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Published at 16th of March 2020 10:25:07 AM
Chapter 693: 693

Saiborn lifted his head and gazed into the sky with his eyes burning in spiritual flames . Even though the dense dark clouds had concealed his vision, he could clearly sense the pitch-black, pure, powerful force pushing forward . Although it wasn’t fast, it devoured everything steadily as if a dark abyss .

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Everything’s going smoothly .

Saiborn unrolled a smile .  Perhaps the pathetic mortals didn’t expect us to attack at this juncture . They are timid, foolish, and only fit to live as slaves . The Light Parliament’s false bravado means nothing to Undead Creatures who have lived for one to two centuries .  The Undead Creatures deemed the Light Parliament as unqualified to interact with them and they were only a group of immature, egotistical rascals .

But now…

Saiborn lowered his head . He looked forward and rubbed his chin with his hand covered in steel armor against his white skeletal jaw . It let out a sound of friction and that was Saiborn’s favorite sound . The sound that would leave his mind calm and peaceful, which wasn’t easy for Undead Creatures, especially for presences like Death Knights, like Saiborn . As warriors with returning souls, their hearts were filled with either vengeance, murderous intent, or endless wars . Peace of mind was as rare as an oasis in the desert, where it could be discovered but not sought . As for Saiborn, the sensation and sound of the friction between his jaw and steel armor was able to temporarily calm the surging flames in him . He liked it this way as this momentary peace meant that there would be much more violent eruptions ahead . He couldn’t wait to charge forward, lead his subordinates against the enemies, and trample them into ashes .

“S-Sir Commander . ”

A feeble voice sounded .

Saiborn came to a slight halt and turned to the flustered young man, who appeared to be no different from the short-lived slaves . He looked miserable, skinny, and had messy long hair sticking to his face . A pitch-black cloak wrapped his body and the red substrate could be vaguely seen . The young man hugged a white cat in his arms, nodding, and bowing to Saiborn . His name was Schrodinger, a Vampire who was sent here just before this war . Death Knights had always been annoyed by the Vampires who used crafty plots and machinations behind their backs, which was why Saiborn let out a snort in disdain .

“W-We’re reaching our destination soon . ”

“Oh . ”

Saiborn replied in a perfunctory tone . He shifted his gaze forward and spotted a silhouette of a pitch-black, imposing structure . That was their destination: the Land of Atonement’s Fortress and the most important defensive line in the western Munn Kingdom . As long as they broke through the defenses, they could penetrate the Paphield Plain and slaughter their way to Golden City . At this moment, Saiborn pondered for a moment . He randomly recalled the report regarding a dangerous young overlord in this territory . Besides, according to his companions, Vulture and Darke had died by his hands . Not only that, but he had also eliminated the entire secret army that executed the mission with Vulture . This achievement itself was enough to make Saiborn view him in a new light .

I didn’t expect that there would be such an interesting fella among the Humans .

Saiborn let out a grunt . He wasn’t interested in Vulture’s death . Even though they were all Death Knights, friendship between Undead Creatures was only a joke . On the contrary, he was amused by the young overlord . He heard that the Fortress was built in half a day . No matter if the rumors were true or false, that young overlord must be truly capable . If there was an opportunity, Saiborn wished to turn him into his own subordinate…

I’m thinking too much .

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Saiborn kept his thoughts and shook his head slightly . The spiritual flames in his eyes flickered . It was in total darkness at the Fortress, apart from sporadic dancing flames . It seemed that the people hadn’t sense the dangers yet and this night was nothing more than an ordinary one .

But it would be a different story soon .

“Dispatch the Bone Griffins to check on the situation ahead . ”

Saiborn ordered and Schrodinger nodded . He turned around and made a few hand gestures . Shortly after, four Bone Griffins flew into the sky and headed for the Fortress .

“Sir, you’re too careful . ”

Schrodinger turned to the Death Knight with a pleasing smile .

“It’s impossible for the shameless mortals to detect our arrival . Everything that they have done will be for naught . In just a few moments, we will shatter their peaceful and blissful dreams of fantasy and present everything to our supreme His Majesty, the Dark Dragon . ”

“Hmph . ”

Saiborn let out a snort . He lifted his hand to give another command…

However, at this moment, a dazzling, bright light column soared into the sky .

Saiborn instinctively shielded his eyes from the blinding, divine brightness . The silver-whitish light column burst through the dark sky and lit up the clouds . The dark clouds dispersed, and a white radiance spread throughout all directions . In an instant, a translucent barrier was formed over the Fortress and the sporadic flames suddenly changed .

