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Published at 8th of March 2020 04:00:10 PM
Chapter 682: 682

Chapter 682: Between Light & Light (XX)

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Soderfast’s sword ripped through the thick smoke as he struck for Rhode . Even though Soderfast had considered the possibility of Andre losing this battle, he didn’t expect that he would fail that quickly . Not only that, but Rhode was also determined to take Andre’s life! Soderfast couldn’t wait any longer after sensing Rhode’s murderous intent . He would rather break the rules than watch Andre die in that black-haired young man’s hands because Andre wasn’t only his disciple, but also…


In an instant, Soderfast arrived beside Rhode . Just a little more and he could stop this young man! But, even an experienced Sword Saint like him shivered at Rhode’s ice-cold expression .

His beautiful face glowed with a dazzling smile . However, it also revealed a hysterical madness . Soderfast sensed that Rhode’s gaze wasn’t filled with surprise, terror, or hesitation at all . Rhode didn’t even flinch to the sword that was about to take his life as though he was prepared to die in exchange for his life!

Oh my goodness…

Soderfast let out a shiver . He felt that this young man had as though gone berserk . There was no traces of rationality in his eyes, only endless madness . But even so, Soderfast continued to strike forward . No matter what, he had to rescue his beloved disciple!


Suddenly, countless tentacles struck out from the shadow beside Rhode . As a Sword Saint, Soderfast instantly recognized how difficult it was to deal with them, and time was precious . He bellowed and the sharp blade in his hand erupted with brilliant sword rays that shredded the pitch-black tentacles . Then, his sword was about to pierce into Rhode!

Rhode didn’t dodge . Instead, his smile turned into a grin and he extended his left hand .

Soderfast’s sword penetrated through Rhode’s palm and into his chest . But Soderfast couldn’t force out a smile because Rhode had gripped firmly onto his blade . At the same time, Rhode pierced the pitch-black sword in his other hand into Andre’s chest .


The world before Soderfast’s eyes had as though collapsed . Their long-cherished wishes, ideals, and everything . Were they all about to end?

Dang it!

Rhode sulked . Even though he had resisted Soderfast’s final attack, the force of impact shifted his attack trajectory and he failed to pierce Andre’s heart!

You’re asking for death!

The immense pain in his palm and chest had angered him . Rhode came to an abrupt halt . He clutched onto Soderfast’s sword that had penetrated his chest with his left hand and swung his right arm upward!

Succubus slashed a ghastly gash on Andre’s body before drawing a strange arc in the air that aimed for Soderfast’s head! The Sword Saint immediately sensed the unprecedented dangers . He let loose of his grip on the sword without any hesitation to dodge swiftly from the menacing attack . However, he was too late . The pitch-black, razor-sharp blade slashed his face in lightning speed, leaving a blood-curdling screech that filled the sky .

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Soderfast retreated while burying his face with his right hand . A deep, horrible gash that revealed his bones could be seen across his left eye . The flesh twisted and squirmed as crimson blood spattered everywhere .

At this moment, the smoke had dispersed .

The clean, tidy plaza had turned into a bloody terrain . Rhode’s summoned spirits stood silently in their positions with the slaughtered corpses of Magician Knights and warhorses around their feet . The strong stench of blood exuded in the air .


Anne darted toward Rhode . She widened her eyes in shock after witnessing the sword that had pierced into this chest through his palm . Then, she turned around to Soderfast who was in a bloody mess .

“How dare you… do this to Leader… Grr…”

The young lady gritted her teeth and revealed two penetrating canine teeth that had slowly extended . She let out a beast-like, deep growl in her throat while her emerald eyes emanated with incredibly dazzling radiance . Within a few seconds, the shield in her hand swiftly transformed its shape and became a gigantic, steel claw that had wrapped around her arm .

“How dare you… How dare you…”

“Stop right now!”

As Anne stooped over and was about to pounce forward, Archangel Boulder let out an outburst of anger . Rhode let out a short, grim laughter and extended his hand to stop Anne .

“That’s enough, Anne . ”

“… Grr… Grr… Grr… Grr…”

The deep growls in her throat changed constantly while her emerald pupils that had shrunk into a thin, narrow line slowly regained its round contour . Anne lifted her head and gazed at Rhode in dissatisfaction .

