behind her with deep growls . It brandished its gigantic hatchet across the night sky and struck out a string of sparks after colliding on a solid surface . Then, Mini Bubble Gum turned around, stomped her foot on its body, which sent it flying and crashing into the Death Knights that couldn’t escape in time .

“Oh my goodness…”

Not only the soldiers, but even Marlene, Lize, and the others also felt shivers down their spine . Even though they had received Mini Bubble Gum’s guidance in the past, this was the first time that they witnessed her merciless attacks . At this moment, everyone finally understood how fortunate they were that they had survived up until this point without any injuries . If Mini Bubble Gum were to show such enthusiasm during the training sessions, perhaps they would have turned into corpses back then . Lize lowered her head and looked at her hands .

“Can I do that too?”

“Miss Heart, this…”

“I know . ”

Orchid Heart shrugged sleepily to Marlene’s doubts .

“That’s just Bubble’s bad habit . Maybe I should have reminded her that we don’t have much time for her to enjoy,” Orchid Heart said and placed her right hand by her mouth . Then, her sharp whistles filled the sky .

“I know! Sister Heart!”

Mini Bubble Gum pouted in disdain . Then, she extended her hand and struck another Death Knight before her into the air . After glancing at the mess around her, she nodded in satisfaction .

“Not bad . Now, it’s time to destroy the corpses . No matter what, I’m still a Cleric . Leave it to me!”

Mini Bubble Gum quickly expanded the light wings behind her and soared into the air . Then, in the blink of an eye, the light wings transformed into four silver lines that weaved into a complicated ritual, where Mini Bubble Gum floated above it in the middle and looked down at the Undead Army below her .

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“I can never get enough of such superiority . ”

She shook her head and lamented . Then, she extended her arm and chanted .

Celia raised her sword and deflected the incoming bone spears . On the other side, Celestina lifted her hands before her and released countless thorn whips from her sleeves to form a solid barrier . Simon widened his eyes in horror . He had heard that this young overlord possessed strange abilities . But witnessing this scene personally still left him frightened . It was especially so after he spotted the pair of wings behind Celestina and Celia . He suspected if this was just an omen for the blurred vision of his old self, but he swore that he had never seen an Angel and Demon battling alongside each other .

But now…

Simon retreated immediately . He sensed the powerful aggression from the two young ladies . He had been gravely injured and couldn’t possibly put up a fight against them . At this moment, he had made up his mind to protect his life and flee from this place . Shortly after, the surrounding Skeleton Guards rushed forward . Even though their heavy armor had slowed down their movements, their strength shouldn’t be belittled .


Celia let out a snort . As a Battle Angel, she had no lack of experiences in dealing with Undead Creatures and knew what she should do . She sulked and laid her sword before her with both hands clutching to the sword hilt . At this moment, one of the Skeleton Guards struck its blade down .


The blades clashed and let out a deep sound of collision . Celia shook slightly and took a step forward swiftly . She slashed her sword sideways, hacked into the Skeleton Guard’s body, and released holy powers that devoured it entirely .

“You lowly, shameful Undead Creatures even dare to stop me?!”

On the other side, Celestina was unwilling to fall behind . Even though she wore a dark, tight dress which restricted her movements like Celia’s armor, she quickly proved that the Skeleton Guards were nothing more than worthless trash with her unique combat skills .


Celestina released several pitch-black long whips with razor-sharp steel blades from her sleeves, which whistled across the air and sliced the Skeleton Guards into half . In an instant, several bodies, skulls, and limbs flew up high .

Oh my goodness!

Simon shivered at this ghastly sight . Just this move from Celestina was enough for him to sense their legendary powers… Damn it . Aren’t they summoned by that young overlord? What kind of Human can summon beings in the Legendary Stage? Moreover, they’re Angel and Demon…! Simon came to an abrupt halt, turned around, and lifted his right hand . Shortly after, a mass of ice-cold air erupted beneath his feet . Sharp ice thorns struck out in all directions like blooming flower petals with Simon in the middle .


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Rhode’s swords clashed and slipped on the smooth, razor-sharp ice thorns . Simon opened his eyes wide and at this moment, he had given up all intentions to escape because he sharply sensed that the young man was the key in this situation! As long as I can kill him…

Simon lifted his right hand and pointed at Rhode . Then, he chanted a curse softly . The bloomed ice thorns around him instantly spun, expanded into a huge circle in the air, and pierced at Rhode!

On the other hand, Rhode’s expression remain unchanged . He had already guessed that this would happen when he launched his attack . In all fairness, Simon had lost to him this time due to the lack of intelligence gathered . If he knew the true strength of Rhode’s subordinates, perhaps he wouldn’t have lost so terribly . But it was a pity that he wasn’t aware . And on the battlefield, intelligence warfare was also a crucial segment .

Simon had no idea about Rhode at all .

The criss-cross blade rays before Rhode weaved into a dense, huge net . The ice thorns that had struck out at him shattered and dispersed instantly . Simon hurriedly waved his arms in preparation to cast another magic spell . Then, at this moment, scarlet flames exploded .