The flames on the city wall blazed as though responding to the silver-whitish light column and the bright radiance revealed soldiers lined densely on the city wall with their raised torches, shields, and bows, staring forward with determined gazes . Heavy, enormous ballistas aimed forward on the towers on both ends .

Saiborn sulked instantly and glared forward . Even a dummy knew what the situation was/ Those Humans were ready and waiting for our arrival! Damn it! Damn it! How did they know? Our plan should’ve been perfect!

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“H-How is this possible…”

Schrodinger shrieked and yelled in horror . Then, at this moment, the annoyed Saiborn swatted Schrodinger’s cheek, which sent him falling to the ground .

“Impossible for them to detect our arrival? You worthless trash!”

Saiborn glared fiercely at the shuddering young man . Even though he wasn’t aware of how the Humans found out this top secret which only top commanders in the army knew, he had no choice but to face it since there was no other way out!

Saiborn raised his hand at this thought .


“Do it . ”

Rhode swung his right hand down and said coldly .

Countless arrows streaked across the sky . Saiborn let out a grim laughter . Ordinary arrows were harmless against Undead Creatures and the most common method that the mortals used to eliminate them was by shooting arrows wrapped in burning clothes . However, even though the omnipresent arrows in the air appeared threatening, they weren’t lit with flames, after all… Then, Saiborn realized that something strange with the arrows .

They were entirely scarlet .

At this moment, the rain of arrows struck and engulfed the Undead Army .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of loud explosions filled the air with rolling flames spreading among the Undead Army . The powerful explosions and scorching flames raised the snow surface and crumbled the Undead Army . Many of the Skeleton Soldiers were blasted into midair and they shattered into bits as soon as they crashed into the ground . Although the Skeleton Soldiers lacked the emotions or fear, the force of impact had stopped them from advancing forward . In an instant, their front line was left in a complete mess .

“Damn it!”

Saiborn let out a bellow . He just realized that the arrows were unusual . Those weren’t ordinary arrows . Those were magic arrows! Damn it . Why would there be so many magic arrows in this ridiculous place? Even a regular elite army doesn’t possess so many of them!

“Necromancers! Strengthen our defense! Bone Griffins, attack!”

Saiborn ordered instantly . Several Necromancers stepped forward in large strides . They raised their white bone staff and chanted the evil curses . In the blink of an eye, barriers of pitch-black halos spun, expanded, and enveloped the Undead Army .

“It’s ‘Lion’ Saiborn . Dang it . ”

Rhode gazed at the flag with puckered brows . Then, he turned to the rest beside him and shrugged .

“This is trouble . He’s the subordinate of Balende, ‘The Spirit Chaser’ . Damn . I just hope that old bastard won’t treat us as the main target of assault… Forget it . Fortunately, it isn’t Ashvril, ‘The Blood Countess’ . At least we don’t need to worry about Vampires backstabbing us . Marlene, Canary, you two know what to do next, right?”

“Of course, Rhode . Don’t worry . ”

Canary smiled and turned to Marlene .

“Marlene, I will dispel their defense curse . You will take charge of retaliation and attack . You’ve fully grasped the ‘Flawless Casting technique’, right?”

“Yes, Miss Canary . ”

Marlene nodded and both of them turned to the Undead Army with raised arms .

“Sam, Kukuleczka kuka, chiopiec panny, szuka . ”

“Gtupi ten kawalir co z majatkiem . ”

The young ladies chanted spells while their fair, slender fingers streaked across the air . flickering magical runes flashed across them and transformed into invisible powers that spun and coalesced .


The Necromancers’ raised staff trembled . They gritted their teeth and the spiritual flames in their eyes blazed . Their defense barrier formed by pitch-black, sinister runes shivered violently and gradually shrunk as though an invisible, large hand was crashing it . The magical undulation grew increasingly chaotic and frantic .

At the same time, Canary elegantly gave a final swipe of her finger in midair . Her fingertip emanated a radiance that traced a perfect circle .

The disorderly protection barrier crumbled instantly . The twisted, dark runes collided with one another and shattered into nothingness like fragile bubbles . On the other hand, the Necromancers maintaining the barrier were blasted away as though they were hit by a powerful punch . It seemed that they wouldn’t be getting back on their feet anytime soon .

“Trash! Nothing but a pile of worthless trash!”

Saiborn exclaimed in exasperation . Then, he witnessed the soldiers on the city wall raising their bow and arrows once again .

Rhode looked down at the Undead Army without any change in his expression . His gaze was stone cold, determined, and had some traces of berserk .

“Second wave of arrows . Get ready . ”

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