“But Leader…”

“Don’t have to act on impulse . They’re going to die sooner or later, anyway . ”

Rhode displayed a bright smile, but the battlefield aftermath made him look even more frightening . He extended his right arm and the pitch-black sword transformed into a card before vanishing into thin air . He looked up at the crowd on the tall platform before clasping to the sword hilt whose blade had punctured his left palm and chest and pulled it out slowly .

The crowd on the tall platform fell into a dead silence . No matter if it was the Parliament or Anti-Parliament camps, everyone held their breaths . They placed their hands on their chests tensely as though the sword was being withdrawn from their chest . Many of them knew that this would be an incredibly painful sensation . Even if the blade didn’t strike his vital points, it was still enough to hurt him greatly . The unwavering smile on his face left the crowd horrified from the bottom of their hearts . They could accept the outcome if Rhode were to grit his teeth and suffer in the immense pain, but the abnormal smile in this hell full of blood, corpses, and death appeared so bizarre that they were left speechless . No one noticed that Anne’s eyes were fixated on the fresh gash and dripping blood on Rhode’s chest and flickering in a faint radiance . Then, she stuck out her tongue and licked her lips .

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Rhode drew out the razor-sharp blade and fresh, scarlet blood instantly flowed from the wound . He staggered and swayed a little, but he straightened his posture and gazed at the pale elderly chairman observing from the tall platform .

“Such trash is still far from capable to kill me . ”

This deep, cold statement resounded in the silent plaza . Then, Rhode tossed the sword that was bathed in his blood to the side . The crisp collision of the blade and the ground echoed .

The military exercise segment had come to an end .

The parliament members stepped away from the tall platform in ashen expressions . They had never expected that the Magician Knights would be defeated so miserably when they first agreed to Andre’s request . A hundred, fully-equipped Magician Knights had no chance of retaliation in the face of Rhode and his summoned spirits . None of them survived except for Andre and even Andre was gravely injured and unconscious . Even though Soderfast didn’t receive any punishment from the Light Parliament due to their leniency, he was also seriously injured and had lost an eye .

It could be said that not only the Light Parliament was looking dejected, but they had also suffered huge losses in this clash . It was easily imaginable that the reputation of the Light Parliament in the Country of Light would continue to fall after this piece of news spread among the civilians .

As for Rhode’s performance… Many people were astounded .

Just like how a beauty would often be treated as just a pretty face or flower vase, most of the members in the Anti-Parliament camp had the impression of Rhode as even though he was powerful, he must be someone who would toy around with his dirty schemes . After all, Rhode had beautiful, feminine facial features . Not only that, but he was also slim and tall, and didn’t look anywhere like the strong soldiers . It was no wonder that people would think that Rhode wasn’t as tough as the soldiers, but was more like a Commander ordering his troops from behind the scenes .

But the crowd overturned this view after witnessing the battle . Rhode had displayed his unyielding and uncompromising side . He had no hesitations when facing Soderfast’s attack and continued his assault on Andre . Not only that, but he also used himself as a shield in the process . As a result, he withdrew the sword that had punctured his palm and chest before everyone’s watchful eyes without groaning at all . Even soldiers couldn’t be this tough .

The Anti-Parliament camp also felt a sense of relief because some parts of them had suspected Rhode previously . After all, Rhode was a Human and Humans lacked definite standpoints unlike Angels . This was especially so when Rhode was a smart person and smart people would often prepare retreat routes and not be inflexible and stubborn . But Rhode’s strength and potential were unquestionable at this point . Normally, such a person would be the most indecisive . But now, Rhode’s unyielding performance had proven them wrong . Most of them decided to search for opportunities to build a closer relationship with this young man . After all, it would be beneficial for their developments if they could gain favorable impressions from Rhode since they were all in the Anti-Parliament camp .

Even though Rhode was injured, his wounds weren’t as serious as Andre’s . This was partly thanks to the mysterious bloodline flowing in him that he had such a strong constitution . Moreover, he had used his palm to resist Soderfast’s sword, which altered its path that missed his vital point . Besides, Lize and Lydia were present to provide treatment for him . Shortly after, his injuries were healed and just a few more days of rest and he would recover completely .

It was due to this that he had quickly fallen into a deep sleep after returning to the imperial residence .

But he didn’t realize that a test was waiting for him .


It was late at night when Rhode opened his eyes . The bedroom was shrouded in complete darkness . He could still feel some stinging pain from his left hand, but this wasn’t the reason why he had woken up .