The Hell Hound emerged out of nowhere . The blistering scarlet flames on its body melted the fluttering ice fragments in the air and turned them into droplets, which eventually evaporated . At the same time, the Hell Hound leaped into the air with its widened jaws!


Simon finally couldn’t keep his cool any longer . He let out a snarl and the pitch-black ring on his finger erupted in an unprecedented, glaring lightning flash as though an artillery shell had just been blasted . The dazzling beam struck the Hell Hound and blasted it into the mass of Skeleton Guards . But shortly after, a scorching flame pillar rushed into the sky in an ear-deafening explosion . Then, Simon witnessed several Skeleton Guards flying upward and getting completely devoured by the flames .


Simon sucked in a deep breath of cold air .

It had been centuries since he had given up his life to become a Necromancer, but he had never seen such strange battle tactics and summoned creatures . If he didn’t blast that self-exploding creature far away, perhaps he would have been dead by now! Simon gazed around him and realized that none of the Skeleton Guards existed . He looked into the distance and found all his 50,000 Undead Creatures enveloped in wild, sacred flames . Not only that, but he had also sensed unprecedented, intense holy powers from the enormous ritual hovering above him . Is everything the doing of that little girl?

This thought flashed in his head for a mere second . He didn’t have much time to ponder this question anymore because three figures had struck toward him in the sound of the shattered ice thorns .

Celia clasped her sword with an unwavering expression and charged forward like a war chariot . Everything that obstructed her silver-whitish, sacred flames and holy white wings were shattered into filthy dust . On the other hand, Celestina had expanded her bat-like wings majestically and flew over nimbly . The chain sword in her hands spun and trembled non-stop before eventually transforming into a viper that slithered with its wide opened poisonous fangs .

Simon took a step back hurriedly . He had no time to weigh the pros and cons of the situation anymore . He had just used up the only amulet and he wouldn’t face any fortunate consequences no matter if he ended up in the hands of the Angel or Demon . But now, he only had one last chance!

He turned around and pounced at Rhode . The latter was obviously ready for this . The shadows before Rhode extended and countless, pitch-black tentacles fluttered to wrap Simon .

Unknown if it was due to Simon’s desires to survive, he unleashed extraordinary strength . He dodged the incoming tentacles and darted forward . He was only two arms away from Rhode now .

Simon let out a grim laughter and extended his arms .

But at the next moment, Rhode pierced two swords into Simon’s body .


Simon wasn’t feeling afraid or regretful . Instead, he was wild with joy . Rhode twitched his brows to Simon’s peculiar behaviors because it was apparent that he had neglected some kind of trouble .

But Simon wouldn’t allow Rhode to come up with a response .

A dense mass of dark energy spurted out from Simon’s body and locked onto Rhode’s swords and arms like fetters and handcuffs . At the same time, Simon aimed for Rhode’s skull and struck out his hands .



Celia and Celestina shrieked in horror . They might be quick, but Simon was one step ahead . The difference of this one step was the distance between heaven and earth . The two young ladies watched helplessly as Simon’s shriveled, sharp fingertips struck out at Rhode’s skull . The strength of Undead Creatures had nothing to do with their class as they weren’t Humans . In fact, a Necromancer’s strength wasn’t anywhere weaker than a sturdy, muscular Swordsman . However, it was their skinny stature that made them look extremely weak .

But… such a misconception could be deadly at times .

And sometimes it wouldn’t .

Simon’s fingertips were just a few inches away from seizing Rhode’s life . But, he couldn’t move any farther .

“What… What did you do?!”

This was the first time that the eyes filled with spiritual flames of death emerged with absolute fear . The reason was simple . Simon couldn’t control his body at all as though a powerful, unquestionable external force had snatched his soul .

Simon realized that there was something emanating a faint radiance from Rhode’s collar .

“I know what you’re thinking, Mr . Necromancer . ”

Rhode lifted his hand . The dark energy binding his arms shrunk and returned to Simon’s body . Then, Simon noticed an azure ball in Rhode’s hand which didn’t exist before . Not only that, but it also trembled and pumped like a heart .

“You… You…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you that easily . ”

Rhode toyed with the ball in his hand and sheathed his weapon . Simon stood on the spot like a puppet, but judging from his widely opened eyes and trembling voice, it was apparent that it wasn’t due to Rhode’s beauty that he was mesmerized and didn’t leave instantly .

“You’re still useful for us,” Rhode said .

The beautiful, twinkling stars and round, silver moon hanging in the sky cracked in an instant with snowy radiance spilling through and shining even brighter as though responding to a calling . Shortly after, a storm arose again and everyone shut their eyes . When they opened their eyes, the boundless prairie and river had disappeared to nowhere and were replaced by the silent mountainous range and valleys . However, the remains of the Undead Army and traces of battles reminded them of the brutal war that had taken place .

“Everything seems to have ended… for now . ”

Rhode let out a sigh . He lifted his head and gazed into the horizon .

The sky was turning bright in the east .

Morning arrived .

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