“Mm… Mm…”

A faint voice resounded in the bedroom . He sensed a comfortable numbness from between his legs . He couldn’t be more familiar with this sensation . But… when he lifted his head and looked down, he was surprised .



A nude Anne had laid on her belly between Rhode’s legs and stuck out her little tongue like a kitten licking milk from its bowl . The bright, silver moonlight illuminated her dewy skin and long, blonde hair . She narrowed her eyes and licked gently as though she was in dreamland . Not only that, but Rhode could also see a green radiance emanating from her eyes .

“Grr… Grr…”

Anne let out whimpers of unknown significance before adjusting her head and rubbing with her cheek . The soft sensation and fresh scent from her youthful self assailed his nostrils . Then, Anne appeared seemingly restless . She stared at between Rhode’s leg while swaying her smooth, round hip constantly . At the same time, she let out a deep growl .

“Grr… Grr…”

She widened her little mouth .

Almost instinctively, Rhode shrunk to dodge her ambush and Anne snapped her teeth together .

Oh my goodness…

This was the first time Rhode felt so close to death . If it wasn’t for his instincts in sensing that something was amiss, he wouldn’t even dare think of the consequences of being bitten by her . At this moment, Rhode’s back was full of cold sweat . He wasn’t even this frightened when he faced the Duke Fiend .


“Grr… Grr…”

Anne revealed a resentful look after missing its prey . She looked up at Rhode with pitiful eyes as though a puppy who had its delicious bone taken away by its owner . Then, she slid herself up his body slowly, sticking out her little tongue like a puppy licking its owner from his stomach to chest . She reached the wound on his chest . Even though the injury had fully healed, she continued to lick on it .

Rhode sensed that something was off with her .

It felt as though she had completely turned into a wild animal and showed no signs of answering his questions . But, wait… He was quickly reminded of the words that Gillian had told him . Anne’s strange behavior along with the bloodline in her… In other words, is Anne… in estrus?


As though responding to Rhode’s thoughts, Anne turned around and laid on the bed on all fours, exposing her most private female part in her lifted hip . Then, she turned back and gazed at Rhode with a look full of desires while swaying her soft, snowy hip . Moisture could be visibly seen under the bright moonlight . It seemed that Anne was all ready .

Rhode swallowed his saliva at this alluring view . Even though he had countless of intimate encounters with many females, they had all retained the rationality and pride of Humans, no matter how wild they were . However, Anne was totally different . She had as though thrown away all the respect, dignity, and reasonings of Humans and became a wild animal who act in accordance with the instinct of lust and mating .

There was no reason for him to reject the tasty meat that was placed by his mouth and he also wasn’t an eunuch, even though he had nearly joined their ranks . (He was only unsure if Lize and Lydia’s spiritual spells could help him regenerate or re-transplant…)

Rhode smiled at this ridiculous thought . Then, he knelt on the bed and held the young lady’s slender waist . Anne narrowed her eyes delightfully like a kitten who was enjoying the caress from its owner and let out impatient purrs .

Perhaps due to the reason that Anne often exercised, her body was tender, yet compact . The female fragrant exuding from her struck his face like a storm that almost extinguished the remaining flames of reasonings in his head . Rhode sucked in a deep breath and stooped over her . Then, he thrust his hips forward forcefully and broke the layer of tight, necessary barrier .


Anne’s body stiffened instantly . That wasn’t an act of rejection, but a symbol of anticipation . Rhode felt her body tensed up to the immense pain, but she didn’t cower . Instead, she gritted her teeth tightly and let out ambiguous growls in her throat .

Rhode slowed his movements and caressed her body gently . She gradually relaxed and shut her eyes to enjoy the intense pounding . Pain faded while scorching blissfulness erupted between them and engulfed their senses . Rhode picked up speed while she clawed her hands into the sheets, letting out indistinct moans, and lifting her hips higher for his violent thrust .

Their shadows merged completely under the lustrous moonlight while the bed frame squeaked to their momentum . Then, the burst of flames exploded and devoured them entirely .

“… Ah… Ahhh… . !”

Anne lifted her head and let out a loud, satisfied moan before collapsing powerlessly . Rhode stooped over and held her warm, soft body while soaking in the pleasant lingering comfort . But he knew that this wasn’t the end .

“Mm… Mm… Mm…”

Anne turned to Rhode as though she was begging for more and even though she spoke nothing about it, he could read her desires through her moist, round eyes .

It’s gonna be a long, long night ahead .

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